te_lanushi, is there any good archive programs (with a frontend) that can open lha (and other amiga archives). Tried the one that comes with mate and also installed file-roller, both crash when trying to open a lha file05:28
ouroumov__never heard of that type of archive05:34
ouroumov__maybe ask on the forums05:35
alkisgte_lanus: what's the output of: file /path/to/your.lha05:42
alkisgfile-roller supposedly supports lha archives05:43
alkisgBut maybe the amiga version is a modified one, not the regular one05:43
te_lanusalkisg, whd183.lha: LHa (2.x) archive data [lh5]05:44
alkisgte_lanus: run engrampa whd183.lha from the command line, do you see any error messages or does it just crash?05:46
te_lanusSegmentation fault (core dumped)05:47
te_lanussame happen with file-roller05:47
alkisgte_lanus: sudo apt install lhasa05:49
alkisgThen try again05:49
alkisgAlso try from the command line: unp whd183.lha05:49
alkisg(sudo apt install unp if you don't have it installed)05:50
te_lanuslhasa was already installed05:50
te_lanusunp helped05:51
alkisgIt's possible that the lha is malformed, so engrampa/file-roller choke with it05:51
alkisg...or that engrampa chokes with the output of lhasa and needs a bug report there05:52
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Guest36146has anyone tried ubuntu-mate on Rasp Pi?08:59
stoojLots of people. Many lots, I think.09:02
stoojAs an education platform, there are a couple of things missing from the default image that I'd love to see included, but as a general-purpose, low-powered desktop it is surprisingly sprightly09:05
stoojI think it's a huge improvement on Raspbian09:05
Guest36146really? I want to try it this weekend. did you have any problems accessing hardware devices like the pi-camera?09:06
stoojGuest36146: I've not tried to pi camera with it, sorry :(09:07
Guest36146no worries.09:07
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pablo__hay alguien ahi ??15:28
Guest25525I have an issue with my bluetooth speaker.  Is this the right place?17:57
aryelljust installed linux ubuntu mate 16.04 I like the old school gnome2 type interface20:18
aryellanyone recommends a good programming application for python 3 for learning purposes ? and is this distribution good for programming in general ?20:21
Guest25525aryell, Programming application? do you mean to code in? like the text editor?20:25
aryellsomething that i hear would have code completion, for commands, something a bit more then what i've seen in idle20:26
Guest25525aryell, Cause I like visual studio code.  Its not as "Free" as a lot of popular options though20:26
aryellopen source is my preference20:27
Guest25525aryell, I think it is open source actually20:27
Guest25525aryell, I'm just not sure what license its under20:28
Guest25525aryell, aside from that, If you want a custom solution you can spend a few years tricking out emacs20:29
Guest25525aryell, oh, vscode is under MIT liscence, thats nice20:30
aryelldo you recommend anything from the official repositories that will work out of the box, but with a few setting changes here and there ?20:30
aryellI'm starting from the ground up here and linux I've read is a good environment for this kind of stuff20:31
aryellI can work some basic stuff with the terminal, but the python3 part I will study that on my own20:32
aryelli just need a better tool than your run of the mill text editor20:32
Guest25525aryell, for emacs or vscode?  And I'm pretty new to linux too and I was scepticle of the claim that its better for devs but I fully believe that now20:32
aryellvscode is visual studio ? like the stuff for games ?20:33
aryellI'll google emacs and check that out too right now20:34
Guest25525aryell, vscode is not visual studio, it is not a full ide.  It is closer to a better notepad++20:34
swift110hey aryell20:34
aryellyes ?20:35
Guest25525aryell, I'm not gonna stop you from using emacs or vim.  But please avoid them if you are trying to learn programming at the same time.  They are complicated and archaic20:35
aryellI;ve done a quick search and stumbled on something called geany20:36
aryellI have some books that i got recently on python3 and from the contents talks even about eventualy building a gui, that sounds like something cool, but for now i just need to focus on terminal type application programming, so something that tells me were in the code there is an error would be nice.20:38
Guest25525aryell, Never used it. Seems to have a following though. Uh, when you are running the code it will throw any errors to the command line normally, no ide or editor will catch logic errors though20:39
aryellfull professional like complicated ide sounds a bit much for now, so just a intermidiet interface would be nice :)20:40
aryellok, good to know20:40
Guest25525aryell, Yeah, it seems a bit heavy for what you want.  For pure text editors Vim and nano could work, but you probably want to use the mouse20:41
aryelldo you personally have a preference, in case you code of course20:42
Guest25525aryell, I use VSCode personally.  I learned the vim hotkeys and use a plugin for VSCode that decently emulates them.20:42
Guest25525aryell, while you are learning though I think the only real mistakes you could make would be choosing something too complicated (i.e. a full ide or emacs or vim).  I actually recomend Geany20:44
Guest25525aryell, or vscode20:44
Guest25525aryell, oops, NOT Geany. I meant GEDIT20:44
aryellwhat about eric , it says it is open source and has integrated qt witch is mention a great deal in the python3 book i will follow allong with20:45
aryellalthough the more i search on the internet there is something called pip that installs allot of addons that i would need down the line20:46
Guest25525aryell, Never heard of it before now but it looks super complicated and feature rich which honestly is bad for your situation.20:46
aryellok gedit then20:47
Guest25525aryell, Also I think you are missing the idea of one of the reasons linux is good for dev.  You can download whatever dependencies you need for your project in one line in the terminal.20:47
aryellbut the text editor in mate 16.04 is called pluma, is there a difference ? or it;s just rebranding ?20:47
aryellyeah pip from what i understand so far is for that purpose no ?20:48
aryellpip install (insert package here)20:49
Guest25525aryell, Oops, they are different things yes.  Pluma will work fine also though20:49
