whoami_ 00:07
DilloDroidso why is simple file sharing so difficult in Ubuntu?00:26
DilloDroidMac does it out of the box00:26
BasketCaseAnyone running Xenial with an NFS root yet?  Care to share your kernel command line?00:26
DilloDroidyeah, that ^^ lol00:27
BasketCasenot sure what you were discussing before I popped in but booting from an NFS mount is a bit beyond file sharing00:28
DilloDroidsorry, people have suggested NFS when I talked about file sharing00:29
BasketCaseit can be used for that of course.  in fact it would have to be able to do that before you can try booting from it ;)00:30
BasketCaseI don't even know what OSX uses00:30
DilloDroidno idea myself, but my Linux boxes can see my Mac shares just fine, but not each other00:31
DilloDroidand the Macs can't see the Linux boxes00:31
BasketCaseif you mount one what does the mount command say about it?00:31
DilloDroidThe Macs just show up as shares in Nautilus00:32
DilloDroidclick on them and log in00:32
BasketCasedoes it show what protocol is involved or translate to a local path?00:32
DilloDroidno low-level stuff at all00:33
DilloDroidjust GUI in Nautilus00:33
DilloDroid(in Unity)00:33
DilloDroidright-clicking on the Mac share icon in Nautilus provides no further detail00:34
BasketCaseGoogle seems to indicate that OSX shares are Samba shares so you would want to setup Samba server to emulate what OSX does00:34
Exagone313BasketCase: just use openssh with sftp00:35
Exagone313DilloDroid: *00:35
BasketCaseI would just not use OSX :P00:35
Exagone313I'm sure there is a fuse-based program to mount sftp00:35
DilloDroidI have installed Samba and ssh00:35
DilloDroidto no avail00:35
BasketCasesamba needs some setup00:35
DilloDroidI want nothing to do with the command line00:36
Exagone313command line is not scary00:36
DilloDroidmaking a 'static ip' or whatever?00:36
DilloDroidjust should be unnecessary in Unity00:36
DilloDroidThere should be a File Sharing panel in System Tools00:36
DilloDroidthey need to work on that00:37
DilloDroidmake it as simple as Apple00:37
logicalHi, where can i find the fonts folder ?00:37
mcphailDilloDroid: right-click -> properties -> network share on a folder in Nautilus should work00:38
DilloDroidI've done that00:38
DilloDroidthe problem is that the machines don't see each other, nor can the Macs see them00:38
DilloDroidthey're all connected to the same router00:39
Z750they cant 'see' them via the network gui? or they cant connect even if you enter the ip00:39
DilloDroidit's way before authorizing certain shared folders00:39
BasketCasesamba is the thing that makes it show up00:39
lordcirthlogical, /usr/share/fonts00:39
DilloDroidI've installed Samba00:39
BasketCaseit has to be running00:40
lordcirthAlso /usr/local/share/fonts00:40
DilloDroidI just opened Smb4k00:41
DilloDroidnothing showing up00:41
DilloDroidin the 'network neighborhood00:41
BasketCasenever heard of smb4k00:41
Bray90820How would I add a boot flag to ubuntu live USB00:41
DilloDroidAs I said, they really need to add a File Sharing tool in System Tools00:42
DilloDroidanyway, thanks for all your suggestions :)00:42
logicallordcirth ty found it :D00:43
melionothing is installing wtf.00:43
melioi just got a big red circle with a line in it. clicked it. said "there's an update!" so i said ok. deal with it. and it just sits there.00:43
melioonly thing i can think of is there's a lock file from a crash still in the sources dir00:45
Bashing-ommelio: What does the terminal tell you ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' ?00:47
melioit's working00:48
meliobut when i try to do printer drivers, or this update it's locking up as soon as it starts00:48
melioit's acting really strange cause terminal has no issues with apt-get. except i can't install openjre-8-sdk without -f option which seems strange too00:49
Bashing-ommelio: Pastebin the errors , in context with the command(s) .00:49
melioBashing-om, http://pastebin.com/rtEs68Ba00:51
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melioshould i just apt-get -f upgrade00:52
melioseems unnessicary00:52
melioi never had to fix ubuntu like this00:52
meliodoing the -f option - http://pastebin.com/k3JMJm3h00:55
Bashing-ommelio: Is this a 32 bit system ? or why is " libc6:i386 (>= 2.2.4) but it is not installed " required ?00:57
melioit should be a 64bit system00:58
meliolemme make sure it's highly possible i grabbed the wrong iso/usb00:58
melioLinux melio-Q550LF 4.4.0-34-generic #53-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jul 27 16:06:39 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux00:58
melio HexChat: 2.10.2 ** OS: Linux 4.4.0-34-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "xenial" 16.04 ** CPU: 4 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4500U CPU @ 1.80GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 1.98GHz ** RAM: Physical: 7.7GiB, 51.7% free ** Disk: Total: 878.6GiB, 80.4% free ** VGA: Intel Corporation Haswell-ULT Integrated Graphics Controller ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel HDMI1: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel PCH ** Ethernet: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. CIe Gigabit00:58
melioEthernet ** Uptime: 12h 53m 4s **00:58
melioBashing-om, yeah curious why an i386 arch package is part of a dependancy for anything00:59
melioi wonder if i can use depends on it00:59
Bashing-ommelio: "something" installed is wanting that 32 bit library . either give it what it wants or remove what is rquiring the dependency .01:00
melioI dono what is.01:01
meliothis is a brand new install01:01
melioonly thing i can think of is my goofy printer driver that never finished installing01:01
Bashing-om!info libgcc1:i38601:03
ubottuPackage libgcc1i386 does not exist in xenial01:03
melio!info libc6:i38601:03
ubottuPackage libc6i386 does not exist in xenial01:03
melioso that might be a problem01:03
nexusguy59melio: I installed the frontend on xenial and one of my hosts on xenial and had no lib problems at all01:04
melioi installed chrome 6401:04
melioumm some base codecs01:04
nexusguy59ahhhhh got ya01:04
Bashing-ommelio: yeah .. ok .. what results ' apt-cache policy libgcc1:i386 ; apt-cache rdepends libgcc1:i386 " . we try and get to the bottom of this .01:04
melioone sec. i'll do them each in line like before01:05
Cypher-PunkI heard Windows Vista is moar safer than Ubuntu.01:05
melioapt-cache policy libgcc1:i3801:05
melioN: Unable to locate package libgcc1:i3801:05
Bashing-ommelio: True ^ ya want it as libgcc1:i386 .. gotta have that silly '6' .01:06
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meliooh sorry01:06
melioBashing-om, that rdepends statement outputs every i386 program ever made01:09
melioit's a massive list01:09
Bashing-ommelio: well that is scary !01:10
melioi'm going to look in /var/log/apt01:11
melioand look in hisory to see where it pulled it in01:11
meliothis is basicly a 12 hour old install. it can't be too hard to narrow this down01:12
meliolast thing i installed was LSB01:12
melioI thinkt hat's the problem01:13
meliolsb has the dependacy01:13
melioBashing-om, http://pastebin.com/j6yndSxX01:13
meliolsb must be 32bit somehow. but not?01:13
Bashing-ommelio: A look at apt-cache depends libgcc1:i386, scares me too .01:13
meliowe both on 16.04.1?01:14
OerHeksyour update failed with http://download.ebz.epson.net/dsc/op/stable/debian/dists/lsb3.2/Release.gpg: Signature by key E5220FB7014D0FBDA50DFC2BE5E86C008AA65D56 uses weak digest algorithm (SHA1) ... so fix that first.01:14
meliothis is all about getting my printer to print01:14
meliosad isnt it?01:14
melioi feel like a 60 year old man asking his kid to help me install a printer01:15
OerHeksyes, as you didn't read the error01:15
melioI did read it01:15
OerHeksno key, no files.01:15
meliothe whole reason i'm flipping out over it is because the printer install and the update freezes the process01:15
asrotis some one there?01:15
melioOerHeks, what do you suggest?01:15
OerHekswhat guide did you follow to add that epson stuff?01:17
melioOerHeks, it's the same driver i ran on 14.0401:18
melioworked perfectly01:18
melioprinted, showed me nice ink levels01:18
meliohad a seperate scanner but it worked too01:18
meliofirst time ever being able to wirlessly print from a linux laptop01:18
meliothen i upgraded to 16.04.1 64bit and I tried to install my printer and now i'm here wondering why it's trying to jam in i386 libs01:19
Bashing-omOerHeks: melio Pardon me but I see " Signature by key E5220FB7014D0FBDA50DFC2BE5E86C008AA65D56 uses weak digest algorithm (SHA1)" as a warning ... not an error ??01:20
OerHeksBashing-om, it is ..01:21
OerHeks6 lines of text avoiding a simple question01:21
Bashing-ommelio: The libgcc1:i386 requirement is of the lsb intall . per the output of the install .01:21
melioI didnt have lsb before. don't really care if it's gone01:22
meliobut now sudo apt-get remove lsb doesnt even work01:22
melioOerHeks, i'm not frustrated, but resolving that issue is impossible using the add printer interface, it locks up trying to install it01:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1536353 in lsb "[Regression] Epson's printer driver packages cannot be installed as lsb package is not available anymore" [Undecided,New]01:25
OerHekssudo apt-get install printer-driver-escpr seems to be your solution01:27
meliorigt. but my apt-get breaks every time i try to use it trying to deal with that libgc6:i386 dependancy for everything01:29
Bashing-ommelio: IRT bug report; what returns ' apt list cups-filters ; dpkg -l cups-filters ' ?01:29
brassbonanzaneed help with a WLAN issue, anyone available to help?01:30
OerHeksyeah, that silly line in your repos is bugging you, it never installed a package so you can delete it safely01:30
OerHeksbut don't say what guide you follow! ever !01:30
* OerHeks is off01:30
melioBashing-om, http://pastebin.com/Yf5veFNc01:31
meliook OerHeks  i will01:32
brassbonanzaLast night I was on here trying to ge thelp on a new build of 16.x and we effectively came to the conclusion I should just buy a wlan dongle - so I did this today found a guide online for installation BEFORE I went and bought it; came home with it and now I a m stuck01:33
brassbonanzaI followed this guide http://www.humans-enabled.com/2016/03/how-to-ubuntu-1604-gnu-linux-netgear.html01:33
brassbonanzaand I can get to the last command "sudo modprobe 8812au01:33
brassbonanzauntil I get the modprobe error: ERROR: could not insert 8812au: required key not available01:33
melioOerHeks, Bashing-om http://pastebin.com/XFW08y7P removed repo for epson01:36
Bashing-ommelio: Playing catch up :)01:37
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meliobrassbonanza, it's a usb wireless adaptor?01:37
brassbonanzamelio correct01:37
meliobrassbonanza, does it show up on lsusb while plugged in?01:38
meliodid you disable your inoperable wifi controller?01:38
brassbonanzalet me go check01:40
Bashing-ommelio: Maybe, give the system what it wants is the easier way out here ?01:41
brassbonanzaunder addition drivers presumably right?01:41
melioBashing-om, breaking linux is fun! :)01:41
brassbonanzaAlright I just switched to not sure the proprietary software if that was what you meant?01:42
meliobrassbonanza, i have no idea what you did :P01:43
meliobrassbonanza, i assume, you are disabling the wifi adaptor on your computer with a external switch if you can01:43
brassbonanzaexternal switch functionality died when I shot windows in the back of the head01:43
meliothen trying to get the computer to recognize the power of dongle01:43
meliobrassbonanza, i hope that dongle is compatable with linux01:44
Bashing-ommelio: Yeah .. we do get to keep the pieces .. - I broke my system enough times that I have learned not to do that .01:44
