infinitywxl: d-i is broken in general currently, I'm working on fixing it right now.01:19
tsimonq2thanks a lot infinity ;)02:07
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pittiapw, infinity: looking at http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/nbs.html: don't we need a d-i rebuild for the new (well, not so new any more) kernel?06:29
pittiand isn't that a blocker for d-i beta-1 images?06:29
pittiLaney: ^06:29
tsimonq2(including Lubuntu Alternate which we want to release...)06:33
mardypitti: hi! I've been told that I should contact a SRU member, about this: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/166906:49
mardypitti: do you have some time, or can you point me at someone else?06:49
pittimardy: ah; I figure most SRU members tend to ignore these as they are really annoying to review (no LP generated diff, and the one in the PPA is wrong); I'll have a look later06:52
mardypitti: that might explain it :-) Thanks, and let me know if I can help in some way06:52
pittimardy: meh, is it really necessary to shuffle the packaging around so heavily in an SRU?07:08
pittimardy: do the new libaccount-plugin-* binaries ship entirely new functionality, or were these libraries in another binary before? I don't see any Replaces:/Breaks:, so want to make double-sure that this doesn't break upgrades07:09
* mardy checks07:09
mardypitti: they are new07:09
mardypitti: I think the packaging is more complex than what might seem logical, because there are some bits we also want to use in phone images, but not all (the new libaccount-plugin-* stuff is useful for unity7 only)07:10
pittimardy: the yakkety version is broken (just followed up to #1565772)07:18
pittiwhy does yakkety get a 16.04+ version anyway..07:19
mardypitti: ok, I'll see if I can bump the version07:22
pittisame for account-plugin07:22
pittithe status in that bug report is *completely* wrecked07:22
pittimarked as v-failed for now07:22
mardypitti: mmm... is there something else to be done, beside making sure that the yakkety version is proper?07:23
pittimardy: I don't know -- as I said, the status in that bug is a complete wreck07:24
pittie. g. look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/yakkety/+source/gnome-control-center-signon/+bug/1565772/comments/307:24
ubot5Launchpad bug 1565772 in gnome-control-center-signon (Ubuntu Yakkety) "[SRU] Allow plugins to decide which username to set on new accounts" [Critical,In progress]07:24
pittiso this apparently was already uploaded to *xenial* in Ubuntu and fixed, but yet the x task was open and now there was that SRU07:24
pittiand the y version is *older* than that comment07:24
pittiso I have NFC what happened/landed where and where the bug actually got fixed :(07:25
LocutusOfBorglots of ppc64el are "test in progress", but the test is not in progress, can it be retried? otherwise I guess they won't complete07:26
LocutusOfBorge.g. strip-nondeterminism speech-dispatcher and so on07:26
pittiLocutusOfBorg: cf. #u-devel some hours ago, ppc64el was broken; I fixed it, now it's catching up07:26
LocutusOfBorgbut I don't see them in the queue...07:26
pittiwait until the next britney run, I figure they are done but excuses.html hasn't caught up yet07:26
LocutusOfBorgok thanks07:27
pittiI did have to kill various dcraw and libreoffice test requests, I'll re-queue them once the current backlog settles07:27
mardypitti: weird indeed. But now, I can definitely see the persion problem for gnome-control-center-signon, so I can fix that hopefully07:28
pittimardy: I also have a feeling that this isn't just a version problem but that the fixes aren't actually in y yet07:28
mardypitti: but it's not clear to me what the issue with account plugins is; it looks like the version numbers are correct here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/account-plugins07:28
mardypitti: ok, let me check the actual packages07:29
mardypitti: yakkety seems correct, all the packages are there, with the right files: http://packages.ubuntu.com/source/yakkety/account-plugins07:30
pittimardy: I mean https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center-signon07:31
pittimardy: this definitively doesn't have the changes from this xenial SRU07:31
pittias xenial and yakkety have the exact same version07:31
mardypitti: mmm... I see different versions, xenial is  0.1.8+16.04.20160201-0ubuntu1  and y is 0.1.9+16.04.20160405-0ubuntu107:34
mardypitti: and the yakkety version seems correct, at least looking at the changelog07:34
pittiah, right; how did that bump the "real" upstraem version but not +16.04?07:35
pittiso if the code is there, then only the version number needs bumping07:35
mardypitti: don't ask me, but could it be that it was a silo with dual landing (vivid overlay + xenial) which we hoped to land for the LTS proper, but then didn't land in time...?07:36
