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greentwip-devwhat else is included09:57
greentwip-devwhy don't we have game development tools?09:57
greentwip-devif we go full ubuntu will we work together on that?10:00
greentwip-devwe kind of develop on the ubuntu/linux pilars, do have that in mind10:01
greentwip-devit has been like nothing will pop out or no one would join development and here we are10:02
greentwip-devI am unaware why no one would support video games on the way we develop tools10:02
sakrecoergreentwip-dev: we are looking into it actualy.10:03
greentwip-devIt looks like the worst karma on interest based relations sufficing the purpose on never helping each other rather than to own-served economy10:03
sakrecoergreentwip-dev: you are very welcome to join the development10:04
sakrecoergreentwip-dev: there is blender game engine, goddot... i think there are more, but i'm not very  updated in the game realm10:05
sakrecoerthe best way adress a problem is to become part of the sollution. if you think tnk there should be more game-devel tools in the FLOSS realm, try to find out where you can help push its evolution forward10:06
greentwip-devwe have one problem10:15
greentwip-devthe technology approach on characterization10:16
greentwip-devnow that you mention that we may find an integration for that10:16
sakrecoercharacterization? you mean, character design for gameing?10:17
greentwip-devabout the image game companies do have10:18
greentwip-devno prices put over, fiction, usually no gadgets10:18
greentwip-devopen/closed source situations10:19
greentwip-devand we are very insecure on those topics, even though we are recently selling out game merchandize10:19
sakrecoerwell... i don't really see the way game companies manage their prices, image as _my_ problem. In fact, i regard the "owne-served economy" you mention as a crumbling relic. I'd rather put my energy into promoting alternatives, instead of counting issues in the old-school10:20
sakrecoerdon't get me wrong, i'm not proposing to blindfold yourself to the problems in society. i only suggest not letting one-self be afflicted by them10:21
sakrecoergreentwip-dev: you play red eclipse? :)10:21
greentwip-devlooks great...10:23
sakrecoerit's awesome! :p10:24
sakrecoergreentwip-dev: if you ever feel like getting hands on with development of ubuntu studio, please have a look here: http://ubuntustudio.org/contribute10:40
greentwip-devsure, we just feel discovering a new tool, we're checking the godot engine10:41
sakrecoeraah... sorry, i didn't understand the "we" in the context before.. i thought you ment "Ubuntu Studio"...10:47
sakrecoeris this your project? http://www.greentwip.com/10:48
sakrecoer< greentwip-dev> It looks like the worst karma on interest based relations  sufficing the purpose on never helping each other rather than to  own-served economy10:56
sakrecoerhow would you put this in spannish?10:56
sakrecoeri get the feeling you translated that with google...10:56
greentwip-dev"Parece el peor de los karmas en relaciones basadas en intereses, satisfaciendo el propósito de nunca ayudar a nadie más que a una auto-inducida economía."11:05
sakrecoeraha... se entiende mejor...11:14
sakrecoerpero igual me gustaria leer lo todo en esoanol,.. bueno, otro dia porque el canal no esta hecho para conversar en esapnol...11:15
sakrecoero si te apetece mandarme lo en privado...11:16
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sirriffsalotzequence, yo Z! I'm in sweden doing school now, where are you at mate? Might just come visit :)23:12

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