Bashing-omOerHeks: Central Italy ? what ?02:10
OerHekspope fell out of bed02:11
Bashing-omAnd ratteled the dishes :) .02:17
Bashing-omOuta here guys , yall have fun without me - 'til I return .02:47
ducassemorning all06:33
daftykinsheya \o how goes it?06:33
ducassehi daftykins! good, thanks - how are you doing?06:34
daftykinsyeah not too bad ta :) sadly got a user claiming i'm being sexist in a help channel though - sigh :(06:34
daftykinsthink it's one where the questions i'm asking aren't understood, so it's clearly my fault ;)06:35
ducasseurgh, i got jumped on by a troll yesterday. all of a sudden he started sending me these really nasty pm's.06:35
daftykinsah those are nasty06:36
daftykinsor the ones that follow for weeks, blech06:36
daftykinsthe "fans" as i think of them ;)06:36
ducassehow's the soldering going?06:37
daftykinshehe still not done any more!06:37
daftykinskit is sat there patiently awaiting it though06:37
ducassebut you fixed the caps?06:37
daftykinssure did, though that board, CPU, RAM and heatsink are just sat with no case to go in as-is06:37
daftykinsit was more just a "what the hell?" kind of job06:38
ducassehehe - done plenty of those myself :)06:38
ducassei think i've found a small bug in the lxc tools, btw06:39
ducasseinside one of my containers it reports 350mb used, while lxc-info says >20gb06:40
daftykinstiny bug! :D06:40
ducassei asked in #ubuntu-server, but got no response06:40
daftykinscrikey that's one memory leak alright06:40
daftykinsif real06:40
ducassethe host clearly is not using >20gb, so i'm thinking it may just be something in the code that keeps track of used mem06:41
daftykinsah reet06:42
ducassei'm wondering whether to upgrade lxc to the version in proposed and test again.06:42
daftykinswouldn't hurt! with backed up configs anywho :)06:43
* ducasse has btrfs snapshots :)06:43
daftykinso: look at you06:43
ducassethis is my 'experimentation' box06:43
daftykinsi'm trying to buy this Dell Outlet laptop for a client since i spotted it last night but their site is broken for that one exact item right now XD06:44
daftykinsphones only open in 75 mins06:44
ducassewhat kind of laptop - xps?06:45
daftykinsyep XPS13 9350, i5 model same as mine for £650 - the site also has a 10% off coupon right now06:45
daftykinsi took it to a client and showed him it, he held it and was sold immediately XD06:46
ducassegood deal, too.06:46
daftykinsOutlet machines are pretty ace, they're £999 normally i think for this spec06:47
ducassei'd love one of those, my laptop is an old hp. bit of a wreck, but it works.06:47
daftykinsprobably a new model soon for the intel kaby lake chips that are sampling now06:47
daftykinsa mate said he'd buy my sandybridge i5 asus, but he hasn't been to get it yet / paid me06:48
ducassetried to put in an ssd, but it refused to recognize it because of the blacklist.06:48
daftykinsoh yeah i remember you said, mindblowing - if they're anything like the IBM/Lenovo ones there are folks out there that write modified BIOSs06:48
ducasseyes, i've got an image that supposedly works, but i daren't try it until i've got a backup machine06:49
daftykinsstill blown away by the old graphics card of mine that made 3 different motherboards think their BIOSs had been corrupted06:50
ducassethat's a new one on me.06:51
daftykinsbut only if you unplugged the PSU...06:51
daftykins(CMOS batteries were fine)06:51
daftykinsalso i think that card would still work fine in my skylake desktop06:51
daftykinsoh, are you much of a gamer? the new Deus Ex unlocked yesterday :)06:52
ducasseno, i don't game much these days :) i stopped about a decade ago :)06:52
daftykinsdo you know the series?06:52
ducasseyes, but the only thing i play is civ5.06:53
daftykinsi just took a few snaps was all06:54
ducassethat's seriously pretty...06:55
ducassethe light in the 2nd snap...06:55
daftykinsit already drops down to 45fps in places despite the new monster hardware!06:56
ducassedidn't you have a 1070?06:56
daftykinsi put everything on max @ 1920x1200 first, it was down to 12fps06:56
daftykinsdisabled MSAA (12fps was it on 8x) then it became 45+06:56
ducassewhat the hell kind of hardware do they want you to have?06:57
daftykinsonly future folks need apply06:57
ducasse"runs best on cray clusters"06:57
daftykinsyou can literally say "wow man that PC is cray"06:58
ducassei worked for sun norway at one point, we played quake on a sunfire 10000 :)06:59
ducassethat was fun :)06:59
daftykinsooooh you know for fun earlier i tried connecting into my old account at Uni, which i graduated in 2008... still worked O_O06:59
daftykinsthey used to be sun workstations with solaris on, but it appears they've virtualised that one now and it seemed to be RHEL07:00
ducassewe had a machine at sun that was for techs to experiment on, that is still running.07:00