mardypitti: I see that the y package was apparently copied from xenial (so it says), but indeed that version is not in xenial07:37
mardyquite messy07:37
cjwatsonit was probably built before yakkety existed07:38
mardycjwatson: right, indeed07:38
mardyMirv: so, I need to do a no change rebuild on gnome-control-center-signon for yakkety; what is the best way? should I make a dummy MP for and land it via the CI train?07:40
pittimardy: you can probabl commit the new changelog record/tag directly to trunk and skip the MP/train process07:47
pittior maybe you find a typo somewhere for an MP :)07:47
pittiW: gnome-control-center-signon source: ancient-standards-version 3.9.3 (current is 3.9.8)07:48
pittimardy: ^ that might be a good thing to bump :)07:48
Mirvmardy: you can do even just empty MP (trunk pushed to your own branch, then MP to trunk)07:48
mardypitti: suggestion taken, thanks!07:48
mardyMirv: I'll update the deb standards version as pitti suggested07:49
Mirvmardy: sure07:49
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Laneytsimonq2: pitti: d-i> well, if someone fixes it then they can get a release, but if it's broken in general then I guess that's not going to be for Beta 1.08:07
infinityLaney: d-i is fixed in proposed.08:23
infinityLaney: It just needs to migrate and have ISOs rebuilt.08:24
infinitypitti: ^08:24
infinitypitti: It got out of sync because we forced that Qt transition.08:25
pittioh, so it's a question of resolving those two ftbfs08:25
infinitypitti: What two FTBFS?08:25
infinitypitti: excuses is waaaay behind reality.08:25
pittilinker segfaults08:25
pittiinfinity: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-installer/20101020ubuntu470 these two08:25
infinitypitti: Wrong version.08:25
infinitypitti: See above, re: excuses being behind reality.08:25
infinitypitti: Like, 7 hours behind.  Might want to look at that.08:26
infinityI should be in bed.08:26
infinityAnd I'm going there.08:26
pittiergh, yes, will look08:26
infinityAnyhow, if d-i migrates, lubuntu alternate can rebuild and be fine.08:27
infinityAnd NBS will clear out.08:27
tsimonq2bug 161101008:28
ubot5bug 1611010 in apt (Ubuntu) "yakkety desktop - non-english installation crashes with /plugininstall.py: ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161101008:28
tsimonq2we have a fix for that in the images already?08:29
LaneyAllegedly anyway08:31
infinityA workaround in ubiquity.08:31
infinityThe real fix is in apt, which is still in proposed.08:31
LaneyThat's fine for me.08:32
LaneyWhy T F is britney not running though?08:32
tsimonq2also, a regular Lubuntu tester reported bug 161640008:34
ubot5bug 1616400 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "Lubuntu's alternate i386 installer cannot connect to a network" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161640008:34
Laney3728     10725  0.6  2.8 981464 927556 ?       S    01:43   2:31  |                       \_ /usr/bin/python3 -u /home/ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/code/b2/britney.py -c /home/ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/code/b2/britney.conf.ubuntu.trusty -v --distribution=ubuntu --series=trusty08:34
infinitytsimonq2: Yes, that's the same d-i bug that's been brought up several times.08:35
infinitytsimonq2: And, as noted 20 lines up, will be fixed by d-i migrating.08:35
tsimonq2sorry didn't see that08:36
LaneyStabbed, hopefully will work on a re-run08:36
Laneyit runneth08:39
pittiLaney: oh, thanks (was just about to look)08:43
Laneypitti: well, looks like it hung retrieving autopkgtest results: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/log/trusty/2016-08-25/01:42:59.log08:54
pittiLaney: it seems precise's python3 already supports the timeout= parameter  for urlopen(), I'll robustify this09:08
Laneypitti: great!09:08
pittidone, https://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-release/+git/britney2-ubuntu/commit/?id=928be985868e09:10
pittitestsuite succeeds on snakefruit09:11
Laneyd-i and apt went in09:13
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yofeldid the kubuntu image builds crash or are they really still building?13:05
flexiondotorgtsimonq2, sakrecoer How are things looks from your point of view?13:07
flexiondotorgFor Beta 1 that is :-)13:08
tsimonq2it's coming along :)13:08
tsimonq2Lubuntu Alternate needs some help13:08
tsimonq2so does Kubuntu13:08
tsimonq2but otherwise managing ;)13:08
flexiondotorgIs it going to be a late night?13:08
sakrecoerflexiondotorg: what tsimonq2 said, need to check with kubuntu to see how its going for them probably13:08
tsimonq2well I'm in the US, so it'll most likely stretch to the afternoon :P13:08
tsimonq2sakrecoer: they have no images right now13:09
tsimonq2it's still rebuilding13:09
