pittiGood morning03:50
pittihey hikiko, how are you?05:46
pittijbicha: do you need bug 1616198 sponsored or can/do you want to sync yourself?05:46
ubot5bug 1616198 in gnome-desktop-testing (Ubuntu) "FFe: Sync gnome-desktop-testing 2016.1-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161619805:46
hikikoHi pitti ! I'm fine :-) you?05:47
pittihikiko: woke up too early, but fine too, thanks!05:47
jbichapitti: I'm a motu so I can sync it, I just didn't want the release team too upset with me :)05:49
hikikoHappens :-) you ll finish work earlier now!!05:49
pittihikiko: heh -- work never finishes, you just stop at convenient times :)06:02
hikikohahaha, yeah, that convenient time will come earlier today!06:07
davmor2Morning all08:01
seb128good morning desktopers!08:06
* Sweet5hark had installed cups debug symbols and started a libreoffice build without disabling cups in a sbuild08:06
Sweet5harkthis went as expected: it ran towards the tests overnight and then hung.08:07
Laneyjbicha: gnome-terminal> nice08:07
Laneyhi Sweet5hark & seb12808:07
Sweet5harkand then sbuild killed the whole mumbo jumbo after 150 minutes before inactivity -- so when I came back to look at it there was nothing left ....08:08
Sweet5harks/inactivity// <- me needs coffein.08:09
seb128hey Sweet5hark, no luck, you can play again though!08:09
seb128hey Laney, how are you?08:09
Sweet5harkseb128: yep08:09
Laneyyou could probably hax0r sbuild to not do that08:09
Laneyseb128: good!08:09
Laneythe sun is here08:10
TrevinhoMorning folks08:11
Laneyhey Trevinho, wie gehts?08:11
TrevinhoHey Laney..08:11
Laneyi saw the italy news :(08:11
seb128hey Trevinho, how are you? hope you are not/don't have familly/friends impacted by the earthquake08:12
TrevinhoShocked by that... 😢08:12
seb128but yeah :-(08:12
TrevinhoNo, as far I know...08:12
TrevinhoBut still...08:12
seb128yeah :-/08:12
seb128Laney, summer really kicked in here, it's already 27°C and should get to 34°C today08:13
TrevinhoAnd I didn't notice that either, although people around me waked up by the vibrations08:13
Sweet5harkLaney: well, yeah. Mostly Im just grumpy at myself for not considering that ....08:13
willcookemorning al08:14
seb128hey willcooke, feeling better?08:15
willcookeseb128, yes thanks!08:15
willcookehappy birthday hikiko!08:20
seb128oh! hikiko, happy birthday!08:21
pittihello folks, good morning!08:22
pittihikiko: happy birthday from me too!08:22
seb128hey pitti, good "evening"? ;-)08:23
* seb128 saw on the irclog that you start at like 3utc08:23
pittiseb128: hehe, en effet -- j me suis levé à 5h15 aujourd'hui :)08:23
pittibien, en fait j'ai commencé travailler dans le lit :)08:24
hikikothanks willcooke seb128 and pitti :D08:24
* hikiko brings the beer and the cake :)08:25
* pitti adds some ice cream08:25
dufluOh happy birthday hikiko :)08:31
hikikothank you duflu!08:32
hikikoMy age is now a power of 2 :p08:32
* hikiko feels old :)08:32
dufluhikiko: You're young enough to make me feel old08:35
Laneyhikiko is 16?08:35
Laneyhappy birthday!08:35
hikikolol Laney08:37
Laneyχαρούμενα γενέθλια08:37
hikikohehe :) ευχαριστώ Laney !08:37
Laneyit's funny that there is a language made up of mathematical symbols08:38
seb128hey andyrock, how are you?09:05
andyrocka bit shoked for what happend but ok :/09:07
Trevinhohey andyrock09:09
Trevinhoand happy BD hikiko!09:10
hikikohey Trevinho, thanks!10:31
=== hikiko is now known as hikiko|ln
Sweet5harkLaney: so, to make "LibreOffice on yakkety" the full yolo edition .... can you make it skip the autopkgtests that are failing on missing deps (not a test failure suggesting trouble with the binaries per se)?10:42
Sweet5harkseb128, jbicha: ^^10:42
Sweet5hark<- not proud10:43
=== hikiko|ln is now known as hikiko
LaneySweet5hark: which tests?11:10
seb128bug #1349859?11:17
ubot5bug 1349859 in liborcus (Ubuntu) "[MIR] libixion (b-d of liborcus)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134985911:17
seb128it was in main so I guess just need to be repromoted?11:17
seb128I can do that11:17
LaneyI guess so, and then we should get test results11:18
Trevinhotedg: hey, did you find some time to update that systemd branch then?11:50
popeyhm. On 16.04 - after a few days of uptime, I'm unable to launch any graphical apps, everything gives me "Maximum number of clients reached" and i have to go round killing my GUI apps, or end my session or reboot. Anyone else seen this?12:16
pesariHey, is there a metapackage that will always depend on the latest LTS HWE stack?  We have to upgrade a bunch of machines and it would be nice not to have to do this by hand12:24
ricotzTrevinho, hey :), any plans to provide a new bamf 0.5.2/3 tarball?12:41
