Trixar_zaI've never actually been to PyCon. I really want to go to one. And something Linux related.00:06
Trixar_zaPossibly Cosplay/Anime centric too00:06
kulelu88PyCon is for Python. For linux, you missed debconf in July00:06
kulelu88that's the grand daddy of them all00:07
Trixar_zaShame what happened to Ian Murdock though - funny how their legacies can outlive them00:09
kulelu88I never quite understood it though. his passing wasn't even acknowledged by the OSS community00:10
Trixar_zaProbably because of the controversy behind it and old fights he had in life00:11
kulelu88reference to old fights?00:12
Trixar_zaYou know how it can get - disagreements in direction and ideals - bad business deals - stuff like that. The OSS community can be very unkind to people that rock the boat and ironically the greats tend to do that a lot00:14
kulelu88I did read some history about him. He left Debian many years ago, due to some commercial issues00:15
Trixar_zaAnother unsung hero is Aaron Swartz too. Did you know that his girlfriend founded Avaaz after he died party because of what happened to him?00:16
kulelu88wasn't she mostly to blame for his situation? that documentary where she spoke seemed to indicate she caused it for him00:16
Trixar_zaI think it was more the pressure of that university and the police that pushed him over the edge. He wanted information freedom and the police and that university made it a living hell for him. Her breaking up with him around the same time probably didn't help, but I wouldn't blame her for it. In fact, look what she built in memory of him.00:19
kulelu88I saw that documentary though. I think he will be remembered, but Ian Murdock, unfortunately less so00:19
Trixar_zaGive it a year or two - there will be a documentary of Ian too00:21
kulelu88he passed on in 2015?00:21
kulelu88or this year?00:21
Trixar_zaEnd December last year00:21
kulelu88Debian runs the world I reckon. Presumably +90% of servers in the world are Debian00:22
kulelu88(or derived)00:22
Trixar_zaThat it does00:25
Trixar_zaAnyway, this is a way too deep conversation for 2:30am :P00:31
kulelu88we're not wasting server-cycles by making the chat logger do some work!00:37
magespawngood morning04:53
chesedomorning magespawn and others05:57
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Kilosmorning all06:36
chesedomorning Kilos06:37
Kiloshi chesedo 06:38
chesedowaar sit oom se opgewonde vlake huidiglik?06:38
chesedohmm, "levels" in afr...06:39
Kiloshaha net wakker geword en dink nog nie reguit nie06:40
chesedomorning dlPhreak06:48
dlPhreakchesedo, Kilos, how is everyone doing?06:49
chesedodlPhreak: my question exactly :D... but i'm good ty and yourself?06:50
Kilosok ty and you.06:51
dlPhreakI'm doing pretty swell thanks06:51
Kilosactually a bit nervous chesedo , never been on a plane before and dont look forward to a 24 trip06:53
pavlushkaahoy ZA!06:57
Kiloshi pavlushka 06:57
pavlushkawhat happens in the meeting, stays in the meeting, because I was feeling sleepy, zzzzzzzzz06:57
pavlushkaHi Kilos !06:57
Kiloschores time wbb07:02
superflyKilos: just sleep.07:40
superflyget a nice antihistamine like allergex, and go to sleep07:40
Kiloshi roabish 08:00
Kiloswelcome to u buntu-za08:00
Kiloshi superfly 08:00
Kiloschesedo isnt it vlakke08:01
superflyhi Kilos08:01
Kiloshaha cant sleep so much superfly 08:01
Kilosand tried allergex08:02
superflyKilos: when you wake up, take the next one08:02
Kilosbut will get some more08:02
Kilosi actually started with allergex when the sneezing started months ago08:08
superflyKilos: if you go to the pharmacy and ask them about sleeping tablets, they'll give you something08:10
Kilosjust asked sis and she said she will try friday08:12
Kilosbut dont worry , im not bad, just morning and evening coughing still08:12
Kilosmainly when it is cold08:13
Kilosand summer around the corner08:13
Kiloshow are you doing superfly 08:13
superflyat least you're going to summer08:13
superflyI'm going from winter to winter08:13
superflyKilos: ek is moeg08:13
superflyek slaap nie lekker nie08:14
Kilosif you go to the pharmacy and ask them about sleeping tablets, they'll give you something08:14
Kilosold woman on next plot gave me some sleeping tabd yesterday actually08:14
Kilosshe has also given me 2 bottles of afrika aartapple capsules08:15
chesedoKilos: might be (probably  is), but my afrikaans is too bad to know08:18
chesedosuperfly: you also going somewhere?08:19
superflychesedo: yes, the USA08:19
chesedovacation or work?08:20
Kilosaw you dont know chesedo 08:20
Kilosfly leaving08:20
superflychesedo: live/work. moving there08:20
chesedowhich area are you eyeing?08:21
superflyGoing to Arizona, my wife's family is there and we're going to crash with them until we can stand on our own08:22