yofelsakrecoer: our images say "re-building" for what feels like the whole day already?13:09
yofelI got no build failure mail at least so far, so I'm clueless what's up13:09
sakrecoerflexiondotorg: can't say... not enough experience i suppose. over at Ubuntu Studio, the only hardware test of amd64 has failed... trying now without encrypting home13:09
sakrecoerwell.. didni't work without encrypted home...13:10
yofelflexiondotorg: so they're not building *right now* ?13:10
flexiondotorgThe following packages have unmet dependencies:13:10
flexiondotorg kactivitymanagerd : Breaks: kactivities (< 5.20~) but 5.18.0-0ubuntu1 is to be installed13:10
flexiondotorg plasma-desktop : Breaks: kactivities (< 5.21) but 5.18.0-0ubuntu1 is to be installed13:10
flexiondotorg plasma-desktop-data : Breaks: kactivities (< 5.21) but 5.18.0-0ubuntu1 is to be installed13:10
flexiondotorgE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.13:10
yofelbecause http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/366/builds says so13:10
flexiondotorgThey failed.13:11
flexiondotorgBecause of the above umet deps.13:11
yofelI know that, I want to know if there is a build in progress13:11
flexiondotorgNot that I can see.13:11
yofelok, then just the ISO tracker is broken13:11
flexiondotorgLaney, can you confirm there are no kubuntu images building right now?13:12
flexiondotorgyofel, We you aware of the broken packages?13:13
yofelyes, we attempted to fix that yesterday/today by kicking okular off the images13:13
flexiondotorgyofel, Sec... just checking something.13:14
flexiondotorgOK, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-meta13:14
flexiondotorgPublished one hour ago.13:15
flexiondotorgSo I suggest you cancel the rebuilds in the iso tracker.13:15
flexiondotorgAnd then request builds again.13:15
yofelso I said to cancel the builds, and it still says (re-building)13:16
flexiondotorgLaney, help please ^^^13:16
flexiondotorgyofel, Also check the germinate output.13:17
yofelwell, kubuntu-meta is generated from germinate, so I assume that'll be correct13:17
flexiondotorgyofel, Well kactivitymanagerd still appear in the desktop seed.13:19
Laneyyofel: I cancelled it, go request your rebuild13:20
Laneytsimonq2: You got new builds a couple of hours ago.13:20
yofelflexiondotorg: that's the one that's supposed to appear, but I see the other problem, thanks for the hint13:20
yofelso this will need another fixup13:20
yofelLaney: thanks!13:20
tsimonq2Laney: I'm aware, we have queuebot in #lubuntu-devel, thanks ;)13:20
flexiondotorgyofel, yw :-)13:21
Laneytsimonq2: Well, you said that it needs some help13:21
tsimonq2I did? hm13:21
tsimonq2d-i is fixed13:21
LaneyOkay then.13:22
LaneyGo get it marked as ready13:23
tsimonq2Laney: I don't have access. I'm only sort of an assistant release manager. I do everything a release manager does EXCEPT mark the images as ready and other technical things related to that.13:25
tsimonq2Laney: tl;dr I don't have access13:25
LaneyDo you have someone around to do that?13:26
tsimonq2wxl does that, but if the images are tested, afair, he's ok with them being marked as ready13:26
tsimonq2so usually I pop in here before he does and somebody from the release team just does it ;)13:27
tsimonq2(I get on at like 8 AM my time when he's on at like noon)13:27
LaneySo are they ready? :-)13:28
tsimonq2desktop is 100% ready13:28
tsimonq2we're just waiting on alternate13:28
tsimonq2so unless you can mark half of 'em as ready (I don't know, again, I don't have access to that side of things), then no13:28
Laneywell would you look at that13:30
tsimonq2hey that works \o/13:30
tsimonq2thanks :)13:30
tsimonq2Laney: this was just brought to my attention: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-installer/+bug/1616400/comments/814:19
ubot5Launchpad bug 1616400 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "Lubuntu's alternate i386 installer cannot connect to a network" [Undecided,Fix released]14:19
tsimonq2Laney: could you take a look?14:19
tsimonq2Laney: (Nio's recent comment)14:22
Laneytsimonq2: I suspect that's related to pitti's nplan work14:24
LaneyProbably going to have to release note it14:24
tsimonq2Laney: no chance we could get it fixed?14:24
tsimonq2I guess we'll have to deal if that answer is no but it would be nice14:25
pittiLaney, tsimonq2: nplan does not meddle at all with d-i14:25
pittithe only thing that wouldn't currently work with an alternate installer is that NeworkManager wouldn't connect to ethernet devices, but that's *after* installation14:25
Laneypitti: you mean?14:25
pittiand d-i would have set up /etc/network/interfaces for the ethernet anyway14:26
LaneyYes, that's what the comment says14:26
Laneyif I read it correctly14:26
pittiso the net effect should be by and large zero14:26
