lynorianyeah I saw that and was getting frustrated and we still have desktop images after that last respin00:24
lynorianwxl see the ping in release01:53
flexiondotorgtsimonq2, Do you have LXQt images yet?13:20
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: still a WIP13:21
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: waiting on something to be solved upstream13:21
tsimonq2Final Beta! :P13:21
flexiondotorgI've got a computer set aside for it :-)13:21
tsimonq2o/ sudodus14:24
tsimonq2sudodus: please join #ubuntu-release14:26
tsimonq2sudodus: so you see what you just did? :D14:52
tsimonq2sudodus: seeing bugs through and tricking people into fixing them is fun! :P14:53
* tsimonq2 is kidding on the tricking part14:53
tsimonq2sudodus: one more thing, if you're up for it :)15:31
tsimonq2sudodus: Kubuntu has NO tests completed15:31
tsimonq2sudodus: while you're waiting for alternate, if you want, can you knock those out? :)15:31
sudodusIt seemed to me that infinity and pitty know what they are doing. By the way, I tested the mini.iso that was uploaded today. It works in my computer too.15:32
tsimonq2oh cool :)15:32
tsimonq2sudodus: yeah, infinity is the head of the Ubuntu Release Team15:32
sudodusWell, I would like to, but I have a hungry son ... When is the deadline?15:32
tsimonq2sudodus: (he's Adam Conrad, you might see him on Ubuntu Release announcements)15:33
tsimonq2well if you only have limited time, then save your time for alternate ;)15:33
tsimonq2deadline is today15:33
tsimonq2all needs to be done today15:33
sudoduswhat time, later tonight CET I might have an hour or two15:34
tsimonq2ok cool :)15:35
tsimonq2sudodus: what time is it by you now?15:35
sudodus17:38, CET is UTC +2 (+1 standard +1 daylight saving)15:39
tsimonq2when's the earliest you can be around?15:40
sudodusMaybe 1 1/2 or 2 hours from now, I think.15:41
tsimonq2that works fine, can you be on then? :)15:41
sudodusMaybe I can spend 2 more hours today for testing.15:42
tsimonq2ok :)15:43
=== MrBIOS_ is now known as MrBIOS
tsimonq2wxl: ping16:46
wxltsimonq2: what's up?16:58
tsimonq2wxl: read #ubuntu-release notes16:58
wxlcan you summarize for me so i don't have to dig?16:59
tsimonq2wxl: Lubuntu Alt is broken16:59
wxltsimonq2: and not going to get fixed for beta 1. siiiigh.16:59
tsimonq2they're doing a respin soon16:59
wxltsimonq2: oh good!16:59
tsimonq2yes it is!17:00
wxlwearing my lubuntu lennicorn shirt today17:00
wxlin honor of linux's birthday17:00
tsimonq2your turn to be release manager for once *tag* :P17:00
tsimonq2oh that's right!17:00
tsimonq2but on that note, you should really read the #ubuntu-release notes17:01
tsimonq2and again17:01
wxltsimonq2: do you want to email lubuntu-devel about the impending respin/17:02
tsimonq2in like 10 mins17:02
wxlgreat thx17:02
tsimonq2wxl: btw you should read the #ubuntu-release notes17:03
lynorianoh wow wxl how long do alts take to build17:08
tsimonq2a bit of time :)17:09
wxltsimonq2: where are we at with release notes?17:15
wxlmore to do then?17:18
wxlgreat thx17:19
wxlmake sure to include the birthday thing :)17:20
tsimonq2k man17:21
wxlthx for all your help. it's been super nuts at work17:21
tsimonq2no problem, happy to help :)17:23
tsimonq2wxl: btw my lunch is from 12:15 to like 1:0517:24
tsimonq2so I'm set! it's fine! :D17:24
tsimonq2wxl: so desktop is marked as ready17:27
tsimonq2not alternate though17:27
wxltsimonq2: saw that. my only hope is that netcfg doesn't mess with it. might want to spot test it.17:28
tsimonq2you talking about alt or desktop?17:28
wxli'd suspect it uses netcfg as well17:28
wxlit doesn't need a full test17:29
wxljust a quick spot check17:29
wxllike boot&install it and make sure there's network. done.17:29
tsimonq2well desktop is frozen solid isn't it?17:29
wxlnot necessarily no17:29
lynorianwxl last respin of desktop had network17:30
tsimonq2hmm k I'll do that17:30
wxllynorian: i know but there's more changes coming down the pike17:30
wxlprobably won't affect it17:30
wxlbut might17:30
lynorianfor desktop?17:30
wxlslim chance17:30
wxlbecause one of the fixes is to netcfg which is more fundamental to all images17:30
tsimonq2lynorian: need you to help test alt when ready if possible17:31
wxlman i might need to throw down too17:31
lynorianof course17:31
wxlhelp out with testing17:32
