Amit_Need help Nodes are not getting populated after successful booting through MAAS PXE Boot00:28
Amit_can any one guide me to the URL or help please00:44
mupBug #1616772 opened: [2.1] Entering rescue mode reports successful events as failed <MAAS:Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1616772>07:40
mupBug #1616773 opened: [2.1] IP Address not automaticlly updated when in rescue mode <MAAS:Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1616773>07:40
oz_anyone who can help since i tagged vlan on my public interface on my nodes i cant deploy at all. keeps  falling in the log it says that the environment is already boostrapped. I deleted manually .cloud-install and .juju and same thing tried all combinations of static/autoassign/unconfigured network settings and same issue tried to deploy 16.04 and 14.04 still stuck :(08:06
oz_upgraded maas to 2.0 maas server to 16.04 and added conjure-up that fails with cannot assign link-layer ip address found that it is logged as a bug gone back down to 14.04 on maas and 1.9.408:10
oz_is there a working combo that will deploy when using multiple vlans on the public  interfaces on my nodes?08:11
roaksoaxoz_: i dont understand exactly what you are trying to do08:12
roaksoaxoz_: but maas can deploy machines with vlans08:12
roaksoaxoz_: the first thing I'd recomend you do08:12
roaksoaxoz_: is ensure you can deploy a machine iwthout juju08:13
roaksoaxoz_: if that succeeds, then the issue you are experiencing is related to Juju08:13
roaksoaxand I'd suggest you talk to someone in #juju08:13
oz_@roaksoax let me just give you quick overview08:13
oz_ i have 10 nodes and they hve two interfaces one is maas interface separate network and the other is interface are plugged into vlan 10 and 101 which are added on the nodes since then i cannot deploy not with autopilot or with conjure-up08:15
oz_the switch ports carry multiple vlans tested08:15
oz_i will try with juju and see if there is any change08:15
roaksoaxoz_: right, so I suggest you first try to deploy with maas08:16
roaksoaxoz_: to try to identy whether the issue is maas or juju08:16
oz_i tried everything runs fine when i see the logs but when it gets to juju part it fails08:17
oz_@roaksoax i will try manually now and will et you know08:18
sujeet_How does upload commission script works?11:10
sujeet_And can we add our own action items in addition with power on, power off, Commission and so on?11:13
roaksoaxsujeet_: the script gets stored in the db and then rendered when commissioning runs12:09
roaksoaxsujeet_: you cannot change actions in MAAS12:09
roaksoaxswhat actions were you looking to have ?12:10
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kikosujeet_, ping?13:53
pravkiko,roaksoax, did you see my messages about Centos7 issues?15:10
kikoprav, I did not, please repeat as my scrollback blew away15:10
pravmy browser crashed and I was not able to see anything15:10
pravcpl of issues actually. nodes are showing as "failed commissioning" and images trying to boot to centos7 says "boot-kernel-image" not found and stops at boot:15:12
pravis there a good doc that shows how I can  bring the nodes into prod.. enlist, commission,acquire, deploy etc?15:13
roaksoaxprav: to enlist/commission you need ubuntu15:18
pravone more thing, can I deploy a node with a "manual" power setting?15:19
pravah ok..15:19
roaksoaxprav: yes you can deploy with manual power setting (obviously, you need to power it on yourself and make sure it pxe boots)15:21
pravso the initial part is handled by ubuntu and then the os deploy will be Centos7?15:22
roaksoaxprav: ubuntu will deploy centos onto the disk15:22
roaksoaxprav: a different way to put it is that the installer is ubuntu :(15:23
pravand it will install the od on the first volume it gets right?15:24
roaksoaxprav: correct15:25
pravok.. I think I know how it works now, but why was I getting the image not found? The UI shows that it has imported Centos&15:25
roaksoaxprav: exactly so when you deploy centos, MAAS boots into the Ubuntu ephemeral environment, downloads the CentOS image and installes it onto the disk15:26
pravdoes it download from the node or from the maas server?15:27
roaksoaxprav: from the maas server15:29
pravhmm.. then I guess I need to check the repo file..or add a repo15:30
