eipi10anyone here use ub-mate on pi?01:16
eipi10hi nomic, thx.  umm, I was wondering why the default repositories don't include Canonical-supported or community maintained or the others like in an x86 version on Mate.01:45
eipi10of^ Ubuntu-Mate01:46
nomicSTICK round .02:17
nomiccannot stand to attention on channel02:17
nomicwaiting for response02:17
nomicirc is SLOW02:17
aryellhi mates08:37
rajathello everyone11:13
rajatthis is my first time on any irc channel11:13
rajatas a matter of fact i don't even know what that means11:14
rajatis anyone there11:15
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mate|31333how to install teletalk 3g modem on ubuntu 16.0413:49
drphi there, just installed ubuntu mate on the rpi3, very happy so far! much quicker than expected plus vlc with omx out the box is quite nice14:33
drpraspbian is kept on feeling like the front fell off14:34
drpraspbian is nice*14:35
logicalhi ppl, is it possible to install calendar from gnome 3 (like fedora) on ubuntu-mate?16:02
Akuliof course16:03
Akulii have gnome 3's terminal16:03
drplogical, you can do anything with enough packages and dreams apt install gnome-calendar appears to be the package16:09
logicalwell thank you drp: i am noobie here :)16:12
partylinehi there my saund stop working16:25
drpopen a command and run alsamixer16:29
drpor not16:43
aryellanyone having problems with the weather applet on mate desktop 16.0416:49
aryellit does not seem to update16:49
drpdid you set your location?16:57
drparyell did you set your location? and did you manually try and reload it?16:58
aryellI did16:58
johnc4510i've had the same problem for a few days now...16:58
aryelltried severel in fact16:58
johnc4510on my desktop and laptop16:58
johnc4510not a biggy to me but...16:59
drpI am also getting the same error16:59
drpor rather "update failed"16:59
drpodd that the forecast appears to be there though16:59
aryellIt seems it was in the middle of some updates right when i was setting it up, i'll add it now to see if anything changed16:59
drpif you go into details then click forecast does it show up?16:59
aryellit first says 0farenheit witch is nonsense when when i choose the location any location it does not matter, it just shows the city name, and in the panel 2 dashes17:01
drplooks like we all have the problem17:01
aryellyeah no luck even with the updates does do no good, maybe it;s a new bug17:02
aryellmaybe i should report it somewhere17:03
johnc4510i also noticed that the weather attached to the clock/calendar isn't updating either17:03
ouroumov_See https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/weather-applets-inop/8435/117:03
aryellI cant really tell it;s light outside, but it;s kind of in the middle (calendar shadow over map) will wait until later to see if it changes17:04
drp>url is hardcoded in17:13
drpoh me oh my17:13
drpthat could probably do with a config file17:13
aryelli;ve done the upgrade like the forum said17:14
aryelllet's see after a reboot or log out17:14
aryellstill nothing17:19
ubuntu-mateis anyone here?17:19
ubuntu-matesup aryell?17:19
aryellhaving issues with the weather applet in mate desktop, but from out I gather this is a widespread problem17:20
ubuntu-mateim trying ubuntu mate. do you wanna show me some cool staff?17:21
aryellapparently the service is shut down, and even after a last minute update it still does not work17:21
johnc4510thx...let us know how 1.14 is please17:21
ubuntu-matehaha i cant help. i know nothing in this shit17:22
drpyou got yourself a very authoritative name for someone who claims to know nothing17:23
ubuntu-matewhy i can see the all sentence17:23
drpor is that the default name that clicking on the welcome button gives you?17:24
aryelldrp: i did the update and it still the same, on the forum it's kind of 50/50 on who has it working and who does not17:25
drparyell the issue tracker states that apparently the new url doesn't work for some areas17:25
drpubuntu-mate: if you want some fun you can install openttd and become a transport tycoon17:26
rahtgazthat applet has always been a mess17:26
ubuntu-matewhy i can see the all sentence??17:26
drpthat was so close to being a cogent thought17:28
drpdo you think he was having trouble with how IRC works?17:28
rahtgaznope. just on what an official channel means17:29
rahtgazit's not a playground17:29
