chris__hey i just wanted to say07:29
chris__i am more excited about ubuntu touch than07:29
chris__anything I can remember in recent years07:30
chris__I can hardly wait for unity 8 to be available on desktop07:31
cci still dont know how to use my ubuntu phone :(07:31
ccit's too hard for me07:31
chris__what do you mean? what is hard?07:31
chris__i am using ubuntu touch on a nexus 407:33
chris__i have made an ubuntu touch app and published it as a click package07:34
chris__i believe i'm doing my part07:34
cci'm using Meizu pro 507:34
chris__i was thinking of ordering one to replace my nexus 407:35
ccchris__: i dont know how to use it to connect to my computer07:35
chris__do you have a connection cable?07:35
cci heard that07:35
ccwhen ubuntu phone connect to computer,that the computer become a ubuntu systerm07:36
chris__and it doesn't use the monitor when you connect it?07:36
chris__i understand that the phone will connect to peripheral devices directly07:37
chris__are you using rc release or stable release?07:38
chris__do you recommend meizu pro 5?07:39
ccchris__: sorry07:40
cclet me give a video07:40
cci think it's about "display"07:41
ccchris__: http://www.wtoutiao.com/p/1edVTEO.html07:42
cccan you see it?07:42
cci want do like that07:42
ccmake my computer become ubuntu systerm07:43
chris__i haven't done this myself07:44
chris__do you see your device in the list of available wireless displays?07:47
ccthanks,but i want to use it in computer07:47
ccno,i cant see it07:47
ccmost of computer can use wifi07:47
ccyou know07:47
ccshould i make it possible by some other ways?like usb line or something others07:48
chris__i don't think a usb line is usable07:52
chris__i believe something like that is needed07:54
ccbut not this07:55
ccbecause it cant put into our cellphone07:57
kaisozhi :)08:12
ccwhat i need is connect phone and computer08:17
ogracc, you need a keyboard, mouse (bluetooth or wired with adapter) and a wireless display dongle (or a TV that supports it)08:24
ccogra: er.....08:25
ccit's too.......08:25
ograyour phone can become a desktop, but i wont do anything with an existing computer (beyond what phones normally do, like transferring data through the cable or whatnot)08:26
ccogra: ok,so,i cant use it on computer,it08:27
ccit's upsaid08:27
ograas i said, it turns *into* a desktop computer if you attach the right peripherials08:29
ograwhat would you expect it to do beyond that ?08:29
ccogra: i want to make it be a desktop08:38
ccso which peripherial is right?08:38
ograthere is a list of known working devices on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/DisplayCasting ... but others that do plain miracast might work as well08:39
ogramouse and keyboard arent actually required (the phone display turns into a touchpad when you are connected and the onscreen keyboard will show up on it if you focus a text input field somewhere)08:41
ograbut convenient if you actually want to do work08:41
ccogra: thanks a lot08:44
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Mirvmmh, not so successful tests of inputinfo done, testing by someone else would be welcome still09:34
jgdxdoes qt have a way of producing ordinal number suffixes? st, rd, th in a locale aware manner?10:57
zzarrhello! will there be split screen multitasking on phones in the future?11:06
davmor2zzarr: who knows11:07
zzarrI hope in any way :)11:08
brunch875The on-screen keyboard doesn't show up with libertine programs11:14
brunch875is this to be expected?11:14
zzarrbrunch875, I think you should ask in #ubuntu-libertine11:19
brunch875oh, there's a channel for that. Neat.11:20
zzarryes :)11:20
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mardyMirv: hi! So, I reproduced the signond bug with qt 5.6, and it's not related to my patch12:20
mardyMirv: it's some other issue, but it might be that the test itself is not correct (I'm forking the test process, and that is not really supported), so I won't investigate that, but just fix the test12:20
mardyMirv: and I haven't been able to find Thiago online, he's probably on holidays12:21
=== _salem is now known as salem_