Trevinhoricotz: hey12:41
Trevinhoricotz: well, nothing is planned right now... If needed i could do one12:41
ricotzTrevinho, it has been over a year already since 0.5.1, so it might be worth to do one if no merges are pending12:42
willcookepopey, hmm, no.  LP has a few bugs of similar nature though, but most are quite old12:50
popeyit's pretty infuriating, has been happening for weeks now. but obv only happens after some days of uptime and apps left open.12:52
popeyi only notice once I click an icon and nothing happens12:52
willcookepopey, long shot here (based on googling) - do you use lastpass?12:53
popeyi do12:53
popeysaw that.12:53
willcookepopey, I'll leave my computer on for the rest of the week at least and see if I can reproduce it.  I'm using Chrome but not lastpass12:54
popeybut like you say, they're super old12:55
willcookeMy gut feeling is that its an app not cleaning up after itself rather than a regression in, say, compiz.  But lets see if I can reproduce it....12:56
willcookecould lightdm have a hand in here as well maybe.. humm12:56
seb128popey, try to "for x in `ps -eF| awk '{ print $2 }'`;do echo `ls /proc/$x/fd 2> /dev/null | wc -l` $x `cat /proc/$x/cmdline 2> /dev/null`;done | sort -n -r | head -n 10" ?13:01
seb128in case that's a fd leak13:01
popeyseb128: ooh, that's neat13:07
popeychrome 540, dropix 127, atom 102, dbus-daemon 85, pulaseaudio 5913:08
popeyso yeah, app problem it seems, thanks for that script13:08
seb128popey, yw!13:15
seb128Sweet5hark, Laney, k, now libreoffice has grumpy autopkg https://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-yakkety/yakkety/amd64/libr/libreoffice/20160824_120855@/log.gz13:21
Sweet5harkseb128: *sigh*13:28
willcookethanks seb128 (re: pope_y 's problem)13:28
seb128Sweet5hark, do you see the issue in the log?13:28
seb128willcooke, yw!13:28
Sweet5harkseb128: please ignore for now. rene added testing for the sdk in libreoffice 5.2, we didnt test that before. I'd need to triage why they dont work.13:29
seb128Sweet5hark, ignore what?13:30
seb128I can't skip those, need to talk to p_itti or L_aney if you want to get it to migrate anyway13:30
seb128especially that there is a whatevermilestoneoftheweek blocker in place13:30
Sweet5harkseb128: ignore the failing autopkgtest, yes. <- Laney13:31
* Sweet5hark grumbles: yeah, this all should have happened weeks ago.,13:31
Sweet5hark... or ^^ pitti: please skip the autopkgtests for libreoffice yakkety.13:38
pittiSweet5hark: is that upload for beta-1?13:39
pittiSweet5hark: i. e. super-urgent?13:39
pitti(beta freeze until tomorrow evening)13:39
pittiurgh, timed out? is that something which can be ignored safely? i. e. do you understand why it happens?13:40
Sweet5harkpitti: everything is horrible right now: we have libreoffice-l10n 5.2.0 promoted to yakkety, but only libreoffice 5.1.x in as libreoffice 5.2.0 is stuck in yakkety-proposed. I realize this is all way too late and undertested and it sucks $PFEEP, but yeah, Id say it is urgent.13:43
pittithat doesn't answer the above questions, though :) ("for beta1?", "can be ignored safely?" "do you understand what happens?")13:44
Sweet5harkpitti: the particular test is testing the horrible libreoffice-sdk that two people in the world actually use, not the usual libreoffice autopkgtests (which havent run yet). rene added this at debian and apparently it doesnt work for us (and as it was new likely never was).13:45
Sweet5harkpitti: so: for beta1: yes "can be ignored safely": this is not a regression, but a new test from debian that apparently doesnt work on our infra (and probably never was). normal autopkgtest where not run because of this, so we dont know if something serious would fail there too. I did a very basic startup test of the binaries in -proposed though on a VM.13:47
Sweet5harkpitti: "do you understand what happens": an test for the SDK added by Debian doesnt work for us. Dont know why yet, it likely never worked for us.13:48
pittiSweet5hark: ok; I'll hint the package, but allowing it into beta1 needs to be done by the beta-1 RM (coordination with image rebuilds)13:48
* Sweet5hark really really hates all this.13:49
pittiSweet5hark: if you aren't sure, we could alternatively revert libo-l10n to 5.1; and you should add versioned deps to the -l10n packages to make sure that they don't get installed with earlier libo, then britney will hold those back13:51
seb128Sweet5hark, pitti, jbicha asked to get libreoffice 5.2 in for ubuntu GNOME because they use the gtk3 frontend and the current version is broken due to gtk 3.2013:53
pittihinted; but would really be prudent to fix dependencies so that -l10n cannot land prematurely13:56
