josepleia2: did you get that email?02:34
pleia2jose: what email?02:48
Unit193Second one from the left.02:49
josepleia2: I got a 'comment is waiting in moderation' from the fridge02:49
joseactually, from ubuntu-news.org02:49
pleia2jose: ah, I don't think so02:49
joseit was sent to editor.ubuntu.news@ubuntu.com02:49
pleia2ah, I'd have to check the gmail account02:49
pleia2but that is at my desk, and I have a cat sleeping on me02:50
joselol np. just got another one... I'll check and otherwise report to IS if I keep getting them02:54
tsimonq2I'm working to get the Beta 1 announcement send with Set, so I'll post to Fridge22:05
pleia2thanks :)22:08
tsimonq2pleia2: I'm gonna post it in like 5 mins (not done yet), see if you can spot what's different about the post. We did something different in the wording of one of the paragraphs that's fairly obvious to spot. ;)22:27
tsimonq2there done22:33

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