wolfmoonI have a question about Xfce desktop/icon manager08:20
wolfmoonI want it to highlight the folder if it is about to drop something in a folder08:21
wolfmoonAs it currently just disapears and when I open the folder the files I dragged to the desktop is under there08:21
wolfmoonWhere would one be able to look at that stuff?08:21
akxwi-davehhmm good question..  not sure..08:25
wolfmoonWhat is the irc url for this channel? I want to connect to it on my webclient I use08:29
* wolfmoon 08:31
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wolfmoonOkay, anyway. Where would one even start to look at that?08:38
akxwi-daveI've just had a quick look but cant see anything.. but thats not to say there isnt anywhere08:41
wolfmoonakxwi-dave: I might have to write something for that? Never looked at the back-end of any DE so I am clueless on that regard. What does Xfce use for triggers?08:44
akxwi-daveI'm not the best person to answer that one.. best to leave message for either Unit193  bluesabre09:00
akxwi-daveor Knome09:00
akxwi-davethey should be able to answer that or at least  point you to someone who can.. sorry09:00
wolfmoonThat is fine :) thank you09:01
bluesabreXfce's desktop (xfdesktop) code is found at https://git.xfce.org/xfce/xfdesktop/09:02
wolfmoonbluesabre: thanks :)09:03
wolfmoonAlso, I see that Xfce does not store your current background in a temp folder? I moved the picture and my background reverted to blue09:04
wolfmoonUpon restart, of course09:04
xubuntu43ohey guys10:27
xubuntu43oi got a problem with my xubuntu 16.04 LTS10:28
xubuntu43oi got the the famous problem with my nvidia drivers, i always get a blackscreen10:29
wolfmoonxubuntu43o: I found a lot of awesome tutorials. (did not even look for that) Did you try follow some of them? :)10:30
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danrikum. does anyone know how to change a color profile in xubuntu?14:29
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glitchdthis is a weird one, i have ubuntu 16.04.1 32 bit with xubuntu-desktop installed on one partition, then i have xubuntu 16.04.1 64 bit one another partition. can the 64 bit install use the same home partition as the 32 bit install?21:12
glitchdor would i need an independent partition just for data and share it between the 2 os's that way?21:13
Rarrikinsglitchd: Yes, but there can be problems running two installs with the same home directory.21:14
Rarrikinsglitchd: If you update some software on one but not the other, that software might update its settings file format.21:15
Rarrikinsglitchd: If you then switch to the older version of that software, it might cause trouble with the newer settings file.21:15
Rarrikinsglitchd: It's usually fairly safe to symlink major directories like ~/Desktop and ~/Documents, though.21:17
glitchdRarrikins, thank you for the info21:21
glitchdRarrikins, looks like im in for a big format and partition change then lol21:21
glitchdthx again Rarrikins, adios21:22
NazarovHow long does it take for an upgrade from 14.04  to 16.04 with the do-release-upgrade method ?22:48
knomedepends on the internet connection and computer speed22:50
Nazarov93 packages deleted, 550 new installed, 1899 updated22:51
Nazarov2615 MO, 29 minutes to download22:52
NazarovBut what about installation itself ? How many time ?22:52
knomedepends on the computer speed22:53
knomeif you are in a rush and your time is tight, don't start the upgrade22:54
NazarovOK i22:55
NazarovJesus bless you23:08

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