Mirvmardy: right, it's August so it's possible he's on holidays. well, I'm ok landing the fix if there's a version of signon that fails tests without it and passes with the patch :) also +1 to the codereview at that point and then we'll wait for thiago to come back and +212:56
mardyMirv: ok, I'm still writing the fixed test, then I'll propose a landing12:58
kaisozabout this bug13:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 1378814 in Band-aids for Ubuntu Phone "greeter does not properly update infographic after unlock" [Undecided,In progress]13:05
kaisozI solved it and will upload it as soon as I arrive home13:05
kaisozbut since now utouch uses unity8 I solved it there13:06
kaisozshould it be solved in unity-greeter as well?13:06
kaisozI really didn't have a look at that13:06
SebthreeBQM10HDanyone about?13:29
SebthreeBQM10HDkalikiana, hi are you ubntu dev?13:32
SebthreeBQM10HDtouch dev13:32
kalikianaSebthreeBQM10HD: Where you looking for me specifically?13:33
SebthreeBQM10HDkalikiana, h eh I don't know maybe13:33
kalikianaOtherwise you can just ping "appdevs" and several people will see your question13:33
SebthreeBQM10HDkalikiana, who makes Dekko?13:34
popeySebthreeBQM10HD: you can file bugs at http://launchpad.net/dekko13:34
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, yeah maybe losing my email twice, both verions etc, when sending at times with some error message13:34
SebthreeBQM10HDis a bug13:34
SebthreeBQM10HDhad that before13:34
SebthreeBQM10HDannoying when doing a more well important email that matters more13:35
* SebthreeBQM10HD should have screen shotted the second version really whoops13:35
SebthreeBQM10HDbut a 3rd attempt may not be so bad uh!13:35
SebthreeBQM10HDI seem to write emails like that better a 2nd or 3rd time13:35
SebthreeBQM10HDbut yeah Dekko doesn't seem to have drafts as well like say Thunderbird, in fact Thunderbird would save as going along13:36
ograpopey, hey, do you know how i get rid of the packages in the updater ? they seem to not go away now13:36
* SebthreeBQM10HD doesn't want to use a lap top to type up a email and then actsually get it sent13:36
ogra(all sitting there with an "open" button, regardless what i do)13:37
dobeySebthreeBQM10HD: also in #dekko13:37
SebthreeBQM10HDoh there's a channel13:38
popeyogra: mine are all stuck in "Waiting to download"13:38
SebthreeBQM10HDemail issue was tablet, but still got another issue with my phone really the mx  4 as well13:39
ograwell, mine all upgraded fine ... but the page doesnt clear afterwards ... even restarting system-settings doesnt clear it13:39
SebthreeBQM10HDso I tried to text someone this morning13:39
SebthreeBQM10HDbut got the like spinning ubuntu logo next to the message, and it may hae sent anyway since got a message from my network about how many texts left, did that a few times, turned off etc13:39
SebthreeBQM10HDjust turend it back on, and got a hi from the person even, but those two texts still have the spinning logo13:40
* ogra votes for reverting the calculator update ... 13:40
ograthe startup time makess every other app look really bad :P13:40
dobeyogra: heck, just running the same apps on a PC makes them look really bad on the phone :P13:41
ograwell,  the calcullator starts in under 2sec here13:41
ograsince todays update13:41
mcphailogra: not sure about "every other app". Maybe "every other app which uses the Ubuntu components" :(13:52
ograwell, i dont have any other app on my phone that starts this fast13:52
mcphailogra: the SDL games and the "Petals" QML game are almost instant on my phone13:56
kaisoz_ogra, calculator in my E5 takes around 3 seconds to start13:57
ograkaisoz, with todays update ?14:10
* ogra is on a pro5 running rc-proposed 14:11
ograit is closer to 1sec here14:11
mcphailogra: same here on e4.5. 8 seconds on previous version, 1--2 on this one. Good stuff!14:13
ogranow someone needs to fix all the other apps in the store to do that too ;)14:14
mcphailogra: is this using the rewritten C++ components people were talking about a while ago?14:14
ograno idea14:14
ograi only updated it today and noticed the massive speedup14:14
kaisozyes :S14:17
kaisoz ogra: yes14:18
kaisozwell no, rechecked, and got an update, I didn't get an automatic update today14:20
kaisoznow it's under 2 secs14:20
kaisozsorry :S14:20