seb128yeah, I mentioned that to Sweet5hark when l10n migrated13:57
pittiSweet5hark: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#libreoffice is ignored failure now, so a RM could force/rebuild images now14:26
seb128pitti, thanks14:32
Sweet5harkpitti: thx, you rock!14:32
pittiI didn't do much other than bothering you with questions :)14:32
* Sweet5hark just returned from a 30 minutes bike trip to clear my head and return some empty soda bottles.14:34
Sweet5harkpitti: the questions were good though: I thought about them on the bike. The hang on the autopkgtest is likely the same root cause as the hang we had during unittests (induced by CUPS somehow). I might disable cups for autopkgtests too ...14:36
Sweet5harkof course, the root cause in cups should be fixed triaged too -- still (re)building to get the backtrace.14:38
Sweet5harkpitti, seb128: who do I need to be a PITA to next for triggering the image rebuild? is there a doc/procedure for that?14:39
pittiSweet5hark: ask in #ubuntu-release and ping Laney14:39
seb128Sweet5hark, #ubuntu-r ... what pitti said14:39
jbichaSweet5hark: by image, you mean Ubuntu GNOME?14:40
seb128or let jbicha do that since he's the one who wanted the update in for Ubuntu GNOME14:40
pittiwell, all images that ship LibO14:40
seb128pitti, is https://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-yakkety/yakkety/amd64/n/nplan/20160823_175352@/log.gz a known issue? should that be just retried?14:40
Sweet5harkseb128: and ship the beta with different versions of libreoffice and libreoffice-l10n, making it crash horribly when using a non-en-US locale?14:41
seb128Sweet5hark, it does crash?14:41
seb128but in any case Ubuntu doesn't participate in beta afaik14:41
seb128but yeah, +1 on getting the update in anyway14:41
Sweet5harkseb128: there was one report of that here in the channel by someone using a non-en-US locale on yakkety. I didnt try to reproduce -- was busy trying to fix as we had a good idea about the root cause.14:42
jbichathe images need to be rebuilt anyway for the apt/ubiquity issue (the installer apparently fails if English isn't the default language for your timezone)14:43
Sweet5harkseb128: did I say already that I hate all this? :/14:43
* Sweet5hark <- not a happy bunny.14:43
Sweet5harkat least the  beta will be a lot more exciting this time around :/14:45
seb128Sweet5hark, oh, yeah, fun, trying to start writer on a yakkety daily lead to an error dialog indeed14:46
seb128that's french locale14:46
seb128shrug, yakkety is not in a pretty state14:47
seb128on edgy standards?14:48
* seb128 fixes rhythmbox not having menus under unity14:48
seb128jbicha, ^ just fyi, bug #1616273 ... you seem to put a lot of work on updates, thanks for that, but maybe we should do a bit less and test a bit more before landing...14:49
ubot5bug 1616273 in rhythmbox (Ubuntu) "Rhythmbox does not have menu" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161627314:49
Sweet5harkseb128: likely that is just my subconsciousness making sure nobody will ever give me uploader rights.14:52
jbichahmm, I didn't touch menus14:53
seb128no, that's the issue14:54
seb128you updated and upstream moved to gresources14:54
seb128I guess you didn't test the new version under Unity though14:54
seb128jbicha, also the vcs and the version you uploaded have a small control diff, a line "  - Context Panel" added to the upload but not the vcs, unsure which one is right14:58
jbichawe don't ship the Context Panel so the version without that line is best15:02
seb128thanks, that's what the vcs had so should be what I uploaded15:03
jbichathanks for fixing rb!15:05
seb128Laney, ochosi, willcooke, bug #1616500 might be another gtk 3.20/theming issue15:12
ubot5bug 1616500 in ubuntu-themes (Ubuntu) "u-c-c user-password-strength bars are not width enough" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161650015:12
LaneySounds like it15:13
LaneyThey want a min-width most likely15:13
flocculantLaney: is gtk3.20/theming likely to be the cause of the skip button wandering on the installer?15:14
LaneyDon't know15:14
* flocculant doesn't either - but he does know it appeared recentlyish15:14
seb128Laney, is that a code thing? because it works with GTK_THEME=Adwaita15:15
seb128oh ok15:15
jbichaskip btn is bug 161245515:16
ubot5bug 1612455 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Skip button misaliigned on installing screen" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161245515:16
flocculantjbicha: aha - that has a dupe now :p15:17
LaneyAnyone should feel free to try and fix either of those15:17
