cyphermoxbjf: could you run 'sudo grub-install --verbose /dev/sda1' on that system where you saw the failure? it may tell us more about why it's unhappy01:44
bjfcyphermox, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23083835/03:22
Odd_BlokeDo we have a finger-in-the-air estimate of when 4.6 will land?  (Days or weeks?)08:28
apwOdd_Bloke, i think that is in negative territory atm, it actually tried once, but i'd say 1 week not 3 weeks08:36
Odd_Blokeapw: Cool, thanks. :)08:49
tjaaltonis there a command to clean up old kernels?09:25
apwtjaalton, if they are installed "normally" then apt-get remove --purge should be killing them off09:26
tjaaltonnormal yeah, if you mean autoremove that only removed one of them09:26
tjaaltonon this machine there are still 43 left :)09:27
apwtjaalton, if you have been "naughty" and installed things by hand, you can give the manual ones back to autoremove with: sudo apt-mark auto `apt-mark showmanual '^linux-(headers|image|image-extra|cloud-tools|tools)-[0-9]'`09:27
tjaaltonthis is my sisters' machine, so normal upgrades.. I'll give that a go thanks09:28
apwtjaalton, i wonder then how they ended up manual, which they i think must be to avoid the new autoremove magic, well unless it is precise or something09:28
apwthat should definatly work correctly (in theory :))09:29
tjaaltonyeah, I've seen this elsewhere too09:30
apwyeah i think it may well be that we added it in trusty and it did not do anything to grandfather in old kernels or something09:35
tjaaltonwell, looks like on my xenial install only linux-image-extra-* are getting autoremoved12:31
apwtjaalton, hrm, cat /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01autoremove-kernels12:54
apwcan you pastebin that12:54
tjaaltonapw: http://pastebin.com/xggDPuL513:00
tjaaltonI removed them by hand13:00
Sarvatttjaalton: purge-old-kernels :D13:14
tjaaltonit'll happily remove linux-generic tho13:15
tjaaltonand other metapackages, and the kernel I haven't booted into yet13:15
tjaaltonso, seems kinda broken :)13:15
ricotzsmb, hi, will there be a 4.4.19 based xenial kernel-ppa-build available this week?16:48
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smbricotz, rather no as that will be part of the next cycle which starts next week16:49
ricotzsmb, hmm, I see16:52
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