fedora_newbCan anyone share a link showing how to start multiple init services with another upstart service? 00:30
AnrDaemonfedora_newb: What do you want to do, specifically?08:49
fedora_newbAnrDaemon, so I have a couple of upstart services that handle laravel (php) stuff. Exec their own commands. I would like another upstart service that I could use to pass start/stop to control all the other services at once08:59
AnrDaemonWhat stops you from just creating relevant pools in PHP FPM?09:00
fedora_newbAnrDaemon, never really thought about that. Hmm...16:52
AnrDaemonAnd specifically, what "laravel stuff" you are managing? F.e. what do you mean by "their own commands"?16:56
fedora_newbAnrDaemon, most using their artisan command stuff to do jobs in the background, such as sending messages or processing other data that takes longer. We are currently using supervisor but the server is having trouble with it sometimes and randomly crashes. So I figured I would hop on upstart and give that a go.17:08
AnrDaemonWell, that's an entirely different question then.17:09
fedora_newbI have the configurations for each job (sending messages, moving members around, etc) but I would like another upstart server (maybe task?) to start and stop all of them at once17:09
fedora_newbHowever, I usually get service not found (like the specific job itself) or it just stops17:09
AnrDaemonI think you just need a better supervisor for that.17:10
fedora_newbAnything you can recommend?17:10
AnrDaemonBecause you can't efficiently detect if a task finished successfully or crashed.17:10
AnrDaemonNothing off the tp of my head, sorry :'(17:10
fedora_newbnp sir. I just read that upstart was similar to supervisor, so was giving it a try17:13
AnrDaemonSimilar, yes, but it is very generalised and geared towards the daemon supervision.17:14
AnrDaemonSupervising finite running tasks… I'm not sure it is possible, but you may try. Just heed the warning: avoid using a script ... end script as your job as much as possible.17:15

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