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manjoapw, hello.. did you get a chance to see my email ? regarding "module disagrees about version of symbol module_layout" ? 14:09
apwmanjo, i see it, what compiler did it use to build this version?14:11
manjoapw, xenial what ever is default .. 14:11
manjoapw, in the PPA buildes 14:12
manjoapw, also arm6414:12
apwwell they that would likley be gcc5 so that ought to be ok.  the message seems to imply that the kernel and modules come from different builds with different configs most likely14:13
manjoapw, right that is why I am stumped .. coz it is a full kernel build in the PPA 14:13
manjoapw, something is not right 14:14
apwmanjo, well how is the kernel getting to the CPU could that be out of sync with the initramfs14:14
manjoapw, I am seeing this with DI install .. di I built using this kernel 14:15
apwright but how are you making sure that the module and vmlinux are from the same build14:15
manjoapw, not sure what you are asking .. the kernel built in a ppa, the DI built in that same PPA so DI would be picking up kernel and modules from that PPA ..14:17
apwmanjo, which of d-i's outputs are you booting, a netboot ?14:17
manjoah! sorry .. yes netboot 14:18
apwand how are those bits getting to the board14:18
manjoapw, pxe tftp usual di 14:18
apwand can you tell from the logs it got a consistant set in this boot14:19
manjoapw, oh do you suspect that the server might be corrupted ? 14:19
manjoapw I did not even think of that case .. 14:19
apwwell i'd want to confirm these were a matched pair, that it wasn't using the wrong vmlinxu or something14:19
manjoright let me check to make sure 14:20
apwyou know how fickle all this tftp bullshit is14:20
mamarleyI noticed you mentioned GCC5 earlier, and also that the kernel in Yakkety is currently built with GCC5.  Is there an issue building kernels with GCC6?14:21
apwmamarley, i believe there is currently yes, at least for 4.4, not sure which upstream kernels have support for it14:22
mamarleyAh, OK.  I was curious because I had been using the 4.7 mainline kernel, and that works fine with GCC6.14:22
apwyeah i only was peripherally involved, i know we had to do special things for 4.4 in yakkety, when it stops being an issue is not something i have asked14:23
manjoapw, so I verified that the bits are coming from the right place 14:30
manjoapw, nothing funny there 14:30
manjoapw, https://pastebin.canonical.com/163979/14:31
manjoapw, https://pastebin.canonical.com/163980/14:32
manjooops I left out the imp cut paste in the prev pastbin 14:32
rtgdannf, how is 4.6 arm64 looking ? ogasawara mumbled something about ROCKCHIP needing to be enabled ?14:34
apwmanjo, and you have downloaded those and confirmed they are a consistant set content wise14:36
manjoapw, yes built yesterday .. ubuntu-installer dir looks kosher14:37
manjoapw, with CONFIG_MODVERSION it should re-generate Module.symvars .. and the modules should link with that correct? .. unless there is some code missing which I doubt is the case 14:39
apwmanjo, looking at the kernel code emitting that, it really thinks the symbol table for that thing is different for the vmlinux and the module pair14:44
apwmanjo, which either implies they are from differnt builds, or the modules and kernel are built differently in the same build14:45
apwmanjo, quite how that could occur if you are sure they are form the same build, i guess it depends how different the build is from our standard ?14:45
dannfrtg, ogasawara : yep: LP: #161667214:46
ubot5Launchpad bug 1616672 in linux (Ubuntu) "4.6.0-11.13 from ckt PPA fails to boot on X-Gene" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161667214:46
ogasawaradannf: thanks14:47
rtgdannf, is that sufficient for now ? infinity would like to get a 4.6 kernel promoted soon, and this appears to be the only blocker.14:47
manjoapw, the process is simple, take unstable, add patches, adj configs, fix changelog and build in ppa ... I have done this a number of times in the past with 4.3, 4.4, 4.5 etc and did not see this issue 14:48
dannfrtg: i'm fine w/ it - i'm moving on to 3.8-rc to see if there was a fix since, but that is having its own problems, so i can't promise any "real" fix anytime soon14:48
manjoapw, Y kernel skipped 4.7 so I can only use unstable which has a 4.7 tag 14:48
rtgdannf, ok, I'll add this patch and upload soon14:49
apwmanjo, other than looking at the build log for oddness, i have nothing.  there is more info at debug level you might want to up loglevel to debug on boot14:50
manjoapw, ok crazy question .. can I disable CONFIG_MODVERSION ?14:50
apwyou could, but what it is telling you is wrong implies that the values in that structure are not going to be read right, whcih is likely going to explode in your face next14:51
apwas the structure layout the kernel is going to drop onto that data in the file isn't the same shape14:51
manjolol right ok .. 14:52
* manjo tries to find a vein .. 14:52
dannfinfinity: just a heads up that a 4.8-rc3 w/ ubuntu config is blowing past the size limit for xgene/uboot. might make that compressed image support work for d-i more critical15:56
infinitydannf: Joy.15:57
infinitydannf: I have no issues with compressed images, as long as you make sure every platform supports it. :P15:57
