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dufluRAOF: Is the other IRC server down?02:08
RAOFI was just about to ask.02:08
RAOFI think the answer is yes :)02:08
RAOFI noticed IS was fiddling with firewalls recently. They may not have been as successful as they hoped :)02:09
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alf_duflu: Hi! Just FYI there was no need to explicitly add a new changelog entry for 0.24 no change rebuild, ci-train automatically adds one using the MP commit message. Plus now we need to rebuild the silo...05:56
alf_RAOF: duflu: internal IRC is back on-line05:58
duflualf_: Never mind. Only need to learn that once. I'm still concerned about the assertion that changing headers in order to product different binaries is "no change"06:36
alf_duflu: no change doesn't mean no test06:37
duflualf_: No but it does mean the binaries are changing. That's the point. So it carries risk still06:37
RAOF“no change rebuild” is the term of art used in distro.06:37
alf_duflu: RAOF: Plus something changes in the binary output of the process otherwise we wouldn't need the rebuild. The "no change" is just for our source, and people are familiar with the implications I think06:39
dufluIt's sufficiently risky and insufficiently expressed that it's worth mentioning, and now we have...06:40
RAOFThat reminds me. We should check if the Mir build is reproducible...06:40
dufluRAOF: I've been doing that for the past day and this morning. Final workaround landing soon06:40
dufluOh, you mean something different06:41
dufluYeah that too06:41
RAOFduflu: Sorry, another term of art. By “reproducible” I mean “produces binary identical output each build”.06:41
* duflu always assumes there is entropy instead of such proof that there shouldn't be...06:54
dufluCosmic rays...06:54
duflualf_: It should also be mentioned to the powers that be that such non-ABI breaking changes shouldn't need be in a silo. We have proposed for that.06:57
dufluHmm, 1 hour for CI and an additional 2+ hours for autolanding?07:40
dufluIs something new broken?07:40
RAOFOr just oversubscribed?07:42
dufluRAOF: Yep. And guess what? CI now passes but autolanding fails for new reasons07:59
dufluSo what's different about autolanding's build environment?07:59
dufluDifferent to CI08:00
duflualf_: Any idea why autolanding would fail to build but CI passes?... https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/161629108:28
ubot5Launchpad bug 1616291 in Mir "Autolanding is failing to build libmirserver.so.41 with error: undefined reference to '_Unwind_Resume'" [Critical,New]08:28
dufluGoogle says that error is a depenendcy on some lib built with a different C++ compiler/version08:30
alf_duflu: one main difference between autolanding and CI is LTO08:30
alf_duflu: but also optimizations in general08:32
alf_duflu: CI builds are built with 'noopt' debflag08:32
duflualf_: Cool. So plausible reasons exist. Unfortunately we're at a stage where CI is passing and only autolanding fails08:32
duflu.. to build08:32
bneo99getting error when doing mir_proving_server --hwc-report log09:10
bneo99logcat http://pastebin.com/nibGtxV209:11
duflubneo99: You might have to wait for kdub to come online (USA central time?)09:15
sil2100duflu, alf_: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1846 <- this doesn't look to be needed09:55
sil2100I poked here about a manual no-change rebuild already, no need to do the same twice ;)09:56
sil2100(especially that we only needed a rebuild on xenial)09:56
sil2100duflu, alf_: are there other reasons for this no-change rebuild?09:56
duflusil2100: Sorry, preparing food :) ... Yeah we don't need any more builds than you need10:06
duflusil2100: I just thought some accuracy in changelogs would be nice. Our robots always do a terrible job of writing documentation10:07
dufluAnd back to the kitchen10:08
alf_sil2100: Was the xenial upload to rebuild with the updated android-headers?10:24
sil2100alf_: yes10:53
sil2100alf_: a no change rebuild here: https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/stable-phone-overlay/+sourcepub/6828563/+listing-archive-extra10:54
alf_sil2100: thanks, had a chat with vicamo (in phablet channel) and have abandoned the silo10:55
greybackalan_g: would you mind giving this a quick glance, just to fully sign it off: https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/qtmir/use-mir-test-dev/+merge/303537 (build issue fixed)10:55
alan_ggreyback: sure10:56
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bneo99@kdub getting error when doing mir_proving_server --hwc-report log11:30
bneo99logcat http://pastebin.com/nibGtxV211:30
kdubi'd guess "E/ti_hwc  (    0): Post2 error" means that the fb module posting is perhaps returning an error rc11:37
bneo99how about the egl errors before11:47
bneo99E/libEGL  (    0): validate_display:262 error 3008 (EGL_BAD_DISPLAY)11:47
kdubeh, yeah, might be a pixel format selection problem perhaps11:56
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greybackalan_g: a warning in case you hit it: some Qt apps like to create one or several transparent 640x480 surfaces under the main window12:10
* greyback discovered the reason why his window raise stuff wasn't working with some Qt apps12:10
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alan_ggreyback: that's just weird12:58
anpokgreyback: qtubuntu question - If I need a mir connection inside a qt plugin..12:58
anpokbut there is not QGuiApllication yet..12:59
anpokor might never have one..12:59
greybackalan_g: yep. I had the misfortune to choose QT_QPA_PLATFORM=ubuntumirclient /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/examples/widgets/mainwindows/application/application as a test Qt app (from qtbase5-examples)12:59
alan_gbetter to find these corners now than later13:00
greybackanpok: good question, am reading code to see13:02
anpokhm I do wonder if thats a valid scenario.. stumbled over that issue in the qtsysteminfo plugin13:04
greybackafaics qt only loads the platform plugin for a QGuiApplication13:12
greybackas the assumption was only GUI apps would want to talk to mir13:12
greybackofc you can create a QGuiApp, and just not create a qwindow13:12
greybackso it can be command line, but still have a mir connection13:12
anpokgreyback: and not pass any argc/argv to it... is this a bad thing for a plugin to do *conditionally*?13:33
greybackanpok: please rephrase, I'm not following you13:34
anpokgreyback: creating a QGuiApplication object to obtain a nativeinterface/MirConnection when none is available because the calling application is not a gui application13:36
anpokor better fail.. in a friendly way.13:37
greybackanpok: plugin should not create QApplication instance, just to get the mir connection13:38
greybackunfortunately Qt not really designed to do what you ask, talking to mir without having a GUI isn't a typical use-case for an app author13:39
greybackyou'll have to create the mir connection yourself13:39
TheKitis there any test that would use OpenGL ES on Android to render to buffer instead of HWC backend?14:40
TheKitmir_android_diagnostics --gtest_filter="AndroidMirDiagnostics.client_can_draw_with_gpu" should be this one according to the description14:43
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kdubTheKit, yes, that should be one14:46
kdubthe thing is, you have to go with HWC to post to framebuffer with OpenGL on hwc 1.1 or later14:47
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