FManTropyxhm, systemctl said "Unknown operation postfix.", so I just 'postfix reload'00:03
FManTropyxis it normal that postfix is running as 'master'?00:52
sarnoldFManTropyx: different parts run as different users; I haven't investigated lately but that's probably correct00:58
lunaphytethat's quite correct, yes01:02
lunaphytepostfix's "root" executable is named master.  all other postfix processes are children of master01:03
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lilliangood job05:00
cpaelzergood morning05:40
BadboyKAS check out my game changing idea http://pastebin.ca/370426106:29
b-yeezihi all/06:47
b-yeeziI'm having an issue with lxd and systemd. When I try to start the service it always fails with a dependency error.06:48
b-yeezirunning it from the terminal works06:49
b-yeeziI have not made any changes to the service06:54
LostSoulI'm using libnss-ldap to authenticate to AD. Recently I've notice that there are some problems. First prompt for user password can take up to 30-60 sec, and second after proper login can take up to 30-60 sec08:39
LostSoulAny idea how to debug this? I have other servers configured in similar way and AD login works like a charm (up to 3-5 sec to login)08:39
LostSoulUbuntu 14.0408:39
jamespageddellav, coreycb: I've done a little catchup in d-exp for oslo + other deps09:11
jamespageI'll leave it up to you two to resync09:11
jamespagehopefully will get python-os-vif in the queue today09:12
cpaelzerjamespage: welcome back09:16
jamespagecpaelzer, ditto :-)09:16
cpaelzerjamespage: I've seen you updated the OVS to 2.6 on 22nd - and we have a real release if I read the ML right09:16
* jamespage looks09:17
cpaelzerjamespage: do you think you could upload the DPDK ubuntu2 I prepared before vacation to unblock the OVS&DPDK mirgration through proposed?09:17
cpaelzeror are there other blockers ahead I didn't spot yet09:17
jamespagecpaelzer, apologies that got lost in holiday brain09:17
jamespagecpaelzer, I'll deal with that now09:17
cpaelzerjamespage: no need to excuse at all, that is what holidays are for09:17
jamespagecpaelzer, remind me again where it it?09:18
jamespageoh no worries I found it09:18
cpaelzerjamespage: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server/dpdk/+git/dpdk/+ref/ubuntu-yakkety-dpdk16.0709:18
jamespagecpaelzer, ok uploading now09:20
cpaelzerjamespage: thanks, I'll look at build and update excuses in a few hours then to make sure we catch it if something still breaks09:28
jamespagegreat -ta09:28
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ducassei've noticed a weird thing with an lxc container on 16.04. inside the container 'free -m' reports 350mb used, while lxc-info reports "memory use" as 25gb. for other containers the numbers match, and the host is clearly not using >25gb. should i try the lxc packages in proposed?09:34
DelphiWorldHi  UbuntuGeeks09:58
DelphiWorldi have 2 ubuntu servers using a 100mb link, why upload is only 11mb bethwan them?09:58
rbasakDelphiWorld: are you aware that link speeds are usually in megaBITS (per second), and transfer speeds are usually in megaBYTES (per second)? With overheads, there's usually a 10x difference between them, so that sounds about right.10:09
DelphiWorldrbasak: no, you just informed me.10:12
DelphiWorldrbasak: so my situation is normal10:12
dvigHi UbuntuLovers! i have a problem with mysql configuration on last linux mint x64. when i install a webapp a get the error - Error — MySQL thread stack should be 256kb.i make changes in /ect/mysql/my.cnf - [mysqld] thread_stack = 256k, save, restart mysql and apache and nothing changes( pls help10:25
ducasse!mint | dvig10:26
ubottudvig: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org10:26
LostSoulI'm using libnss-ldap to authenticate to AD. Recently I've notice that there are some problems. First prompt for user password can take up to 30-60 sec, and second after proper login can take up to 30-60 sec11:22
LostSoulAny idea how to debug this? I have other servers configured in similar way and AD login works like a charm (up to 3-5 sec to login)11:22
