pavlushkaGood day everyone :)02:51
pavlushkaHello RemonShai, how about your fishing?02:53
RemonShaipavlushka: it's freeze now...:( I've to buy fishing instruments.02:55
RemonShaipavlushka: my old one is broken... at this time I wanted to buy #fiber for fishing.02:57
zakimorning pavlushka03:09
pavlushkazaki: wow, gr8 timing, you got mail03:10
pavlushkazaki: and morning :)03:10
zakichecking.. 03:11
pavlushkaMorning from Bangladesh ahoneybun mhall119 wxl :)03:14
zakipavlushka: what about option 1 & 3? what are you thinking?03:21
mhall119good evening from Florida pavlushka :)04:20
Researchermorning :)04:28
pavlushkamorning Researcher!04:36
pavlushkadamn Researcher, I typed your whole nick and after completing I am regretting it, :p04:36
pavlushkawhy I didn't use the tab :p04:37
pavlushkamay be I  am in a writing mood+mode :)04:37
pavlushkamhall119: its late there I guess, :) and how are you?04:39
zakiTanvir:  https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/12/13/%23ubuntu-bd.html is that you? :)05:31
Researcherwb Kilos06:31
Kiloshi Researcher pavlushka zaki and others06:35
pavlushkaMorning Kilos !06:41
zakimorning Kilos06:45
TanvirZaki, you're right. It was me.06:47
zakithat a long time ago. :D 06:48
zakiand you still love igi and far cry? :P06:49
zakithose are my fvrt too. :D06:49
Kilosi go do chores see you later07:02
RemonShaihi Kilos, I'm in..09:18
Kiloshi RemonShai 09:18
RemonShaido you know, it's mid day & hot atmosphere.09:20
Kiloshi smt 10:00
smtKilos, hi uncle im walrider :D 10:00
Kiloslol why the nick change10:00
smtim with one of my brother his laptop account name is smt i installed xubuntu on his lappy 10:01
smthis acc name will be smt from now 10:01
Kilosgreat register it10:02
smtbe right back uncl gotta go for lunch 10:02
Kilostype in /msg nickserv  email password i think it is10:06
Kilosnono /msg nickserv register email password10:06
pavlushkaHello AudaciousTUX !10:46
Kiloshi AudaciousTUX 10:48
AudaciousTUXহাই কিলস10:48
AudaciousTUXhi Kilos  ** 10:48
pavlushkawb Kilos !12:39
Kilosty pavlushka 12:39
Kilosi go sit in the sun a bit to warm up12:40
Kilosstupid cold house12:40
pavlushkaKilos: that is great, I love the sun, The power source of the solar system, takes 8 and a half minutes to reach to the earth almost, the sunlight, :)12:44
pavlushkaoops, I should respect The Sun, :)12:45
Kilosyeah lots of hot fires there12:58
=== pavlushka_ is now known as Guest58639
=== Guest58639 is now known as pavlushka
Kiloshi zaki 15:50
zakihi pavlushka Kilos AudaciousTUX15:51
pavlushkahiya zaki whassup?15:51
pavlushkaI will go nuts or drive some one else nuts tonight :p15:52
zakihe he15:53
Kiloshaha why?15:53
zakiAudaciousTUX: 15:53
AudaciousTUXhellou zaki 15:54
zakiwb walrider16:52
walridertq bhai 16:52
walridersmt bro offline 16:53
zakihow are walrider?16:57
walrideraito bhai 16:59
walriderasi 16:59
walriderapne how ase n ?16:59
zakihow about your internship? how is it going?17:00
zakii'm fine. :) ty17:00
walriderakhono shuru hoynai arekta aproov howa baki 17:02
walriderfile akta sign hoilei shuru hobe 17:02
pavlushkaHello walrider welcome17:05
pavlushkawalrider: good to hear that, about your internship :)17:06
walriderajke savar gesilam 17:11
walriderak lok re ubuntu install dia ashlam onar id silo smt 17:11
walriderpotaka.io project ta dekhsen bro ?17:27
pavlushkahmm, that's fun17:43
walridersavar jaia matha ghuraitase 17:49
walriderjaiga ghumabo 17:49
walridergood night all 17:49
AudaciousTUXahoneybun: are u there??18:10
ahoneybunI am now AudaciousTUX18:34
ahoneybunjust got home from work man18:34
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: happy? now ask him :p18:45
AudaciousTUXhei ahoneybun ... where u'll host your loco site??18:46
ahoneybunAudaciousTUX: I'm forwarding the domain to a linode node19:13
ahoneybunif you want a refer link or something let me know19:13
ahoneybunAudaciousTUX: https://www.linode.com/19:15
AudaciousTUXwhat's refer link??19:16
AudaciousTUXoh... forget it19:17
AudaciousTUXgot it ... :19:17
zakipavlushka: 20:21
zakiQA: coffee on20:23
* QA flips the salt-timer20:23
QACoffee's ready for zaki!20:27
zakiQA: ty20:29
QAOnly a pleasure zaki20:29
zakigd n8 all20:47

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