wxli have a lunch date in an hour17:32
wxltiming might not work out :(17:32
tsimonq2oh ok17:32
tsimonq2yeah that might be a problem17:32
wxltsimonq2: not to be a pain, but don't forget an email to the list17:32
wxldid i ever send you two lennicorn shirts by the way? i know i've talked about this. i probably forgot. what sizes do you guys wear? email me a reminder with your address/phone number?17:33
wxli gotta get nio one.17:33
sudoduso/ medium size - for me :-)17:34
wxlyay :)17:35
wxlsudodus: send me an email with address/phone and a reminder of the size17:35
wxllynorian: all of you! :)17:36
wxlit's an old shirt but it's still a good one17:36
wxllight blue17:37
wxllennicorn on the front17:37
wxllubuntu qa team on the right sleeve17:37
wxland a quote from a local rapper on the back17:37
tsimonq2large for me17:37
wxl"a unicorn's uniform is usually untestable"17:37
wxltsimonq2: EMAIL17:37
wxlok so i'm logged into all the places17:37
wxlso i'm ready to go17:37
tsimonq2wxl: btw read the #ubuntu-release notes17:37
* wxl glowers at tsimonq2 17:38
tsimonq2wxl: SENT17:39
tsimonq2hehehehehe ;)17:40
wxllynorian: don't forget your address17:40
tsimonq2wxl: SENT17:41
* tsimonq2 runs17:41
wxlso as soon as we get respins, let's check versions17:42
wxlin the manifest17:42
wxlnetcfg should be 1.138ubuntu217:43
wxland  20101020ubuntu472 for d-i17:43
wxlwell, it's moved out of proposed at least18:33
tsimonq2!info netcfg yakkety19:56
ubot93Package netcfg does not exist in yakkety19:56
tsimonq2!info netcfg yakkety-proposed19:56
ubot93Package netcfg does not exist in yakkety-proposed19:56
tsimonq2hm :/19:56
tsimonq2wxl: ping20:12
tsimonq2wxl: he's publishing now and still no respun alternate :(20:12
wxltsimonq2: pong20:12
tsimonq2wxl: if we want alternate, as soon as it's ready, we need to test FAST20:13
tsimonq2if it's any use at all :(20:13
wxltsimonq2: well crap20:13
wxlit is a beta, i guess that's ok20:13
tsimonq2we don't have any critical bugs, why would we not release Beta 1 Alt?20:14
tsimonq2we have no reason not to except that we didn't meet the deadline :/20:14
wxlyeah so that's that20:14
lynorianwell the fix wasn't in before the deadline20:14
tsimonq2yes it was20:14
wxlwith us questioning whether or not we need alternate, i guess it's no big deal20:14
lynorianwell not with time to rebuild20:15
lynorianor was it?20:15
wxldo you need me to respin????20:15
wxlis that the issue?20:15
lynorianwe are now but they are releasing like now20:15
wxllynorian tsimonq2 sudodus !!!!20:20
tsimonq2GO GO GO!!!!!!!!20:20
wxli can help with i38620:20
tsimonq2alright claim it so we don't duplicate20:20
tsimonq2I'll tackle amd6420:21
wxlk downloading20:22
tsimonq2me too20:22
tsimonq2zsync to the rescue!20:22
wxlunfortunately the latest i have laying around is an older xenial so i may have to do a bit more of an update20:22
tsimonq2lynorian: which one you grabbing?20:23
lynorianI started amd 6420:23
tsimonq2ok I'll delete my in progress result on the one you want20:23
tsimonq2lynorian: pick one20:23
tsimonq2I have the images!20:24
lynorianwell I can do auto resize20:24
tsimonq2alright cool!20:24
lynorianyay having previous vms around20:24
wxli'll send an email real quick while i wait on this20:24
wxlooh i'll check the manifest first20:25
tsimonq2thanks wxl20:25
lynorianok to the installing the base system20:28
tsimonq2weeeee three going at once20:28
wxli can't find d-i in the list20:29
wxljust libraries and utilities related to it20:29
wxlsince the source package was mnodified because of the netcfg fix, i'm going to just assume we're ok20:30
wxli'm still downloading :(20:30
tsimonq2wxl: well I had a base iso so \o/20:30
tsimonq2I'm already halfway on Installing base system on all three20:30
lynorianI have both downloaded20:31
* tsimonq2 gets a quick drink20:31
* lynorian can't do powerpc20:32
wxldon't worry about ppc20:32
wxlonly lts, remember20:32
lynorianbeware the http proxy tab20:35
wxlk email sent20:35
tsimonq2oh that's right lynorian20:35
tsimonq2wxl: \o/20:35
wxlhttp proxy tab?20:36
wxldarn it this download is taking forever >:(20:36
lynorianin alternate if you walk away after installing base system20:36
tsimonq2wxl: in alt it stops you halfway asking if you want a proxy20:36
wxlohhh right20:36
lynorianit will just stay there20:36
