JHOSMANHello, has anyone here worked with compiling Ubuntu ISO images with support UEFI? I tell you, I'm making an ISO Unattended Ubuntu, but I can not make it do the UEFI boot  in mode EFI active in bios, the iso says BosyBox and the install not running, in mode legacy run OK.13:46
mdeslaurJHOSMAN: this is a repo containing the tools that generate the official images, perhaps that can help: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/debian-cd/ubuntu/files13:59
jaltHi, is there any better-maintained documentation about ubiquity than https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubiquity? More precisely documentation related to unattended/preseeded installs, and how to control which tasks/packages get installed?13:59
xnoxjalt, one cannot controlled tasks/packages that get installed in ubiquity, as it is doing live-installer based installation and the squashfs is copied as a whole blob over to the installed system.14:00
xnoxyou want to use d-i, or use server.iso squashfs (as that only has base bootstrapped and nothing else)14:01
xnoxor generate your own squashfs.14:01
jalthmm i sort of knew that but I didn't realise the base squash-fs had ALL the packages14:01
xnoxhence e.g. using xubuntu.iso one has xubuntu squashfs and all of it is copied over.14:01
xnoxjalt, on a live cd -> yes it does.14:01
xnoxcause the livecd environment is more or less what is copied onto target.14:01
jaltthanks for the quick response :)14:01
xnox(there is an overlayfs thin layer that differentiates base vs live; e.g. with default user setup)14:02
xnoxthat magic is done in casper14:02
jaltbasically my goal was to get a preseeded install for a thinner xubuntu environement, something like xubuntu-core, but from the pristine official isos, i.e., no remastering14:03
Seviojalt: the casper/filesystem.manifest-remove file may be useful to you for removing packages present on the live iso after installation, but to add stuff you'd have to remaster I think14:13
jaltis there any way to debug the install or check the post-install logs and see *exactly* which directives of the preseed file were executed vs. ignored? I know that netcfg, lvm/raid, pkgsel/tasksel and a few others are not honored by ubiquity, but I'd like to double check with the intention of trimming down the preseed file to make it easier to read and manage in the future.14:13
jaltthanks Sevio14:13
Seviogot most of my info from here: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-installer/ubiquity/trunk/annotate/head:/doc/README14:14
JHOSMANmdeslaur: This are my files: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23085214/14:33
JHOSMANA normal iso says this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23084984/ (from canonical)14:33
JHOSMANMy iso make unnatended says: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23084986/14:34
xnoxjalt, ubiquity has support for lvm & crypto these days.14:35
xnoxmost things are ignored =) the things that are used, are around partman, user account setup, timezone/language selection, and minimal apt sources setup (with or without restricted extras)14:36
jaltperhaps I should have added that I already got it to "work" and now I was trying to fine tune it, but that is tough when the docs are so outdated and, well, plainly poorly undocumented to begin with14:37
jaltsomeone with wiki access should delete the whole thing and replace with this gem I found online: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_4fDkd9TXQ0nUIL5Q-5W61TKrVpyS32x34GksL1uR8Q/edit?pref=2&pli=1#14:38
xnoxwhich wiki?14:39
jaltall ubuntu wiki pages related to unattended installation ;)14:39
jaltseriosuly, they are terribad, even for ubuntu standards.14:40
jaltand it's sad because stuff actually works14:40
xnoxjalt, that google doc is very bad imho =) most people who use unattended desktop installs, use PXE / nfs boot of the live iso exported on the server. To reinstall thousands of desktops in one go, with preseeds fetched over the network.14:40
xnoxthat google doc doesn't work with secureboot uefi14:40
xnoxand yes, it is possible to do unattended installs with desktop iso without remastering it14:41
JHOSMANjalt: this documentation running?14:41
jaltalmost jhosman. i didn't remaster the cd, and i am using a slightly different preseed file, but i got the boot parameters from it14:41
jaltxnox, i didn't want to depend on infrastructre to have pxe/tftp/nsf (and then maintain it). as for uefi and secureboot, burn it with fire. besides, if i was going to do a true mass deployment I'd use cloning software, or MaaS - if it ever gets good.14:44
xnoxjalt, are you after something like "dd .iso to usb-stick; but append this pressed to it"14:45
jaltyep xnox14:45
xnox"boot into unattended install"?14:45
jaltprecisely that14:45
