Na3iLGood morning Africa08:25
Kiloshellooo africa and Na3iL08:27
Na3iLHow are you today Kilos :D08:27
Kilosok ty and you Na3iL08:28
Na3iLfine as well ty08:29
CraigZimMorning Kilos , Na3iL and all08:29
Kiloshi CraigZim08:30
Na3iLhiyas CraigZim how are you08:30
Na3iLbtw, Kilos any feedback from your brother08:31
CraigZimAll well this side thanks08:31
Kiloshe had some tests with stains in blood that show some area in right lung not healthy08:32
Na3iLgreat CraigZim :D08:32
Na3iLKilos, that means it is not dangerous?08:33
Kilosits is , they are going to operate08:33
Na3iLaw, I hope he get well asap08:34
Kilosty guys08:38
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Na3iLping inetpro15:29
Kilosinetpro ping15:33
Kiloswith luck in 3 hours time hell get a break Na3iL15:33
Na3iLhahaha :D15:34
Na3iLKilos, btw, who have maintained the website? ubuntu-africa.info?15:35
Kiloswhy whats the prob?15:35
Kilosi think there is an upgrade coming when he gets a chance15:36
Na3iLthere's no problem, if I remember well I think we talked about a blog section in the website15:36
Kilosoh yes15:36
Kilosthat was months ago15:36
Kilospaddatrapper ^^15:37
Kiloshe is also studying15:37
Na3iLwe need to finish the tasks that where highlighted before the next meeting15:38
Kilosoh my15:38
Kilosi wont even be here15:38
Na3iLwhy Kilos15:39
Kilosits 20 to 2 in the morning now in aus15:39
Kilosdidnt we move the time later15:39
Kilosits 9.30 cat now isnt it15:40
Kiloswell if aus move the country in this next month then it will be 6.30am so maybe ill be awake15:41
Kiloshi MarwenDo15:41
Kilosthey switch from 8 to 9 hours ahead of us , but i dont know what date they do it15:45
MarwenDohi Kilos15:53
paddatrapperKilos: yes?15:56
Kilosdo you remember something about adding a blog to the africa site15:56
Kilosi dont remember if fly said anyone can do it or if he has to15:57
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paddatrapperKilos: I don't remember anything...16:57
Kilosoh my16:57

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