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zodiac19Hello, I'm also in the Kubuntu and Ubuntu channels right now, I have a computer running Lubuntu. it is a thinkpad x61 with a pen touchscreen interface17:57
zodiac19Almost entirely new to the linux opperating system, I am wondering if there is a way to prevent my lubuntu computer from crashing when I use the touchscreen17:58
tsimonq2zodiac19: maybe #ubuntu is the best place for this :)18:03
zodiac19Actually the computer in question is running Lubuntu18:03
zodiac19How would ubuntu be the best place to ask questions about lubuntu?18:09
tewardzodiac19: #ubuntu also supports Lubuntu and the other official variants18:09
tewardit never hurts to try multiple locations :P18:09
zodiac19that is what I'm trying...18:10
tewardzodiac19: your first question is about using the touchscreen and it crashes.  That's likely outside the scope of the IRC channels, because 'crashes' usually mean bugs, so you should file a bug.18:11
zodiac19okay, I will do that... but how would I be able to run the computer in the mean time?18:13
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sakrecoerhaj! got reminded i've been meaning to show gratitude for a while. i realy like your project <3 don't get it wrong, but i'm a bit of a computer dumpster diver. and for example, thanks to your efforts, i got these two mint condition tablet-PC's from 2004 to work perfect.20:27
wxlglad to hear it sakrecoer :)20:27
sakrecoerkept one, and gave the other to a friends son. perfect hack and draw device for a kid, small and big :)20:28
sakrecoeryeah :) i'm fortunate to live in a both wealthy and "ecologic minded" country; sweden. people consume as hell, but the trash room has a separate bin for electronic waste.20:33
sakrecoerso everytime some new thing shows up on the market, it's christmas in the trash..20:34
wxlyeah we've helped a normal of school systems not only save money but keep stuff out of the trash can20:34
sakrecoer<3 that is beautiful!20:35
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