aryelldrp:: I;m in Eastern Europe so i guess I;m the unlucky winner in this situation17:29
drparyell I am Australian so I can share in your unluckiness17:31
drpexcept that it's really nice weather here and I never have to check the weather ever17:31
aryellaren't other weather services or servers out there that the applet can connect to ?17:31
drpthe url is hardcoded in17:32
drpso yes17:32
drpif you recompile the applet with a new url that you injected17:32
aryellin my country is temperate so it kind of fluctuates17:32
drpplus some parsing changes17:32
aryellrecompiling stuff and changing code is not my strong suit although I would like to know how to do this kind of stuff17:33
rahtgazthere's another applet. let me see if i find it17:33
aryellit's not compatible ?17:34
rahtgazthere is this thread on the forums if you search for weather applet. someone recomends it17:34
rahtgazno. it is. I just can't recall its name17:34
rahtgazit's actually a very good and complete applet and you can choose from several services. The Wunderbar weather service gives you a free REST key, so you may want to choose that17:35
drpjust use a weather stone17:36
aryellthat's clever17:38
johnc4510hee hee17:38
Akulilol thats awesome17:40
andrasxayou no hungary??17:53
ouroumov_!hu | andrasxa17:53
ubottuandrasxa: Magyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál17:53
alkisgNo I'm not hungry17:53
alkisgI'm Greek :)17:53
ouroumov_Maybe not the correct language lol17:53
andrasxaI hungary!! :(17:53
ouroumov_We're not :)17:54
company_hi there ubuntu lovers. I have a question. Im new in this world of linux and ubuntu. Ok, my question is if anybody kwnows some software to install in ubuntu mate 14.6 on a raspberry pi 217:55
andrasxaI left the "?"17:55
company_the software I need is a softphone17:56
alkisgWhich one?17:56
company_I tried with Ring softphone but I dont knoe why doesnt work...17:57
alkisgI did a quick search some hours ago and yeah ring seemed like the best available... but I haven't used it yet...17:58
alkisgDo you see any error messages?17:58
company_kind of...17:58
company_it seems the prcessor doesnt recognize that software17:59
alkisgHow did you install it, from software-center, with apt or by downloading it?17:59
company_I downloaded it on the raspberry pi 2 from the Ring web page18:00
company_I've followed the instruction step by step18:01
alkisgAh yeah it's not available for 16.04 but only for 16.10 from the repositories... http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=ring18:03
company_do I have to download those repositories?18:06
company_I'm recently discovering this ubuntu mate world :)18:07
alkisgYou can try waiting here to see if someone that has used ring reply,18:07
alkisgor you can try using the ring community, whatever support method they have18:07
alkisgIf anything else fails, then yes you can also try the packages from 16.1018:07
company_yeah, I hope.18:07
company_I read on instructables.com they can made a softphone on a raspberry pi by using SFLPHONE ''now named RING''18:10
alkisgcompany_: ah, sflphone is available in 16.04, you can try uninstalling ring and installing that one instead18:12
alkisgErr no sorry that's only available up to 15.10, hehe18:12
company_but sflphone I didn't found it... unless I typed by error some keys...18:15
alkisghttp://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=sflphone ==> only available up to 15.1018:16
company_aalkisg, can you give me some help how to uninstall ring? I'm messing around on this S.O. lololol18:17
alkisgFirst of all I don't see any armhf packages in there: https://dl.ring.cx/ring-manual/ubuntu_16.04/18:17
alkisg...so I don't know how you managed to install it in the first place18:17
alkisgThere are only amd64 and i386 packages there18:17
alkisgSo I would try the packages from 16.10...18:17
company_yeah I saw some words that the software does not see the armhf, is that the processor?18:19
company_wait a minute please...18:23
alkisgcompany_: here are some ring packages for armhf: http://ports.ubuntu.com/pool/universe/r/ring/18:42
alkisgThis one first: http://ports.ubuntu.com/pool/universe/r/ring/ring-daemon_20160804.3.dfb2548~dfsg1-1_armhf.deb18:43
alkisgThis one second: http://ports.ubuntu.com/pool/universe/r/ring/ring_20160804.3.dfb2548~dfsg1-1_armhf.deb18:43
