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xnoxRhonda, hi, I have questions about packages.ubuntu.com16:48
xnoxis it possible to somehow view all packages in /main/16:48
xnoxe.g. something like http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/admin/16:49
xnoxbut http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/main/16:49
xnoxand then limit by architecture.16:49
RhondaI don't think so, no.19:33
Rhondaxnox: I don't think so, no.19:33
xnoxRhonda, horum, ok.20:18
Rhonda… not that it couldn't get added.  But that would mean I first would have to understand the code.  And that would take time.20:43
RhondaAnd that would mean I would need the motivation to do that instead of something else that has a higher priority to me.20:43
xnoxRhonda, yeah, i get it. I'm not thrilled into diving into that code either =)21:33
xnoxwould have been handy, if there was backdoor secret url to do that already.21:34
xnoxfailing that, i'll have to think of something.21:34
xnoxbut no means don't spend your time on that. it's a bit futile.21:34
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