lunaphyteLostSoul: don't use that software.  it's old and abandoned11:52
LostSoulWhat should I use instead?12:13
coreycbjamespage, thanks for the updates12:24
UssatI find it odd, that RHEL does not povide up to dat bioperl etc and other genetic manipulation libraries and ubuntu does.....every thing I needed for these specialised systems was avaliable from Ubunto, while almost none from RHEL12:54
Ussatnot a complaint or anything, just a observation12:54
UssatWe have thus settled on Ubuntu for our researchers..12:54
rbasakUssat: for specialist packages it usually just comes down to the interest of somebody maintaining in Debian or Fedora AIUI.12:59
rbasakUssat: and with fewer users the maintainers often appreciate all the help they can get. If it matters to you, please consider finding out/offering help and volunteering, to make sure support doesn't go away.13:00
Ussatrbasak, I am talking to the owners of a few of the genetic algo packages to help out13:04
UssatI was just suprised to find ALL of the libs I needed avaliable and up to date on Ubuntu when so few were avaliable in RHEL is all13:04
rbasakUssat: thanks! Perhaps it polarises because of previous availability.13:06
UssatMy researchers work pretty close with these guys, http://useast.ensembl.org/index.html, and they also work on maintaining them. I am going through them because of already established relationship13:07
UssatOne of the things we are doing here is building a "meta" package, that inclused all the genetic libs that are needed for them13:09
UssatI already have a prototype we are testing13:09
jonahhi I seem to have lost the internet on one of my servers - it is set up with auto dhcp but when I ping anything i get "unknown host" - my router is working fine and providing internet for other computers/devices no problem... Any ideas or help would be appreciated13:25
lunaphytecan you ping via ip address?13:25
jonahlunaphyte: ah yes - so it's the dns nameservers that have been wiped out??13:27
lunaphytecat /etc/resolv.conf13:27
lunaphyteyou tell us13:27
jonahlunaphyte: just has nameserver in that file...13:29
lunaphyteyou're running nameserver software in that computer?13:29
lunaphyteor is this yet another instance of this absurd dnsmasq garbage?13:30
Ussatmight be useing NM...13:30
jonahlunaphyte: no it's just a backup server, but it does have apache for cups and a few things like that13:30
lunaphytedo you have a nameserver running on your network?13:30
jonahlunaphyte: it's always worked great, just logged in to do some apt updates and noticed it can no longer connect13:30
Ussatmy /etc/resolv.congf has http://useast.ensembl.org/index.html13:30
Ussat# Dynamic resolv.conf(5) file for glibc resolver(3) generated by resolvconf(8)13:31
Ussatand my search domain13:31
jonahlunaphyte: it jus get's it's internet auto from router and dhcp, I've never set any nameservers or other settings, just plugged the cable in and it's always worked ok...13:31
Ussatand I have static IP's13:32
jonahso any ideas how I can get the internet working again?13:34
jamespageddellav, coreycb: updated os-win uploaded to exp and to yakkety13:43
xnoxsmb, heya https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libvirt/2.1.0-1ubuntu4 is in =)13:44
smbxnox, yeah... saw that you waited just long enough until I made a no change ppa upload with the previous version. :-P13:46
xnoxnot intentionally.... =)13:46
smbxnox, I wait until its done publishing and then pull it in13:49
smbxnox, oh btw, I got reminded yesterday that there is a libvirt-python which is usually in lockstep. But I think that is not part of what I can upload. Would you mind merging that from Debian?13:51
xnoxand it's behind libvirt in debian? 2.0.0 vs 2.1.0?13:53
xnoxunless libvirt-python will be backported to cloud archive without libvirt, it can be synced now i think.13:55
smbxnox, hm yeah apparently. Not sure it needs to be in absolute lockstep. Thoug Ubuntu now would be rather behind in yakkety13:55