Guest25525aryell, and both pip is for python specific librarys and stuff, but if you wanted to download gedit or a code profiler or something its still just one line in the terminal20:50
aryellshould i install gedit or should stay with pluma, or better yet i will try a print command, cause that at least a now from my basic on HC 90 back in the day20:51
aryellok, understood20:51
Guest25525aryell, I just looked it up and they are the same thing just with different package librarys.  Remember that you can switch at any time20:52
aryelltried that print command and it works20:53
aryellbut i have to manually type python3 test.py in terminal, but at least it works20:54
aryellthank you very much20:55
Guest25525aryell, You don't like that? well remember that you can hit the up arrow to access the last inputted command20:55
Guest25525aryell, so if you are testing it many times you can just hit up enter20:55
Guest25525aryell, And remember tab completion20:55
Guest25525aryell, no problem20:56
aryellyeah i know that from the windows command prompt i think MS-DOS 6.22 on my old 486 had that feature or i could be mistaken20:56
aryelltab completion is that thing that you have to insert tabs in the structure of the code to make it logical for the compiler ? from what i heard in the past c++ did not care, but python you say does ... ok20:58
aryellnow i am basically ready, I've got my coffee and my editor and my book it time for some study time... :p21:00
Guest25525aryell, Nope, tab completion is you just hit tab after you've typed the first part of the command or filename into the commandline and it will automatically type the rest for you21:00
aryellwill try eric or some other advanced ide later on when I;ve mastered the basics with text programs21:01
aryellok ...21:01
Guest25525aryell, So if you have a file in your current directory called ardvark, you just need to hit a <tab> then it types out ardvark for you21:01
Guest25525aryell, You'll find its like 90% thinking 10% typing anyway21:02
aryellwhen i type t in downloads and tap tab once nothing happens21:03
aryellbut when i type twice21:04
Guest25525aryell, what do you mean by type t in downloads?21:04
aryellit give me a list all the commands or applications that start with t21:04
aryelli dont think it matters what directory i'm in21:04
Guest25525aryell, no it does, you need to have a program to apply on the file21:05
Guest25525aryell, so if you type cat then t <tab> it will auto complete21:05
aryellt double tap (tab key) and poof allot of what i can see are programs or commands one of them is transmission21:05
Guest25525aryell, your program has to be interpreted by python, so you have to type python3 then t<tab>21:06
aryellgot it21:06
Guest25525aryell, basically spam tab21:06
aryellcat t <tab>    then test.py appears21:07
aryellthanks for the tip this is handy21:07
Guest25525aryell, I hated using the command line until I learned about that21:07
aryellI've used other distros before and some terminal, but usually when i need something like this i just used the history of the commands ... like up and down arrows in terminal for very often used commands21:08
aryellusually stucked with debian based because i;m so use to apt-get21:09
aryelland from what i've seen on wikipedia at least debian and debian based are the most popular21:10
aryelldo use now ubuntu mate 16.04 ?21:10
aryellor another flavor21:10
aryellI'm asking, and i hope it;s not a stupid question, because hexchat seems to be some of a standard in chat applications on linux21:11
Guest25525aryell, I'm honestly new to linux in general and I've only used mate.  You can switch desktop environments at will21:11
Guest25525aryell, Its just an irc thingy.  You can even use this same chat room from the command line if you wanted too21:12
aryellI now, but I've tried to install before a second environment and and it is not that fun, because useually you have to be carefull about libraries and if you get just the core environment or the full one with apps21:13
aryellI've installed once the full feature kde over gnome3 and it was kind of a pain to remove kde (because i dont exactly like it) it's to overcrowded with stuff and heavy on resources21:14
aryelli had to do a clean reinstall to get clean linux os again21:15
Guest25525aryell, I haven't messed with it much to be honest.  I just chose a theme I liked in mate.  No offence but there is no way you had to do a full reinstall to get rid of a DE21:15
aryellmaybe i was going at at it the wrong way but that's in the past21:15
aryellit was back when i was very new to linux21:16
Guest25525aryell, my experience with trying i3 was running sudo apt install i3, logging out, choosing it before I logged back in and then regretting trying i321:16
aryellnow i;m a novice nearing apprentice level21:17
aryellbut i still got to search for help on the net for the bug fixing and more exoteric stuff21:17
aryellwhat's i3 ?21:18
Guest25525aryell, Its a minimal tiling window manager21:18
Guest25525aryell, Its faster to look at pictures but basically you don't minimize windows, if you have one window open its full screen and if you have two windows open they each take up half of the screen21:19
aryelland you could not choose at logon wich DE you wanted ?21:19
aryellusually when you do not have autologin you can do that21:19
Guest25525aryell, No I could, I logged out and chose mate again. I never actually bothered to uninstall it21:19
aryellsounds like windows 2.0 :p21:19
aryellbefore version 3 they the windows could not overlap for copyright reasons with xerox i believe21:21
aryellor probably looked like the ancient norton commander on MS-DOS21:21
aryellsorry, I get nostalgic sometimes, when remember the "olden days" of computing, hihi :)21:24
Guest25525aryell, Its fine, I've gotta go though. Good luck21:25
aryellhello again eveyone21:36
aryellanyone from Romania here ?21:37
bekks!ro | aryell21:46
ubottuaryell: Daca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro21:46
logicalHi, is it possible to open the applications tab, by pressing the windows key?22:37
aryellyou mean switch between windows ?23:38
aryellwindows key does not do anything on its own in mate ubuntu 16.0423:39
aryellpossibly it needs to be combined with another key probably a letter23:40
aryelltry to to open the welcome application and check keyboard shortcuts for mate23:40
aryell>>message logical23:41

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