pittiso if the installer itself says "could not connect to network" that's something else14:26
LaneyIt's the installed system14:26
tsimonq2Hi Nio14:26
tsimonq2Nio wrote that comment, ask him ;)14:26
pittioh, that's not what the description says -- but I see comment #8 now, sorry14:27
NioI'm here listening14:27
pittiNio: hello14:27
pittiNio: did you actually configure the ethernet in d-i?14:27
pittiNio: if so, it should have written /etc/network/interfaces with it14:27
pittidid it?14:27
NioI let the installer do the default tasks, which has produced a working ethernet connection both during the installation and in the installed Lubuntu system.14:28
NioNow (today's iso file) works during installation, but the installed system does not autoconnect via ethernet, but can connect via Wifi.14:29
pittiNio: right, and I'm asking what /etc/network/interfaces says (and interfaces.d/*) -- d-i is expected to create one for the interface you configured in d-i14:30
NioI'm not very good at networking details, but I can do the things described at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/MinimalInstall#Unmanaged_Wired_Network14:31
NioI noticed that 'managed=false' and changed it to 'true', but it did not help.14:32
NioLet me check that ...14:32
pittiNio: no need to -- just pastebin the contents of /etc/network/interfaces please14:33
tsimonq2if it helps, when doing the testcase I just did, I thought it was weird that it claimed it was an unmanaged network interface14:33
Niosource /etc/network/interfaces.d/*14:36
Nio# The loopback network interface14:36
Nioauto lo14:36
Nioiface lo inet loopback14:36
pittinothing in /etc/network/interfaces.d/* ?14:37
NioThe directory exists, but is empty, not even any hidden files.14:39
pittiNio: ok, then please put the above file into the bug and reopen it14:39
pittiand attach /var/log/installer/*14:39
pittinetcfg apparently failed to write an /e/n/i14:39
pittitsimonq2: ^14:39
NioWhich above file?14:40
tsimonq2pitti: any chance we can get a fix for Beta 1? :)14:41
pittinot sure, if you find someone to investigate and work on that, it isn't too hard, and there's still time to respin/retest images..14:41
pittibut the chance of that isn't too great, I figure14:42
tsimonq2pitti: what's it written in?14:42
pittiinstaller logs are important, thoug14:42
pittitsimonq2: the d-i component/source package is "netcfg" I believe, and it's in C14:42
pittibut looking at the logs first should hopefully be instructive14:43
Niohow can I reopen the bug report14:43
tsimonq2Nio: just mark as confirmed14:43
pittiI just did14:43
tsimonq2oh cool14:43
tsimonq2pitti: C...not my strong suit14:43
infinitynetcfg was recently merged, but I see no obvious reason it would suddenly fail.14:45
pittihttp://launchpadlibrarian.net/278554355/netcfg_1.135ubuntu6_1.138ubuntu1.diff.gz looks harmless enough anyway14:47
Niowhere is the button to click?14:48
infinityIf it were python, that indentation change would be scary, but it's not. :P14:48
infinity(Also, <3 gcc-6's "misleading indentation" warning)14:48
NioI think I found it - marked confirmed :-)14:49
* infinity spins up a quick test.14:50
NioHave you got the files you need from the installed system now?14:50
pittiAug 25 14:32:55 netcfg[31980]: DEBUG: No interface given; clearing /etc/network/interfaces14:51
pittiNio: yes, thanks14:51
tsimonq2ooh that doesn't look good14:52
pittibut earlier on:14:52
pittiAug 25 14:16:36 netcfg[18267]: DEBUG: Writing DHCP stanza for enp3s014:52
pittiAug 25 14:16:36 netcfg[18267]: DEBUG: Success!14:52
pittiso it apparently is written multiple times, and on the second invocation it lost its state and cleaned the previously written one14:52
pittiover 15 minutes later14:52
xnoxyeah netcfg is weird like that.14:52
infinitySeeing if I can reproduce with a mini.iso14:53
xnoxwe force clear things in ubuntu delta, which results in extra debug messages that wipes things before configuring things.14:53
xnoxi hope i did not screw it up too much.14:53
pittiso either we fix whatever causes netcfg to be called twice, or we make it more robust to not trample over an existing /e/n/i?14:53
infinityThe more curious question is why this suddenly stopped working.14:54
infinityCan I blame systemd interface renaming? :P14:55
infinityI like to blame it.14:55
infinityFor everything.14:55
NioI tested with the mini.iso (the i386 version that was current yesterday. It worked - wired network both during installation and in the installed system. (I made a text-only mini system, which I think is overwritten now).14:55
xnoxinfinity, when in doubt blame canada?! =)14:56
infinityNio: Well, that's even more curious.  I can think of no valid reason why a server install or a lubuntu install would differ.14:56
NioMaybe some change since the last mini.iso was uploaded.14:57
infinitymini.iso == debian-installer == same thing on the lubuntu CD.14:57