roaksoaxprav: maas boots ephemeral environment, installer downloads the centos image from maas server, installer copies the image into disk, machine reboots onto centos15:30
pravso the boot-sources read should tell me the location of the images15:35
mupBug #1616962 opened: [2.1] Additional repositories error surfacing uses old style <MAAS:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1616962>15:38
sujeet_roaksoax: Hi roaksoax, i need the action item like firmware upgrade and secure erase using the storage card inserted on the PCI slot15:39
sujeet_roaksoax: Hi Andres Rodriguez, i need the action item like firmware upgrade and secure erase using the storage card inserted on the PCI slot15:41
sujeet_Hi Kiko15:43
sujeet_i need the action item like firmware upgrade and secure erase using the storage card inserted on the PCI slot15:44
kikosujeet_, hmm, that's a somewhat involved process15:44
kikofirmware upgrading needs to be done via commissioning scripts15:44
kikosujeet_, secure erase you just need to basically enable per-server15:45
kikoonce that's done, it will wipe upon decommission15:45
kikodo you want to do it before deploying?15:45
sujeet_but i need to be doing our storage controller card15:47
sujeet_i am able to to see the storage controller card info on the xml/yaml after commissioning the node, but i need to do secure erase or firmware upgrade of drives and storage controller hardware15:50
kikosujeet_, you mean the storage controller has a secure erase command you can run?15:50
kikosujeet_, not using MAAS' secure erase?15:50
kikosujeet_, that is also a custom commissioning script15:50
kikosujeet_, you basically need to write commissioning scripts for your actions15:51
kikothose are run during commissioning15:51
kikoif you need help with those and want to have a commercial conversation just /msg me and I'll get you connected15:51
sujeet_how can we know that firmware upgrade is completed successfully on MAAS dashboard15:52
sujeet_commercial conversation? i didn't get kiko, i am new to this webchat15:54
kikosujeet_, if the firmware upgrade was successful, when you recommission the LSHW data will have been updated15:55
kikosujeet_, I meant if you are interested in buying support or consulting to help you with your customization15:55
sujeet_ok Kiko15:57
sujeet_can we write sample script like displaying "hello" on MAAS?16:03
kikosujeet_, well, yes, but rather than displaying hello, you can start with writing something and picking it up on the commissioning logs.16:05
kikosujeet_, can you have look at /etc/maas/commissioning* and see if there is anything?16:08
kikosujeet_, or /etc/maas/templates/commissioning*16:09
sujeet_on "commissioning-user-dat"?16:11
pravroaksoax,kiko: Thanks for your help so far!16:12
kikosujeet_, yep16:32
sujeet_ kiko : user_data_disk_erasing.template,  user_data.template, user_data_config.template, snippets and  user_data_poweroff.template16:35
roaksoaxI'd not be relaying in those templates to do stuff16:38
roaksoaxsince thos will be soon removed16:38
kikoroaksoax, I think he just wanted a starting point16:46
kikoroaksoax, but scripts basically are run as roon inside the ephemeral image and can do anything, right?16:46
roaksoaxkiko: pretty much16:46
roaksoaxkiko: say, for example, if there's a hp utility for linux, you can have the script download that from the internet, and mess with your bios as a commissioning script16:47
roaksoaxkiko: which is what we've actually done16:47
kikothat's what I thought16:47
sujeet_and can we change the MAAS gui to show the info like hard drive for the storage controller? where i can see the info of storage controller in yaml/xml16:51
kikosujeet_, are you using hardware raid?16:54
kikosujeet_, we'd love to take patches that improve our support for hwraid controllers16:54
kikoif that's what you are looking at16:55
kikosujeet_, right, so the drives we show are the "logical" raided units16:58
kikonot the physical drives16:58
kikowe don't have a place to show the physical drives today16:58
kikoI'm not sure whether the XML output we generate has them, does it?16:58
sujeet_for now i have attached one drive to controller, and was able to see in xml16:59
sujeet_and also in the available disk section17:00
sujeet_the drive state is in raw17:01
