nsnzeromorning all05:32
chesedomorning all06:20
chesedoMaaz: tell superfly Yeah that was a bit much (I tend to think objects first lately) :D. question, is `del` the same as `list.remove`?06:22
Maazchesedo: Sure, I'll tell superfly on freenode06:22
Maazsuperfly: By the way, chesedo on freenode told me "tell superfly Yeah that was a bit much (I tend to think objects first lately) :D. question, is `del` the same as `list.remove`?" 37 seconds ago06:23
superflychesedo: I'm always here, you don't need to tell Maaz, just tell me :-)\06:23
superflychesedo: uh, yes, it's basically the same06:23
chesedorighto, thought you were marked away06:23
Kilosmorning superfly chesedo inetpro and others06:24
superflyhi Kilos06:24
chesedomore oom Kilos06:24
superflychesedo: even if I'm away, I'll see it when I get back06:24
chesedooh ok06:25
superflychesedo: that's why I use quassel ;-)06:26
chesedosuperfly: it seems that del is for more than just lists?06:26
superflyit's for deleting objects from memory06:27
chesedook, but only if there is no other reference to it? (so it seems to me)06:28
superflyI'm not sure06:28
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dlPhreakGood morning.06:32
Kiloshi dlPhreak 06:33
Kiloshi calhax 06:52
Kilosi go do chores06:52
Squirmsuperfly: Do you attend any interesting meetups ?07:35
superflySquirm: I'm afraid not. But I do know of a few.07:35
SquirmWhat's the python community like ?07:36
superflyThere's a regular CTPUG meetup07:36
superflyThey've got some real brains there, like drnlm, Hodgestar, et al07:37
SquirmOh look, pycon za07:37
superflyThat too07:37
SquirmI've started going to the clojure meetups07:37
Squirmand heading to the devops one tonight07:38
superflySquirm: are you on the clug-announce mailing list?07:38
SquirmI am07:38
SquirmWell, I think I am. I'm in some of them.07:38
superflyCool, was gonna suggest that if you weren't07:38
SquirmAh - I am.07:38
Squirm[CLUG-announce] Cape Town Python Users Group Meeting - 2016/08/20 07:38
SquirmI see07:38
* superfly hears a pin drop08:42
magespawngood morning09:05
theblazehenhey magespawn, paddatrapper09:06
paddatrapperhey theblazehen 09:07
superflytheblazehen: I presume you've seen this one? http://stackoverflow.com/a/173245409:09
theblazehensuperfly Yeah :D09:10
theblazehensuperfly https://www.quora.com/Homework-Question-How-do-I-write-a-program-that-produces-the-following-output-109:10
theblazehensuperfly If you call the shell one in zsh with 631 args then depending on zsh version and compile flags it may segfault :)09:12
theblazehenFor real09:12
theblazehenAnd depending on -O level git bisect gives different commits09:13
theblazehenNeither of which should cause the issue09:13
Kiloshi magespawn 09:21
Kiloshi Wraz10:03
WrazHai Kilos :)10:06
dlPhreakOMW why am I just reading this now? http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=linux12:04
theblazehendlPhreak http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Gentoo http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/HowTo:Install_Linux http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Unix12:15
nlsthznso weechat seems to do many things that you can do on irrsi but by default...12:24
nlsthznpretty sweet so far12:24
dlPhreaktheblazehen: lol epic12:42
superflyhi calhax13:50
LangjanHi Kilos are you well?14:19
LangjanChasing sheep again, I gather. Who will do the chasing when you're down under?14:36
Kilosyes ty Langjan 14:50
Kiloshaha theyll have to pay someone14:51
LangjanGood. Time is near, excited? 15:17
LangjanGotta go see a neighbor, chat a bit later15:18
LangjanHi Kilos still chasin sheep?16:21
calhaxhow are you Kilos, superfly and all16:25
Kilosok ty calhax and you16:25
calhaxgood good16:26
superflyJust got home 16:28
Kilossjoe superfly 16:28
Kiloswhere you been16:28
Kilosi go eat16:29
superflyWell, I got home 20 minutes ago, just finished supper 16:29
superflyI was travelling home 16:29
LangjanJy moenie so baie eet nie, die aeroplane sal nie op kom nie!16:32
LangjanKilos, what's the departure time of your flight?  16:34
magespawnhome time for me, chat later all16:52
Kilosyay temp 30°c tomorrow16:57
Kilos9.45 am Langjan 16:57
Kiloshopefully its a bit warmer by then16:58
LangjanYes, I think Melbourne is also not too warm. Is the flight on Monday? 16:59