meliosome of them are really cheesy01:44
nexusguy59In my case however one of my hosts does not like the keys or my keys on the front end are crap not sure which01:44
melioBashing-om, so how do you suggest i install this dependacy01:44
brassbonanzaThis is why I found a guide on how to install it beforehand01:44
brassbonanzaThat is the guide I followed01:45
Bashing-ommelio: I think ' sudo apt install libc6:i386 ' . See what the system responds with .01:45
brassbonanzaalright let me give it a shot01:45
melioi tried that Bashing-om01:45
nexusguy59{Clapping hands/Jumping up and Down} rooting for brassbonanza for shooting windows in the noggin01:46
Bashing-ommelio: And what did the package manager say when libc6:i386 install attempted ?01:46
melioBashing-om, that errors the same way01:46
brassbonanzanexcusguy59 it was long overdue01:46
melioactualy a little differnt01:46
brassbonanzaexcept I don't have wireless access now01:47
nexusguy59Agreed brassbonanza, I did it about 5 years ago01:47
nexusguy59I am all Open Source now, if it can be done it gets done better with Linux01:47
RexyHas anyone ever run into an issue of getting 2 lock screens? I've asked this in here a few times but I've found no fix so far01:48
nexusguy59You can partner, I have a probook hp probook 6470N i5 quad with 8 gb of ram and put ubuntu 16.04 picked my wireless right up01:48
brassbonanza@melio: I go into the folder which i gitcloned and it has several files with the tag 8812.au (what modprobe says it cannot insert) and they are '8812au.ko', '.8812au.ko.cmd', '8812.au.mod.c' '88812au.mod.o' on and on and on01:49
brassbonanzanexusguy59: That would've been ideal - but alas I am now on a dongle as on here last night we decided that my internal wlan controller was shit and probably wouldn't come back to life01:49
Bashing-ommelio: Try again " 33 not fully installed:" ....  ' sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/libc6_2.23-0ubuntu3_i386.deb ; sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' see now what the package manager screams and hollers about .01:50
nexusguy59lol brassbonanza well I am not sure what you have but there has to be a way there always is01:51
brassbonanzanexusguy59 I found the 'way' and it breaks because 'modprobe' can't insert '8812au' because the 'required key is not available'01:51
RexyOne lock works fine, the other doesn't lock to my user. It's the LightDM lock screen and shows the user as "Light Display Manager" rather than my user01:52
nexusguy59Ahhh got ya okay well01:52
nexusguy59That sucks then01:52
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brassbonanzayep - now I am here trying to get assistance in figuring this shit out01:52
aikawuran_you ren ma01:59
melioguys. i rebooted and did a sudo apt-get update02:00
meliothen a dpkg --configure ... etc02:00
melioand it wiped out the offending lsb assocations02:00
meliorebooting i think helped the lock file access02:00
melioi was right about a lock file being stuck02:00
melioit's all fixed. printing isnt but lsb is removed02:01
Bashing-ommelio: :) when you re good, you are good . Printer drivers are not in my box of tools :(02:02
meliohere check out my handywork02:02
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RexyPrinters are always a bitch to get working. Doesn't matter the OS02:02
melioin this case. the epson model i have is cursed in 16.0402:03
melioworked fine in 14.0202:03
meliobasicly when i overwrite 14.04 I assumed it would be fine02:03
melio<-- wrong02:03
RexyI'm not sure what to tell you. Might just need to tinker with it02:04
melioi'm due for a new printer02:04
melioit's only like too old. and printers are cheap02:04
RexyThat's the funny thing, Printers are cheap whilst the ink cartlidges in them are twice the price02:04
melioRexy, i get refills now02:05
Bashing-ommelio: Now bite the bullet and run ' sudo apt autoremove ' ??02:05
melioI can buy refills that work perfectly fine for my model of printer. but its worth the attempt with other printers too. but if theres an issue. its cheap to discover02:05
melioBashing-om, I did didnt I?02:06
melio0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.02:06
melioclean slate02:06
Bashing-ommelio: Yeah ! you did .. I just missed it (autoremove) and followed my tunnel vision .02:07
melioBashing-om, i appreciate your assist on this. same with you OerHeks02:11
stan_man_canAnyone use PlayOnLinux?02:12
stan_man_canIs it alright?02:12
meliostan_man_can, i used it a few times. its "ok" but it lacks a lot of game configs02:13
Bashing-ommelio: All I did was hold your hand, ya done all the work .02:13
melioBashing-om, yeah but walking down a road while my head is buried in my laptop requires respect for the person guiding you02:13
melioer guiding me02:14
ScriptThisWhat is the proper way to flush DNS in 16.04 / systemd?02:16
melioScriptThis, http://ubuntuguide.net/flush-clean-dns-cache-ubuntu-12-04-precise02:18
melioi bet that guide works for 16.04 too02:18
ScriptThismelio: Thanks, I wonder why systemctl start dns-clean.service fails to start, though? Aren't we supposed to be using systemctl commands in 16.04?02:23
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aryellhi to you to :)02:31
Guest62413a hacked NSA02:32
Guest62413ddos attack02:32
aryellsay what ?02:32
daxGuest62413: #ubuntu is for Ubuntu technical support. For other stuff, please find another channel, thanks02:32
Guest62413hack NSA web page ddos attack02:32
aryellwhy ?02:33
Lionyxmagic words? Is he a wizard?02:33
LionyxHe's putting a spell on us =D02:33
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Guest62413here click link web site page NSA error 40402:34
thomedyi am trying to set up a virtual host on my apache02:34
thomedyi found etc/apache2/apache.conf02:34
thomedyi didn't see httpd.conf02:34
thomedythat is my code for my virtual host02:35
thomedyim running localhost02:35
Guest62413Give me niake DDoS attack software I need them for dropping one page02:38
Guest62413Give me a link to download Tich DDoS programs.02:38
Guest62413Give me niake DDoS attack software I need them for dropping one page02:38
Guest62413Give me a link to download Tich DDoS programs02:38
Guest62413Give me niake DDoS attack software I need them for dropping one page02:38
Guest62413Give me a link to download Tich DDoS programsGive me niake DDoS attack software I need them for dropping one page02:38
Guest62413Give me a link to download Tich DDoS programsv02:38
Guest62413Give me niake DDoS attack software I need them for dropping one page02:38
BenderRodriguezparty time!02:38
BenderRodriguezlol :)02:38
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RabbitnightmareI know this is a little off topic for this room, but I wanted to bring to your attention that AT&T is now offering Ubuntu as a choice over Windows on tablets http://imgur.com/a/ZACRU02:59
kLOscan anyone help me out with smartmon and ubunutu 16.0403:00
kLOssomehow all my /dev/sda sdb etc disappeared03:00
kLOsi now have /dev/disk/03:01
kLOsok forget it, i'm stupid appraently :)03:03
beyertechHello friends, does anyone know why on a fairly new server running 16.04.1 LTS I keep getting this error "W: No sandbox user '_apt' on the system, can not drop privileges" after running apt-get update03:03
ohjeezwho here does it with ubuntu03:11
tardrardUbuntu blew it when they messed with AMD graphic without a gui03:14
beyertechdon't really care about graphics when using for servers ....03:14
beyertechso I take it no one has seen that before then?03:15
Bray90820If I already have grub installed is there a way to boot ubuntu live?03:15
ubuntubastardHola my friends! I'm looking for someone who has a combination knowledge of EAC (Exact Audio Copy) and Wine.03:22
ubuntubastardI'm trying to install Exact Audio Copy on Ubuntu 16.0403:23
ubuntubastardit works fine when I install under wine, but my freedb server list requires something called .net framework 3.0-3.503:23
zodiac19I can suggest trying ot use playonlinux to install exact audio copy03:23
ubuntubastardI can't seem to get it to work. I install the .net framework successfully but freedb doesn't recognize it still03:24
ubuntubastardI tried  PlayOnLinux03:24
ubuntubastardit still doesn't recognize my Freedb server03:25
ubuntubastarddoes anyone have any experience with EAC on wine?03:25
zodiac19don't know what to tell you then, I usually mass google my problem in a million different ways to solve my problems, but Maybe you can use Ask ubuntu?03:25
BlaDe^hi, does runsv restart just send a SIGHUP to the process?03:26
BlaDe^sorry, sv restart03:26
ubuntubastardI tried Google, nobody seems to have a problem because they all have Windows machines03:26
schemanic_hey how do I register with nickserv03:26
zykotick9!register | schemanic_03:26
ubottuschemanic_: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode03:26
schemanic_I keep messaging nickserv but it wont identify me03:27
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BlaDe^anyone? :)03:30
BlaDe^wondering if I can intercept and block a sv restart, basically03:30
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daxIgnore the above, it's spam. Thanks.03:45
beyertechoh really?03:53
beyertechwho would've known03:53
lordcirthAn odd channel to spam for03:56
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daxlordcirth: (they're not spamming for it, they're anti-WP and trying to get them in trouble)04:00
hal9k_Hi guys. I'm really new to linux, but have a simple question you maybe can help me with. I have at touchscreen and i would like to have an indicator at the panel enabling/disabling touchscreen. I found out i can do it in bash by typing xinput disable or enable the ID. And I found out that you can add an indicator which launchs a command.04:09
zodiac19hal9k $ sudo apt-get update04:11
zodiac19$ sudo apt-get install touchpad-indicator04:11
zodiac19actually use this first: $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/atareao04:12
hal9k_@zodiac19 its not for touchpad but for screen04:12
hal9k_I need some kind of simple bash command if disabled:enable if enabled:disable04:13
zodiac19sudo apt-get install dconf-editor04:13
zodiac19try that, my bad04:13
hal9k_I already god dconf-editor. I know the command to disable and enable, but not knowing bash scripting04:15
zodiac19also check your system settings, if you have a tablet option you may want to explore it04:15
hal9k_Well its just my notebook, fucking annoying with touchscreen. Are you familiar with bash scripting?04:16
zodiac19I am not familiar with bash, I'm rather new as well, however I am really good on google04:17
zodiac19maybe check this:https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/101948-device-touchscreen-disablerenabler/04:17
hal9k_you just sent me 2(!) links of windows related fixes04:18
hal9k_Kinda made my day.04:18
zodiac19these programs can run on wine04:19
OerHekslolz ..04:19
hal9k_as i said its a command "xinput disable 9"04:19
hal9k_or enable04:19
hal9k_i dont want to wine shit04:19
cfhowletthal9k_, drop the profanity.  this is a family friendly channel04:20
hal9k_@cfhowlett @Zodiac19 Yeah, I'm really sorry. Thank you for your try zodiac19, much appreciated (:04:21
astrillcan someone help me04:32
cfhowlett!ask | astrill04:32
ubottuastrill: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:32
astrillok well is there any difference between 14.4.4 and 16?04:33
astrillwhat may that be04:33
cfhowlettread the release notes04:33
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astrillon 16 i am getting blackscreen alot when i load it up and login and stuff i have to go on Recovery mode so it wont blackscreen anyway to fix that04:34
cfhowlett!nomodeset | astrill start with this04:35
ubottuastrill start with this: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:35
