xan_ITi have this problem http://askubuntu.com/questions/695761/plymouthd-crashes-on-startup-intel-hd-3000-15-10 in all of my 3 computer08:07
xan_ITall has ubuntu 16.04 gnome.08:08
xan_ITand i solved as suggested08:08
xan_ITwhy there is that problem?08:08
mgedminvery good question08:20
mgedmindid anyone file a bug?08:20
Na3iLxan_IT, you want to disable the rapport bug dialog?08:28
xan_ITNa3iL no, i want to resolve bug for everyone :D08:29
xan_ITNa3iL i have that problem in 3 computer08:29
xan_ITand i suppose that it's spread08:29
Na3iLthat's great! :D Try to declare a bug in Launchpad08:30
xan_ITNa3iL it's strange that nobody open that bug, seams diffused08:38
Na3iLxan_IT, sometimes the bug dialog appears but the fact that there's no bug08:39
mgedminfiling bugs is hard work08:39
mgedmin(fixing them is even harder)08:39
* Na3iL gives +42 to mgedmin 08:40
tmusHi guys... Is it possible to "hide" unmanaged devices from Gnome's NetworkManager applet?12:03
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jbicharicotz: I don't know why this seems to work, what do you think? https://paste.debian.net/791355/19:32
ricotzjbicha, your python test looks wrong19:57
ricotzyou are not querying the instance like "bool(AccountsService.UserManager.get_default().props.has_multiple_users)"19:58
jbicharicotz: yeah, that's what halfline said in #gnome-shell19:58
jbichaI'm looking suspiciously at accountsservice's 0005-gdm_config_file_path_ubuntu.patch19:58

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