lynorianhmm halfway through base system on the one less far along20:44
sudoduso/ downloaded, flashing now ...20:47
wxlthx sudodus20:48
tsimonq2sudodus: whatcha workin on? :)20:48
tsimonq2and thanks sudodus20:48
sudodusI'll start with the i386 iso file20:48
wxli'll help out with that once mine downloads >:(20:48
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: join us here for coordination! \o/20:48
lynorianI almost have both guided testcases done20:50
wxltsimonq2: are we just smoke testing? every other aspect of the test has passed?20:51
tsimonq2wxl: what do you mean?20:51
wxltsimonq2: i imagine the lack of networking might make some aspects of the testcases untestable20:52
tsimonq2wxl: I'm not having problems with that, are you? :)20:52
wxli'm saying that when we did have it, we had that problem20:53
wxlwhich is to say running through the full test suite might be more appropriate than "smoke testing"20:53
tsimonq2oh that's what I kind of meant20:53
lynorianok 2 guided at same time and have last one at 31 percent20:55
tsimonq2I'm around 35% on my three on Selecting and Installing Software20:56
tsimonq2wxl: how are your images coming?20:58
flocculantevening - where abouts does the No network interfaces were found appear during install?20:58
tsimonq2sudodus: ^20:58
flocculantbefore installing base system or after?20:58
* flexiondotorg is here20:58
flocculanthey sudodus - long time no speak :)20:58
flexiondotorgalternates appear to have networking20:59
flexiondotorgThat was the main concern right?20:59
tsimonq2I think so :)20:59
flocculantwell I assume all is well - it's grabbed packages with apt and is configuring now21:00
sudodushej flocculant :-)21:00
tsimonq2flexiondotorg, flocculant: the discussion was this morning my time on #ubuntu-release21:00
flocculantgrabbed 960 of 96021:00
flexiondotorgYep, I agree with flocculant. Looking good here.21:01
* flocculant is glad he's not doing this 10 years ago ...21:01
* flexiondotorg is glad he's doing this on a full spec Entroware Athena ...21:02
tsimonq2:O :D21:02
sudodusVery early in the installer, but that is fixed now. Now we want to know, that the installed system gets a working wired internet 'out of the box'21:02
flexiondotorgBooting now...21:03
flexiondotorgHave network21:04
tsimonq2one thing I found while doing this in a VM earlier, when you are in LightDM, on the top right corner, is that text not that visible?21:04
sudodusYes, I have a network in the installed system too, installed by the 32-bit alternate iso21:04
flocculantcan't imagine mine not having it then21:05
flexiondotorgtsimonq2, That is a GTK3+ theming issue.21:06
sudodusI can ping ubuntu.com, so it is there, but for some reason, the lines about it in nm-applet is greyed out. But I would say it is no longer a red bug21:06
flexiondotorgsudodus, Yes.21:06
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: I'll bug Rafael :)21:06
flexiondotorgSays "device not managed".21:07
lynorianopening firefox works but it says device not managed21:07
flocculantflexiondotorg: few of those about - the moving skip button in ubiquity particularly annoys me21:07
tsimonq2yeah device not managed21:07
flexiondotorgAnd "No valid connections found" when requesting Connection Information.21:07
flexiondotorgBut, the network does at least work.21:07
flexiondotorgSo, probably release note that.21:07
tsimonq2wxl, lynorian: how are things coming? :)21:08
flocculantwhat I'd do21:08
lynorianone is done need to log in the tracker21:08
lynorianother at 60% select and install21:08
flocculantsomeone needs to report the new bug21:09
wxloh mine finally downloaded21:09
sudodusAfter two attempt, the wifi is connected too - this should go into the release notes.21:09
lynorianagianst what?21:09
tsimonq2If anyone wants to add anything to the release notes, here you go: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YakketyYak/Beta1/Lubuntu21:10
tsimonq2otherwise I'll read backlog and do it myself when I publish21:10
wxland booting21:10
sudodusfirefox works for me.21:10
flocculantlynorian: not sure - nm-applet perhaps - doesn't really matter much right now - can be sorted out later - but people need a bug to put on the tracker21:10
flocculantnot my bag - I'm just using a bit of time to smoketest for you :)21:11
wxldoing unencrypted home21:11
