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mterrytsdgeos: if you're still chewing through my MPs, can you prioritize default-wallpaper please?  It's part of an MP trifecta, one of which happens to fix a recent crasher in USS.  One possible strategy for fixing that crash is just to hurry up and land all the default-wallpaper branches13:49
mterrytsdgeos: we don't know why it fixes the recent crash  :P  investigation continues, but landing it may be a fix13:50
tsdgeosmterry: hehe14:01
tsdgeosmterry: the wallpapers branch looks relatively ok from a code pov14:18
tsdgeosi'll awit for CI to give me a .deb to try though14:18
mterrytsdgeos: silo 23 has the trifecta for you14:18
tsdgeosah ok14:18
josharensontsdgeos: just fyi, I'm making the extraPanel a popover. Should solve the issue with the test (I hope) and should make it look visually the same as before (it was slightly off previously)14:20
josharensontsdgeos: so if thats a terrible idea, let me know14:21
tsdgeosjosharenson: is that how design wants it? popover also has a stupid max height limit14:21
josharensontsdgeos: ugh, why?14:22
josharensontsdgeos: I can ask design, but other than the height limitation, it literally looks and behaves the same (so far)14:22
tsdgeosjosharenson: why what?14:22
josharensontsdgeos: why does it have a max height :-p ?14:23
tsdgeosi don't know14:23
tsdgeossee the filters code14:23
josharensontsdgeos: ok. I mean, I can also put it back like before, but that destroys the pretty encapsulation and essentially defeats the purpose of this all14:24
josharensontsdgeos: ah the filters popover seems to have a work around then?14:25
tsdgeosjosharenson: yes14:25
tsdgeosjosharenson: maybe it's not needed anymore, you could double check14:25
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mterrySaviq: ugh.  You asked me about not unloading the greeter in the emergency dialer ...  I looked into it and I came up against some Loader qml behavior I don't understand   :(  So not so easy for me so far19:30
mterryI'll poke some qml wizards tomorrow19:30
Saviqmterry, try me (no promises!) ;)19:30
mterrySaviq: it *seems* that having anything loaded in the Loader (even just a bare Item) makes the whole Greeter black (and covering the dialer).  Even if visibility and opacity is false/0.  Even if the Loader is only supposed to take up half the screen.19:32
Saviqmterry, maybe one of our darkening layers comes in?19:33
mterrySaviq: I took out all the contents of the Greeter view so it's just a bare Item (with required property stubs and methods)19:34
mterrySaviq: does a Loader have any black magic in it?  I even made it only take up half the screen, but the bottom half of the screen continued to be black when the top had contnet19:35
Saviqmterry, no, it doesn't have any black magic in it, it's just blank (transparent) if there's nothing in it19:35
Saviqwhich is why I'm thinking there's something else on top of it19:35
Saviqthat we use(d?) for when launcher or indicators are on screen19:36
mterrySaviq: try it yourself -- make it active: no vs active: yes but visible: false19:36
mterryI would *think* those would be visibly identical19:36
mterryBut I get a black box in the second case19:36
Saviqmterry, they should be, with the exception that something might be looking at either of those props19:42
mterrySaviq: a couple Greeter properties do pull from the loaded item (fullyShown and animating), but have graceful fallbacks and don't seem to be used for anything useful19:43
Saviqmterry, FWIW the greeter, after being destroyed, looks very much black when reloading, so it must be the black from behind it (didn't we add a "security" black layer that's always there, otherwise the session was visible through?)22:40
Saviqright, but that's inside {Wide,Narrow}View22:42

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