xnoxSweet5hark, well apport bombs out processing failed gconf200:10
xnoxprobably circular trigger dependencies again00:10
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jbichaSweet5hark: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/1.3~rc2ubuntu3 is still in -proposed, maybe that's relevant?01:03
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pittiGood morning05:26
pittiLaney: FYI, ppc64el y instances crash on boot, filed bug 161674305:52
ubot5bug 1616743 in cloud-images "yakkety 20160824 ppc64el images crash init" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161674305:52
pittiLaney: and I took down lgw as axino wants to do maintenance on it today05:53
flexiondotorgYawn o/08:03
seb128good morning desktopers08:04
willcookemorning seb12808:04
pittihey Laney, hello seb128!08:05
flexiondotorgLaney, can you tell me if I have PPU rights for xenial-proposed please?08:05
seb128hey willcooke pitti Laney08:05
pittihello willcooke and flexiondotorg!08:05
seb128how are you?08:05
flexiondotorgpitti, o/08:05
pittiseb128: reasonably well, thanks! et toi ?08:06
flexiondotorgBecause this - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libmateweather/+bug/161653308:06
ubot5Launchpad bug 1616533 in libmateweather (Ubuntu Xenial) ""Forecast not available" error in GNOME Weather app" [High,Triaged]08:06
Laneyflexiondotorg: edit-acl -p flexiondotorg -S xenial query (lp:ubuntu-archive-tools)08:06
flexiondotorgLaney, aha. Thanks.08:06
seb128pitti, ça va bien !08:07
davmor2Morning all08:08
TrevinhoGood morning08:25
willcookehey Trevinho08:28
TrevinhoHi Will08:29
flexiondotorgI've built and tested a patch for libmateweather on xenial08:50
flexiondotorgMATE 1.12 has been supceeded in Debian testing/unstable with MATE 1.14.08:51
flexiondotorgSo I am uncertain of the correct version number to give this update?08:51
Sweet5hark1(building libreoffice 5.2.1~rc2 tarballs)08:57
flexiondotorglibmateweather 1.12.2 was never in Debian and never will be.08:57
flexiondotorgSo should it be libmateweather (1.12-2ubuntu1) ?08:58
flexiondotorglibmateweather (1.12.1-2ubuntu1)08:58
Laney1ubuntu1 or 1ubuntu0.1 or 1ubuntu0.16.04.1 would all be fine08:58
LaneyIt just has to be less than the version in the next release08:59
flexiondotorgOK, thanks.08:59
flexiondotorgDoes this update need an SRU or is it reasonable to upload the next version directly?09:00
LaneyTo xenial?09:09
flexiondotorgYes, for xenial.09:11
LaneyThere's no other thing than an SRU09:11
Laney(well, apart from a security update or a backport)09:12
flexiondotorgOK, thought so.09:12
* Laney investigates reading mo files directly for a bit09:15
pittiLaney: WDYM?09:34
pittigettext() reads *.mo files, and msgunfmt converts it back to a human readable form09:34
LaneyI need to read random .mo files09:35
LaneyIt's either: generate the locales, or read the files directly09:36
pittiindeed, there doesn't seem to be a *gettext() variant that specifies the file directly09:39
LaneyYou can setlocale(), but I found out yesterday that you have to have the locale generated for that to work09:40
Laneyassumed it would just work for LC_MESSAGES at least09:40
pittiLaney: what about catopen()/catget()?09:41
LaneyBut I suppose there's plural stuff09:41
pitticatgets() I mean09:41
Laneynot seen those09:41
* Laney looks09:41
pittiI haven't used them either yet, not sure if they are applicable, but that seems to be the  lower-level stuff that gettext() is built on09:41
pittiI saw it on https://www.gnu.org/software/gettext/manual/gettext.html#Programmers09:43
pittiit may or may not be helpful depending on what you do (iterate over all messages or look up a particular one)09:44
seb128Laney, well done! ;-)10:49
Laneygetting there :/10:51
Laneygot to translate that to D now10:51
pittiLaney: nice! so you just need to iterate through all messages now? which api are you using now, ooi?10:56
Laneypitti: no API, just reading it manually10:56
Laneypitti: I'll build a hashtable or something to look things up10:56
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seb128non standard languages :-/11:18
Sweet5hark1FWIW, just tried the 2016-08-26 amd64 daily image and the installer crashed ...11:27
seb128Sweet5hark1, living in the futur11:29
seb128could be that apt/non english locale bug11:30
seb128what version of apt is on the iso?11:30
Laneythat is worked around in ubiquity11:30
seb128https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/1.3~rc2ubuntu3 is the fix11:30
seb128so I don't know11:30
seb128Laney, do you know if there another known installer issue?11:31
seb128Sweet5hark1, I guess report a bug...11:31
Laneyis it?11:31
Laneyoh I can't read11:31
Laneybut he duplicated a line11:31
Laneyfile a bug and the ubiquity team will look at it :-)11:31