RexyAny altnatives to Light-locker? I keep having cursor issues after unlocking04:43
cfhowlettRexy, lightlocker is the default standard but I suppose you could rip it out and replace it.  not sure you wouldn't trigger dependency issues.04:43
Rexycfhowlett: I had to manually install it, wasn't on my system iirc04:44
RexyUbuntu is working perfectly other than the lock screen. Have had nothing but troubles04:45
astrillhow do i open my Grub in terminal04:46
astrilli forgot04:46
cfhowlett!grub | astrill04:46
ubottuastrill: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub204:46
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deathcardi have a raging boner04:49
deathcardwanna smell ???04:49
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astrilli think i fixed the blackscreen problem05:28
astrilli hope it worked05:30
hateballnomodeset is not really a fix, more like a workaround until you fix the real problem :p05:32
zodiac19hail hydra05:39
n0th1n6o yeah05:40
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Nicho1asI just found an interesting symptom of this ../xenial/../hd-media/initrd.gz; it selects the iso file of debian 8.5 rather than that of ubuntu-16.0405:59
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Nicho1ascan you affect how the installer selects the iso file?06:01
Nicho1asI just found an interesting symptom of this ../xenial/../hd-media/initrd.gz; it selects the iso file of debian 8.5 rather than that of ubuntu-16.0406:02
Ben64Nicho1as: can you explain more? that doesn't make sense06:04
Nicho1asBen64: I have a usb memory stick that's got syslinux bootloader installed with debian 8.5, archlinux, memtest and I'm trying to add ubuntu server into the  menu06:07
Nicho1asI'm reading 'Alternate Install (Ubuntu 9.10)' from this page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USB%20Installation%20Media06:08
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tioxI have found myseelf in an interesting situation; I have a friend I would like to show Ubuntu to, but my system was installed on a machine that uses BIOS only, and my friend's machine uses UEFI, though I could disable secure boot to work around that.06:31
tioxIf I didn't want to force BIOS on my friend's machine, what should I do to make my present install compatible with both UEFI and BIOS?06:31
alkisgtiox: do you mean to transfer your hard disk there, or some usb stick or cd?06:32
tioxI mean, to make my Ubuntu installation UEFI-capable.06:32
nipnoris this place better support than something like reddit?06:33
alkisgtiox: normally you would use the ubuntu live cd, which is uefi-capable, to boot his machine06:33
hateballnipnor: Try asking your question and find out06:33
alkisgtiox: why is *your* setup related to that?06:33
tioxIf I cannot do that without breaking  support or being destructive to my system install, I would be happy with using a USB drive with an UEFI-capable bootloader to chain-boot into a BIOS system.06:33
nipnorokey... is windows 8 better than ubuntu?06:34
tioxwithout breaking BIOS support*06:34
alkisgtiox: what I don't understand is, you have 2 machines with 2 different disks, right? So you need 2 installations. Why are you speaking of 1 installation only? Do you plan to transfer your hard disk to the other machine?06:34
hateballnipnor: This place is for Ubuntu support, not trolling. If you want to chat go to #ubuntu-offtopic06:34
tioxI have two machines and I want to use the same disk on both since it's USB-connected.06:34
alkisgRight, that's the info I was missing06:35
nipnorokay, just joshing, i apologize06:35
tioxAlso, no, Ubuntu si not better than Windows 8 if Ubuntu cannot support your software needs.06:35
tioxis not better*06:35
tioxA common misconception is that Linux is better always; Linux has its own set of issues, Ubuntu is no exception.06:36
nipnorthat is a software developers problem for not supporting ubuntu06:36
nipnorits nothing to do with ubuntu...06:36
tioxIt's everything to do with Ubuntu for the user.06:36
nipnori know lol06:36
alkisgtiox: you can make your external disk uefi-capable, this wiki page has a section on how to enable uefi after installing to plain mbr: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI#Converting_Ubuntu_into_UEFI_or_Legacy_mode06:36
jim_wanggood idea.06:37
tioxThough I do not believe this is the proper venue to go in-depth about user perceptions and differences between each system.06:37
tioxThe short of it is; Ultimately, people may not be interested in Ubuntu if you cannot prove it is equally capable of the same things Windows is. Since some software is exclusive to Windows for various reasons, a user may not be convinced Ubuntu is better, and thus worth the trouble.06:38
tioxThus not worth the trouble, rather. Yeah it's software developer's fault, but they gotta make that sweet, sweet monies and some can only do it on Windows, due to market share.06:39
gambl0rehow can i free up some space on my ubuntu06:40
gambl0relike tmp files etc..06:40
tioxgambl0re: Depends on what's taking your disk space.06:41
alkisggambl0re: `sudo apt-get clean` is one, and if `ls /boot/vmlinuz*` shows a lot of files, you can also purge the old kernel packages06:41
tioxI would start with removing downloaded files you'll never, ever have a use for again, or are confident will be available years from now.06:41
tioxAnd yes, those commands to remove temp files dpkg / apt grabs.06:41
gambl0rei checked my downloaded folder and its empty06:41
gambl0retrash is empty also06:42
tioxJust note if reinstalling a piece of software, apt or dpkg wil need to fetch those files again, ths cluttering your machine with package dependencies once again.06:42
jarnosDownloading does not work from download.ubuntu.ocm06:42
jarnosDownloading does not work from download.ubuntu.com06:42
tioxIs there smething similar to windirstat for Ubuntu?06:42
jarnosDownloading does not work from archive.ubuntu.com06:42
xanguatiox: what is windirstat?06:43
tioxNevermind, there is an alternative for Linux; Baobab.06:43
tioxIs baobab still provided by default these days or are users forced to install it?06:43
hateballgambl0re: "sudo apt-get autoremove" will remove old/unneeded packages like old kernels06:44
xangua!search baobab06:44
ubottuFound: diskfree06:44
tiox(baobab should appear as "Disk usage Analizer" in your application menu.)06:44
tioxDisk Usage Analyzer*06:44
gambl0rei ran sudo apt-get clean and it freed up only about 100mb06:46
gambl0rei only have 700mb of free space06:46
tioxgambl0re: If you don't see it, do "sudo apt-get install baobab" then after, press Alt + F2 and type in "baobab" or search "Disk usage Analyzer"06:46
gambl0reim running disk space analyzer right now06:46
gambl0reits doing its thing at the moment06:46
tioxWherever it says most of your space is being taken, see what files there can be removed.06:47
tioxOr, if it's a bunch of system stuff, I would suggest upgrading what media you have Ubuntu on.06:47
Bashing-omgambl0re: ' dpkg -l | grep linux- ' many old kernels listed ?06:47
gambl0reim also running ubuntu inside a vm06:47
tioxBut that depends on what files are there, and I don't wish to be at fault for you rm'ing the wrong stuff.06:48
gambl0reanalyzer is finished running06:48
gambl0rewhat info would like to know06:48
tioxSome screen captiires would be nice; I believe Alt + Print Screen captures the current window, do that in baobab, save somewhere and upload.06:49
tioxscreen captures*06:49
tiox(Also it has been an age since I used baobab.)06:50
gambl0rei just sent like 600mb to the trash but now when im trying to empty the trash its been trying to prepare for a while now06:55
gambl0reis this normal06:55
gambl0rehoow long does it take to prepare to empty the trash06:58
gambl0reive been waiting for over 2mins now06:58
hateballgambl0re: if it's a lot of small files it can take a while, but minutes is a bit long07:00
hateballunless you have a slow HDD07:00
tioxWhen in doubt, rm -rf ~/.local/share/Trash/files/*07:05
gzooQ: I need some help configuring my monitor for 2560x1440 with my NVIDIA graphics card. I get a max of 2560x1080 available. On Windows 7 I had to create a custom resolution from the NVIDIA panel, but no such option on the Linux menu.07:10
gzooI realize I have to fiddle around with xorg.conf, but I need some help with that as it's been a while since I handled it07:11
gzooI did all kinds of `cvt 2560 1440 60`, and added the modeline somewhere in xorg.conf, but I think something decided to delete the customizations for me07:11
hateballgzoo: have you tried using nvidia-settings ?07:13
hateballoh, I see now07:13
gzoohateball, yes. It allows a resolution up to 2560x1080 instead of 1440 and I didn't find an option to create a custom resolution like I did on windows07:13
zolihi is there a way to automatically enter password for sudo on a remote host where root login is not possible?07:43
astrilli just blackscreened again :(07:44
WACOMaltHey folks. In general, is do-release-upgrade a safer process?07:46
WACOMaltI'm on 14.0407:46
Keitarohello guys07:47
Keitaroanyone know what is the difference and how to know if a version of ubuntu is an international version ?07:47
salamiWACOMalt in general, yes, but it can still fail catastrophically07:48
WACOMaltSo basically, don't do it in production07:48
Keitaroi ask that because people says that only the international version can boot in efi07:48
salamiWACOMalt well you should have a solid backup plan in production anyway?07:48
WACOMaltWell, "in production" here mean super small scale personal server07:49
akikKeitaro: no it's the same iso version for everybody07:49
WACOMaltJust runs znc and few web servers with zpanel07:49
Keitaroakik,  oki because with my version i can start ubuntu in efi07:50
salamiWACOMalt then I'd just go for it if I were you...07:50
Keitaroafter i take test ubuntu without install it load i see the differents led under the ubuntu name and after it blocks07:51
WACOMaltIn this case, fail catastrophically though means what exactly, need physical access to the machine to fix it?07:51
WACOMaltIt's off in a datacenter somewhere07:51
salamiWACOMalt I once had one with a broken bootloader, so yeah07:51
uebera||WACOMalt: "catastrophically" implies that you need to be able to boot the machine using a rescue image.07:51
WACOMaltThough i do have ILO access07:52
WACOMaltSo i could do that07:52
WACOMaltHmmm. Best tool to fully backup a disk image over the network?07:52
akikkaisome video chips have problems starting the gui07:52
WACOMaltOf the whole machine07:52
akikKeitero: some video chips have problems starting the gui07:53
uebera||WACOMalt: dd|gzip|netcat ?07:53
WACOMaltCan you dd the running drive?07:53
WACOMaltI'm still very much a noob07:53
uebera||WACOMalt: You can.07:53
WACOMaltOk awesome07:53
salamiWACOMalt the question is, how would you restore that image back to the server?07:53
WACOMalti guess07:53
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akikKeitaro: you can start the live dvd adding nomodeset to the kernel boot options and see if it helps07:54
Keitaroakik can you explain plz07:55
Keitarohow can i add nomo deset07:55
astrilli did nomodeset and it still does it07:55
alkisgWACOMalt: do you have enough free space on the server? if so, you can just copy everything to a subdir while it's booted...07:56
WACOMaltNot sure.07:57
alkisgWACOMalt: df -f will tell you07:57
astrillWACoMalt: what do you need help with07:57
WACOMaltOh thanks, was just googling07:57
alkisgIf you have 10 GB occupied, and e.g. 15 free, it's enough07:57
WACOMaltdf -f  invalid option f07:58
alkisgdf -h, sorry07:58
astrillwhat is h4 trying to do07:58
WACOMaltNp :p07:59
alkisgdo-release-upgrade, but backup first07:59
alkisgastrill: ^07:59