shewlessHi kiko/roaksoax: can you remind me where I can make tweaks to the preseed stuff? I want to install "python-minimal" by default.  I'm guessing /etc/maas/preseeds/curtin_userdata ?17:11
kikoshewless, http://askubuntu.com/questions/636837/are-there-examples-of-custom-installation-scripts/636867#63686717:13
shewlesskiko: thanks.. having a read now.17:22
shewlesskiko: Do I have to restart any services for the changes to take effect? I tried deploying a server with my changes and they didn't seem to work18:01
shewlesshere is what I changed: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23089864/18:01
shewlessI added the python-minimal line18:02
kikoshewless, you should not need to restart anything18:08
shewlesskiko: hmm. I don't see any errors in rsyslog.. not sure where else to look. any suggestions? Does it look like I added the line correctly and I should expect it to run on every new deployment?18:09
kikoroaksoax, I wonder if you can help shewless18:10
shewlesshmmm.. maybe I added it to the if third_party_drivers and driver section.. which maybe isn't being hit18:15
shewlessI will try and pull it out of that if statement.. not sure if that will solve it or not18:15
kikoshewless, I'm otp almost the whole day so kind of sucky at latency today18:17
shewlesskiko: np. I fixed it by moving my install above the "if" statement in the late_commands block. We are good to go18:27
kikoshewless, woot18:28
kikoshewless, that's your /etc/maas/preseeds/curtin_userdata file?18:28
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shewlesskiko: yes18:41
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mupBug #1617044 opened: View Full History on Events doesn't show anything <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1617044>19:47
mupBug #1617044 changed: View Full History on Events doesn't show anything <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1617044>20:02
mupBug #1617044 opened: View Full History on Events doesn't show anything <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1617044>20:05
roaksoaxshewless: i know why that didn't work20:15
roaksoaxshewless: line 26 on your paste should be between line 17 and 1820:16
shewlessroaksoax: thanks I managed to figure that out. All working now!20:16
kikothanks roaksoax20:39
osmHi guys, did anyone tried to use mysql backend with maas?20:49
roaksoaxosm: nope20:49
roaksoaxosm: we dont suport mysql20:49
kikoosm, in a bit more detail, we use triggers and other pgsql-specific functionality20:52
kikoosm, do you have any more context to your request? why mysql?20:52
shewlessroaksoax/kiko: If I "auto assign" an interface will the node I deployed "always" have that IP?21:01
shewlessfor example if I release the node X and then image 4 other nodes on the same network (with auto assign) will they ever get the IP that node X had?21:02
kikoshewless, I am pretty sure they may21:02
kikoshewless, i.e. we will need to recycle IPs at some point if the machines are released, right?21:03
shewlesskiko: right.. just thinking maybe I'll do "static"21:03
shewlessI have a separate DNS server and I want it to be deterministic21:04
osmroaksoak/kiko: I have some project with mysql backend and i want to integrate maas. it should be possible with django21:04
kikoosm, if only it was so simple. we really are tied to pgsql :)21:04
osmkiko: how much tied? I tried to change it and get error maasserver.Domain.name: (mysql.E001) MySQL does not allow unique CharFields to have a max_length > 255.21:13
osmis it only model or methods as well?21:13
kikoosm, I suggest deploying MAAS with pgsql and then evaluating the DB schema21:16
kikoit's a pretty deep dependency21:16
kikobut you can just hide pgsql on the same node MAAS runs21:16
kikoand consume the API as if it were, say, sqllite21:16
osmyes, it could be solution. Thanks for your advise21:18
kikothanks for the questions21:18
roaksoaxshewless: the "auto assign" IP address may be recycled and given to another machine at any given point, if you "static assign" it will always used for that one21:35
roaksoaxshewless: i'd recommend you use static assign if you already degining those in your external DNS server21:36
pravroaksoax/kiko:where can I get support for MAAS?23:19

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