ducassei think one of them adopted it.07:01
daftykinssun guy's son07:01
ducasseit was an e450 until 6 months ago, now it's rhel.07:01
daftykinsstill cringe when i see solaris07:02
ducassecde wasn't as bad as openwindows, though07:03
ducasseone thing i miss is my old nextstation - that was a cool machine07:04
daftykinshmm skinny looking things07:04
ducassethe gui was just so nice compared to other unix guis07:05
ducassewhat games do you play other than deus ex?07:06
daftykinsstill going on Hitman right now07:06
daftykinsput over 36 hours into that one :D07:06
ducasseis that the same series that i played 15+ years ago?07:06
ducassecool :)07:07
daftykinslooks like it might've been sunblade 100's we had in this one lab at uni07:08
daftykinscringeworthily slow, i sat on the department SSH gateway once XD a network simulation took 3x longer than a machine that wasn't the gateway07:08
daftykinscan only imagine the poor people remoting in at the time must've had one character per minute display...07:09
ducasseseen this? https://www.humblebundle.com/books/joy-of-coding-book-bundle07:09
daftykinsooh my07:16
daftykinsnot sure how i feel about ebooks though07:16
daftykinsi've not learnt anything technical from a book before o007:17
ducassei like paper better, but bought these yesterday. wanted a couple of them, and the price is ok.07:17
ducassealways wanted to learn lisp :)07:18
daftykinssomeone linked to some microsoft guy who'd made a huge list of free ones the other day, so i wget them but a lot are rubbish07:18
daftykinslike single page inserts for 'keyboard shortcuts in $MS_Office_application version #'07:18
ducassenot very useful, that...07:19
daftykinshmm lets see i filtered as many as i could down to each product but ended up only with 19 for windows 1007:19
daftykinsand a few of those are two copies in different formats07:20
daftykinsc'moooon 40 mins 'til phone lines open :P07:20
ducassehehe, does your client need that machine so badly? :)07:21
ducasselimited number of them?07:21
daftykinswell i leave the island on the 8th07:21
daftykinsnot sure it'll even come in time in fact, but yeah the stock goes quite quickly on the outlet07:22
daftykinsbut i also have other things to do which also only open at 9am07:22
ducasseic. they should be able to deliver before then, shouldn't they?07:23
daftykinsthey tend to dispatch pretty slowly, not sure07:24
ducassedid you see the pcworld article on amd zen?07:26
daftykinsi saw the heavily biased 'benchmark' yeah :)07:27
ducassei still have hopes, though. can't hurt if amd gets it's act together.07:27
daftykinsoh it'd be ace if they got back in the game yeah07:28
Ben64aw yiss07:29
daftykinsjust i saw what their claims are like with their latest graphics card release... and was not impressed07:29
Ben6432 core cpu :Q_07:29
daftykinswell as the old saying goes, 32 x 0 is not a lot07:29
Ben64i like amd07:30
Ben64great multithreaded performance07:30
daftykinsi was under the impression even that hasn't compared for some time07:30
ducassei used to love amd, but i wouldn't buy one today..07:31
Ben64usually have two games running 24/7 in wine, firefox with a ton of tabs, chrome with a ton of tabs, mythtv, transcoding, blah blah07:31
daftykinsoh please browsers don't count07:31
Ben64they do the way i use em07:31
Ben64ben64    32440 40.0 11.2 3431624 1843612 ?     Sl   Aug18 3407:03 /usr/lib/firefox/firefox07:32
daftykinsi have a client who keeps a good 8+ Firefox windows open with 30 tabs in each :( lots of repetition, too07:32
ducassei've just cleaned up my browser, down to two windows with <10 tabs each. i'm so proud :)07:33
daftykinshe reads the Financial Times website a lot, they used to have this flash advert that would crash it multiple times daily O_O07:33
daftykins(i didn't have an adblocker on his machine because, being a senior user it was easier not to make things non-standard in the past)07:33
ducassei have a _serious_ attention span problem, alright? ;)07:34
daftykins:D whenever i've left tabs open overnight i never feel in the mood come the morning XD07:35
ducassehalf of my tabs tend to be github projects that look 'interesting' :)07:35
daftykinsBen64: i feel like you would benefit from more than one box ;)07:37
daftykinsi haven't bought AMD for anyone since the Athlon64 :(07:37
Ben64model name: AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1045T Processor07:37
Ben64works great for me07:37
Ben64looking forward to zen07:37
daftykinsyou can't say that when you haven't had everything since, though07:38
Ben64need to get a new case too07:38
daftykinssure it works, else you'd have replaced it ;)07:38
Ben64i can say what it works great for me07:38
daftykinsonly with a tonne of caveats07:38
daftykinslike "excluding everything that has been released since which outperforms it..."07:39
Ben64more performance for what07:39