infinityThe only difference is the packages that get installed.14:57
Nio-rw-rw-r-- 1 nio nio 50331648 aug 10 21:03 mini.iso14:58
infinitys/packages/extra packages/14:58
infinityOh.  That's an old one indeed.14:58
infinityI'm testing with yesterday's.14:58
Nio$ md5sum mini.iso14:58
Nioccb12a3f21171bfa7c1fa0fbc34a59ed  mini.iso14:58
NioThat was the mini.iso version available yesterday14:59
NioObviously a new version arrived yesterday15:01
Nio-rw-rw-r-- 1 nio nio 50331648 aug 25 11:15 mini.iso15:02
Nio$ md5sum mini.iso15:02
Nio04468e5f9d1ba33aaba5f628c800d347  mini.iso15:02
Nioinfinity: Are you testing it now?15:02
infinityNio: Yes.  Install done, about to reboot.15:03
tsimonq2wow that was fast infinity15:03
infinityI have a fast laptop.  And very fast internet. :P15:03
pittiinstalling into tmpfs with a proxy FTW :)15:04
tsimonq2and I thought apt-cacher-ng when using sbuild on /dev/shm was fast :P15:05
pittiit is15:05
tsimonq2well it is, you're right ;)15:05
yofelcould someone please push kactivities into yakkety release? That should fix the kubuntu images as that was the last recommend that I could find..15:06
NioWell, we are waiting for the result: Can mini.iso create an installed system with a working ethernet connection.15:06
infinityFWIW, the current mini.iso works fine.15:06
infinityI get a proper e/n/i with a dhcp entry for ens315:07
pittiinfinity: what does the log say, is netcfg running twice?15:07
xnoxhm, is it buggy mini.iso or the ubiquity.iso -> note that we had patches in ubiquity's patched netcfg which was there to make things nice and use NM rather than ifupdown on "desktops"15:07
xnoxpitti, most recently twiddled with that.15:08
yofelLaney: see above (you're supposedly on duty?)15:08
pittiI cleaned up the obsolete /e/n/i and /etc/iftab migration, yes; but these were no-ops already, adn this is d-i15:08
infinitypitti: Define "twice".15:09
infinitypitti: It clears e/n/i, then writes it.15:09
infinitypitti: But I don't see it writing it before that.15:09
pittiinfinity: as in the logs of that bug report15:09
infinitypitti: bug3?15:09
infinitypitti: bug#?15:09
pittibug 161640015:10
ubot5bug 1616400 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "Lubuntu's alternate i386 installer cannot connect to a network" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161640015:10
Laneyyofel: okay15:12
infinitypitti: Oh, WEIRD.15:12
infinitypitti: Kay.  I don't see that second run on finish-install.  /usr/lib/finish-install.d/55netcfg-copy-config is silent here.15:13
infinitypitti: But that also hints at where to look.15:13
infinitypitti: Bingo.15:14
infinitypitti: copy-config checks if NM is installed and, if so, wipes the e/n/i config.15:15
infinitypitti: So, to follow with your netplan ideals, that should ALSO change the netplan management options.15:15
infinitypitti: Then we get what we want in both installers.15:15
infinitypitti: Sound sane?15:15
pittiinfinity: but that would mean that the config in d-i gets ignored entirely15:15
infinitypitti: Yes, but it seems that's what we've always done and no one's complained. :P15:15
pittiinfinity: yes, we could just change/amend that to create the policy snippet to let NM manage devices, but that still sounds conceptually weird15:16
infinitypitti: So, I'm fine with maintaining the status quo.15:16
pittias long as it's just DHCP there's not much difference indeed15:16
infinitypitti: It actually copies NM configs.  But not sure how that does anything useful since we don't use NM in d-i...15:18
pittiinfinity: well, there is still a work item to port netcfg to emit netplan instead of /e/n/i, so that would help too15:18
pittialthough it was questionable whether we'd actually do that (subiquity et al)15:18
infinityOr maybe it's more clever than I think.15:18
infinityLooks like it might actually speak NM.15:18
infinitypitti: So, I think just tweaking the CONFIG_NM case to also set your nplan configs the same way you do in a ubiquity nm-only world is the right answer.15:19
infinitypitti: And, I assume, trivial.15:19
pittiinfinity: right, pretty well a copy&paste from http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/livecd-rootfs/trunk/view/head:/live-build/auto/build#L19615:20
infinitypitti: Shiny.  Want my name on the changelog or yours?15:20
pittiwith substituting chroot with /target or so15:20
infinitypitti: (as in, want to fix it, or shall I?)15:21
pittiinfinity: please go ahead, seems you already found the place to poke15:21
* infinity nods.15:21
infinityStaring at it right now.15:21
pittinice find15:21
infinitypitti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23089317/15:30
infinitypitti: Looketh good?15:30
pittiinfinity: it's a real pleasure to the eyes!15:31
pittithanks muchly15:31
infinityTossed at the queue.15:32