rentier_Hi, is it possible to install Ubuntu on the Android version of the BQ Aquaris M10 FHD? (Currently not available in Germany with factory installed Ubuntu)14:31
s`ogra: they give any year warranty with pro5?14:35
ograno idea14:35
ograi doubt that14:35
s`cuz my torch is not working anymore14:36
s`i dont know if it's hw issue14:36
ogragiven you needed to import it from china14:36
s`or sw bug14:36
s`and dun know how to check that14:37
s`it was cool if there was some file/dir exported to sys14:37
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ograwell, it has always worked on my device since day one14:38
s`it used to work for me too14:38
s`not sure if problem came with update or maybe it fell down14:39
s`if it was hw issue, i'm expecting to find some logs somewhere14:41
mardyMirv: hi! I have the fix here, but it looks like it's a chicken and egg problem: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/184814:51
mardyMirv: the yakkety build fails, because yakkety has Qt 5.6 without my patch14:51
Mirvmardy: I'll test against the xenial Qt 5.6 which has te patch15:39
Mirvmardy: I'd have the yakkety patched version queued otherwise but there is some new libc 2.24 problem in yakkety causing a test to fail so Qt doesn't get built15:39
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mcphailpopey: mhall119: Watching yesterday's ubuntu-on-air. Can you _please_ stop suggesting the e4.5 is not powerful enough to open apps quickly? We already know non-Ubuntu-toolkit apps open quickly, and the updated Calculator app shows native Ubuntu QML apps are capable of doing so as well. When the kinks get ironed out, the e4.5 will be a great Ubuntu platform :)18:21
popeymcphail: fair point18:23
* mhall119 doesn't have an e4.5, so doesn't talk about it much18:24
mcphailI know it was David who mentioned it, but I don't see him on here ;)18:25
mterrykenvandine, jgdx: do either of you have time for an old MP of mine that hasn't gotten any attention in a while?  https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/ubuntu-system-settings/default-wallpaper/+merge/29763218:30
kenvandinemterry, probably not this week.. kind of drowning atm...18:32
kenvandinedoes that still merge cleanly?  looks like it has some of your color changes18:32
mterrykenvandine: this was a couple color changes on top of that, gradients that were hiding from my roving eye until now18:32
kenvandinejgdx, could you take a look? ^^18:32
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matv1hey all. i dug up an oldish rapoo bt keyboard. Testing it pairing with both the nexus4 and the bq M10 shows the connection on the tablet very unstable and on the phone working quite well. both however are running ut stable channel latest ota19:04
matv1does that make sense?19:04
mterrymatv1: I know nothing about BT, but I *could* imagine the M10 drivers being worse somehow?19:05
mterryDifferent kernel...19:05
dobeyand very different hardware19:05
matv1mterry ah right because of the android base19:05
matv1still one would expect the oposite then19:06
dobeymatv1: why would you expect the opposite? the official google supported hardware works better than the hardware that isn't?19:07
linux-masochistAnyone know if the pause/play button on your headphone lead works now? Nexus 4.19:07
matv1dobey right point taken :)19:09
linux-masochistAdmittedly I've not tried an image since OTA 10, but this kills me that it doesn't work.19:09
davmor2linux-masochist: it should19:14
linux-masochistdavmor2: OK. Thanks. It never in OTA 10. I'll luck through the change logs and see its been patched.19:16
linux-masochistdavmor2: *look19:16
matv1i am going into a head to head face off in my company next week with someone demoing the microsoft convergence thing. continuum. he knew i toyed with ubuntu convergence. So he changeled me to show some stuff of that. Just a friendly exploring of 'the future desktop'  within our it department.19:17
matv1Any pointers on from anyone who has looked at continuum on that? where does ut have the upper hand currently?19:17
matv1the securitymodel maybe?19:18
davmor2matv1: security, convergent apps, fluid changes as the desktop area changes, a terminal that works :D19:19
davmor2matv1: music app is a good demo for adaptive layout19:20