infinitydannf: (Been down this road with PPC, where we switched from coff to zImage and had to switch back because some firmware/bootloaders didn't like it)15:58
infinitydannf: Unless you mean just compressing the uImage for xgene, not the vmlinux.  Then that's trivial.15:58
dannfinfinity: i mean for both. we *could* just do x-gene, but the only other bootloader i think we care about is UEFI, which deals with it15:59
dannfs/do x-gene/do just x-gene/16:00
infinitydannf: So, wait.  Is the current zImage uncompressed on arm64?16:00
dannfinfinity: actually - i guess qemu might be another example - i'll test that as well16:00
dannfinfinity: yes16:00
dannfinfinity: that's what i'd like to change - but need to get d-i/f-k in place before i send that patch16:00
infinitydannf: qemu can take raw zImages fine, and in the non-raw case, it's using firmware (uboot or ovmf), so should be fine.16:00
infinitydannf: It doesn't look uncompressed to me...16:01
dannfinfinity: does it say COFF?16:02
infinitydannf: My uncompressed PPC kernels are huge in comparison.16:02
leitaortg, I sent an email to the kernel mailing list regarding kernel issue on ppc64el.16:02
leitaoI am not seeing it at https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kernel-team/2016-August/thread.html. Maybe it was not received because I am not part of the mailing list.16:02
infinitydannf: Although, file(1) thinks it's a DOS executable, not a bzImage, so... Maybe it is uncompressed. :P16:03
infinity(Also, wat)16:03
dannfinfinity: it is - EFI stub16:03
infinitydannf: Anyhow, any modern u-boot can boot zImage/bzImage, as can EFI, and if that's all we care about, you should be good to go.16:04
apwthat could be compressed still16:04
infinitydannf: And raw qemu.16:04
infinityBut, yeah.  My PPC kernels are, like, 30MB.  How big is your arm64 kernel?16:04
dannfinfinity: right - but the uImage needs to have the right compress field, which brings me back to https://code.launchpad.net/~dannf/debian-installer/xgene-uboot-gzip-support/+merge/30064516:04
apwan x86 kernel is a binary, just a small one which uncompresses itself, so it isn't a gzip16:05
infinitydannf: Why are we using uImage/uInitrd at all?16:05
infinitydannf: Surely the u-boot on any arm64 system is new enough to load raw kernels.16:05
dannfinfinity: xgene only supports uImage - at the time only armhf supported raw zImage16:05
infinitydannf: Wow.  That's.  Derp.16:05
infinityWell done, arm64 folks.16:06
apwthey have to be backwards somewhere16:06
ogra_just flash a new u-boot during install :P16:07
infinityogra_: Chicken, meet egg.  How do you boot the installer?16:07
ogra_details 16:07
dannfcan't flash u-boot on mcdivitt16:07
infinitydannf: If that's tested and you're pretty sure it doesn't suck, just go ahead and commit, it doesn't need review, IMO.16:08
dannfinfinity: ack16:08
infinitydannf: I have to upload a fresh d-i in about half an hour to pick up netcfg, so this'll get in there if you commit now. :P16:08
infinitydannf: For future reference, don't let me block you on d-i stuff unless it's a large enough change that you're pretty sure I'll revert and/or yell at you for not asking for a review.16:10
dannfinfinity: in 1:1 w/ bossman, so will be at least 20 minutes16:10
dannfinfinity: understood :)16:10
infinitydannf: And those goes double if you're committing without uploading, cause I review the full delta before upload anyway.16:12
infinitydannf: On second thought, I'll just merge it, I'm operating on a clock. :)16:23
dannfinfinity: ack16:24
infinitydannf: Merged and uploaded.16:28
dannfinfinity: thx!16:28
rtgleitao, unmoderated16:37
leitaortg, weird. Anyway, sent you a private email16:37
rtgleitao, no, I mean I released it from the moderation queue16:38
leitaortg, got it. So it is moderated. Thanks16:39
rtgapw, that looks like a mainline cross compile problem, though it likely also exists in our Ubuntu cross builds16:42
apwrtg "that" ?16:43
rtgapw, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kernel-team/2016-August/079743.html16:44
rtgapw, I doubt if I've ever run the cross compiled ppc64el kernel16:45
apwrtg, ok that is using your 4.7.0-0.4 debian tooling etc, and is supplying CROSS_COMPILE=powerpc64le-linux-gnu-16:47
apwrtg, so i would expect that to do something sane16:48
rtgapw, upstream makefile bug ?16:48
apwor we lost our own fixes16:49
rtgapw, shouldn't have. I don't remember any conflicts in the debian directory16:50
apwboth the primary makefile and our rules look to pass it as normal16:50
rtgthis sounds vaguely familiar16:58
apwrtg, ok yes, this is actually only the host tooling which is coming out as x86, and as these are cross compiles that is entirely expected17:04
rtgapw, host side device tree compiler ? so its not really a problem.17:05
apwrtg, right it does mean you cannot build out of tree modules against these test builds17:05
* apw replies on the mailing list as well17:06
jhg_are there any nightlies that track linux-next or netdev with binary kernel packages?19:39
apb1963_help attempted in #ubuntu but no resolution.  No response in #ubuntu-server yet... and so now I'm asking here.  Aptitude is giving me an abortion when trying to install libsnmp-dev.  Details here: http://pastebin.com/AAaZgFid   21:29

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