chesedowow, atleast it is relatively close to Silicon Valley...08:25
superflySilicon Valley isn't the only place to get a tech job08:25
superflyand it's probably the worst place to live.08:25
* chesedo should have added a :D there08:26
chesedoor the wink one08:26
Na3iLo/ 08:26
superflychesedo: if I move out of Arizona, I'll be moving to Texas08:28
chesedosuperfly: oh ok... guessing the weather will be quite the adjustment compared to cpt... especially Texas (or so i think)08:31
superflyArizona is a desert. Texas not so much08:31
chesedoright, the cause of doubt confirmed...08:32
chesedosuperfly: are you originally from over there?08:34
superflychesedo: no, the wife is08:35
superflyI'm a Snyman. born and bred ZAian08:35
superflyat least Arizona doesn't have DST08:36
chesedoZAian looks close to AZian :P08:36
superflyDaylight Savings Time08:36
Na3iLchesedo, do you have any idea who have created the Ubuntu Africa twitter account? 08:36
superflythe bane of people's existence08:37
chesedoNa3iL: nope, Kilos should08:37
nsnzerohi , sorry i missed the meeting yesterday08:38
Kiloshi nsnzero 08:38
nsnzerohi Kilos08:38
Kilosmaybe inetpro will know Na3iL 08:39
Kilosinetpro do you know who created ubuntuinafrica on twitter08:39
Na3iLas you know, we talked about that in the last meeting and we should advertise a little more by using social networks08:41
Na3iLplease inetpro when you are here pm me if you know who created the account and thanks. :)08:42
Kilosstrange i dont remember that at all. can only think of inetpro . superfly have you an idea08:54
superflynope, I don't know09:09
calhaxmorning all09:11
calhaxsuperfly and theblazehen how does mysql excryption work?09:12
Kiloshi calhax 09:14
calhaxhow are you today Kilos 09:18
Kilosok ty and you?09:18
superflycalhax: I've never used it09:29
calhaxdamn thanks anyways superfly 09:35
calhaxgood thansk Kilos 09:35
superflycalhax: I'd have to read the MySQL documentation to tell you anything. Have you had a look at the MySQL documentation? I'm sure they've got some examples and guides to using encryption.09:36
calhaxthis may sound so lazy, but I googled it and found 'mysql enterpirise encryption', which seems like the wrong thing to me, what are your thoughts on SQL lite09:38
superflysqlite is cool, there's an open source encryption library (it has some funny wording around commercial usage, so be aware) in the Debian repositories09:46
superflybut SQLite is not multithreaded, so be careful of how you use it09:46
calhaxwhat does multithreading mean superfly, that it can have multiple users inserting data into it at the same time?09:49
superflyno, it means multiple threads in an application09:49
calhaxok cool thanks superfly 10:09
SquirmDoes anyone here happen to know how I would be able to do two ssh deploys of the same artefact from jenkins in parallel?12:30
superflySquirm: it just copies it, doesn't it?12:58
Squirmsuperfly: We have a deployment script that we run on the remote servers.12:59
Squirm(being 2)12:59
SquirmI want to execute them in parallel 12:59
SquirmSo 1x build - 2x deploy in parallel13:00
SquirmLooking at pipeline, but seems overly complex for our needs13:00
superflySquirm: you can make Jenkins branch, presuming you don't want the branches to join again13:00
Squirmsuperfly: That sounds interesting. How would one do this ?13:01
superflyActually really easy, but involves a bit of duplication13:01
superflyyou just trigger two deploy jobs after the build job13:01
superflymake one deploy job, then copy it13:02
SquirmI see13:02
superflyWe use something similar for OpenLP: https://ci.openlp.io/depgraph-view/13:02
SquirmThank you13:06
SquirmThis helps13:06
SquirmI understand13:06
Squirmsuperfly: This is cool. Then, I need to build no. from the first artefact. Is it possible to pass these through to the children ?13:14
superflySquirm: yes, in the first one, build the artifact, in the next two, there's a build step to  copy and artifact from the previous job AFAIK13:14
Squirmthe build no.13:14
SquirmI see13:15
SquirmIt's sad, because I don't actually need to *copy* the artefact. Because it's not doing anything with it13:15
superflySo, what I've done before is basically make that a more manual process. I knew the "version" of my deploy, and the file name conformed to a specific format, so all I did was copy it into a shared directory on the Jenkins box, and then use that for the deployment13:17
SquirmI could set artifacts not to copy13:17
Squirmsuperfly: Found a way. Added a parameter to the parent build13:26
SquirmAccessable by the child/ren13:26
nlsthznmy irssi went belly up, seems some or other script wasn't playing nicely with the others.  So nuked the config and back to square one (contemplating hexchat :p)13:30