alkisgIf that doesn't work, search for some other softphone18:44
drpspeaking of arm18:47
drpis OpenGL support planned for the raspi come 6.10? or is that in the too hard basket?18:48
* alkisg gave up on raspberry pi, it's cpu is extremely slow... and I'm only using it for vnc to a real desktop currently :)18:51
drpfair enough, the rpi3 is working pretty well for me18:59
drpespecially with the YT2Player extension for firefox18:59
drpmeans I can send youtube to vlc which processes with the OMX codecs19:00
drpso far I have a usable desktop for light work19:00
alkisghttp://www.gearbest.com/tv-box-mini-pc/pp_367432.html ==> 65 euros all included, cheaper than rpi3 and 10 times faster and amd6419:02
alkisgNo need for special packages and plugins etc etc19:02
drpalso I got the fastest sd card I could shove in the thing so it loads quickly19:03
drpbut that's no fun19:03
drprpi3 is 35 buckaroos19:03
alkisgAdd the sd, the hdmi cable, the case etc19:03
drpis the EU really butt fucking you that bad?19:03
alkisgI've no idea what you mean19:04
drp65 euros > 35 dollars19:04
alkisgI meant that you didn't add the extra stuff that pi needs19:04
alkisgAdd the cost of the sd card, of the hdmi cable, the case etc19:04
alkisgAnd you'll see that it's more expensive than what I linked19:05
bekks4$ sd, 8$ case, 5$ cable.19:05
alkisgClick on the link19:05
bekksStill less than 65$.19:05
alkisgSee what you're missing19:05
drpmore like 1$ cable19:05
bekksI wont miss anything, since that link contains an AMD.19:05
alkisgIt's intel, not amd19:05
alkisg32GB eMMC ROM doesn't cost 4$19:05
alkisg2 GB RAM doesn't cost 0$19:06
drpthat is pretty cool19:06
alkisgYou don't have USB3 nor real ethernet19:06
alkisgYou don't have 4k display support19:06
alkisgHeck you don't even have a power adapter by default, while this one does19:07
drplooks like that thing is based off intels SoC stuff that they're doing now19:07
drpseems similar to http://www.lattepanda.com/19:07
alkisgThe chinese have a whole lot of these, many under $7019:07
alkisgAnd some under $3019:07
alkisgHere's one with 20€, everything included (with android though, arm-based): http://www.gearbest.com/tv-box-mini-pc/pp_401685.html19:10
alkisgI still prefer the intel based one19:11
drpman I would not touch anything other than Raspberry or icube when it comes to arm19:11
drpthe intel ones would be the way to go19:11
alkisgarm with android is fine in a lot of cases, they do have gpu drivers and everything19:11
alkisgwith linux it's another story... even rpi isn't upstream'ed enough19:12
drpyes but it's non-free as fuark and often has super locked down anything19:12
alkisgx86 ftw :)19:12
drpx86 is in many ways worse19:12
alkisgrpi is non-free as well, it boots from a binary blob19:12
alkisgWhile x86 bios has been documented since 198119:12
drpif you could mix rpi and beaglebone then you'd have the freest thing around19:13
drpbroadcom open sourced the gpu of the rpi19:13
alkisgWell... they're at least trying a bit19:13
alkisgThe blob is still closed source19:13
drphey it's broadcom, anything more than urinating acid on their customers is welcomed19:14
bekksI havent seen an opensource bios yet.19:14
alkisglibreboot supports many boards19:14
alkisgBecause of the open specs19:14
drplibreboot supports 3 thinkpads and 2 macbooks19:14
alkisgThe code doesn't need to be open source, the specs do need to be19:14
alkisgThat's an issue with the floss community, not with the specs19:14
alkisgHardware manufactures don't have to develop with open source, but they do need open specs19:15
drpI will argue that some specs are bad19:15
drpMicrosofts open format is horrifying and you'd have a hard time conforming to it19:15
drpbut yeah libreboot19:16
drpthe most open thing that exists currently is probably the Talos Workstation19:16
alkisgThat's because they developed it as closed source for ms office, and build upon all its versions, and then decided to publish the result... it was not designed to be an open spec from the start19:16
drpPOWER8 with completely open firmware19:16
drpwasn't it forced by the EU to publish the result?19:17
alkisgYup, more or less..19:20
rangergordcan I replace that nice progress bar with the 5 circles with the usual scrolling text of loaded services?20:33
tioxWho's had luck making DockbarX work in mate-panel?23:25

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