flocculantwell if I could - I would have ;)15:18
seb128it feels like a non trivial learning curve15:18
=== sverdy is now known as StephaneVerdy
seb128the password strength might be something similar to https://git.gnome.org/browse/gtk+/commit/?id=2a0024ebe2382c94adeec7dec0ba75a8f4f4fae015:19
seb128hum, seems ours is already name levelbar as well so maybe not that trivial15:20
seb128we have a min-width in our theme15:22
Laneylevelbar trough { min-width: 34px; }15:24
Laneyback to gettext now15:24
Laneyno problemo15:28
LaneyI'll do some more theme stuff after getting asgen done15:28
pittiseb128: sorry, was at meeting; I haven't seen that failure yet, the tests haven't been too flaky so far15:30
seb128pitti, no worry, should I just retry?15:31
seb128it's one of the issues on the glib proposed candidate15:31
pittiseb128: (aside from regressing due to some package update which I forgot)15:31
pittiseb128: yes, please do15:32
pittiseb128: IIRC cjs is a regression due to gcc 5 -> 615:32
pittiand gvfs has become horribly flaky these days, not sure why15:33
seb128pitti, yeah, abi compliance change, jbicha reported it to debian15:33
seb128the cjs one15:33
seb128gvfs :-/15:33
* pitti toddles of to make dinner, bbl15:33
seb128we didn't change/update it this cycle though15:33
seb128pitti, have fun!15:33
seb128happyaron, nma update finally looks good, sponsored to yakkety and xenial SRU ... now what's the status of 1.2.4? ;-)15:53
Laneyximion: we had it good with python16:39
ximionLaney: what's broken?16:39
Laneythis langpack thing man16:39
Laneyit's the wurst16:39
ximionLaney: I'm not really sure how it works, but GLib should have all the i18n stuff we want16:44
ximiononly the frontend/backend split could be pretty tricky16:45
Laneynot really16:45
Laneyworking with random uninstalled translations is not exactly well supported16:45
* ximion continues breaking AppStream API16:45
LaneyI'm going to have to call localedef for every locale I think16:45
Laneypython has a great function to just do the right thing here16:46
Laneyoh well16:46
ximionLaney: does Python not compile the locales?16:48
ximionand even more important: they aren't they compiled already?16:49
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ximionif we place the temporary files in /run/asgen, they could be stored in memory without the overhead of writing to disk in /tmp16:49
Sweet5harkseb128, tkamppeter: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cups/+bug/1616548 <- tried to get a bit better stacktrace, but not with much success ...16:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 1616548 in cups (Ubuntu) "Cups causes LibreOffice unittests to loop in a sbuild" [Undecided,New]16:50
Laneyximion: They're coming straight from the langpacks, nothing to do with the system's locales16:51
Laneyand no, python has a .mo parser built in16:51
Laneymaybe I could steal one of those from somewhere instead16:51
ximionLaney: I recently stole APTs version-compare logic, so yes, this is possible - if the .mo parsers isn't even more annoying16:54
ximionalso: there is no C function that reads .mo files directly?16:55
ximionhughsie parses mo files directly to extract translation-completeness info :P17:02
ximion(but he obviously doesn't need to read langpack info)17:02
willcookenight all, going to try and get the grass cut before it starts raining17:18
seb128Sweet5hark, you have the libcups dbg installed? weird there are no symbols17:43
Sweet5harkseb128: yeah, dunno. As said in the report, I installed the cups and libcups-dbgsym. I also did a "apt-get source cups" to look for a "emit.c" file, but there isnt one, just an ppd-emit.c (which has the ppdCollect2() function). that might be just usual build system (file move/rename/whatever) madness though ...17:47
Laneyximion: that only looks at the header18:43
ximionI know18:44
LaneyI'll just localedef everything18:44
Laneythen can use gettext directly18:44
LaneyI'll probably end up getting rid of this badass bit of code though :(18:54
Laney        langpackLocales = path.dirEntries (SpanMode.shallow)18:54
Laney            .filter!(f => f.isDir)18:54
Laney            .map!(f => f.name.baseName)18:54
Laney            .array;18:55
Laneyfood time18:56
Sweet5harkFWIW, I just tried a vanilla xenial->yakkety upgrade: http://pastebin.com/WjkyGtzf <- gconf2 doesnt look happy23:55
robert_ancelldesrt, I have a fix for https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=753459 - are you a good person to review?23:59
ubot5Gnome bug 753459 in general "GDateTime: Add conversion functions from/to ISO 8601 strings" [Enhancement,New]23:59

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