xnoxforcing a sync package.13:55
xnoxi bet that breaks the feature freeze... #YOLO13:56
smbxnox, only a little bit... I should have thought about it when rushing with libvirt itself but then again I may have failed with the upload13:57
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jamespagecoreycb, I might take a run through the updates to oslo package in exp so we can resync from their14:43
jamespageall our orig tarballs will be mismatched atm14:43
jonah_lunaphyte: ah the devices that can ping I've realised are using google dns already - so it seems nothing is getting dns from my router on the network?14:46
lunaphytedo you have a nameserver running on your network?14:46
jonah_lunaphyte: yeah, I have a server running but that's working ok externally and also internally has internet connection - but no other local lan devices have internet.14:47
lunaphytei'm confused14:48
jonah_lunaphyte: what is weird though is I just upgraded the server from 14.04 to 16.04 and it is since then that things have stopped working right14:48
lunaphytewhat nameserver software are you running?14:48
jonah_lunaphyte: well I'm running a LAMP server behind a nat router with bind... But I don't know if I have nameserver software running14:49
Ussatyou are running bind ?14:49
lunaphytebind is nameserver software14:49
jonah_lunaphyte: but what is weird as I say is it did work ok before I upgraded from 14.04... So how do I set bind to still work so I can use my server from the outside but still enable my internal lan computers to have internet?14:49
jonah_lunaphyte: the upgrade must have stripped out a few config settings or something?14:50
UssatWhy are you running your own nameserver ?14:50
jonah_Ussat: so I can point domains to my server14:51
lunaphyteyou don't need to run your own nameserver to do that14:51
Ussatrunning your own nameserver is not trivial14:52
UssatI used to mange bind at last position.....not something I want to ever do again14:54
coreycbjamespage, ok thanks15:24
jgrimmsmb, followup from irc meeting.. cpaelzer will take the python-libvirt merge15:24
smbjgrimm, maybe xnox did now15:24
jgrimmsmb, oh cool even better!15:24
smbjgrimm, I am not sure I just asked him as return for adding things to libvirt and me updating the git tree15:25
smbso it may or may not have happened15:25
jgrimmcpaelzer, ^^^15:26
xnoxjgrimm, i did a force sync, the delta we had is no longer needed, give that libvirt itself got merged.15:28
xnoxif things are backported, one would need to backport libvirt-python together with libvirt.15:29
jgrimmxnox, ah.. good deal. thanks!15:29
xnoxcpaelzer, ^^^^15:29
xnoxcpaelzer, python-libvirt was forced synced =)15:29
xnoxcause the alt recommends no longer needed with new libvirt in yakkety (?!)15:30
blizzowI have my xenial install on an mdadm software raid 1 disk made of two spinner disks.  They're not extra fast disks (1TB SATA seagate constellation 7200RPM), but every time I do a system update/upgrade,package installation, dpkg gets hung in a D state for long periods of time. Strangely enough, I have some VMs running on network storage and am seeing weirdness with dpkg hanging in D state too.16:05
blizzowanyone here seeing strange disk behavior with dpkg/aptitude lately?16:08
xmjwhat's a good repo to find a zabbix-server built with sqlite support, for ubuntu 16.04?16:11
naccxmj: i don't think there is such, maybe you could search ppas, but neither debian nor ubuntu builds such (afaict)17:28
blizzowover in #lvm, they're saying there are some serious LVM/mdadm performance issues with the 4.1-4.4 kernel series. They're saying go with the 4.6 series.  Will these instructions work for 16.04.1 server as well:18:10
sarnoldblizzow: yes, but you'll step off the easy path of security and bug fixes that way18:16
sarnoldblizzow: so be sure to check back for new kernels in yakkety every three weeks18:16
sarnoldblizzow: and once yakkety is released as 16.10, install the linux-lts-yakkety based kernel packages. (they don't exist yet, but they probably will soon enough.)18:17