WACOMalt83% used on a 500GB drive08:00
alkisgWACOMalt: you don't need to backup /home, so don't count that08:01
WACOMaltOh, that doesn't get touched?08:01
WACOMaltGood deal08:01
alkisgThe possibility of do-release-upgrade destroying /home is very low08:01
WACOMaltIll back that up separately08:02
WACOMaltThats the only stuff i dont want to lose08:02
WACOMaltCan I do dd if=/home ?08:02
alkisgNo, but you can do cp -a /home /target08:02
akikKeitaro: when you boot the live dvd, you'll get a menu right at the start. stop the boot process and add "nomodeset" to the line that says "linux"08:03
Keitaroyou mean is the grub ?08:03
akikKeitaro: you might need to press "f6" if i remember correctly or "e"08:03
akikKeitaro: yes grub08:03
Keitarowish line ?08:04
Keitaroi have test ubuntu without install08:04
Keitaroor install ubuntu08:04
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alkisgKeitaro: https://www.maketecheasier.com/assets/uploads/2009/12/ubuntukarmic-bootup-screen.png08:06
alkisgThat menu shows up if you press space very early in the boot process08:06
WACOMaltOk, looks like home isn't too big. Under 100MB08:09
juacadojoin #eclipse08:09
juacadosorry :)08:09
newcomer25The whole Law is fulfilled in one statement: ‘You’ll love your neighbour as much as yourself’ - Galatians 5:1408:09
newcomer25God bless you all and have fun using Ubuntu linux!08:09
WACOMaltIs there, by any chance, a good web-based backend to let you graphically see your disk usage, similar to WinDirStat on Windows?08:10
WACOMaltProbably asking for too much08:10
Keitaroafter pushing e i have some text08:10
Keitaroset params and splash08:10
WACOMaltI'm sure there's a whole lot I don't need08:10
viktor133hi all. my lenses in ubuntu dash aren't working to search files (any sort) and folders, only applications. any suggestions?08:34
aryelljust stopping by to see how is everyone doing ...08:35
Netekmsg nickserv identify netek27801l08:38
Netekno way hah08:38
hateballNetek: have you changed password?08:39
Netekhateball I am trying to figure out how08:39
Netekok it changed08:40
hateballNetek: consider setting up automatic auth in your client08:41
Netekhateball yes I need to do something heh.  Nearly had a heart attack when I saw the login text in the wrong color hah08:41
tripelbMy 16.04 os computer, suddenly, can't see any wifi. What did I do last? alt-get update, then alt-get upgrade. It is 16-0408:43
FinalXNetek: what I always do when I haven't put it up as automatic, is go to my status window to auth. That way when you mess up, it has nowhere to go.08:43
NetekFinalX yes normally I do it like this but for some reason I did it on the wrong window.  I think it is because I didnt have coffee yet :)08:43
sohail-ahmedI am unable to any irc server through any client can some body please help?08:43
blackflowNetek: which irc client are you using?08:44
sohail-ahmedirssi and pidgin08:44
Netekblackflow hexchat08:45
k1lsohail-ahmed: whats the error? does hexchat work?08:45
blackflowNetek: then it should be very easy to set up sasl with password so you auth automatically08:45
sohail-ahmedI dont have hexchat installed but I can if its required. Here is the irssi error Unable to connect server open.ircnet.net port 6667 [Network is unreachable]08:46
k1lsohail-ahmed: are you sure that url is right? and that the irc network is working?08:47
sohail-ahmedpreviously pidgin was working perfectly....08:47
k1lsohail-ahmed: seems, like that irc network is down. doesnt work for me, too08:47
sohail-ahmedHow do I know irc network is working?08:47
Netekbrb I see if this works08:48
sohail-ahmedI just want to connect chat.freenode.net throught pidgin or irssi08:48
Keitarogenerally how much swap do we need on ubuntu ?08:49
Keitaro1 or 2 gb ?08:49
k1lsohail-ahmed: you said ircnet not freenode08:49
NetekI think it worked :)  Thanks for the push in the right direction blackflow I would have never known that was there08:49
k1lsohail-ahmed: ircnet seems to be down. so use freenode and that should work08:49
brunch875I want to install django but the package uploaded in the repositories isn't the latest version. Is it a bad idea to install it via pip instead?08:49
sohail-ahmedI thought freenode is a server name on irc08:49
k1lKeitaro: swap=ram size08:49
blackflowNetek: yw. note that more security paranoid would suggest SASL with a pubkey, but password over encrypted connection works just fine (just make sure you're connecting ecnrypted).08:50
k1lsohail-ahmed: freenode is an own irc network. its a different one from ircnet.net.08:50
Netekblackflow sure.  Now I need this coffee to wake me up a bit, brb heh08:50
sohail-ahmedI am sorry for being too noob but when I do /connect chat.freenode.net ...its not connecting too08:50
k1lsohail-ahmed: what is the error?08:51
Keitaroki1 i have to take 32 gb of swap ?08:51
blackflowk1l: seriously? swap = RAM size? So if I have 32G of RAM, I should set up 32G of swap?08:51
Keitaroit looks like a lot08:51
sohail-ahmedUnable to connect server chat.freenode.net port 6697 [Network is unreachable]08:51
blackflowKeitaro: personally I'd keep 1-2 GB around to push out unused pages which are often present, esp. if you have many dektop-y programs running08:51
blackflowKeitaro: the swap = ram size applies only if you want to hibernate08:52
k1lblackflow: Keitaro the only thing that really needs a correct amount of swap size is hibernation. and that needs swap=ram. if you dont want o use hibernation then you can set it to what you want.08:52
Keitarooh oki08:52
tripelbMy 16.04 os computer, suddenly, can't see any wifi hotspots and there are many around. . What did I do just before? alt-get update, then alt-get upgrade. also I had added the gnome-classic applicatiin menu to unity. - switched to 14.04 kubuntu and all is well. how do I fix 16.04?08:52
Keitarooki i see thx08:53
unnamed_hello guys08:53
unnamed_can someone help me , via pm with some basic ubuntu commands08:53
k1l!pm | unnamed_08:53
ubottuunnamed_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.08:53
sohail-ahmedUnable to connect server chat.freenode.net port 6697 [Network is unreachable]08:53
bazhangtry the manual unnamed_08:53
Netekok so I have written a script that informs our clients if their services are up or down (web server, ftp server, mail server and so on)  Would it be in any way a security threat displaying this information to the public or should it be kept private?08:53
unnamed_how do i .............. see.......... the ....... host names that have connnected to my ubuntu08:54
Neteksohail-ahmed change port to 666608:54
bazhang!manual | unnamed_08:54
ubottuunnamed_: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:54
Netekso /connect chat.freenode.net:666608:54
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sohail-ahmedUnable to connect server chat.freenode.net port 6666 [Network is unreachable]08:54
Seveasunnamed_: in general: you don't. If there is a specific service you're interested in (such as ssh or http), you can generally check the logs of that daemon.08:54
bazhang!rute | unnamed_ and these links too08:55
ubottuunnamed_ and these links too: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - https://www.andrew.cmu.edu/course/95-799/rute.pdf08:55
unnamed_surely theres a way08:55
k1lsohail-ahmed: is your internet firewalled?08:55
Neteksohail-ahmed maybe you are banned..  can you telnet chat.freenode.net port 666608:55
sohail-ahmedI don't think so08:55
bazhangunnamed_, read all those links given08:55
Seveassohail-ahmed: try port 666708:55
Neteksohail-ahmed these are freenoce servers and ports you could try out http://irc.netsplit.de/servers/?net=freenode08:56
unnamed_Question :   without going over 1 gig .  what essential programs/software is a MUST have ?08:56
unnamed_im connected v ia my phone08:56
sohail-ahmedTrying 2a00:1a28:1100:11::42... Trying 2001:6b0:e:2a18::118... Trying 2610:150:3b0f::2... Trying 2a01:270:0:666f::1... telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Network is unreachable08:56
tripelboh no, my applicatiins menu in gnome-classic DE on kubuntu is blank. Is therr some way I can get the normal menu items to come back/reappear ?08:56
k1lsohail-ahmed: try a ssl port: 707008:56
Seveassohail-ahmed: try an ipv4 address. Maybe your ipv6 setup is broken.08:56
Rarrikinssohail-ahmed: Does work?08:57
ubottudocumentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - https://www.andrew.cmu.edu/course/95-799/rute.pdf08:57
grimelHi, all. Can I somehow get the list of packages, removed recently, sorted by the date of removing?08:57
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:57
k1lsohail-ahmed: oh, that seems like an ipv6 issue on your setup08:57
bazhangunnamed_, theee are plenty of websites of what to do first/install once you get ubuntu installed08:57
unnamed_I know the essential cmd08:57
unnamed_more security08:58
bazhanghttp://ubuntu-manual.org/ unnamed_08:58
bazhangread that first08:58
sohail-ahmedYes it is a dns problem..... \connect worked.... but now how can I resolve the dns problem for my irssi client.... my browser is working correctly08:58
bazhangits a pdf unnamed_08:58
blackflowsohail-ahmed: it's not dns problem but ipv6 problem, force your client to use ipv4 connections08:59
blackflowor find out why ipv6 doesn't work08:59
sohail-ahmedso my client is not configured to use ipv6 adrresses??08:59
Rarrikinssohail-ahmed: No, your client is configured to use IPv6, and IPv6 doesn't work.09:00
blackflowI don't know what the problem is, but "network unreachable" suggest that the ipv6 address is unreachable, and you have to find out why.09:00
Rarrikinssohail-ahmed: You need to use IPv4.09:00
sohail-ahmedcan you please tell the google term to search??09:01
Rarrikinssohail-ahmed: Force irssi to use IPv409:01
sohail-ahmedthank you every body for your time and effort ... I really appreciate09:02
blackflowsohail-ahmed: it's not that simple. just use ipv4, but if you want to figure out why ipv6 doesn't work, first you start by checking AAAA records of chat.freenode.net, then you ping6 each to see if basic ipv6 networking works, and if doesn't check if your local ipv6 is correctly configured, or try mtr.09:02
viktor133could somebody help me with my lenses? they only find files i already opened before...09:02
tripelboh no, my applicatiins menu in gnome-classic DE on kubuntu is blank. Is therr some way I can get the normal menu items to come back/reappear ?09:02
akiksohail-ahmed: you can tell your linux to prefer ipv6 connections by editing /etc/gai.conf (precedence lines)09:03
akiksohail-ahmed: sorry, prefer ipv4 connections09:03
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blackflowin a world where ipv4 is depleted and we're struggling to push over to ipv6, I find advice to just use ipv4 appalling. Rather, find out why ipv6 doesn't work and fix that.09:04
tripelbi fixed it. ediy menu has restore default.09:05
Drois it safe to upgrade from ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04.1 ?09:05
Grorcohey I'm running mate and my help menu for my games just pop up saying URL cannot be shown. Any idea on a fix?09:05
Droshould i update or backup anything?09:05
Seveasblackflow: and in a less purist world we just use what works. if ipv6 doesn't work, then don't use it.09:05
viktor133Dro, yes, but always back-up anyway09:05
blackflowSeveas: I'd agree with you, but in this case we need to solve that chicken-egg problem with ipv6, and going the route of less resistance ain't gonna help :)09:06
Seveasgrimel: you can look in /var/log/dpkg.log09:06
Seveasblackflow: I'm 100% meh on ipv6. ipv4 isn't depleted by a long shot, all you'll see now is that people will start selling unused ipv4 blocks at a big premium.09:07
unnamed_how do i become a l33t hax0r i just wana be er33t09:07