Kilostuesday morning17:00
Kilosthen 8.5 hours to abu dabi17:00
Kilos2 hours stop then 13.5 hours to melbourne17:00
LangjanOK so you probably arrive towards midday Wednesday?17:00
Kilos6.30 pm17:01
Kiloslang tyd17:01
LangjanYes, you eat up a lot of time going East17:01
nlsthznhey uncle Kilos ... pity your layover wasn't longer i could have showed you the sites17:01
LangjanFlight time plus about 9 hours17:02
Kiloshaha nlsthzn 17:02
Kilosare you there?17:02
Kiloscome shake hands at the airport17:02
Kilosim gonna be lost17:02
nlsthznyou can't leave the airport without visa17:02
nlsthznso 17:03
LangjanNot so easy17:03
nlsthznI wont' be able to get to you17:03
nlsthznat least you will be close :p17:03
LangjanYes its a bit of a nightmare if you want to get out of customs17:03
Kilosif i can find a power socket ill come online17:03
LangjanYou staying in Dubai nlsthzn ?17:04
nlsthznthere are even pc's dedicated for going on internet where you will be uncle Kilos 17:04
nlsthznnope, I am in the abu dhabi emirate (just not in abu dhabi city) Langjan 17:04
Kilospity we cant meet but such is life17:05
LangjanOK sorry its Abu Dhabi17:05
nlsthznjust don't put any passwords etc. into any of those PC's, I am sure they must be infected by all manner of stuff17:05
Langjanok guys chat again before you leave Kilos 17:05
Kilosill use my lappy if i can find power17:05
Langjanslaap lekker17:05
Kilosty Langjan go well17:05
Kilosals van die beste daar'17:05
Langjanthks you too 17:05
nlsthznthere are power points uncle Kilos , but it all depends on how many people have the same idea as you17:06
Kilosoh well, we will know tuesday night17:07
Kiloswith luck ill be online inflight as well17:07
Kilosim sure the airline said they have wifi17:07
Kiloswill need to brush up on how to connect17:08
nlsthznif memory serves it is expensive17:09
nlsthznbut I haven't tried yet17:09
Kilosoh my i thought it was free17:09
nlsthznwhich airline?17:09
Kilosif not free i wont be online17:10
nlsthznthen I doubt it is free (or at least it wasn't a year ago)17:10
nlsthznpearl economy class?17:10
Kilosdunno what pearl is17:10
nlsthznthey have different classes, the basic economy is called peark17:11
Kilosya that one then17:11
nlsthznthe others I don't know cause I can't afford it :p17:11
nlsthznthen again I can't really afford pearl either >.<17:11
Kilosnor can i , boet paid for the ticket17:12
nlsthzngood price17:13
Kiloscheapest of all airlines17:13
nlsthznI normally fly qatar, slightly cheaper for me17:13
Kiloscant be17:13
Kiloswhy you say that17:13
nlsthznetihad is a direct flight for me, qatar is indirect so typically about R2000 cheaper for me to go to SA17:14
nlsthznyour flight already indirect so I have too assume there isn't the same benifit17:14
nlsthzntakes about two hours longer with two fligths and layovers etc.17:15
Kilosdirect to melbourne was 14.8k i think17:15
nlsthznwhen the whole family flies it makes a big difference in the prive17:15
Kilosyeah big money17:15
nlsthzndidn't know they could fly direct SA to Aus...17:15
Kilosyes 14.5 hour flight17:16
* nlsthzn goes to play some games now that the baby bear is down for the count :p17:16
nlsthznKilos: well enjoy the flight17:16
Kilosthis one is 8.5 to you then 13.5 to aus17:16
Kilosenjoy your games17:17
nlsthznI know the 8 hours to here can take its toll, can't imagine a longer one directly after >.<17:17
Kilosand how to sleep with someone else driving17:17
nlsthznat least there are movies and tv shows and if one is lucky some sleep17:17
Kilosim not an animal , i cant sleep sitting up17:18
KilosMaaz seen inetpro 17:39
MaazKilos: inetpro was last seen 6 hours, 15 minutes and 40 seconds ago in private on freenode [2016-08-25 04:23:57 PDT], and has been online on freenode since 2016-08-21 06:32:21 PDT17:39
Kiloshow come i miss him everytime17:39
WrazMaaz naak N Braai nou !17:58
MaazWraz: Huh?17:58
superflypaddatrapper: I have my KDE again! 18:12
Kilosyou lost it?18:12
superflyFor a bit, yes. 18:12
Kilosoh my18:12
superflybut I'm back now! and you can't stop me! muhahaha!18:18
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:42
paddatrappersuperfly: nice! 19:24

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