jbichaplease accept libreoffice/yakkety, it's needed for Ubuntu GNOME, bug 1592572 (it's more broken than just scrollbars)00:50
ubot5bug 1592572 in Ubuntu GNOME "[gtk320] No horizontal or vertical scroll bars" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159257200:50
slangasekjbicha: done04:15
jbichathanks, now we just need the LO autopkgtests to work…04:26
sakrecoerhi.. our ISO failed again..07:21
sakrecoerhttps://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu/yakkety/ubuntustudio The ubuntustudio-meta update that fixes this is stuck in yakkety-proposed. Could someone unblock it please?07:21
sakrecoerLaney, jbicha anyone?07:35
Laneysakrecoer: hi, I unblocked it for you, you can trigger a rebuild when rmadison shows you it has migrated08:05
sakrecoerLaney: \o/08:06
sakrecoerLaney: it is here right? http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/360/builds check the bockes and press the "Update rebuild status"..08:07
sakrecoeroh no... wait.. my eager eyes missed the second line of your chat..08:08
Laneyat the bottom there is a table which has the title 'Rebuilds'08:08
Laneydo the thing there08:09
Laneyoh, well that's going to fail then :)08:09
sakrecoerok.. i canceled the request while waiting for rmadison's signal08:09
sakrecoerLaney: ok.. rmadison isn't a user :D i'm looking at man page, but still pretty lost..08:27
apwsakrecoer, rmadison -a source ubuntustudio-meta08:34
LocutusOfBorgthanks pitti for the removal :)08:34
LocutusOfBorgI did some retry for pysam, lets see if I can make it migrate or we have to run against proposed again08:34
sakrecoerthanks apw ! :)08:34
apwsakrecoer, np, you'll see currently two lines for yakkety ... when the 0.160 moves up a line it is published08:35
sakrecoerapw: awesome! thank you for anticipating my question! :)08:37
Laneysakrecoer: Although, actually, I think you need to wait for "apt-cache show krita" to stop saying "Task: ubuntustudio-graphics" too08:46
LaneyWhich should happen a little bit after the rmadison output changes08:46
sakrecoerLaney: i can't do that from a xenial install right? i haven't been able to get my hands on a studio yakket iso that wouldn't fail at install yet...08:49
sakrecoer..well not since i removed the partition to test 14.04.5 that is...08:50
LaneyYou can keep an eye on http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/yakkety/universe/binary-amd64/Packages.xz, as one way to do it08:55
Laneyfor example curl -s http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/yakkety/universe/binary-amd64/Packages.xz | xzcat | grep-dctrl -X -FPackage -sPackage,Task krita08:55
Laneygrep-dctrl living in the dctrl-tools package08:56
Laney(No need to do that more than once every 30 minutes or so)08:56
LaneyBack shortly.08:56
sakrecoerthank you Laney ! :)08:56
LocutusOfBorghow can a testsuite run against a package not in Ubuntu? WTH?09:03
LocutusOfBorgautopkgtest for pbsuite/15.8.24+dfsg-1: amd64: Pass, armhf: Always failed, i386: Regression ♻ , ppc64el: Test in progress, s390x: Always failed09:03
LocutusOfBorgmmm in proposed :(09:04
Laneysakrecoer: You could try a rebuild now11:28
flocculantsakrecoer: I triggered it for you11:44
* Laney crosses fingers and toes and tongue11:45
sakrecoerflocculant, Laney oh.. i triggered it at 01.05 pm CEST..11:49
sakrecoerthank you guys anyways!!!11:49
sakrecoerforgot to mention it here, sorry11:50
sakrecoerflocculant, Laney: once the build is done, shoudl i mark them for testing?12:12
Laneysakrecoer: It'll happen automatically12:24
sakrecoerLaney: nice :) thanks!... last minutes now...12:25
* sakrecoer touches wood12:25
sakrecoeri386 is build \o/ but amd64 status in launchpad is amibuous... https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu/yakkety/ubuntustudio12:52
sakrecoersays "currently building" but "when complete" states: "28 minutes ago (estimated)"12:53
sakrecoerah well... i'm too anxious lol :D12:53
sakrecoernow!!! "1 minute ago" \o/12:54
sakrecoerthank you everyone! flocculant, Laney jbicha and everyone i've been nagging on for this! i'll save the rest of my joy-tears for the release party! :D12:55
flocculantsakrecoer: don't forget to test them now :p13:29
flocculantjbicha: do you know if there's a ubuntu gnome dev channel?13:55
jbichaflocculant: there's #ubuntu-gnome and there's gnome-devel on ubuntu.slack.com14:32
jbichaLaney: please unblock ubiquity14:41
Laneywhat about libreoffice?14:45
davmor2Laney: well it's an open source office suite compatible to microsoft office is that enough info ;)14:46
* Laney covers davmor2 in syrup and releases the wasps14:47
jbichayes, please unblock LO too, I just installed it from -proposed and the -gtk3 version is much better14:47
* Sweet5hark doesnt know the topic but looks at davmor2 s statement with suspicion.14:48
davmor2Laney: what I thought that was a fairly accurate description14:48
jbicha(*better than the gtk3 version in regular yakkety at least)14:48