nlsthznoh and hi13:30
nlsthznsuperfly: less chatting and more packing :p13:37
superflynlsthzn: ek's by die werk, oom13:37
superflyen ek werk13:37
superflyhet net vir 'n bietjie mnr Squirm gehelp13:37
* nlsthzn wants a geeko http://www.susestore.com/category/gifts-%26-accessories13:39
Squirmand helped quite a lot14:02
Squirmsuperfly: my builds are rocking xD14:03
SquirmThank you. Tried to figure out the pipeline plugin. This is so much easier :P14:03
superflyIt is, it just can't do joining14:03
superflyWe use GoCD at work14:03
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=== Guest58639 is now known as pavlushka
paddatrappernlsthzn: try weechat. Also very extendable if you want scripts, but the core is solid 14:42
nlsthznpaddatrapper: thanks, might have a look14:58
Kilosneelsie whats with the funny irc clients15:15
Kilosyou got bored with traditional ones15:15
Kiloshi there frogboots15:16
paddatrapperHey Kilos15:25
nlsthznKilos: running i3 WM so it looks moar 1337 if I have stuff in terminals15:26
nlsthznremember kids, green font on a black background makes you a hacker15:27
calhaxhey superfly 16:34
superflycalhax: hi16:43
superflynlsthzn: welcome back 16:44
nlsthznshould really remember to auth before connecting :p16:44
nlsthznhey superfly , thanks16:45
nlsthznbeen troubleshooting why my PC can't connect to the chromecast, four hours later I realize the cast device power got pulled out the wall16:45
nlsthznno wonder the PC coudln't see it16:45
nlsthznand I also renewed the domain mapping to my blog I don't use16:46
nlsthznI have no idea why16:46
calhaxsuperfly: at your level how long would it take you to build a offline form GUI that populates a sql lite db.16:46
nlsthznin the time it took to read your post superfly has already built two16:51
nlsthznand optimized them and deleted them16:51
superflycalhax: it totally depends on the structure of the days and how the input needs to be done 16:51
nlsthznnot everyone is at superfly 's level16:51
* superfly doesn't know where his reputation comes from 16:52
kulelu88when google hires you, that's when you'll know what we know superfly 16:52
superflyGoogle is not going to hire me, I refuse to work for Google. 16:54
superflyFacebook has already tried. Twice. 16:54
kulelu88"Facebook has already tried. Twice." skill level confirmed16:55
superflyBut I will be looking for some freelance work from November. 16:55
kulelu88tried remote working? 16:55
superflyIf anyone has a small project (less than a month) they need a Python developer for, I can help them. 16:56
superflycalhax: when you say "offline GUI" are you talking about a desktop app? 16:57
paddatrappersuperfly: Iterum :p16:58
superflypaddatrapper: I need to be paid, I'm afraid. 16:58
calhaxyeah like a TK inter app17:06
calhaxsuperfly: sorry forgot to tag you17:06
Kilosguys how do we find who made the @ubuntuinafrica on twitter17:11
Kilosthe help things dont work17:11
nlsthznKilos: you could message the account and hope someone responds17:13
nlsthznor spam em until they respond or block you :p17:13
Kilosthere are only three messages there i think and i have a feeling some are mine17:13
Kilosnow the africa guys want to use it but we all cant find who made it17:14
Kilosim sure it was inetpro 17:14
Kilosor he forced me to do it17:14
Kiloswith my own sjambok in his hand17:15
magespawnsuperfly maybe i have won the lotto that would take care of tha payment requirement17:30
superflycalhax: I use Qt or PyQt17:38
calhaxcool superfly but how long would it take you?17:41
superflycalhax: I'd need to see more of the data structure to make a prediction 17:53
calhaxa really simple form, for arguments sake, name surname, number, location, etc. a really boring app17:56
kulelu88calhax: you can use Kivy also17:58
superflycalhax: so type in a person's details and click save? 17:59
calhaxso a db, yep17:59
calhaxnot so lol17:59
superflyAbout 3 hours? 18:00
superflyThat's for something *really* simple 18:00
kulelu88superfly: I found an OSS replacement for Sublime :D 18:03
superflykulelu88: oh? 18:03
kulelu88GEdit :D18:03
superflyI found one too18:04
superflyIt's called vim18:04
* Kilos enjoys being in the land of crazies18:04
kulelu88Vims learning curve is steep like climbing die Tafel met een leg18:04
Kilosvim is hard work18:05
superflyBut once you get to the top it's beautiful and an easy walk 18:05
superflyKilos: the reason people find vim hard is because they're using it wrong. 18:06
superflyI did that too18:06
Kilosi do everything wrong18:07
superflyThen I realised how I was using it wrong, and once I started using it right, then it became much easier 18:07