sudodusI tested 'encryption' alias 'encrypted disk' and 'encrypted home' earlier today. I don't think it is affected by these late bugfixes21:13
* lynorian is writing a bug report21:14
flocculantk - done - device unmanaged - connects to web pages ok21:16
* flocculant waits on bug number21:16
lynorianbug 161706321:17
ubot93bug 1617063 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "from alternate lubuntu installs network manager does not manage devices or give network info" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161706321:17
flocculantwxl ok so all mandatory testcases covered now :)21:19
wxlgreat thanks flocculant !21:19
flocculantanything else?21:19
wxlflocculant: i'm wondering if we shouldn't spot check desktop to make sure it doesn't have any issues with networking21:20
flocculantdidn't mean by me - by 'people' :D21:20
lynorianwell hasn't desktop not been respun21:20
wxlupon further reflection i'm not going to worry about it21:20
lynorianI checked it last time and it did not have issues21:20
flocculantthat :)21:20
flocculantok - well I'll wander off now - cya sudodus :D21:22
tsimonq2my VMs are still going...21:22
wxlthx flocculant !!!21:22
sudodusI've double-checked Alternate Install (Guided) in Lubuntu Alternate i386 in Yakkety, and it works for me too.21:26
tsimonq2wxl: waiting for everything to be done or trusting it?21:27
wxltsimonq2: let's get the mandatory one you're working on and then call it good21:27
sudodusSounds like a good idea21:28
sudodusgood night21:29
tsimonq2o/ sudodus21:30
wxlsudodus: thanks so much!!!21:30
tsimonq2wxl: EY B0SS ALL DONE21:31
tsimonq2I'm still working on optional21:31
wxlwe did that in an hour21:34
wxlgreat work everyone21:34
tsimonq2YEAH! :D21:36
* tsimonq2 gives high fives all around21:36
* tsimonq2 runs around like a mad man21:36
wxlhopefully laney didn't leave XD21:36
tsimonq2that would suuuuuuuuuuck21:37
tsimonq2wxl: NO images are published, he couldn't have yet...21:37
wxlwell, he COULD have21:37
wxlhe SHOULDN'T have :)21:37
tsimonq2wxl: releasing Lubuntu22:46
tsimonq2alright all released22:55
tsimonq2wxl: I have to go, could you update #lubuntu-devel's topic pls?22:55
wxlalready on it22:55
wxlbai tsimonq2 and thanks22:55
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #lubuntu-devel to: Lubuntu QA/Development | Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/QA | Support: #lubuntu | Offtopic Chat: #lubuntu-offtopic | Now Testing: Yakkety Yak Dailies (Final Beta milestone starts 20 September) | Upcoming: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/ReleaseSchedules
Kamilionpapercuts, eh?23:09
Kamilionrrgh, still no lxqt.23:10
wxlyeah we're gfetting there23:10
wxlalmost have the image ready23:10
wxlwaiting for some upstream changes23:10
wxldon't mind me btw23:10
ubot93End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades23:10
Kamilionplease tell me it doesn't encounter the same desktop bug23:10
wxlwhich desktop bug?23:10
Kamilionthe stupid root window not resizing when the desktop does23:10
wxlwould you mind dropping a line to the lubuntu-devel list? i know others have a lxqt more handy than i do right now23:11
wxlemail lubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com23:11
wxli'm not sure it does23:11
wxldon't have lxqt in front of me23:11
Kamilionoh. nah, nevermind23:11
wxlsomeone there will23:11
wxlooooooo k23:11
KamilionI don't give a fuck enough to post on forums or send email23:11
wxlthis being an official ubuntu channel i'll warn you about language23:12
Kamilionsomeone else'll run into it23:12
wxlor they won't XD23:12
Kamilionoh, no, they WILL.23:12
Kamilionit happens on vmware and vbox as soon as the desktop resizes23:12
Kamilionthat's why it's so damned annoying.23:13
wxlwell i don't think i've heard this form anyone else is the thing23:13
Kamilionuh, why are you giving me a hassle like this is suddenly ubuntu controlles, lol23:13
Kamiliondid the board tell you guys to give up the lubuntu name or something?23:13
wxli'm just mentioning it because ubuntu is watching.........23:13
* Kamilion doublechecks he's in #lubuntu-devel and not #lubuntu23:14
wxllubuntu-devel is also an official channel23:14
Kamilionwhatever then23:14
* Kamilion detaches for another six months23:15
* wxl facepalms23:15

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