zakimorning AudaciousTUX dipraw04:05
pavlushkaMorning every one!05:11
Researcherhello bangladesh 05:26
pavlushkao/ Kilos 06:28
pavlushkaHeya dipraw Mama?15:12
pavlushkamhall119: ping15:20
mhall119pavlushka: pong15:24
pavlushkamhall119: can you load this for me? https://www.facebook.com/groups/ubuntubd/search/?query=Pavel%20Sayekat in your browser?15:25
mhall119pavlushka: ok, loaded15:27
pavlushkamhall119: you can hover the mouse over the comments of the posts and a common name will flash "Pavel Sayekat", is it usable as a reference of contribution?15:29
mhall119pavlushka: it shows that you commented, but it's the content of the comment that would determine if it's a contribution or not15:31
pavlushkamhall119: so I have to save a screenshot of every post with effective/successful suggestions? and some how hyperlink it?15:33
mhall119no no, just find people you've worked with or helped through these comments to leave a testimonial on your wiki page15:33
diprawbhaiya ki khobor?? pavlushka 15:34
mhall119just like people don't post links to every forum post or irc conversation15:34
pavlushkamhall119: a very few of them has the edit rights :)15:34
mhall119we can get people edit rights15:34
mhall119every ubuntu member should have it15:34
pavlushkabut they are not members, just users who got help.15:35
pavlushkamhall119: oh, you can click on the comments and it will reveal itself, :)15:41
Kiloshi zaki 17:27
zakihow are you? 17:28
Kilosok ty and you?17:28
zakifine. :)17:28
zakipavlushka: how's everything?17:28
pavlushkazaki:  better thanks :)17:29
Kilosyou were sick pavlushka ?17:30
pavlushkaKilos: a little, but was a bit more busy :)17:31
pavlushkaguys I got a sudoku update :p17:33
zakisudoku update? 17:33
zakisudoku is a game17:33
pavlushkayep in xubuntu, wow 17:33
zakiKilos: how's your preparation? 17:34
Kilosnearly all packet but no place for shoes17:34
Kilosstill need to sort power adapter for lappy charger so i can try be online inflight17:35
pavlushkaKilos: send it as tcp packets over web and you jump in too :p17:35
zakihe he17:36
Kilosim a bit nervous about flying17:36
pavlushkaKilos: keep an umbrella for safety :p17:37
Kilosa big one17:38
zakipavlushka: know about any stylish font for ubuntu?18:35
pavlushkazaki: I am an out-dated person, stylish is not my type :p18:37
Kiloszaki if you like fancy fonts google 20 cool things to do after installing kubuntu 14.0418:38
Kilosin that write up they mentioned fancy fonts18:38
zakito use in gimf for image editing pavlushka18:39
zakity Kilos18:39
Kilosim like pavlushka standard fonts are fine for me18:40
Kilosyw=you're welcome18:40
pavlushkawa=wow awesome18:41
zakithey are also fine for me.18:41
AudaciousTUXanyone read how to program c++ by paul deitel?? 18:41
zakibut for some graphics work. :p 18:41
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: I have heard someone reading that :p18:42
zakiAudaciousTUX: know about any stylish font pack for ubuntu18:42
Kilosi need sleep18:42
Kilosbe good guys18:42
AudaciousTUXi have i use monokai18:42
Kilossleep tight18:43
pavlushkaKilos: start counting the sheep 18:43
AudaciousTUXbut maybe thats only better for code editor :318:43
Kilosnight guys18:43
zakign Kilos18:43
pavlushkagood night Kilos !18:43
pavlushkaGoodnight Guys20:44

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