kulelu88superfly: I have a list of lists that looks like this: https://www.zerobin.net/?83a4630af2bef589#2YCcvpB67KJ83sx0uxO4BJbtAU0rd+NUYOTx0un3qGg=18:07
Kiloswrite a tutorial superfly 18:07
Kilosa tutorial mechanics can understand18:08
kulelu88what I would like to do is to remove any of the items from the list and then modify the IDs so that they adjust to the removed item. eg. I remove Item with ID 2, then Item 3&4 becomes Item 2&318:09
superflykulelu88: in a database? 18:10
kulelu88nope, it is a list of lists18:10
superflyOk. Are those id's manually set then? 18:11
superflykulelu88: do you need to care about those parent id's? 18:11
kulelu88this is how I set them: container_db.append([len(container_db),par_cont_add,cont_add,cont_path])18:12
kulelu88oh no, I don't. I forgot about that. Parent_ID is now Parent_item . So the parent_ID no longer exists18:12
superflyOk, easy. Loop over the outer list with enumerate and use the index to set the id18:13
superflyRead the Python docs for enumerate 18:14
kulelu88so I should essentially just change the IDs of ALL the items?18:14
kulelu88I'll read the best docs: stackoverflow :D18:15
calhaxthanks superfly 18:18
calhaxvim is a killer18:18
chesedodoes python support pointers?18:18
kulelu88so essentially, I need to enumerate the outer list and then do something like item[x][0] = x18:19
superflychesedo: it uses references 18:19
* chesedo is trying to think of something he learned last semester... pretty sure it was called lists adt were it would be possible to just remove the item and have the link updated....18:22
kulelu88is that a Python 3.6 feature?18:23
chesedokulelu88: if you were asking, idk. it is a general programming idea, but do not know python good enough to know if it is build in...18:34
* chesedo has only created a total of 2-3 python scripts ever and that in the past month18:34
chesedo*asking me*18:35
kulelu88chesedo: if you can find a reference to that implementation, please share18:38
Kilosnight all  . sleep tight18:43
jeritwhat an absolutely craptacular day18:45
superflychesedo: you're thinking of linked lists, which are an implementation of lists19:13
chesedosuperfly: righto19:13
superflychesedo: some of C++'s datastructures are implemented as linked lists and double-linked lists19:14
superflyand linked lists use pointers19:14
chesedosuperfly: correct19:14
superflyPython doesn't have pointers because it uses references19:14
chesedosuperfly: aren't they kind of the same thing?19:15
superflyyes, but no\19:15
chesedoreference is the recipricol (spelling thing) of a pointer19:15
chesedoanywhy the inverse/backward task19:16
chesedoag nog 'n typo19:16
superflyA pointer is a small variable which holds a location in memory19:16
superflyYou then need to de-reference that memory location in order to access and change the data at that memory location19:17
superflyA reference is like a local variable, but you never actually pass the value around, you pass around the memory location around so that you can still update it. but you don't need to dereference it.19:18
superflyReferences are hard to explain.19:18
chesedoyea remember now, and a reference is a memory location, therefore a pointer is a var which holds a reference19:18
superflyBut easier to use than pointers19:18
magespawnhome time late all19:22
magespawngood night19:22
calhaxnoob asks what is a pointer?19:24
superflycalhax: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pointer_(computer_programming)19:26
kulelu88Pointers are very low level, mostly used with C19:41
chesedokulelu88: not like i mentioned, but got me interested (am suppose to be sleeping) so this is how i would do it roughly -> https://bin.snyman.info/mmmwx9rj20:00
kulelu88thanks chesedo . I'll look into your implementation :)20:01
chesedoit uses the index to update the id (not quite the enumerate like superfly suggested since it uses classes)20:02
* chesedo is suppose to be long in bed...20:04
chesedoso night all20:04
superflyyowzer chesedo, talk about over-engineering20:06
kulelu88chesedo is a talented programmer like yourself superfly :P20:09
superflykulelu88: https://bin.snyman.info/mmm2vrah20:18
kulelu88that's quite concise superfly :D 21:13
kulelu88I remember in C++ where in order to remove an item from something equivalent to a list, you had to do push/pop and something else21:14
superflykulelu88: that's what Python is all about. Being concise but understandable21:16
kulelu88do you understand Ruby/Crystal/Elixir? superfly 21:17
superflyI've looked at some Ruby code from time to time. It just seems so unreadable21:17
superflylike really weird syntax21:18
kulelu88So I'm not the only one who doesn't "understand" ruby21:24

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