diddledananyone involved with the loco-team-portal, and mhall119 because you issued the call-to-action on the q&a a few weeks ago, I've done a lot of work to update the django version to a supported version, and the current LTS: https://code.launchpad.net/~diddledan/loco-team-portal/django-1.8/+merge/30298312:22
diddledanthe main thing to be aware of is that south (the database migration thingy) isn't supported on django 1.7 and 1.8 so I've rebuild the entire chain of migrations using the django-native migrations implementation from 1.7+12:25
mhall119thanks diddledan13:40
mhall119daker: ^^13:41
dakeryes i have seen the MRs13:43
diddledancoolbeans :-)13:43
dakerthe only issue that about the migration is IS anwser http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23085102/13:43
dakeri'll try to test the branches, then we can try to write a juju charm then ask IS to deploy it13:45
diddledanI had issues running the test-suite (make test) but the site works for me in my system so I'm unsure whether the tests are wrong/outdated or if I actually have broken something but can't see the effects by browsing the front-end13:48
diddledanif we want to target trusty rather than xenial, and therefore django 1.6, we will be able to continue using the south migrations for now until the next platform shift. I think it's best to go with 1.8 if we can, though, due to upstream's LTS status on that version supporting it until 201813:50
mhall119daker: there's already a nice django charm we can use, so that's easy as long as we don't need a mojo spec14:02
dakermhall119: ok, i'll try to give it a try14:03
mhall119daker: you can give marcoceppi a ping about it, he should be able to help14:03

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