matv1davmor2 yeah  true. please elaborate on ' fluid changes..' how does continuum do that worse then ut?19:21
matv1do you know?19:23
davmor2matv1: Adaptive layout changes happens fluidly on ubuntu as I understand it on continuum it is either phone or desktop and nothing much inbetween19:23
matv1ah i see. haha that would indeed be a points deducted for microsoft19:25
dobeymy understanding is that continuum was something else different from what we've defined as convergence19:29
matv1dobey the aim seems to be the same thought right? dock ur phone and use it like a desktop19:31
dobeymatv1: that's only a small subset of what convergence is for ubuntu19:31
matv1how? app confinement isnt strictly speaking part of the convergence idea is it?19:33
dobeymatv1: because a windows phone and a windows pc are still totally different things19:34
dobeywhere ubuntu is just ubuntu19:35
dobeygranted "continuum" is a cool word-play name on the idea19:36
matv1although we should add that ubuntu is not ubuntu right now. it maybe like that hopefully around 18.04 or the likes19:37
dobeywhat do you mean ubuntu is not ubuntu?19:38
matv1current production desktop is not the same as current ubuntu touch19:39
matv1not by a stretch19:39
dobeyit's not exactly the same19:39
dobeybut both are built from the same sources19:39
dobeyphone features land into the development series of ubuntu at the same time as the phone (give or take scheduling conflicts)19:40
matv1there you said it: in development series19:41
dobeyphone and pc ISO images are continually moving to the same point (ie, converging)19:41
dobeymatv1: well you don't honestley expect total rewrites and brand new features like are happening on the phone to land in a 4 year old stable release do you?19:42
matv1dobey hold your horses. i am totaly convinced about where we are going. and i am completely aware about the massive amounts of work needed19:44
matv1all i mean is that we have been getting some punches on the nose from the wider world about infering that ut will be like this in the near future19:45
matv1we may need to empasize we are not there yet19:45
dobey"wider world"19:45
matv1the marketing pages on the canonical site when a new device hit the market last 2 years have been more then a little inflated19:46
matv1we say that we ALWAYS comunicated that its still for devs only but thats not true19:47
dobeyi don't think so19:47
dobeyi think some people have read certain things and then inflated the meaning to fit what they desired, and then got upset when what they got wasn't what they desired19:48
matv1dobey on that, i fear i must disagree19:48
matv1anyway, when something interesting comes up in said head to head i will report back :)19:51
matv1oh one last thing. i need still to order a miracast dongle. i remember some canonical blog listing the ones ' known to work' . Anyone know what i mean and where it is?19:52
dobeymicrosoft miracast dongle v1 (not v2)19:52
matv1dobey are there not multiple devices in the v1 series? is there just the one?19:53
dobeyi don't have one. i just know that there are two versions, version 1 is what everyone tested with. version 2 has some issues i think19:54
matv1ok thanks for all the help again dobey19:56
douglasbritoubu chroot ?20:21
mcphailawe: We talked last week about my DNS issues on rc-proposed. Actually, I don't know whether this is an rc-proposed problem. My ISP has switched on IPv6 on my router, and DNS seems to work normally if I switch IPv6 off. Is this a known issue? Same hardware works fine if I flash Android20:28
dobeymcphail: is dns not working, or are you ending up with ipv6 addresses which you can't route to?20:29
mcphaildobey: dns doesn't seem to work. I can't ping any names20:30
dobeymcphail: do you have a pastebin showing "ping google.com" output?20:31
dobeymcphail: or better "host google.com" ?20:31
mcphaildobey: I'll need to reboot my router to reenable IPv6, so my nick will be ghosted for a few minutes20:32
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|afk
mcphaildobey: there's no "host" command installed on the phone. Pinging just pauses then gives "ping: unknown host google.com"20:45
mcphailI don't really know how to debug IPv6 problems20:47