pittiinfinity: in your mini.iso installed system do you actually have some /etc/NetworkManager/system-connnection/* thing from d-i?15:32
tsimonq2so then a respin with this will fix the problems?15:32
pittifirst needs a d-i rebuild AFAIK15:32
infinitypitti: No, cause it was a base install, with no NM.15:32
infinitypitti: That block only triggers if NM is installed in /target/15:32
infinitypitti: I could redo it with ubuntu-desktop.  Would take longer.15:33
pittishould be fine; sorry, I wasn't aware that we wipe the generated /e/n/i in d-i15:33
infinityIn context, it all makes sense.15:34
infinityIt didn't when I first saw the chatter in the channel. :P15:34
LaneyPlease handle the unblocks and stuff15:34
infinityYeah, it'll neet a d-i respin first.  For obvious reasons, netcfg is in the d-i initrd.15:35
infinityCause it's sort of needed to find the rest of the bits.15:35
LaneyWell, I can do netcfg, but will be out for a bit in 90 minutes or so15:35
infinityI can unblock both, it's fine.15:35
wxlinfinity: sounds like you're fixing d-i and we're getting a respin. still planning on releasing today?17:01
infinitywxl: Depends, are you planning on testing when the respin happens? :)17:02
infinitywxl: (I'm not the one releasing, you'd have to ask Laney, but he seemed on board)17:03
tsimonq2yep we have testers good to go :)17:04
LaneyDo it in the next 2-3 hours17:04
LaneyI'm going out, and will be back to press some buttons17:05
Laneybut if you're not ready then, I don't fancy hanging around all night :)17:05
infinityLaney: I'll respin for them as soon as it migrates.17:05
infinityLaney: If they don't meet your deadline, that's on them.17:05
tsimonq2ok by me, right wxl? ;)17:05
LaneyWe could also release the remainder tomorrow17:07
Laney(Or they could miss beta 1)17:08
LaneyI'm looking at kubuntu too17:08
tsimonq2yofel: ^17:08
wxlsorry i disappeared. i spent like 12,000 hours reading the ubuntu-release backlog. sheesh. you guys talk too much.17:11
wxlanyways i guess the questions are:17:11
wxl 1. infinity: do you have any guess as to when the migration would be complete?17:12
wxl 2. Laney: how long to plan on staying around for?17:12
Laney0 minutes (bye!)17:12
wxlLaney: so 2-3 hours or nothing is what you're saying17:13
LaneyI'll be back later17:13
wxloh well we'll talk about it then :)17:13
Laneybut not back to hang around, back to publish some images17:13
wxlwhat version of d-i and/or netcfg are we talking about here?17:14
apwwxl, netcfg is 1.138ubuntu2 i believe17:40
wxlthx apw17:41
apwwxl, and i believe d-i was 20101020ubuntu47217:41
wxlapw: was or is? looks like 472 came an hour ago17:42
wxllooks like nfg is in main but d-i is still in proposed17:43
infinityYeah, it's getting there.  Patience.17:44
infinityI'll trigger the rebuilds as soon as it's published.17:44
wxlyou're the man, infinity17:45
apwwxl, that hour is the source publishing, and typically the binaries miss that cycle and fall in the next17:47
boikohello, could you guys please let me know how long this beta1 freeze will last?18:12
boikowe have landed a fix related to qt5.6 in telepathy-qt, but it is waiting in proposal18:12
infinityboiko: A few more hours.18:12
boikoinfinity: ok, thanks :)18:14
infinityLaney: When you run cron.source for milestones, run it with ALL_PROJECTS="participating projects"18:18
infinityLaney: Rerunning for you.18:18
infinityLaney: Or, maybe rerunning after the lubuntu ISOs are done, to not block.18:19
tsimonq2infinity: any progress on those images? what's going on?19:08
flexiondotorgtsimonq2, sakrecoer I've been afk for a bit.19:18
flexiondotorgWhat's the situation?19:18
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: we're waiting on Lubuntu and Kubuntu19:18
NioIn the meantime I have tested Kubuntu Yakkety amd64. I'm sorry, but it seems to suffer from networking problems too, similar to what we see in Lubuntu alternate as well as what we saw in Lubuntu desktop, a ubiquity crash, when I try to install in Swedish.19:18
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: the former of which is waiting on infinity to respin Alternate so we can test19:18
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: the latter is being tested now19:19
tsimonq2o/ Nio19:19
tsimonq2yeah I got that too :/19:19
sakrecoerflexiondotorg: no worries, still uncertain about kubuntu..19:19
NioKubuntu: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/161703719:19
ubot5Launchpad bug 1617037 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "ubiquity crashes in kubuntu beta1 " [Undecided,New]19:19
sakrecoerah.. thank you tsimonq2 :) flexiondotorg: what tsimonq2 said :)19:20
sakrecoer(i have infernal lag atm)19:20
flexiondotorgThanks for the update.19:20
flexiondotorgLooks like this is going to be a late release?19:21
tsimonq2very late19:21
tsimonq2wouldn't be surprised if it went into tomorrow :/19:22
