harlowjalooks like python2.6 is busted again03:34
prometheanfiremeh, no one really uses that :P03:41
prometheanfireis that still maintained even for sec bugs?03:41
harlowjapython 2.6, its prob not03:41
harlowjasadly cent6 is still maintained03:41
harlowjaand cloud-init 0.7.x still says 2.6 supported (i'll have to support it no matter, ha)03:42
harlowjasimple stuff like data = {v: "UNAVAILABLE" for v in fmap.values()} though isn't hard to fix03:43
harlowjajust a PITA that its not getting detected earlier03:43
harlowjaoddly though even 2.7 seems currently busted @ https://gist.github.com/harlowja/3ea5fd7ad3739704e3298ab35ceefd1c03:44
harlowjathats on rhel703:44
ffledglingsmoser: I figured out the problem, it was in my yaml :|08:06
ffledglingSorry for all the trouble08:06
ffledglingI also did change the qemu-kvm boot options and added a `-boot dc` to elimnate the race condition08:06
smoserffledgling, well, fwiw, -boot dc wont really fix any race.11:42
smoserthe race happens because cloud-init doesn't attempt to wait for disks that aren't there to become attached (as they may never become attached)11:43
smoserand by not waiting, linux might not have enumerated them yet.11:43
ffledglingsmoser: I see11:54
smoseras i said though, i've never seen it in practice.11:54
ffledglingsmoser: got it11:57
ffledglingI really ended up linking cloud init once I got it working correctly. It was just strange when I started with it11:58
smoserffledgling, thanks.12:03
smoseryaml is indeed easy to mis-type12:03
smoserone very simple thing you can do is just:12:04
smoserpython -c 'import yaml, sys, pprint; pprint.pprint(yaml.load(open(sys.argv[1])))'12:04
smoserand if it stack traces, thats bad yaml12:04
smoserit doesn't do any further checking obviously, and we want to better lint or schema data, but do not at the moment12:05
ffledglingsmoser: Yeah, I think my problem was I was using a makefile to generate the yaml on the fly and I accidently did the thing where I converted tabs to spaces, which resulted in incorrect indentation.12:11
ffledglingI think python on the whole doesn't have great support for YAML12:11
smoserit has really good support for yaml12:14
ffledglingin terms of identifying and point out syntax errors I mean12:14
smosertabs and spaces are by yaml specification not intermixable12:14
smoseryeah, the loader doesn't give you a ton of good info.12:15
smoserone thing you *can* do is just use json12:15
smoseryaml is a strict superset of json12:15
ffledglingthe builtin json module is pretty bad as well, and very unforgiving iirc (simplejson is better I think?)12:15
ffledglingDoes cloud init support json?12:15
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ffledglingIs automatic package installation a new feature (post 0.7.6) ? For whatever reason the packages directive doesn't work for me13:56
Odd_Blokeffledgling: JSON is valid YAML, I believe, so yes. :)13:59
ffledglingIgnore my old complaint about installation not working, it was just taking time and running in the background14:32
smoserOdd_Bloke, yes.  YAML is 100% strict superset of JSON14:45
smoserits basically json with some nice human features like:14:45
smoser a.) "anchors" which are like references and really nice14:46
smoser b.) easily mis-typable in non-obvious ways14:46
smosermagicalChicken, if you're lookin for things... on cloud-init cleanup16:31
smoserone thing that would be nice.. in nplaces we stack trace and put a failure in the log (at warn level)16:31
smoserbut the strings are all one line and very hard to read16:32
smoserit'd be nice if put well formatted human readable stack traces somewhere on failure.16:32
magicalChickensmoser: right yeah that makes sense16:37
magicalChickensimilar to the issue with curtin util.ProcessExecutionError16:37
magicalChickenI'll figure out how to fix the formatting there for cloud-init, shouldn't be too difficult16:38
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harlowja@smoser if u get a chance https://code.launchpad.net/~harlowja/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+merge/30400120:11
harlowjathat i think should fix the 2.6 occurence that i think is busted20:11
harlowjaor at least one of them, lol20:11
harlowjathough i think there are more, lol20:13
harlowjaie https://gist.github.com/harlowja/4ee5f7da70e422d918f3bfa8a5f2bf3320:14

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