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rts-sanderI've build juju using the github project and ran "./juju switch" on it07:43
rts-sandernow my existing juju environment lost all its configuration07:43
rts-sanderis this recoverable?07:43
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kjackalHello Juju World!08:06
KpuCkohello guys, im trying to play with juju, im absolute beginer with this, i have installed juju and juju-quickstrt, and now im running juju-quickstart with -i (interactive) mode trying to setup lxc environment (local) but my juju-quickstart fails with juju-quickstart: error: error: flag provided but not defined: -e11:18
KpuCkoim using juju 2.011:18
evilnick_KpuCko, quickstart doesn't work with Juju 2.0. You should follow the documentation here: https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/getting-started11:32
KpuCkothanks evilnick_11:32
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xnoxare there examples of people using layers/reactive and interface:juju-info ?13:01
ram_____marcoceppi:  Hi. I have a question. While selecting components from landscape UI for autopilot openstack deployment , can we give set external configuration parameters for a particular component?13:52
ram_____marcoceppi: any idea?13:53
kjackalcory_fu: are you there?13:55
cory_fukjackal: What's up?13:56
kjackalHey I wanted to ask about boto on cwr13:56
kjackalshould it really be optional?13:57
kjackalcory_fu: ^13:57
cory_fuWell, it's optional to use it, so it seems unnecessary to require it, but making it a required dep probably isn't that big of a deal and would save potential headache13:58
kjackalyeap agreed!13:59
BjornT_tvansteenburgh: hi. is it possible to have bundletester not destroy and recreate the environment when it runs the tests?14:40
tvansteenburghBjornT_: reset: false in tests.yaml14:41
tvansteenburghBjornT_: see options here https://github.com/juju-solutions/bundletester#testsyaml14:41
BjornT_tvansteenburgh: thanks14:42
petevgbradm: I'm leaving a comment for your on those two outstanding PRs against bip (https://code.launchpad.net/~josvaz/charms/trusty/bip/charmhelpers-cleanup/+merge/301499, https://code.launchpad.net/~josvaz/charms/trusty/bip/client_side_ssl-with_helper-lp1604894/+merge/301802)14:43
petevgbradm: since you're the maintainer, I think that the correct thing to do is for you to pull all the latest code into your namespace (including merging those PRs), publish the charm, and then get a charmer to promulgate it to the store for you.14:43
petevgbradm: that should leave you in a place where you can do most of the things that you'd want to do as a maintainer, and it should close the circle for the community member who is trying to get his changes into the charm :-)14:44
cory_fucholcombe: Hey, I'm working on the review queue and saw that the gluster charm was +1'd a while back and that you pushed it to the store.  I just wanted to confirm that https://jujucharms.com/u/xfactor973/gluster/xenial/4 is correct and I'll go ahead and finish the promulgation14:48
cholcombecory_fu, let me just double check14:55
cholcombecory_fu, yeah xenial/4 is the one14:55
cholcombecory_fu, or trusty/1614:55
cory_fucholcombe: https://jujucharms.com/gluster/14:59
cholcombecory_fu, yup14:59
cholcombecory_fu, sweet!14:59
cory_fuSorry it took so long.  :)14:59
cholcombecory_fu, \o/  woo!  thanks :)15:00
ram_____marcoceppi: Hi. For testing purpose I developed a simple charm using the shell script  to modify the cinder configuration file for the post-deployment of OpenStack. cinder configuration modified. But I am saw some error in charm log. pasted information of my issuehttp://paste.openstack.org/show/563408/15:52
ram_____marcoceppi: I tried to deploy 'cinder-xtremio " charm in our local Juju openstack environment like $juju deploy cinder-xtremio. I was facing errors. Error log : http://paste.openstack.org/show/563416/16:02
ram_____Can you please provide me  some solution for this. Thanks.16:03
cmarshey ram_____ I don't know anything about openstack, but is your install executable and does it have a shebang at the top?16:51
cmars^install hook, i mean16:52
ram_____cmars: Hi. shebang means. sry I did get it. What it mean?17:11
cmarsram_____, the `#!/bin/bash -e`, i mean17:12
cmarsram_____, the error in your paste, looked like the kind of thing you'd see if you tried to run a script without it17:12
cmars(that's usually how i start my scripts... you might prefer `#!/bin/sh` or something17:13
ram_____cmars: Ok thank you. I will try with that.17:15
ram_____[22:52] <ram____> Hi. I tried to deploy "cinder-xtremio " charm in our local Juju openstack environment like $juju deploy cinder-xtremio. I was facing errors. pasted error log : http://paste.openstack.org/show/563432/. Please anyone provide me some solution for this.17:54
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Guest79992How to get a FQDN for a juju container?18:00
Guest79992How to get a FQDN for a juju container?18:01
bjfhow do i set the security group for my AWS instances to use? url pointer to the appropriate juju 2.0 doc appreciated18:12
ram_____ Hi. I want to develop a cinder-storagedriver  charm. And i want to integrate it with Ubuntu-autopilot . SO can I give input parameters like san IP, san user and san password from landscape autopilot UI. Otherwise everything we have to hardcode into the charm. And different users for the same storage array have different credentials.18:22
ram_____any idea?18:23
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kwmonroebjf: not sure if this helps, but i let juju create its own security groups.. i did run into an account limit where i had to go remove old security groups that weren't removed from previous deployments... but i haven't had to do that with recent juju-2 betas.19:07
kwmonroeram_____: sounds like you could make the san connection parameters as charm config options.. different users that deployed your charm would "juju set" appropriate credentials.19:12
bjfkwmonroe, thanks19:18
bradmpetevg: sounds good, will try and look at doing that soon23:23

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