Seveasunnamed_: repeatedly hit alt+f4 untill you feel l33t.09:08
grimelSeveas: I already found a better alternative - /var/log/apt/history.log, it has better representation, but thank you anyway09:08
bazhangunnamed_, try the chat channel for that09:08
unnamed_ahh ive fallen for that before.1! it just closes the program!09:08
unnamed_ok thanks09:08
Seveasgrimel: that may be incomplete: packages may have been deleted with dpkg instead of apt, those actions don't show up in the apt logs :)09:08
Wanderer-Im trying to change the owner of my external hard-drive which is currently owned by root to my user account but i cant. Do the drive need to be unmounted ?09:09
salamiSeveas ISPs are switching over customers to DSLite and similar crap en masse, for those IPv6 is the only way around crappy NAT09:09
RarrikinsWanderer-: What filesystem is on it?09:10
Seveassalami: or getting a better isp.09:10
Wanderer-Rarrikins, its an NTFS filesystem09:10
salamiSeveas for many that is not an option09:10
grimelSeveas, ok, I'll have a closer look to dkpg.log)09:10
Seveassalami: only in italy09:10
blackflowSeveas: while this is not theh channel for this discussion, you know what I meant :) exactly that it's sold out to companies who can now skyrocket the prices, is what "depletion" means in this case.09:10
Seveasat least, I haven't heard of any other countries where carrier grade nat is so popular09:11
blackflowand APNIC already has ipv6 only connections because there it _literally_ is depleted.09:11
RarrikinsWanderer-: Are you automounting it or manually mounting it?09:11
SeveasWanderer-: NTFS doesn't understand unix permissions, they are emulated as mount options.09:11
Wanderer-Im automounting it, i removed the nosuid option if that matters09:12
Seveasblackflow: apnic has no connections, it just sells ip space. For asian companies, their only option now is to buy ip space on the free market instead of from apnic.09:12
Wanderer-Well the reason i need to do it is because some of my torrents cannot resume their state on deluge, because the files are owned by root, running deluge as root doesnt solve the issue09:12
RarrikinsWanderer-: The first few answers to this question seems to handle it: https://askubuntu.com/questions/113733/how-do-i-correctly-mount-a-ntfs-partition-in-etc-fstab09:13
Wanderer-ok let me try that09:14
jeronmsg Nickserv09:15
k1lWanderer-: did you try chown the mountpoint?09:15
Wanderer-i did not try to chown the mountpoint k1l , is that recommended ?09:16
Rarrikinsjeron: Best to always do that in the status window.09:16
k1lWanderer-: yes.09:17
jeronRarrikins: can you tell it's been a while since I've used IRC haha09:18
jeronit says my nick is registered but it hasn't changed my user or anything09:18
jeronso meh09:18
Wanderer-k1l, should i recursively chown the mnt? or unmount everything, chown it to my user and then remount ?09:18
jeronGuest10178: try forwardslash09:19
k1lWanderer-: chown the mountpoint when unmounted.09:19
=== Cal is now known as Guest52339
jimhi... how can I find out if ttf-mscorefonts-installer is a package in ubuntu, if so what packages does it depend on and what packages depend on it?09:21
Rarrikinsjim: apt show ttf-mscorefonts-installer09:21
bazhangjeron, do you have an ubuntu support issue09:22
jeronbazhang: no idk why I'm here actually09:23
jeronI just installed smuxi and it took me here09:23
bazhangjeron, try the chat channel then09:23
GrorcoI just realized I cant change the colors on hexchat :(09:23
Bayanganhi... how can i change Polari header-bar (csd) in ubuntu (Unity). its too small.09:23
bazhang#hexchat can help with that Grorco09:24
frudowhat is best tool for check data transfer in aws instance..09:24
Grorcobazhang, thanks, one thing at a time though09:24
Bayanganis there any css style to change headerbar height09:25
blackflowfrudo: I'm sure aws has monitoring and graphing of that, but you could use something like vnstat on your machine to track the traffic yourself09:27
Grorcoany ideas on why programs trying to add to the all help menu wouldn't be successful?09:28
wolfmoonI have a question09:32
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:32
wolfmoonWill I be able to get the Ubuntu phone on a contract or is it cash-only?09:33
Keitarowhy after installation and after my login i only see the wallpaper and my mouse i can't select nothing there is nothing on the destop09:35
bazhang!phone | wolfmoon09:35
ubottuwolfmoon: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch09:35
Keitarobut i still can do ctrl alt F109:35
VladimirVolkovHello. I need someone help to give me web link on ubuntu forum where discussing about difference server and desktop version.09:35
Wanderer-Keitaro, have you tried startx ?09:36
Ben64VladimirVolkov: the difference is the gui really09:36
wolfmoonubottu: thank you for the help!09:36
Ben64Wanderer-: startx isn't the right way to do anything on ubuntu09:36
ubottuwolfmoon: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:36
bazhangVladimirVolkov, ubuntuforums has a search item, try it09:36
Wanderer-Ben64, ive always solved my issues with that, including when i sometimes get locked out after switching users09:37
VladimirVolkovbazhang: thanks buddy! I thounght so too. The soft are the same in all distros.09:37
KeitaroWanderer-, yes09:37
Keitarothere is a error09:37
Wanderer-are you sure you have installed ubuntu desktop?09:38
Keitarowhen i do sudo startx in tty i come bacck in the ubuntu but with the same background wallpaper09:39
Ben64don't do startx09:39
blackflowespecially not sudo startx :)09:40
hateballHard to grasp for some, it seems09:40
VladimirVolkovbazhang: If I want to setup a desktop ubuntu with i3wm, can I do this task using ubuntu server image?09:40
bazhangKeitaro, startx is not the right way to do it09:40
Keitaroand my mouse is replace by a cross09:40
Keitarowhat shoud i do plz ?09:40
bazhangVladimirVolkov, or get the mini iso and build up09:40
bazhang!mini | VladimirVolkov09:41
ubottuVladimirVolkov: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD09:41
nagarjunghi could anyone help me with the IRC channel for ubuntu mirrors?09:41
VladimirVolkovbazhang: It seems to do install process like archlinux or gentoo.09:41
VladimirVolkovubottu: ok09:42
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)09:42
hateballnagarjung: #ubuntu-mirrors09:42
VladimirVolkov!mini | VladimirVolkov09:42
ubottuVladimirVolkov, please see my private message09:42
jimhi, apparantly the package ttf-mscorefonts-installer fails to download the font files,,, is this a known issue?09:43
bazhangjim is via the terminal09:43
ducasseVladimirVolkov: i'm running ubuntu with i3 and installed from the server image. works just fine.09:43
bazhangjim you need to agree to the eula for those09:44
jimdoes the package do that?09:44
bazhangtab over to ok and then return jim09:44
VladimirVolkovducasse: ok. i'm regular slackware user, but for job perpose i need try out ubuntu.09:45
blip-Hi all, after rebooting my work PC - I'm getting resolution of 1000xsomething, reinstalled nvidia drivers but they dont seem to load.   ubuntu drivers screen http://imgur.com/a/OjsbR nvidia-settings error http://termbin.com/59v3 'sudo lshw -C display' shows no driver in configuration http://termbin.com/y9ay   lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 vga http://termbin.com/8cya09:45
jimbazhang, it's not me... I'll get the person to come here09:45
bazhangthats what I had to do at least jim, but I get the full ubuntu restricted extras09:45
VladimirVolkov!systemd | VladimirVolkov09:45
ubottuVladimirVolkov, please see my private message09:45
VladimirVolkovubottu: 109:46
jimbazhang, how does one agree to the eula?09:46
bazhangVladimirVolkov, please open a PM iwth the bot09:46
bazhangtab over to ok and hit return if in the terminal jim09:46
jimbazhang, you mean while installing the package?09:48
nagarjungthank hateball09:48
nagarjungthank you*09:48
ducassejim: if he has missed the prompt, he should get it again if he runs dpkg-reconfigure on the package iirc09:49
Rarrikins05:42 < lieven> majest1c: when you flip the orientation, the integral changes sign. similar to int_a^b = - int_b^a09:49
Rarrikins05:42 < t0by> cheeseboy, this is ##math, surely there's people with actual degrees and people with publications, even, that are willing to check it out if you ditch your code for a second and we look at the actual solution09:49
jimlet me find out... hang on09:49
Rarrikins05:43 < t0by> once we are sure of that we'll look at the code.09:49
Rarrikins05:43 < majest1c> lieven How would I know what sign it should have in the first place?09:49
VladimirVolkovubottu: !gnome | VladimirVolkov09:50
ubottuVladimirVolkov, please see my private message09:50
bazhangVladimirVolkov, PM the bot Please09:50
k1lVladimirVolkov: please do that in a pm with the bot.09:50
bazhangVladimirVolkov, /msg ubottu gnome09:51
contumaxhi, ubuntu 16.04 + mailcow - is it possible to change the directory where mails are stored?09:51
rexwin_what RAID level is used in bigger organizations?09:51
bazhangrexwin_, how could we know that09:51
rexwin_widely used?09:52
bazhangrexwin_, thats not an ubuntu support issue09:52
bazhangtry ##linuc rexwin_09:52
bazhangalso ##linux09:53
jimrexwin_, raid levels are chosen due to their characteristics and what use they would be put to... example, a database needs a lot of random access, and I think 10 is suitable for that, and 5 is not09:53
Utsav_Chokshi /join #kolibrios09:56
Keitarosomeone knows how i can fixe my problem ?10:00
Keitaroi am stock after my login on ubuntu and see nothing ^^10:00
Keitarothx in advance10:00
DanawarKeitaro: http://askubuntu.com/questions/477542/ubuntu-14-04-only-wallpaper-and-a-mouse-cursor-is-showing10:02
Keitarothx Danawar i will check that10:02
k1lKeitaro: restart lightdm10:03
k1ldont use startx. make sure in that users home .Xauthority and others dont belong to root:root now but to user:user10:03
kristian_on_linuanyone else getting this stuff when updating: W: Ignoring Provides line with DepCompareOp for package python-cffi-backend-api-max ?10:04
Keitaroit said after i wrote restart lightdm fail to connect to upstar10:05
sai_rongzhjSomeone knows better console font in tty other than terminus ?10:05
k1lKeitaro: what ubuntu is that?10:05
Keitarothe last one10:07
Keitaro16.04 i think10:07
k1llsb_release -sd10:07
k1lthat will tell you which version exactly10:07
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
k1lsudo systemctl restart lightdm10:08
Craigwellok, so a recent update for 14.04 broke my broadcom wireless (surprise, surprise). It's using the STA driver. Anyone encounter this? I've tried remove/reinstall etc and nothing10:09
Keitarok1l, done10:09
Keitaroi log in again ?10:09
k1lyes. if that is still broken do it again and try the guest account and see if that works10:10
Keitarostill a full purple screen with only my white mouse10:10
Craigwelltried the stuff in here https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2130853 and no dice10:10
x_XPHi guys, I wonder if I can get help here with setting up SSD to be use in MacBook Pro to run OsX  using Ubuntu USB thumb drive.10:15
k1lif you want to run osx you might better ask the apple guys for that10:15
Keitarok1l, it doesn't work still a perfect purple screen10:16
k1lKeitaro: ok, so what did you do before that happened?10:16
Keitarobut there us a flashy box that flash all the time saying there is a wi fi signal or something10:16
Keitarohard to read ...10:16
DanawarKeitaro: I'd run sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop unity compizconfig-settings-manager upstart next but best check with the others10:17
k1lKeitaro: and the guest account didnt work?10:17