seb128cyphermox, ^ duplicate os.environ["LC_ALL"] = "C.UTF-8" call, you might want to fix it11:35
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cyphermoxseb128: well now I can remove it all too13:30
seb128cyphermox, k ;-)13:42
seb128happyaron, hey, n-m-a 1.2.4 status? ;-)14:06
seb128gnome-software segfaults on start on yakkety daily14:36
seb128in the apt plugin14:37
* seb128 gets ddeb14:37
willcookeseb128, it didnt here on my ~ 1 week old iso14:38
willcookeI'm upgrading now14:38
willcookeseb128, works for me (well, no seg fault) but a distinct lack of snaps14:40
seb128of course it works with the dbgsym installed14:43
seb128or maybe it works after an apt-get update14:44
davmor2seb128: works in live session14:49
seb128no for me14:49
seb128but maybe locale specific14:50
seb128I'm using french14:50
davmor2seb128: seems there are 42 updates including libapt let me see what happens if I install that14:52
willcookeseb128, 32bit for you right?14:53
* davmor2 sprays coffee all over the screen someone still uses 32bit14:55
davmor2I'm testing amd64 live session :(14:55
* willcooke downloads 32bit14:57
davmor2and it still works14:58
davmor2willcooke: let me save you the effort I have 32bit too I was just testing live session of amd64bit cause I had it open :)14:59
willcookeah, thx davmor214:59
seb128not likely due to 32bits15:01
seb128it doesn't segfault everytime either15:01
seb128it's https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-software/+bug/157172915:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 1571729 in gnome-software (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/gnome-software:11:look_at_pkg:load_apt_db:gs_plugin_refine:gs_plugin_loader_run_refine:gs_plugin_loader_run_results" [Undecided,New]15:03
seb128interesting it has i386 and armhf reports only15:05
davmor2hmmmm still working15:09
davmor2seb128, willcooke: so with live session updated it is working here, might be an installed issue over live session15:10
seb128davmor2, the error reports suggests it impacts i386 and armhf only15:11
davmor2seb128: yeap I have i386 open now and it is working15:11
seb128k, weird15:11
seb128did you try to apt-get update?15:11
davmor2seb128: I've only done live session, apt install && apt full-upgrade and then opened software-centre15:13
seb128it might be random15:13
seb128I'm wondering if it has with the enabled sources15:13
seb128i changed the yakkety one to xenial to downgrade snapd and it's working15:13
davmor2seb128: okay so it crashes if I don't update first15:20
seb128davmor2, thanks15:23
davmor2willcooke: spicy + kvm so much better than kvm on it's own :)15:29
seb128wip/ubuntu-xenial git doesn't build15:31
seb128gs-appstream.c:525:26: error: ‘AS_APP_QUIRK_NOT_LAUNCHABLE’ undeclared (first use in this function)15:32
Trevinhoricotz: as you might have seen, I've released bamf 0.5.3 https://launchpad.net/bamf/0.5/0.5.315:40
seb128attente, hey, is there any easy way to get debug info from the g-s/macaroon auth code? like see why it fails or if it hits any server error?15:42
attenteseb128: try GNOME_SOFTWARE_SNAPPY=debug i think15:42
seb128attente, thanks15:43
seb128===== begin snapd response =====15:44
seb128Status 40115:44
seb128{"type":"error","status-code":401,"status":"Unauthorized","result":{"message":"access denied","kind":"login-required"}}15:44
attenteis there a request part to that?15:45
seb128===== begin snapd request =====15:47
seb128POST /v2/login HTTP/1.115:47
seb128Content-Length: 7715:47
seb128{  "username" : "<...>",  "password" : "<...>"}15:47
seb128===== end snapd request =====15:47
seb128that's try to install a snap on a xenial machine15:47
attentewonder if the api changed or something15:48
seb128do you know who would know?15:49
seb128is that a store thing?15:49
attentewasn't it normally supposed to send a 2-factor otp too?15:50
seb128I don't know, never tried to look at the debug before, but could be15:50
attentei'll try here...15:51
ricotzTrevinho, nice :)15:53
qenghoseb128: Is that talking to the store, or to the local snapd webserver? Looks like the latter.16:19
willcookeqengho, yeah talking to snapd I think16:27
Laneyoh god I have langpack translations in the output16:34
Laneypraise be16:35
seb128Sweet5hark1, is that known that on current yakkety daily iso there is an empty bar on top of the toolbar?16:58
seb128Laney, have a nice evening!17:13
Laneyseb128: you too!17:15
seb128yeah, calling it a day as well17:16
seb128hit enough g-s issues for one day17:16
seb128(though some are snapd ones)17:16
* willcooke follows17:22
willcookenight all17:22
seb128tkamppeter, hey, do you know if a pixma 3650 printer is easy to get working on xenial? I tried to help a friend to get it working on trusty some time ago but that didn't work out, wondering if xenial fixes the issues19:53

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