davmor2Sweet5hark: Laney said What about libreoffice14:48
davmor2Sweet5hark: so I answered14:48
davmor2Sweet5hark: I thought it was a pretty good description myself14:49
Sweet5harkLaney: Missing context from before I joined, I'd like to request libreoffice 5.2.0-0ubuntu2 to be on the images to save me from an angry mob on non-english speakers.14:50
Sweet5harkLaney: also I owe you (and a lot of other people) beer. :/14:50
LaneySweet5hark: Yeah, I did it, thanks14:51
Sweet5harkLaney: thank you.14:51
LaneyMaybe someone could tell the flavours they're getting a free respin14:51
* Laney is crying at gettext14:52
flocculantjbicha: mmk - not that worried tbh, just did some smoketesting for them - no mouse at login screen (kvm) no idea if that's normal  *shrug*14:54
* flocculant laughs at Laney crying14:54
LaneyI want to just say "please just use this .mo file"14:56
xnoxLaney, Nein!14:59
Laneypython has a nice function for this :-)15:00
xnoxLaney, except:15:04
xnox         pass15:04
xnoxnice =)15:06
Laneyif only I were using python15:07
* xnox goes back to encoding yaml, in text, in json15:07
Laneythey wrote their own .mo parser, so the implementation isn't liftable either15:07
Laneyho hum15:08
ginggs_Laney: there15:19
ginggs_Laney: there is a libreoffice-dictionaries as well15:19
jbichaLaney: and could you unblock gnome-maps too? the new version is has noticeably less lag15:22
jbichaLaney: juliank in #ubuntu-devel thinks we should unblock apt as well15:30
Laneycan that be it please?15:31
xnoxLaney, oh, json is subset of yaml, so i can just encode json in json. Simples =)15:42
Laneyoh right, I need to generate the locales don't I15:56
Laneythere must be a better way than this15:56
zygaarges: hello, I'd like to ask about the SRU of snap-confine, is there anything required to publish it left?16:18
argeszyga: which version?16:26
zygaarges: I see that 1.0.38-0ubuntu0.16.04.9 now needs to be verified16:34
ograwhats up with the amd64 buildds ? seems half of them are disabled ?16:34
zygaarges: there was an earlier version earlier today that had three issues, all verified, I guess that one went in16:34
ogra(and my last PPA build wants to wait for 30min before starting)16:35
argeszyga: yea i accepted 16.04.8, but 16.04.9 just got into proposed today16:35
zygaarges: understood, so it has to sit there for two days and get verified16:35
argeszyga: yup16:35
=== davmor2_ is now known as davmor2
Laneyrespin going16:53
Laneyapt is held up by autopkgtests16:53
* ogra taps foot16:53
ogra(glaring at amd64 on https://launchpad.net/builders )16:55
ogragrrr ... now the ETA for starting my build just jumped to 44min ...17:04
ogracan someone please bump the score on https://launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/+archive/ubuntu/image/+build/1065957317:04
ograah, back to 9 min ... it seems ot be really unsure :P17:05
slangasekogra: bumped17:13
ograslangasek, thx (i hope it actually builds :) )  ... any idea why the majority of amd64 builders seems disabled ?17:13
slangasekno, you'd have to ask lp team17:14
sakrecoer"16:51 < Laney> Maybe someone could tell the flavours they're getting a free respin" want me to adress the list about it? anything specific to point at?17:17
sakrecoeror rather: antyhing specific to communicate...17:17
sakrecoerah.. food just landed. i'll be back in an hour.17:21
cjwatsonogra: I gather lgw01 has been a bit sad lately.  I've kicked off a mass-reset, will see how that goes17:24
cjwatsonSeems networking-related17:24
ograthx !!17:24
bdmurrayarges: Could you have a look at that whoopsie upload?17:37
argesbdmurray: sutre17:37
argesbdmurray: did the yakkety fix go through already?17:39
argesfor 161651717:40
argesbug 161651717:40
bdmurrayarges: not yet for bug 1616517, but its just adding strings17:40
ubot5bug 1616517 in whoopsie (Ubuntu Trusty) "whoopsie does not send fields from some package management application crashes" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161651717:40
bdmurrayarges: this should help sort out https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/fc13839a8f16399991b1e1907d410c7f161d7fc9 which is the number 1 error at the moment17:42
argesbdmurray: ok accepted for trusty17:43
bdmurrayarges: thanks17:43
tsimonq2Laney: what was fixed in the recent rebuild?19:19
* slangasek hrms, wondering why liborcus, libixion, mdds got demoted19:33
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wxlhey release team. looks like d-i is having trouble with networking. i know server is not participating in beta 1, but this affects them, too. any chance we can get this fixed for beta 1? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-installer/+bug/161640022:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 1616400 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "Lubuntu's alternate i386 installer cannot connect to a network" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:00

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