sakrecoerflexiondotorg: is there a way to find out the download links at this point? i edited the past ones, but they all give 404 so far.19:23
sakrecoerpast *release announcement ones19:23
tsimonq2well they are going to be 40419:25
tsimonq2because we haven't released yet19:25
tsimonq2because we're waiting on Kubuntu testers and infinity ;) (or whatever he's waiting on)19:25
sakrecoerok :)19:28
sakrecoerflexiondotorg: i have found a quote, but i'm not to sure about who the author is... maybe you guys know better?19:31
sakrecoerA. Henry Savage Landor19:31
flexiondotorgsakrecoer, For a quote of the author of the quote you have?19:31
sakrecoerit goes like this: The Jogpa, in our mad flight, cut off a long lock of the yak 's silky hair. Having secured this, he appeared to be quite satisfied, let go, and sheathed his sword.19:32
sakrecoerthis guy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arnold_Henry_Savage_Landor his invovlement in ww1 makes me doubt.. :/19:33
tsimonq2flexiondotorg knows how hard finding Yak quotes is19:33
tsimonq2he found the ones for Alpha 1 AND 1!19:34
flexiondotorgsakrecoer, Looks good :-)19:34
sakrecoerok then :)19:34
tsimonq2s/AND 1/AND 2/19:34
tsimonq2I want to add a little touch of my own towards the beginning19:34
flexiondotorgI've just got in from work, so a bit knackered.19:35
flexiondotorgGoing to have some food and a rest.19:35
flexiondotorgI'll pop back here in an hour or so.19:35
tsimonq2ok o/ flexiondotorg19:36
tsimonq2sakrecoer: let me know when you're done editing :)19:36
flexiondotorgIf anyone needs help with testing I can be coerced with promises of beer ;-)19:36
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: once infinity spins up the ISOs, Lubuntu Alternate needs help pls ;)19:38
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: I don't know if I'll be able to pay you in beer but I'll find something of similiar value ;)19:38
sakrecoertsimonq2: i think that is it. a proof reading is in place, since my notorious typos are infamous :p19:39
tsimonq2ok :)19:40
slangasekginggs: reverse-depends tells me laby depends on fpc, does that also need removed? (not listed on LP: #1562480)19:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 1562480 in glibc (Ubuntu) "fp-compiler not installable on powerpc since glibc 2.23" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/156248019:48
* ginggs looks19:48
slangasekit is possible that reverse-depends is lying to me :)19:49
ginggshmm, i've never heard of laby19:49
slangasekDepends: [...] ocaml-nox | java-compiler | c-compiler | c++-compiler | ruby | gprolog | valac | fp-compiler | rhino | guile | python3 | lua19:50
slangasek.... ok then19:50
slangaseksorry for the ping19:50
tsimonq2sakrecoer, take a look at my edit on the announcement, too cheezy? :P https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YakketyYak/Beta1/ReleaseAnnouncement?action=diff&rev2=10&rev1=919:50
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: ^19:51
sakrecoertsimonq2: \o/ "bos grunniens" .. might bring forth the websearch-fu in many readers :D19:53
tsimonq2yeah! :D19:54
sakrecoeri think its a little bit cheezy but also quite funny! :D i'd stay neutral on that one if i may :)19:54
ginggsslangasek: thanks!19:55
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: you're the tiebreaker on this. In or out? :O19:55
tsimonq2slangasek: hey, sorry for bothering you, the packages that Lubuntu needed for a respin on Beta 1 Alternate images are in the archive now, would you be able to trigger a rebuild of Lubuntu Alternate please?19:59
tsimonq2Adam doesn't seem to be around and we'd like to get those tested20:00
flocculanttsimonq2: triggered for you20:02
tsimonq2thank you flocculant20:03
slangasektsimonq2: right, generally meant to be self-serve by the flavor teams :)20:09
Laneyinfinity: What does it do otherwise?20:10
LaneyWhat evs20:10
LaneyI see nobody new is ready20:10
LaneyPublishing the rest anyway20:11
tsimonq2*SIGH* I'd really like to get Lubuntu tested...20:11
LaneyIt can be done later on20:13
LaneyEither wait to send the announcement, or write "foo and bar will come along shortly, they are just tying their shoelaces"20:14
wxlLaney: any chance you can wait for us to test alternate real quick? we've got a team of people ready to go, myself included.20:18
wxlLaney: i can't imagine it would take very long.20:19
LaneyIt doesn't matter if I push up the rest in the meantime20:19
wxlLaney: especially considering one of them just popped up.20:19
LaneySomeone else is sending the announcement and you can get them to hold off before doing it20:19
wxlsomeone else being—20:19
tsimonq2I'm doing the announcement with sakrecoer20:19
tsimonq2so we can hold off20:19
wxli mean there's a "someone" online20:19
Laneythere you go20:20
wxlah ok great20:20
