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Na3iLelacheche, I adore the game of VIM, without it I would be a nano user x)14:20
elachecheI don't like it that much..14:32
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pavlushkao/ all15:10
pavlushkaHello elacheche Na3iL :)15:10
elachecheHello pavlushka ! :) How are you today?15:11
elachechepavlushka: You missed this http://lesseverything.com/blog/four-steps-i-used-to-finally-learn-vim/15:11
elachechepavlushka: and this quiz endscreen.sysengquiz3.host/halloffame.html15:11
pavlushkaelacheche:  am better :) thanks and you15:11
elachechepavlushka: 2 good links :)15:12
pavlushkathrew a mail to Ubuntu Africa :)15:12
pavlushkaelacheche: did I missed both?15:13
elachecheEuuh, I'll forward a mail about the quiz that I already sent to #ubuntu-tn :) The other link is just an article to read :)15:14
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elachecheNa3iL: I wanna see your name in the hall of fame by tomorrow :p16:23
* elacheche GTG.. Bye16:23
MarwenDohi Na3iL , how r u doing ?17:20
Na3iLMarwenDo, o/18:03
Na3iLFine ty, yourself?18:03

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