blizzowsarnold: Can/should I use the lowlatency kernel for a server with spinners?18:20
patdk-wkwhat does lowlatency kernel have to do with spinners?18:21
patdk-wkand after yakkety has been around for awhile, you will need to update to the next one, all the way to the next lts kernel18:22
sarnoldblizzow: if you mean spinning metal drives, no, there's no need for the low-latency kernel for those. spinning metal drives are positively glacial in comparison to cpus these days..18:23
sarnoldstandard linux kernel isn't too bad with latency anyway18:23
patdk-wkisn't that what interrupt wires are for? :)18:23
patdk-wkwell, guess the dates of interrupt wires went away with pci slots18:26
sarnoldnow there's complicated huge piles of programmable interrupts etc etc but when the drive takes 8ms to do anything, whether or not the kernel responds in 1000ns or 2000ns is hardly important :)18:32
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blizzowsarnold: any chance the 4.6 kernel will be backported into the standard updates with such a glaring performance problem?18:39
naccblizzow: they never (afaik) backport an entire kernel.18:40
naccblizzow: the kernel team would probably consider a bug and well-defined patches to backport18:40
sarnoldblizzow: it'll happen as the linux-lts-yakkety tree when they do; it might be 4.6, or 4.7, or 4.8. It's hard to tell from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Newsletter what exactly they'll use in two months..18:41
nacci think 16.10 will be 4.8 based (afair)18:42
nacci guess the "also" makes it unclear, though :)18:42
sarnoldyeah, I understand linus went on a week-long vacation with no regard for our kernel cadence scheduling!18:42
naccalso, i think there is going to be 'rolling' hwe in 16.04?18:44
nacce.g., linux-image-generic-hwe-rolling; not sure if that actually is happening or not18:44
naccin which case you wouldn't need to keep installing specific release packages, it would just track (aiui)18:44
sarnoldoh? would that be in place of the four different hwe stacks? or just select the newest of the four when each is released in turn?18:44
nacchttp://osdir.com/ml/kernel-team/2016-08/msg00042.html e.g.18:45
nacci'm trying to see if they concluded anything18:46
blizzowI'm rating this server release "Star Trek 5 - The Voyage Home"18:47
* patdk-wk doesn't remember this movie18:48
naccsarnold: i think it will make the overall sense of which hwe stack is supported now a bit clearer (again, aiui)18:48
blizzowIt's better than "Indiana Jones 4 - The Crystal Skull." but not by much.18:48
sarnoldiv was voyage home; v was final frontier18:49
blizzowshit, you're right.18:50
* patdk-wk hands sarnold a whale18:50
blizzowI'm rating this as "Star Trek 5 - The Final Frontier"18:50
blizzowSo I went to install these updated yakkety kernel debs. It's puking on generating grub configuration file.  grub-probe: error: disk `lvmid/SlhbwL-8mlj-po1k-RSzz-LOSU-M44o-uFwyMP/JGf7wM-woXo-yqVw-u7hV-9pty-7goP-guhjg8' not found.18:56
xmjnacc: gotcha19:44
naccblizzow: what updated yakkety kernel debs?19:47
TAFBI'm trying to follow this guide (to install a windows vm on my linux vm): https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/running-virtual-machines-with-virtualbox-5.1-on-a-headless-ubuntu-16.04-lts-server/19:49
TAFBbut when I run the 5th step: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) build-essential virtualbox-5.1 dkms19:49
TAFBI get: Unable to locate package linux-headers-2.6.32-042stab116.219:49
sarnoldsounds like you don't have a real server but a VPS running openvz or something19:50
patdk-wkwhy are you installing 2.6.32?19:50
TAFByep, monster vps :)19:50
TAFBwon't work?19:50
patdk-wkthe *guide* says ubuntu 16.04, and 2.6.32 doesn't exist19:50
patdk-wkyou need a real vm, not a vps19:50
patdk-wkand you cannot run a vm inside a vm19:50
patdk-wkwell, yo ucan, but not very good19:51
TAFBahhh, virtualbox won't run in a vps?19:51
patdk-wkit will have to use software virtualization, so 32bit only19:51
