teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else09:45
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princedimond(jedijf): radio has been dead in the morning where u been man? :P21:30
jedijfprincedimond: i'm a half hour later in the Summer! Sleep in until 5am, so I hit radio at 6 - you're probably done by then. September is right around corner, I'll be on the air 5:30'ish21:39
princedimondsweet thats the time i have been getting out of work lately21:39
princedimondalthough i have been up somewhat later the last few days ... if im up past 6 ill try to hit u on kzed?21:40
jedijfprincedimond: i scan, been stopping at philmont 147.030 some commuters are chatting it up. I scan and just stop when I hear talk. Then sandbag....My pineapple came in yesterday21:42
jedijfprincedimond: 3x Ralink USB WiFi RT5370 - Ralink USB WiFi RT5370 for $9.99 each21:44
jedijf1x 16dBi Yagi Antenna - Yagi for $19.99 each21:44
jedijf1x WiFi Pineapple - TETRA Tactical for $249.99 each21:44
princedimondyeah i want wifi pinapple21:51
princedimondive been putting openwrt on all my routers lol21:51
princedimondjust redid a network over the weekend... with 2 routers one being a repeater for a 3 story home where the modem is in the basement and didnt want to run wires so its a wireless repeater :)21:53
jedijfyeah i'm in the shack on the third leg21:56
jedijfmodem and router in living room -->wired to hacking den--->wireless to shack at back of yard (and wired ghetto directly to Fusion node) **too lazy to grab another ethernet cable LOL21:58
princedimondLOL hilarious22:06
princedimondive got tons laying around haha22:06
princedimondi have a router set up as a wireless repeater hooked into my desktop as a lazy mans wireless card LOL22:07

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