Laneythe question is if you get it marked ready before I go offline :-)20:20
wxlwell we just got our builds, so20:20
Laneygo go go20:20
sakrecoeri'm here... but i wont be for more than 2 hours... early morning tomorrow20:23
wxl2 hours is WAY more than enough time20:23
tsimonq2sakrecoer: we are working as hard as we can20:23
tsimonq2yeah what he said ;)20:23
wxlwe're all downloading as we speak :)20:23
sakrecoeralright! i'm not on the minute eather, so don't extra sweat it if it comes down to timing me ;)20:24
Laneyinfinity: orite, I saw it failed to build20:27
LaneyI guess this -next thing didn't exist before20:27
flexiondotorgtsimonq2, Tiebreaker?20:38
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: eh nvm20:39
flexiondotorgtsimonq2, Is there anything that needs smoke testing?20:40
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: yes pls wxl pays beer20:41
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/366/builds/129632/testcases20:42
tsimonq2wxl: sorry, we all have to make sacrifices, you cover flexiondotorg's beer :P20:42
* flexiondotorg smells beer...20:42
flexiondotorgDownloading Lubuntu i386 alternate.20:44
* wxl passes flexiondotorg a Duff.20:44
wxlmy download is taking forever and it's really making me mad.20:44
flexiondotorgI'd just like to remind everyone I'm still on shortwave radio "broadband", so...20:44
flocculantwxl: I'll do a 32bit - almost got iso now20:49
flocculantmarked as running on tracker20:50
wxlcool thx flocculant. pop into #lubuntu-devel for coordination20:50
flocculantwxl: what are we looking to make sure is fixed here?20:50
wxlflocculant: https://launchpad.net/bugs/161640020:51
ubot5Launchpad bug 1616400 in netcfg (Ubuntu) "Lubuntu's alternate i386 installer cannot connect to a network" [High,Fix released]20:51
flocculantwxl: ok so trying to configure keyboard is failing ... my keyboard layout appears to be lt ...20:53
tsimonq2flocculant: got a bug that we can link on the release notes?20:53
flocculantnvm - got it now20:54
flocculantwording is a bit bizarre there - but not worrying right now20:54
slangasekginggs: and there seem to be some other packages needing removal, for reals, not mentioned on the fpc bug... ztex-bmp, winff, view3dscene... ?21:12
slangaseknot view3dscene, that one's not built on powerpc21:21
wxlsakrecoer: Laney: almost there. one last in progress test to finish and then we'll have the mandatory ones done.21:28
sakrecoerwxl: great!21:29
Niogood night21:30
wxlk sakrecoer Laney marked as ready21:31
sakrecoerwxl: alright! lets send that mail then! :)21:32
wxlsakrecoer: do it! and don't forget to wish linux a happy 25th21:33
tsimonq2sakrecoer: wait21:33
tsimonq2Laney: are we ready?21:33
Laney2 minutes21:50
sakrecoerok :) was about to mention that mate,gnome and studio download link still give 40421:51
LaneyI synced the mirrors21:54
Laneyeverything should be there in 30 minutes or so21:54
sakrecoeralright :)21:56
* flexiondotorg is now connect via 3G using my MX4 hotspot.22:03
flexiondotorgBecause having the radio broadband fail right now, is, is....22:03
LaneySo yeh, check some of the torrents work and send the mail whenever you want22:05
LaneyI'm going to unfreeze the archive now22:05
Laneythanks all22:05
flexiondotorgThanks Laney22:06
Laneyif kubuntu get ready then we can push out a beta 1 image for them tomorrow22:06
Laneyotherwise, I don't think it's a big deal for them to miss this one personally22:07
* Laney will leave their images uncronned for now22:07
Laneyother dailies are back on22:07
Laneynighty night22:07
tsimonq2o/ Laney22:09
tsimonq2Laney: thanks a lot for your help :)22:09
sakrecoerthanks everyone! :)22:12
aldomann_hey, just got the mail from the mailing list about the release22:23
aldomann_I was about to make the official anouncement of Ubuntu GNOME 16.10 beta 1, but the link seems to be an empty folder22:24
sakrecoeraldomann_: hit reload ;)22:24
aldomann_not seeing the images on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-gnome/releases/16.10/beta-1/ either22:25
sakrecoeraldomann_: odd, i do ..22:25
sakrecoeri have to go sleep now thogh! see you soon everyone! thanks for your help and patience!22:26
flexiondotorgaldomann_, Ubuntu GNOME has synced now :-)22:27
aldomann_nevermind, seeing them now22:27
flexiondotorgaldomann_, OK, something odd going on.22:28
flexiondotorgUbuntu GNOME was fully populated a minute ago.22:28
flexiondotorgNow just hashes.22:28
flexiondotorgAnd populated again.22:29
tsimonq2published! \o/ http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2016/08/25/yakkety-yak-beta-1-released/22:33
flexiondotorgtsimonq2, Thanks for organising :-)22:38
tsimonq2flexiondotorg: thank sakrecoer, he did most if not all the work :)22:42
bdmurrayslangasek: ^^ updated apport hook23:27

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