dobeyso sounds like your router was configured to give out ipv6 addresses but was not given ipv6 DNS addresses to resolve from by your isp20:48
mcphaildobey: works OK from all other machines20:48
mcphaildobey: http://termbin.com/qcqv from my desktop20:49
dobeymcphail: what does "ping google.com" show on that machine?20:50
dobeyfor the first line20:50
mcphailPING google.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.20:50
dobeymcphail: right so it's not using ipv6 there20:50
dobeymaybe it still has an old lease or something20:51
dobeymcphail: what does ifconfig -a say on your phone?20:52
dobeyor just ifconfig wlan020:52
dobeyi forget what the iface name is there20:52
dobeyah it is wlan020:52
mcphaildobey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23086266/20:53
dobeymcphail: hmm, that looks fine20:56
dobeyi'm not sure how to tell what DNS addresses are being used, since the switch to dnsmasq for local caching stuff20:56
dobeymcphail: nmcli d show wlan020:58
mcphaildobey: here's my router's DNS page. It doesn't have an IPv6 DNS server, but the "Help" section says that is fine - https://nc.themcphails.uk/index.php/s/MQpoqmo4hnGEVIh20:59
mcphaildobey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23086279/21:00
dobeyso your phone has both ip4 and ip6 dns addresses to use21:01
mcphaildobey: but I don't know where the IPv6 one has come from, as the router isn't using one21:02
dobeymcphail: does ping6 google.com work?21:02
dobeymcphail: it comes from upstream.21:03
mcphaildobey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23086291/21:03
mcphaildobey: if I run the same command on my desktop I get "connect: Network is unreachable"21:04
mcphaildobey: so I don't know if the phone is getting an imaginary IPv6 DNS server21:04
dobeyno the phone got the real DNS server for ip621:04
dobeybut your phone wasn't given a global ip6 address, it only has a link-local address21:05
dobeyand the ip4 dns address is your router, which i suspect might not serve dns?21:05
mcphaildobey: the router should be the IPv4 DNS server, I think21:06
dobeymcphail: what does nm say you have for ip4 dns on your pc?21:06
mcphaildobey: my router -
dobeyvery weird indeed21:09
mcphailI really don't understand this enough to even file a bug report21:10
dobeyyeah i'm not sure it's even a bug in network-manager21:10
dobeywell, i mean i can't explain why ipv4 isn't working if you have a valid address and the DNS address you were given is valid21:10
mcphaildobey: I'm assuming it thinks it can connect by IPv6, then doesn't fall back to IPv421:11
dobeyoh of course21:12
dobeyyou don't have an ipv4 route21:12
dobeymcphail: on your pc, turn the networking off and on again, and then see what nmcli d show eth0 (or wlan0 or whatever you use) shows21:13
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dobeydid it break too? :)21:16
dobeyyeah, so it's not getting an ip6 config21:17
dobeymcphail: so i think this is either a problem with your router, or isp; or maybe both21:17
mcphailOn the IPv6 Settings tab for my connection, it is set to "Automatic, DHCP only"21:18
dobeysure, but it didn't get any ipv6 config from dhcp :)21:18
dobeyit only has the link-local address21:19
mcphaildobey: changing it to "Automatic" gives http://termbin.com/sxdm21:19
dobeyso there are two problems i see on your phone with this setup: 1) a route wasn't configured for IPv4 on the phone 2) your isp apparently didn't give you a global ipv6 address so you can't access anything21:20
s`this sounds more reasonable21:20
s`IP6.ADDRESS[1]:                         2a02:c7d:6969:5000:d4a0:b01a:a19f:330f/6421:20
dobeymcphail: hmm, ok. so now it has ipv6, but has IP4.ROUTE set21:20
dobeyyeah that should work21:21
s`mcphail: ping6 google.com ?21:21
dobeymcphail: try restarting networking service on your phone now :)21:21
mcphaildobey: s`: that last paste was from my desktop - not the phone21:21
dobeymcphail: right i got that21:22
dobeymcphail: but it looks correct, where the one from your phone doesn't21:22
dobeymcphail: so i am suggesting restarting networking on the phone to see if it changes anything21:22
s`dobey: you know if it's possible to turn torch on using cli?21:25
s`or u know any method to debug why my torch stopped working?21:25
