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olmariI'll come here as I'm running 16.10 and don't want to make any type of "official" bug report yet...10:42
olmariWhen I close mine laptop lid, 16.10 goes to sleep even when every power setting I can imagine relating is made not to do that, incl. dconf10:42
olmari16.04 and earlier has been working so many years :)10:42
olmariI don't know what else to look at any more :) lenovo w520, latest bios etc... and 16.04 works10:45
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olmariwhoops... accidentally have parted times ago17:13
olmariso... mine problem with 16.10: Thinkpad w520, computer still goes to sleep when closing lid, despite setting is set not to do that17:14
olmarialso checked with dconf-editor and saw nothing that would do that17:15
olmariin 16.04 it works as should, which is "nothing"17:15
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