NetekI dont believe this.  I just went and bought a new Laptop Dell Inspiron 5000 Series with corei7, 8GB RAM and all that.  I just connected to the internet and the ethernet has a limit of 100Mbps..  WTF....  I have an Acer laptop which is about 5 years old and this has 1GBps ethernet -_-  In other words this laptop cannot handle the top speeds of our internet connection -_-10:17
DanawarKeitaro: Also do you have an nvidia graphics card?10:17
NetekI thought 100Mbps ethernet speeds were outdated????10:18
Craigwellnetek: Did you verify specs before purchase? Or ..before posting?10:18
k1lNetek: look at what exact card is in use and if that needs special handling on linux due to the manufacturerer not sticking to the standards10:19
Craigwellnetek: Do you have a new cat 5e or cat 6 cable?10:19
NetekCraigwell no I didnt, as I assumed that these days all modern laptops came with 1GB as standard.  I learnt something new -_-10:19
KeitaroDanawar, yes i have10:19
KeitaroGTX 950 M10:19
NetekCraigwell well I connected same wire to other laptop and I reach the full 300Mbps connection, I connect this one and I get 100Mbps10:19
Netekafter looking at the dell website it states its 100Mbps10:20
Netekwhat a waste of 1200EUR10:20
Craigwellnetek: funny if it has wireless AC and 100m ethernet haha10:20
NetekCraigwell :P10:21
NetekI do a wifi test10:21
Craigwellnetek: says 10/100 ethernet10:21
mcphailNetek: this isn't a channel for chat about your purchase. Please keep this channel for Ubuntu support issues.10:22
CraigwellAC is an option, along with N10:22
x_XP<k1L> there is small problem Mac people told me that SSD is Fu***d but I manage to boot on Ubuntu USB than install Ubuntu 16.04 on this MBP SSD  and run it10:22
DanawarKeitaro: This is what i am looking at maybe trying some things;10:22
DanawarKeitaro: http://askubuntu.com/questions/449845/problems-after-upgrading-to-14-04-only-background-and-pointer-after-login10:22
x_XP<k1l> Than I booted it back on USB Ubuntu drive, used gparted to formatted this SSD to HFS+ than tried to install Mavericks OS, but install or Mac disc utilities could not see this drive10:23
k1lx_XP: that is  why you need the help of the apple guys. we cant tell you why apples os got that issues10:23
x_XPk1l thanks mate10:24
Craigwellx_XP: Sounds like it doesn't like Grub.10:24
Netekmcphail well I am using Ubuntu on the laptop and was at first wanting to check if it was hardware or software issues with ubuntu.  Obiously now it is proven to be the hardware10:24
KeitaroDanawar, apt-get doesn't work it said can't resolve the name10:25
Craigwellx_XP: or HFS+. Try with EXT410:25
Keitarobecause i use wifi and i can't onfigure it10:25
x_XPCraigwell  format it with EXT4?10:25
ducassex_XP: that won't help you, os x can't be installed on ext410:26
Craigwellx_XP: I would try that, sounds like install / mac disc don't like HFS+10:26
k1lCraigwell: that is nonsense. hfs+ is the apple filesystem10:27
DanawarKeitaro: I think you should be able to use the original install media a CD or USB stick to reinstall items like unity etc10:27
x_XPCraigwell but when ubuntu was running on it os x install disk did not see this drive and Ubuntu is EXT4 isn't it?10:27
DanawarKeitaro: Additionally if purging Ubuntu drivers that may have been downloaded Ubuntu should fall back.10:28
KeitaroDanawar, you mean that i reinstall ubuntu totally ?10:28
k1lx_XP: or aplle blacklists some ssds or hdds. please ask the apple guys. we cant help you since its not a ubuntu issue10:28
k1l<k1l> Keitaro: and the guest account didnt work?10:28
Keitarobecause when i install i had to use nomodeset10:28
Keitarok1l, same effect in guest account than in my account10:29
DanawarKeitaro: Not at all but you can install packages/libraries off the media if they have been removed accidently.10:29
k1lKeitaro: ok, so its an driver issue. can you boot an older kernel in grub?10:29
jianu81hi guys10:29
Keitaroi have only this one10:29
jianu81can i load ubuntu to the ram ?10:29
x_XPCraigwell:k1l: I was using this SSD on this MBP for 2 years then recently it apparently died but i can load and run UBUNTU from it ???10:30
Keitaroi just dl the last iso for a dualboot on my new computer10:30
ducassex_XP: you're in the wrong channel, we cam't help you10:30
Keitaronotepad asus10:30
k1lKeitaro: so its a clean install?10:30
k1lKeitaro: did you try nomodeset?10:30
viktor133jianu81, if you start the computer with ubuntu as OS it is loaded into the RAM...10:30
k1lKeitaro: and?10:31
jianu81i meant10:31
Keitarobecause my install didn't work i do nomodeset10:31
jianu81kinda like puppu linux10:31
Keitaroand i can install10:31
jianu81or parted magic10:31
Keitarootherwise the install was freezing10:31
k1lKeitaro: keep in mind we only know what you tell us. if you dont tell us we need to guess. and guessing is always not a good base for support.10:31
Craigwellx_XP:k1l: Sorry, I was confusing with ZFS as I'm not an Apple boy10:31
Keitaroyes sorry*10:31
k1lKeitaro: then try it again to use nomodeset10:31
viktor133jianu81, you mean without installing it onto the harddrive?10:32
CraigwellI was thinking you used ZfS instead of EXT4 for the ubuntu partition and that install wouldn't see it for some reason10:32
x_XPThank you all I got l lazy and give up on Ubuntu for MAC few years back now10:32
k1ljianu81: use the ubuntu usb?10:32
Keitaronomodeset yes i can try10:32
CraigwellI was reaching a bit in an attempt to help *shrug*10:32
jianu81but can i save the data ?10:32
Keitaroyou mean try to do a clean install with nomodeset again ?10:32
k1lKeitaro: no10:32
jianu81on the usb ?10:32
k1l!nomodeset | Keitaro try the one time solution explained here10:32
ubottuKeitaro try the one time solution explained here: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter10:32
viktor133jianu81: sure, but it won't work quite as well. other distro's might be more suitable for that10:33
x_XPCraigwell: what would be relevant Mac channel  ?10:33
jianu81any suggestions for tht ?10:33
jianu81that ?10:33
viktor133jianu81: when you run it (ubuntu) for the first time it's like that10:33
jianu81parted magic worked10:33
ducasse!alis | x_XP10:33
ubottux_XP: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http10:33
jianu81but tharpup didn't10:33
viktor133jianu81: not familiar with tharpup10:34
k1ljianu81: the ubuntu live system loads totally to the ram. is that what you want?10:34
jianu81i kinda wanted a portable arcade game machine10:34
k1ljianu81: then use a ubuntu usb and make that persistent10:35
hateballKeitaro: no need to reinstall, but you have to use nomodeset for your installed version as well uintil you add a proper driver10:36
hateballKeitaro: and if you want to add the latest working driver for your chipset from !ppa then here is a oneliner: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa && sudo apt update && sudo apt install nvidia-37010:37
Keitarooki thx10:38
Danawarhateball: Problem is he has no internet :(10:38
Danawarso may have to lan it10:38
hateballDanawar: oh. that does indeed complicate things10:38
Keitaroi will  try all that after my lunch thx10:38
=== twwwater is now known as tww
hateballDanawar, Keitaro : but should be able to download the needed packages from ppa, as well as dkms from official repos in case not installed10:38
R13oseI am getting this error: http://pastebin.com/1X7S0kwt in the Update Infromation - KDE Daemon, how do I fix this?10:40
olmariI'll come here as I'm running 16.10 and don't want to make any type of "official" bug report yet...10:41
hateball!ubuntu+1 | olmari10:41
ubottuolmari: Yakkety Yak is the codename for Ubuntu 16.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+110:41
olmariallrighty :D10:41
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
Na3iLR13ose, what version of Ubuntu?10:44
R13oseNa3iL: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS10:45
Na3iLTry this : sudo apt-get install --reinstall ttf-mscorefonts-installer10:45
k1lR13ose: install that package ttf-mscorefonts-installer manually with apt. you need to check the EULA manually to make that work.10:45
R13osek1l: I did install this, and I thought I did check the EULA.  Even so, why do I need this package and do I use this?10:46
k1lits the microsoft font package. and some programs (like wine) need that10:46
R13oseNa3iL: why do I need to reinstall this.  I think I did that once before, and the error message still came up.10:46
R13osek1l: as far as I know wine is not installed.10:47
Afdlawhich program is responsible for changing active monitors when docking/undocking laptop?10:48
k1lapt-cache rdepends ttf-mscorefonts-installer10:48
R13osek1l: http://pastebin.com/BDkLa5T010:49
k1lR13ose: libreoffice is one of those packages for example10:56
R13osek1l: yes but I use libreoffice as my main office suite.  Are you saying all of these use that package?10:57
blip-hi, nvidia drivers got messed up after reboot.  I can no longer use my work desktop (1000xsomething resolution).   can anyone walk through fixing this with me ?  spent few hours already10:57
k1lR13ose: for compatibility reasons with MS office, yes10:58
R13osek1l: that is fine with me but how do I get the error to go away?10:58
k1lR13ose: sorry, need to go afk for work. maybe other can help10:58
R13osek1l: no worries10:59
hateballblip-: what drivers are you using? what type of gpu setup? hybrid or single? custom xorg? etc10:59
k1lR13ose:  run the install on that package again and make sure to check the eula. that is a common issue with that package10:59
hmigeekblip-: login into cli (Ctrl + Alt + F1) and run lspci -k checkout your graphic kernel driver in use11:00
R13osek1l and Na3iL: I did the command "sudo apt-get install --reinstall ttf-mscorefonts-installer" and this reinstalled.  The only thing I noticed was this "mscorefonts-eula license has already been accepted"11:01
Phryqis there a way to install Ubuntu onto a USB disk from Ubuntu without first downloading an ISO?11:05
ducasseR13ose: there have been others in her today with problems downloading those fonts, could be a problem with the server11:06
ducasse*in here11:06
R13oseducasse: was that person, me?11:06
ducasseR13ose: don't remember, but it was several hours ago11:07
ducasseR13ose: anyway, i've had the same problem myself before, and it worked fine the next day11:08
R13oseducasse: this has been going on for awhile.11:09
ducasseR13ose: just a thought.11:10
R13oseducasse: I know but this error is not going away.11:10
Na3iLYou solved your problem R13ose ?11:11
R13oseNa3iL: nope, did you read what I wrote above?11:11
ducasseR13ose: if you run /usr/lib/msttcorefonts/update-ms-fonts, does it complete successfully?11:11
Na3iLNope, sorry I was AFK11:11
Na3iLoh, I get it11:12
R13oseducasse: when I run that command, I get this: http://pastebin.com/XB59zqhD11:13
=== coup_de_shitlord is now known as Guest37185
ducasseR13ose: ok, so it can't actually find the font-files, but thinks they are installed. you could try a purge and reinstall, other than that i'm not sure.11:15
fredson``hi everybody. any ideas how to squeeze another 36M off my /boot-partition for an 14.04.-> 16.04. update?11:16
ducassefredson``: remove a kernel you don't need?11:19
=== ekv- is now known as mushrOOm
=== mushrOOm is now known as ekv-
smongI did that11:21
smongand deleted all kernels11:21
R13oseducasse:  I did the command "sudo apt-get install --reinstall ttf-mscorefonts-installer" and this reinstalled.  The only thing I noticed was this "mscorefonts-eula license has already been accepted"11:22
ducasseR13ose: just a reinstall is different from a purge and install, it should try to download the fonts again if you do that.11:24
R13oseducasse: what command do I use for that?11:25
ducasseR13ose: 'sudo apt-get purge ttf-mscorefonts-installer && sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer'11:25
=== dez is now known as dezmoi
