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Mister_Qdpm ping12:28
dpmhi Mister_Q12:28
Mister_Qdo we announce ubucontest in one hour or do we just talk about the details later? I got no notification for the meeting and just read it /o\12:29
dpmMister_Q, I just put the meeting as a checkpoint for all to review the doc and give the +1 to the announcement12:30
Mister_Qah ok :)12:31
dpmwe can just discuss it here at the time of the meeting, and if everyone is happy, then we can go ahead with the announcement12:31
dpmbut the meeting on the calendar is not to say "the ubucontest will be announced at this time"12:32
svijI'm currently busy at work, but I noticed that we don't have much information about the snap packges. We added "snap" somewhere with no explanation, I think that's a bit unclear (atleast for me)12:37
svijMister_Q: ^^12:37
Mister_Qsvij yeah I will look into that soon. Dont have much time now sorry. I will have time for that during the hangout12:38
svijMister_Q: I might not be response or available later12:50
Mister_Qdpm please send me the hangouts link again I cant find it on my callendar13:23
dpmMister_Q, let's just do IRC, as svij mentions he won't be available for the hangout13:27
dpmI'm adding comments directly to the Terms of entry doc13:28
svijI have a co-worker sitting next to me13:31
svijneed a few minutes13:31

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