patdk-wkno 64bit support, and it will be EXTREEMLY slow19:51
TAFBi'd like to give it a try, windows will only be doing a pretty basic task19:51
TAFBsoftware I use doesn't work well under wine :(19:51
patdk-wkwell, you need atleast a vm19:52
sarnoldI suspect it's not going to work well on a virtualbox running on an openvz vps either :)19:52
sarnoldhere a pal showed me this a few minutes ago, looks cheap and easy https://www.scaleway.com/19:52
TAFBI bought the 8gb one (one in dallas, one in montreal): https://www.ssdnodes.com/startup-specials/?s=wht19:53
TAFBspeed is freaking retarded nice19:54
TAFBcompiles ffmpeg in seconds :D19:54
rattkingHello, I upgraded from 12.04 to 16.04 (not a distupgrade but a debootstrap rootfs switch) and now the post-up rules in my interfaces file are not running correctly.. but if I add a sleep 1; before the ip route add it does work correctly.. any ideas on how I can get that working without adding a sleep?. oh also without the sleep everything works if I restart networking after boot.. this feels like a19:56
rattkingrace condition somewhere19:56
blizzownacc: The ones mentioned in this article.  https://raonyguimaraes.com/how-to-install-kernel-4-6-on-ubuntu-16-04-xenial/20:23
blizzowThe headers-all headers-amd64 and generic image.20:25
rattkingso after adding some logging I see the order the interfaces come up in changes when I add the sleep 1;20:27
naccblizzow: why would you choose 4.6.0 (vs. 4.6.7 (which is already EOL it seems) vs. 4.7.2 (which is current -stable upstream))?20:37
blizzownacc, I don't know.  Where would I get that or see that that is 4.7.2 the kernel I would want to install?21:01
eatingthenighthello, i'm trying to create a bootstrap image that I can boot with KVM however I am having a hard time installing grub into the debootstrapped environment properly I keep getting a `grub-install: error: /tmp/filemVBblO doesn't look like an EFI partition` error21:04
eatingthenightlet me post my script one sec21:04
coreycbbeisner, hello, can you promote the following to mitaka-proposed?  aodh 2.0.4-0ubuntu1~cloud0, cinder 2:8.1.0-0ubuntu1~cloud0, keystone 2:9.1.0-0ubuntu1~cloud0, nova 2:13.1.1-0ubuntu1~cloud021:06
beisnerhi coreycb - promoted aodh, cinder, keystone, nova to uca mitaka-proposed re: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/161413121:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1614131 in nova (Ubuntu Xenial) "[SRU] OpenStack Mitaka point releases" [Undecided,Fix committed]21:09
coreycbbeisner, awesome, thanks21:10
beisnercoreycb, you're welcome.  thanks for the point release work21:11
eatingthenightthink i figured it out... just me not knowning enough about uefi21:14
eatingthenightlooks like i needed to have a partion formated as vfat that it installed to21:14
naccblizzow: well, i mean what made you want to install 4.6? sorry, i'm lacking context. But even if you wanted 4.6, you rarely if ever want x.y.0, as it just a point in time (sort of). You want the latest stable release in that series (imo).22:22
sarnoldnacc: he's found some performance regressions in lvm or md or something that is causing him enough trouble that he wants the newer kernel22:23
naccsarnold: ah i see22:23
rostamHi using ubuntu 14.04, we got an issue with the server boot,I like to start the services one at time, is there an option with grub I can do that please?23:22
rostampatdk: I see, the reason I said that is I can do that with Redhat.23:23
rostamIs there any suggestion to figure out what is failing during boot and why init script hangs ?? thank you23:25
RoyKrostam: why would you want to do that?23:31
RoyKrostam: with 16.04 and newer rhel/centos you have systemd which can fix this rather easily with dependencies23:31
sarnoldrostam: check logs? maybe sort /etc/init.d/ and /etc/init/ by most recently changed and start looking at whatever changed most recently?23:32
rostamsarnold, thanks will do that, By the way we were planning to move to 16.04 today and this happended :)23:40

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