jaltsadly i know i will need to remaster the iso at some point14:45
jaltor always add the boot params, which is annoying14:45
xnoxi thought at one point we were talking about discoving pressed file on external media. E.g. boot official iso with a pressed on a usb stick plugged in.14:46
xnoxkind of like cloud-init metadata style.14:46
jaltis that even possible? lol14:46
JHOSMANI will use the steps of the document and emulate a machine with UEFI, I will be telling how it goes'll use Ubuntu 14.04 32 bits.14:46
xnoxi386 install media has no support for uefi.14:46
JHOSMAN:( really=14:48
jalti think fedora was going places with 32-bit UEFI, but I haven't followed that too closely. they wanted to get the cheap atom tables working, and they all have 64 bit processors but 32 bit UEFI, so it was very messy.14:50
jalt*atom tablets14:50
xnoxin practice all of i386 uefi boards, support or have 64-bit cpus.14:50
xnoxand they have gave up on 32bit uefi, and newer boards ship with 64-bit uefi, or are reflashable to 64-bit uefi.14:51
xnoxwith a bit of hacking one can install i386 system, and 32 or 64 bit grub-efi support. but it's not trivial.14:51
jaltxnox: can you tell me more about booting from an official iso and loading preseed files from a usb drive? or optimally dd an official iso to an usb and magically modify it via normal mounted fs operations?14:51
xnoxneither is supported out of the box. I was talking hypothetically.14:53
jaltalas :(14:53
xnoxe.g. preceed.cfg is loaded by default, but that means in d-i case modifying the initrd, or the .iso. .iso fs is iso9660 thing so even after dd to a usb disk it's not modifyable.14:53
xnoxusb-creator creates a modifyable bootable usb stick, but that doesn't have uefi support, but could support custom preseed.14:54
jaltright now i am loading the pressed from http url via modifying boot parameters on the dd'ed usb14:54
xnoxwe do automount certain usb disk-drives -> e.g. disk-inject-drives, but then one would still need to change bootprompt to load preseed file from tehre.14:54
jaltbut of course that is not very practical14:54
jaltyep, that's what i am doing14:54
jaltfor testing14:54
xnoxmodifying boot parameters on the dd'ed usb stick yeah that's the closest.14:55
xnoxwell, i think one can "update" iso9660 hopefully without destroying uefi support with a pressed.cfg file.14:55
* xnox ponders about that for a second.14:55
jaltat that point you are better off replicating the official iso release procedure, like mdeslaur suggested14:56
jaltand simply replace the boot meny entries file and add a new custom.preseed file14:56
JHOSMANjalt: Then I try to make the process with Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit with your documentation, and that would be fully desatentida installation and support UEFI right?14:59
jalti don't know about uefi, but works with bios/legacy.14:59
jalthere's a similar guide: http://blog.utrescu.cat/Xubuntu_unattended/ it's in catalan, but it's very recent.15:01
jaltthe magic ought to be on the parameters to burn the iso, i think. especially if you also need it to be hybrid (so it can be dd'ed into a usb pendrive)15:03
JHOSMANwhat is the name of the keyboard Spanish / LatinAmerica?15:06
jaltJHOSMAN: is it not es-LA?15:14
JHOSMANi dont know :(15:15
JHOSMAN:P jeje15:15
JHOSMANin the night i try make a new iso file whit your Google Document.15:16
JHOSMANBut also what worries me is not work with UEFI :(15:16
jaltJHOSMAN, from google: http://askubuntu.com/questions/457528/how-do-i-create-an-efi-bootable-iso-of-a-customized-version-of-ubuntu15:21
jaltif you don't need iso-hybrid to boot from usb, those instructions apparently work (for 64 bit at least)15:21
JHOSMANjalt: Last night I followed the same guide and why I come here, it did not work, did not start the installation emo do UEFI.15:23
JHOSMANi use Ubuntu 14.04 x64 bits15:23
jaltsorry :( but i really have no experience with UEFI15:24
JHOSMANexample mkisofs no supported now, it's very older!15:24
JHOSMANi use other software relationated of mkisofs15:24
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JHOSMANit's posible only enable text mode installer?16:57
jaltJHOSMAN: not from any of the desktop isos17:51
jaltyou need to use Ubuntu Server iso or mini.iso, but i can share my experiences with them17:52
jaltServer ISO uses pure d-i, so preseeding worked immediately17:52
jaltbut i could not get xubuntu-desktop task to work (everything else was working)17:52
jaltmini.iso I kept overwriting the usdrive itself, so I gave up after a while17:53
jaltfor either of them to work, you need auto=true priority=critical on the boot options.17:53
JHOSMANmini iso no have desktop?18:05
jaltno, it's only 50MB and you need to download all packages from the repos.18:09
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