Ben64i'm never waiting on anything07:39
daftykinsi find this a strange thing to challenge, so i'm going to leave this one alone, sorry07:40
Ben64cool me too07:40
daftykins20 mins gogogo!07:41
Ben6420 mins..?07:41
daftykinswaiting for 9am for places i need to call to open07:41
Ben64oh far away places07:42
daftykinsnah same timezone07:42
Ben64far away from me07:42
Ben6418 mins till 1am07:42
daftykinsyep BST here07:42
Ben64just looks like beastmaster to me07:43
Ben64from FFXI07:43
daftykinsnever played any of the franchise07:43
Ben64jobs are abbreviated with 3 letters, BST is beastmaster07:43
Ben64ffxi is the online one07:43
ducasseguessing that's 'british standard time' or something, not 'bullshit time'?07:43
daftykinsducasse: ;) indeed07:43
Ben64now i gotta figure out how to save/load stuff in unity3d07:44
daftykinsducasse: oh that's why i'm rushing, the 10% coupon expires at the end of the month07:44
ducasseaaah, i see! that's a good reason.07:45
ducassei'm on my last week of 250mbps, got it for free over the summer.07:45
daftykinsi didn't sleep so i'm slipping a bit :>07:45
daftykinswhat'll you drop to?07:45
ducasseso i'm not crushed or anything.07:46
daftykinsyeah that's definitely not a kick in the teeth07:46
ducassejust can't justify paying for 250.07:46
daftykinsi'd love more upload than the 5Mb i have07:47
ducassei have 20 now, drops to 15. it'd be nice with more.07:47
daftykinsmmm, we always get these people in #kodi that want to play video from their home servers on phones or tablets when out and about - naturally most immediately fall at the upload requirement - transcoded or not07:48
daftykinsusers are crazy (:07:49
ducassethey have weird expectations some times.07:49
ducassesome guy spamming his new github toy in #ubuntu...07:53
daftykinssmells off topic to me ;)07:53
ducassei can't be bothered to confront him, he'll go away soon enough. have you seen the 'antipsychiatry' spammer?07:55
ducassethat guy is seriously off his meds. 'mossad is remotely monitoring my brain!'07:55
daftykinsnope sounds like a common freenode user though ;)07:56
ducasseless than 12 minutes to go, daftykins :)07:58
daftykinsless than 2!07:58
ducassesorry, misread clock :)07:59
daftykinsthough you might be more accurate as to when someone would pick up!07:59
ducassethat might be true.07:59
daftykinsbit puzzled at the opening hours when they're usually in the east anyway...08:00
daftykinshuzzah \o/08:19
daftykinsmission one complete08:19
ducasselaptop ordered?08:21
daftykinsyep, amusingly the guy tried the site himself and saw the error :D08:21
daftykinsthey don't believe me!08:21
ducassenot even after trying it?08:22
daftykinsonly after :> said he reported it to their website team08:22
ducassewell, job done - even _their_ job :)08:24
daftykinsi tried to report a flaw with ebay's UK website a while back, got through 5 different support people but eventually just got blanked08:24
daftykinsutterly useless :)08:24
ducasseeven worse if you try to report security problems...08:25
daftykinsi can sympathise with why those security researchers sometimes have to just publish their findings, they probably try to do the right thing and get the kind of experience i had08:26
ducasseyes, some even get reported to authorities.08:27
ducassei read an article about a guy that found a vuln in the in-flight systems on a plane, the fbi was waiting when they landed.08:29
Ben64i always poke around in the in flight wifi when i'm bored on a plane08:31
ducasseyou might end up with steel bracelets if you do that too much :)08:38
ducasseanother happy customer in #ubuntu, this one even bowed :)08:53
ducassehe was so excited to get his hwe upgrade fixed :)08:55
daftykinsthose things are pretty messy i find08:56
ducassehe was still on the utopic hwe stack...08:56
daftykinsi install from 14.04.1 media and stay on the 3.13 kernel ;)08:57
daftykinsi can understand HWE for desktops and newer hardware support, but for my VMs... nope08:57
ducassedifferent scenario, indeed. he wanted the latest x stack etc.08:58
BluesKajHey all12:44
=== pavlushka_ is now known as Guest58639
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OerHeksnom nom 24 core Power9 http://www.nextplatform.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/ibm-hot-chips-power9-die.jpg16:58
BluesKajwow OerHeks that makes my quadcore i3 look pretty simple :-)17:18
OerHeksNot sure the price will be ..17:19
BluesKajmucho buckos I'm sure17:21
ducassei friend recently did a project on a power8, he couldn't manage to load it more than 11% no matter what he did :)17:21
Bashing-omHey EriC^^ ; glad to see ya back on .21:52
EriC^^hey Bashing-om21:52
EriC^^you as well :)21:52
Bashing-omLet's see what we can learn today, huh ?21:53
Bashing-omThat is ..... providing we want to go there :)21:54

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