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flocculantsakrecoer: good luck :p07:31
sakrecoervery quiet in there...07:35
* sakrecoer signs the ISO-blues into the void of a silent interweb07:54
sakrecoerflocculant: you know how to use rmadison? :D08:28
zequencesakrecoer: man rmadison08:42
sakrecoerthanks zequence, it didn't quite clear it up, but i got the command from apw in -release :)08:42
zequencesakrecoer: Think perhaps your problem was in interpreting the results08:43
zequenceThe different pockets (proposed, updates, etc)08:43
sakrecoerwell... that, yes.. also, finding out what source to query, and how to use the -a flag...08:44
sakrecoerbut apw anticipated my doubts and explained to me how to read the output08:45
zequenceThe -a flag in this instance was pointless, because there is no binary package called ubuntustudio-meta08:46
zequenceYou get the same result without "-a source"08:46
sakrecoerthis is what apw gave me: "rmadison -a source ubuntustudio-meta"08:47
zequenceYes, I saw that. And, as I said, you get the same result without "-a source"08:47
zequence..because there is no binary package called ubuntustudio-meta08:47
astraljavaTrue, but the former takes considerably less time. :)08:54
sakrecoerindeed astraljava ..08:58
sakrecoerdidn't think about it until you pointed it out..08:59
sakrecoerthought it was my conneciton or something08:59
sakrecoerweird... the 0.160 didn't move up...09:25
sakrecoerit disapeard, and yakkety/unierse is still att 0.15909:25
sakrecoerprobably patience is my answer...09:26
* sakrecoer runs ./relax.sh09:27
astraljavaCuriously 'Weightless' by Marconi Union cues. :p09:34
sakrecoerastraljava: very nice! video is amazing!09:47
sakrecoersuits me, since i'm kindof in this mood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yw9GNz-EYP8 :p09:51
astraljavaI only listed it as it is apparently the most relaxing song ever, according to science. :D09:59
sakrecoerhaha! ...i wonder what sceintific processes are used to define such a criteria :D10:00
astraljavaYou can read more about it here: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/most-relaxing-songs-all-time-science/10:59
sakrecoerthanks astraljava ! very interesting.11:02
sakrecoerok, just triggered the rebuid.11:07
astraljavaNo probs, yeah it's always fascinating to see what science has to say about things that are seemingly very unique.11:26
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