kikeroHello! I have Ubuntu 16 LTS running on my laptop. Recently, my Internet started working very slow.11:28
kikeroThe speed is inconsistent, sometimes it works fine, sometimes it doesn't.11:28
kikeroI've looked into the Chrome Developer Tools, I get a few 200 requests and then lots of them pending for ~ 10 seconds. This happens with quite a few websites, but not with all (youtube works fine, for example). It also happens when loading pages from my localhost.11:29
blip-hmigeek, hateball: thanks, i got it fixed just by disabling UEFI secure boot option in the bios.  funny since i never touched any bios or driver settings in the last 6 months11:29
BluesKajHowdy all11:30
ikoniakikero: is this wired or wifi11:30
ikoniaand by not working do you mean "no internet at all"11:31
kikeroikonia: wifi. no, internet is working, but some requests are pending for a really long period of time.11:31
R13oseducasse: I did that and the only thing I notice is many of these happen: http://pastebin.com/x4wbAV5d11:32
ikoniais it always the same requests, or random ones11:32
kikeroif I refresh my localhost, I get 10 out of 59 requests processed immediately with the 200 status, and the rest are pending for ~ 10 seconds, after which they get downloaded. does this have something to do with dns?11:33
ducasseR13ose: that looks like a bug to me, but i though this was fixed. have you done an 'sudo apt-get update' recently?11:34
R13oseducasse: yes I believe so11:35
ducasseR13ose: in that case i think you should report it. do you know how to do that?11:35
R13oseducasse: is there already a bug report for this?11:36
ducasseR13ose: there was a bug for apt on this, i'm pretty sure11:36
R13oseducasse: can you link me to that?  I can add a comment to that if I figure out how.11:37
asarguy help me out11:37
amnixHi. I just bought a new SSD. I installed ubuntu on it but it's not booting off it for some reason. Can someone please help?11:38
asari always get this error. even if i fix, it shows up the next day E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/download.opensuse.org_repositories_home:_Horst3180_xUbuntu%5f16.04_Packages11:39
ducasseR13ose: try this one https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/msttcorefonts/+bug/157540811:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1575408 in msttcorefonts (Ubuntu) "pkgAcquire::Run warnings ("Can't drop privileges for downloading...") during font-file downloads" [Medium,Confirmed]11:39
fredsonmmmpf ... dark magic kicked me out ... so bother u again.11:39
fredsonany ideas on how to free 36M on /boot for an update? no lvm of course.11:39
dezmoifredson: is it safe to say that you currently only have one linux image loaded?11:41
R13oseducasse: done11:42
melioi got a lot of help here last night that helped me sleep, thank you #ubuntu11:42
R13oseducasse: is there anything else I can do or have to wait for this bug to get solved?11:42
ducasseR13ose: then all you can do is hope it gets some attention. the more affected users, the sooner it gets fixed.11:42
R13oseducasse: thanks.11:43
melioR13ose, my printer doesnt work in 16.04.1 properly without a hack that has issues with breaking apt/apt-get functionality11:43
R13osemelio: hacking oh no11:43
=== beaver is now known as beaver|death
melioyeah throwing i386 arch stuff to function on a 64bit arch os11:44
meliothat kinda driver stuff is really unstable11:44
dezmoiamnix: Need more info11:45
R13oseducasse: I am going to go and wait on this bug getting fixed if possible.11:45
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amnixdezmoi: Can I show you the output of any command for more info?11:45
melioand with new patches it broke it and caused gui software lockups when trying to install. and console apt/apt-get had unresolvable dependencies, the lockups caused lock files too. i had to reboot just to remove dependant files linked to tons of stuff lsb installed to try to employ the hack to make the printer stuff work.11:46
VladimirVolkovHey yo, should I compile custom kernel in ubuntu server when i want alsa support?11:46
dezmoiamnix: are you using GRUB?11:46
fredsondezmoi: mmh, dpkg --list | grep linux-image | wc -l is giving me 9 ; does that mean i can purge old ones, doesn't it ?11:46
melioducasse, being patient with new releases is why it is safe to wait a while before upgrading from 14.04 to 16.04.1 which i was reluctant about11:46
dezmoifredson: Yes.  purge what youre not using11:47
amnixdezmoi: yes i went with the normal ubuntu installation. didn't change anything11:47
ducassemelio: 14.04 is supported for 3 more years, there's no hurry if you don't need newer software.11:48
dezmoifredson: uname -r11:48
dezmoifredson: Keep whatever is listed there11:49
mcphailVladimirVolkov: why do you want a custom kernel? Generally, Ubuntu kernels are already built with a ton of modules compiled11:49
dezmoifredson: plus the extras and maybe the one before that one as a back up11:49
dezmoiamnix: I am trying to help but don't know where to start.  You've updated your boot order, right?11:50
ducasseVladimirVolkov: alsa works fine with the standard kernels11:51
amnixdezmoi: yes11:51
amnixdezmoi: these are some messages that show up when i boot from a live usb http://paste.ubuntu.com/23088685/11:51
fredsondezmoi: destruction sequence in progress :--------> :D11:51
multifractali installed smuxi irc client with software centre. how can I find the command to start it from terminal? it's not `smuxi` I tried that.11:52
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dezmoiamnix: No dual boot?11:53
amnixdezmoi: no its a new ssd. i just installed ubuntu on it. and its not booting.11:53
multifractaland the process name associated with smuxi is `mono-boehm` according to system monitor11:53
ikoniakikero: refresh your localhost ? you mean refresh the browser ?11:53
kikeroikonia: yes, making my browser load a page served by my local apache2 installation.11:54
ikoniakikero: local apache 211:55
ikoniakikero: you said this was wifi problems/interent problems11:55
ikonianow it's a local apache2 install ??11:55
kikerodude, listen to me.11:55
ikoniaI am listening to you, you've just changed the problem totally11:55
dezmoimultifractal: use "$ irc"11:56
kikeroI explained that it's the same behaviour for both pages from the Internet, loaded through wifi and pages that I am loading from the server I have installed on my machine.11:56
dezmoimultifractal: I am pretty sure thats the command11:56
kikeroThing is, it's not "http://localhost", it's "http://mylocalfakedomain.com".11:56
kikeroi.e. local domain name11:57
ikoniaso ?11:57
ikoniawhat is the resolver for your fake domain name ?11:57
multifractaldezmoi no it says 'The program 'irc' can be found in the following packages:* epic4* epic5* ircii Try: sudo apt-get install <selected package>'11:57
kikeroI added the domain in the sites-available file and in /etc/hosts11:57
VladimirVolkovducasse: no. i have ubuntu server + i3wm+icecat+pulseaudio+alsa-utils But no sound from youtube)11:58
ikoniakikero: ao I'm failing to see what this is proving11:58
kikerokikero: well, if I go to youtube, which is a website I use a lot, it works.11:58
VladimirVolkovducasse: May be there is method to trace or strace to enable sound11:59
ducasseVladimirVolkov: the problem is not that the kernel lacks alsa support, because it has that11:59
kikeroI'm downloading with 4MB/s. Thing is, it sometimes takes a lot before processing a request. In other situations, it downloads it instantly.11:59
lordcirthmultifractal, apt-file list smuxi | grep bin11:59
kikeroikonia: so I'm guessing that it may have something to do with DNS fetching (?)11:59
ikoniakikero: but you're not using dns on your internal test, as you're using /etc/hosts12:00
VladimirVolkovducasse: Has ubuntu server alsa support in its kernel? I have installed server version not desktop12:00
statusfailedWhere does the "last" command get the time a user logged out ?12:00
ducasseVladimirVolkov: same kernel.12:00
statusfailedI don't see it in the utmp file format12:00
VladimirVolkovthere is no zcat /proc/config.gz12:00
VladimirVolkovducasse: there is no zcat /proc/config.gz12:00
ikoniastatusfailed: wtmp I think12:01
ducasseVladimirVolkov: 'ls /boot/config*'12:01
VladimirVolkovducasse: OK. thanks.12:01
statusfailedikonia: but they follow the same format12:02
ducasseVladimirVolkov: check with pavucontrol that the right output is active and not muted12:02
statusfailedand there is no "exit time" information in the utmp/wtmp format12:02
multifractallordcirth: it came up with http://pastebin.com/dsyNqse212:03
ikoniamaybe not then,12:03
k1lVladimirVolkov: yes, ubuntu supports alsa. but uses pulseaudio as standard on most desktop seutps12:03
fredsondezmoi: apt-get purging a couple of linux-image-* did it. thanks.12:05
kikeroikonia: ok. do you have any idea what could be, then? or what steps I could take to figure this out?12:06
ikoniakikero: tcpdump the intereface and wait for it to go slow12:10
ikoniakikero: but them when you do "localhost" you're using a physcial interface anyway12:10
wskydo any of you guys use indicator-multiload?12:10
wskyi got this issue that besides the graphs it shows text cpu use percentage to the right of the graphs12:10
wskyi want to turn it off12:10
wskybut i see no such option in the menu12:11
wskyok i actually got it12:12
melioducasse, that's a very good suggestion - i haven't really configured and installed much usable software due to problems - but 3 years seems like a good reasonable timeframe to let 16.04.1 mature with bug fixes12:14
Blueerhey. is it possible to restrict the access for non root users for "/proc/self/mounts"? i don't want that other users can see the harddisks and mounts. hidepid=2 for proc doesn't helped.12:15
meliodownloading and installing 14's latest image12:16
meliobe back later. thank you #ubuntu for very logical resolutions to problems - expert advice here is appreciated very much.12:16
hateballblip-: that secure boot thing with nvidia is a bug, it should be fixed with the latest drivers found in the PPA iirc12:17
dezmoiBlueer: chmod12:17
hateballblip-: since they now have KMS support12:17
leeyaawhat is the recommended cluster resources manager nowadays on Ubuntu12:17
leeyaai know that heartbeat is deprecated12:18
leeyaaso i guess corosync ?12:18
Blueerdezmoi: chmod: changing permissions of ‘/proc/self/mounts’: Operation not permitted -> other permission changes in proc work12:18
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avail_say i wanted to ..... borrow...12:20
avail_a neighbours.....12:20
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dezmoiBlueer: /proc/self/mounts is generated from the kernel.  I thought it was just a link to a file.12:25
kniHi, running 16.04 here with 16GB ram. My system tends to use swap space even when there is still free memory available (according to free/htop etc). Any idea what might cause this? i tend to blame VMware workstation12:26
hateballkni: you can try adjusting vm.swappiness12:26
blackflowkni: how much swap? some of it is normal, even if you have plenty of free ram12:26
SwedeMikekni: that's normal behaviour. If there is memory that hasn't been used for a very long time, it might get swapped out to instead use it for block cache.12:26
SCollinskni: Whats its typical RAM usage?12:27
knihateball: i did already set it for tests to 10 and later 112:27
statusfailedikonia: you're probably not interested, but it turns out logins/logouts are stored as different lines in utmp format, if you find a login, you have to search ahead for the corresponding logout12:27
statusfailedthat's how "last" works12:27
kniSwedeMike: 16GM ram and 16GB swap is configured. right now, after uptime of 6 hours it is using 2GB swap already12:28
