ubottuThe operation succeeded.01:22
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ubottubekks called the ops in #ubuntu (xubuntu-fayir)18:45
k1lthe wrongplanet spam again21:25
daxyay anti-wrongplanet twits21:26
SonikkuAmericaOh that's weird, I'm in there... Is someone advertising the channel in #u ? If they're a regular in #wp I could pull them aside in PM, as I'm a resident21:27
daxSonikkuAmerica: my understanding is that the people doing the spamming are trying to make #wp look bad because of some drama or other21:27
daxi gather there is not a shortage of "drama" in there to choose from21:27
daxi don't think someone is legit trying to get new users for wrongplanet with that spam ;)21:28
SonikkuAmericaOh. Well, occasionally there is a drama in there, and it is a community for those with developmental disabilities21:28
daxyep, i know21:28
SonikkuAmericaMyself included21:28
SonikkuAmericaLol, I just read all that guff in my server window...21:29
k1lthe proxy-using pm insulter with fake support issues is back22:35
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