dobeys`: no idea. i'd guess there's probably some file in /sys soemwhere you could echo 1 into though21:25
s`i checked21:25
s`mumble mumble21:26
mcphailno joy :(21:26
s`mcphail: which kind of ipv6 you have?21:26
dobeyyeah, still broken21:26
dobeyi wonder why21:26
mcphails`: no idea!21:27
dobeys`: the broken kind! :)21:27
mcphaildobey: odd thing is, I _sometimes_ get DNS for a minute or 221:27
dobeymcphail: but only for ipv6?21:27
s`have you checked resolv.conf ? it's weird you can't even resolve ipv4 for google.com21:27
mcphaildobey: sometimes the web browser works, and I can ping addresses (ipv4 ping). Then it stops again21:28
dobeyresolv.conf just has in it21:28
dobeymcphail: weird. sounds like sometimes you get a proper ipv4 route but mostly not, when ipv6 is enabled21:28
mcphailI can't understand it at all. I accept my ISP or router config may be broken, but every other device appears to be handling it gracefully21:30
mcphailAnd this phone handles it gracefully running Android21:31
mcphailI think I'll just turn off IPv6 in my router for the time being21:32
s`mcphail: does your router support DHCPv6? RA? both?21:32
mcphails`: it says IPv6DHCP is enabled. What is RA?21:33
* popey wonders if bug 1603898 is related21:34
ubot5bug 1603898 in network-manager (Ubuntu Xenial) "DNS resolution fails when using VPN and routing all traffic over it" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160389821:34
popey(VPN specifically, but maybe)21:34
dobeymcphail: other device is ubuntu 16.04?21:34
s`mcphail: router advertisements21:34
mcphaildobey: yes21:35
mcphails`: "Enable ULA Router Prefix Advertisements" is ticked, if that's it21:35
dobeymcphail: that's especially odd, since the same version of network-manager is being used on the phone i think21:35
s`peraphs dhclient configuration?21:36
dobeyah could be. maybe something from xenial needs backported for dhclient?21:37
kaisozhi there21:37
dobeyi wonder if a standard ubuntu vivid install would show the same issues with ipv621:38
mcphailnow I have DNS again21:38
mcphailActually, this is interesting...21:38
mcphailSwitched wifi off and on. Could ping google.com. Then tried ping6 google.com which failed. Then ping google.com failed21:39
s`my device is not getting ipv6 btw21:39
s`there's something to enable in settings?21:39
dobeyis your router/isp serving it to you?21:40
s`could be related21:40
s`yeah i have native ipv621:40
s`my /64 is the one you see in my host21:40
dobeyit should just work by default21:40
s`ok, looks like i have same problem21:40
mcphailThis might be reproducible...21:40
s`well, i dont have routing issue for ipv421:41
mcphaildobey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23086402/21:43
mcphailthe IPv6 request seems to break ipv421:43
s`mcphail: have you tried add the gw route manually?21:43
mcphails`: I wouldn't know where to start21:44
s`route -net add default YOUR_ROUTER_IP21:44
s`try do that when you cannot ping21:44
s`and see if it fix21:44
mcphails`: that syntax doesn't seem to be accepted21:46
s`maybe it was route add -net default IP21:46
mcphails`: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23086426/21:47
s`ahaha sorry im tired21:48
s`route add -net default gw IP21:48
mcphails`: that seems to work21:49
mcphailWell, it did for a minute21:50
s`yeah because that's not persistent21:51
s`so dhclient maybe rewrite the routing table21:51
mcphails`: if I try to repeat the command i get "SIOCADDRT: File exists"21:52
s`what is output of "route -n"21:52
mcphailI think I'm going to have to give up on this for an evening. It is 11pm and I haven't had my dinner! Cheers chaps21:56
mcphaildobey: s`: help is much appreciated21:56
mcphailbfiller: great to see Ownlcloud calendar support - thanks! One problem seems to be I can't access a calendar which has been shared with me. Can I do something about this?23:31
bfillermcphail, we have a fix for it23:32
mcphailbfiller: great! I'll be patient. This is real progress ;)23:32
bfillermcphail, it's in silo 53, you can try it if you install ubuntu-silo-installer app from the store23:32
bfilleror wait for a few days and it should be in rc-proposed23:33
mcphailbfiller: cheers. I'll wait patiently, I think23:33
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