slystoneI want to make a script print in the Ubuntu panel.12:28
blackflowkni: changing swappiness will not page in already paged out stuff. did you reboot between tests?12:28
slystonehttp://www.webupd8.org/2011/05/how-to-display-network-upload-download.html ← I've found this ppa.12:28
kniblackflow: i dis- and reanbled swap while playing with swapiness to make it work12:28
blackflowkni: also, do you have transient, short-lived processes that consume much more RAM than you think watching htop between those runs?12:29
slystoneIt does the job, but maybe this function is already included in Ubuntu 16.04. What do you think?12:29
kniblackflow: hard to answer, my main usage is having 2 vm's running and 2 browsers on the host itself - plus some terminals12:29
SwedeMikekni: that's a lot, but it depends on the applications you're running.12:30
SwedeMikekni: if some memory isn't used by anything, it might get swapped out.12:30
kniSwedeMike: a lot applications or a lot swap? ;)12:31
hateballslystone: I dont run Unity myself but it seems there should be an applet for something so simple12:31
SwedeMikekni: having 2G swapped out is a lot, especially after 6 hours. But it all depends on what you're running on the machine. It's not unheard of.12:31
kniaccording to free i do have >2GB available ram right now, but only 0,2 GB free - still 2GB is swapped. Just to give you some numbers12:31
hateballslystone: Or you could use conky perhaps12:32
SwedeMikekni: please pastebin the output from free12:32
blackflowkni: maybe this would help: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-which-process-is-using-swap/12:32
kniblackflow: tried that already - was not helping but i gonna paste that as well12:32
knigimme some time ...system is slow ;)12:32
blackflowkni: didn't help? didn't give you a picture of which procs might be using lots of swap?12:33
kniregarding free output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23088793/12:33
slystonehateball: I thought of conky. But I'd gladly use something that already exists.12:34
SwedeMikekni: that's a lot of buff/cache used. I don't see why it would swap that agressively.12:34
slystoneI just want to print the result of simple python script in the Ubuntu panel.12:34
kniregarding who is swapping: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23088801/12:35
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blackflowhuh. would VMs be listed there? remind me, there _is_ a process per VM running, correct?12:37
kniyes for each vm12:38
knii am somehow completly unsure so far what might cause the swapping at all12:38
knibesides that i am for sure running a big footprint in general, but the system isn't that bad either12:39
chl_hey, does anyone know if isc-dhcp reserve a static defined host, if said host's lease has expired?12:40
ikoniathe lease won't matter if it has a satic definition12:40
chl_ikonia: so its discarded from a dynamic range/pool?12:41
blackflowkni: well, some swap usage is a good thing. it becomes a problem if the system starts paging in and out more often12:42
chl_say I have -, and is a static/fixed host, will be discarded from the pool?12:42
blackflowchl_: I don't think so. If you want to mix dynamic and static like that, better define a dynamic-only range for dhcpd12:44
kniblackflow: i do feel lags - or in other words short freezes12:44
kniso this is far beyond good ;)12:44
chl_blackflow: thank you, I was expecting that too12:44
blackflowkni: vmstat will tell you if what si/so (swap in / swap out) is during those laggy times12:45
slystoneAight, got my answer (notify-send).12:45
kniblackflow: so you would recommend running 'watch vmstat' for a while to monitor the output?12:46
blackflowkni: don't need watch with vmstat, just give it a delay, eg.  `vstat 5`12:47
kniblackflow: i seem not to be that used to vmstat usage - should it report pids?12:47
kniright now i do see a single line with general swap free buff values similar to free12:48
kniand free is again using vmstat if i remember right12:48
blackflowkni: ?12:49
kniisnt free using vmstat in the background to catch its informations?12:50
kniblackflow: seems like i have to read a bit about vmstat ;)12:50
blackflowno I think it uses /proc/memstat12:50
v0lksmanhello all!  where does awstats put the HTML files of reports when using the awstats package?12:51
blackflow*meminfo sorry12:51
aluskoniki have some problem with nvidia drivers and steam, can somebody help figure out it12:51
mmethHi. I installed windows and lost grub. On which partition should I install grub to?13:00
mmethcan I install it to the ubuntu partition and then add that to windows boot menu/BCD?13:01
SwedeMikemmeth: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot13:01
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mmeththanks SwedeMike but this doesn't touch my question13:06
SwedeMikemmeth: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#Reinstalling_GRUB_2 install on MBR.13:07
badphi guys, I've been having screen flickers on my external DisplayPort monitor ever since I upgraded to 16.04. Nothing relevant shows up on dmesg or anywhere in /var/log. I noticed it happens most often when using function keys with terminator :/13:10
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Afdlabadp: I have exactly the same problem13:13
AfdlaI've noticed it happens usually when I switch focus to other program like pressing alt+tab13:13
badpAfdla: Intel GPU?13:13
AfdlaI don't know which one this laptop has13:13
Afdlaah its intel13:13
badpit's getting difficult to restrain myself from embedding my fist into this monitor :/13:14
RickyB98i'm trying to configure vsftpd so that whenever i *file* is uploaded, its perms are 664, while whenever a *directory* is created, its perms are 775.. how can i do that?13:14
badp(I replaced monitor and cables, and I still have it)13:14
AfdlaI seem to get the flickers when using CTRL/ALT/SHIFT or just switching focus to another program13:14
Afdlaand it's random13:14
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Afdlasometimes happens, sometimes not13:14
Afdlacan't reproduce consistently13:15
Afdlait only happens on my primary monitor though, not the secondary13:15
badpis it connected by displayport?13:15
badpyeah, I've changed monitors and cables, but it's still always the displayport monitor13:16
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Afdlahmm have you tried dvi/hdmi then?13:16
badpI have another monitor on DVI13:17
Afdlame too13:17
badpbut I guess I could just go HDMI instead of DP13:17
AfdlaI only have VGA+DVI+DP on my laptop dock :/13:18
AfdlaI guess I could use vga13:18
kamarhi there13:18
kamaranyone online?13:18
hateball!help | kamar13:19
ubottukamar: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:19
kamari cant setup wifi-hotspot in ubuntu 14.04LTS. It says AP mode not supported but im able to setup in windows with same device13:20
kamarwhat to do?13:20
dezmoikamar: are you able to manually change the modes on your wifi card?13:21
guest7860check here niggers: http://goatse.info13:21
blip-hateball, thanks re "that secure boot thing with nvidia is a bug, it should be fixed with the latest drivers found in the PPA iirc. since they now have KMS support".    I thought it was the design of secure boot itself that was poor13:23
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kamar@dezmoi....have tried with "iwconfig wlan0 mode master" and it throws error "Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06) :     SET failed on device wlan0 ; Invalid argument."13:25
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badpAfdla: and I just found out I only have VGA/DVI/DP as monitor inputs13:26
acresearchpeople i despiratly need help, I lost a file in my desktop, i need it back. can anyone help me? I think i deleted it in my trash but it is not there.13:27
Speed09acresearch, is your drive in ext4? ?13:28
acresearchSpeed09: yes13:28
k1lhow did you delete it?13:29
Speed09look at this thread: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/122305/undelete-a-just-deleted-file-on-ext4-with-extundelete13:29
leo-rengood morninrg :)13:30
abu_shawarib_Anyone having this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/154273313:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1542733 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "Connect to Hidden Wi-Fi Network, "Connect" grayed out" [High,Confirmed]13:30
Speed09good morning leo-ren !13:30
acresearchk1l: my desktop was flooded with directories when i accedently tried to download a database, i deleted them with my directory, now when i search the trash i cannot find my directory (i have a lot of directories from the database but not mine)13:30
leo-renwhat happened with php5?13:31
d0lph1n98where can i get precompiled old linux kernel? the initrd and vmlinuz13:31
VladimirVolkovwhat is the differs between ubuntu and debian?13:31
Speed09VladimirVolkov, Ubuntu is a Debian Based distro.13:32
k1lVladimirVolkov: different release tiemframes, different handling of packages and PPAs and 3rd party repos and non free stuff.13:32
acresearchSpeed09: how can i use extundelete (from the link you sent me) to restore a file i deleted from my desktop?13:32
k1lacresearch: are you sure its not in the trash? there should not be a reason why this was handled differently13:33
Speed09acresearch, extundelete /dev/YourDrive --restore-file path/to/deleted/file13:33
acresearchSpeed09: my drive? i deleted it from my computer's desktop13:34
Speed09acresearch, si check what is the name of your drive where your os is running13:34
acresearchSpeed09: how?13:35
streulmaPackage temperature too high cpu throttling, bug between kernel and ASUS BIOS13:35
streulmaI have this on Ubuntu all the time13:35
Speed09acresearch, http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-command-list-mounted-devices-in-terminal/13:36
acresearchSpeed09: /dev/sda2      ext4             106G   11G   90G  11% /13:37
acresearchis this this one Speed09 ?13:37
acresearchSpeed09: is this my root directory?13:38
Speed09acresearch, idk, it's your computer, not mine13:39
acresearchpeople i really despiratly need help, I lost a file in my desktop, i need it back. can anyone help me? I think i deleted it in my trash but it is not there.13:39
k1l<k1l> acresearch: are you sure its not in the trash? there should not be a reason why this was handled differently13:40
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k1lacresearch: there is no reason why it should not be in the trash like every other folder/file you deleted from the desktop. so either you deleted it manually (like holding shift for full delete) or its either on the deskstop still or in the trash13:41
acresearchk1l: i think because i deleted 1060 files and it is one of them13:41
k1lacresearch: then look carefully into the trash13:41
acresearchi searched for it, but it is not there, let me explain what happened13:42
acresearchi tried to download a database into a folder in my desktop using terminal, but i accedently executed the command outside the folder to the MASSIVE amount fo folders in the database got downloaded into the desktop. i deleted them all then realised i have an important work file there. all the foldered have 2 letters except my folder, i searched for it, it is not there13:43
acresearchk1l: i searched several time, i restarted my computer and searched again, it is not in the trash13:43
k1lhow did you delete those files from the desktop? with the terminal?13:44
acresearchno with fn backspace,  all these files are in the trash except my file13:44
k1ldoes "ls -al ~/Desktop" list that file?13:45
hateballblip-: well one can have opinions about secure boot regardless :p13:47
acresearchk1l: https://da.gd/7Be113:47
k1lacresearch: does "ls -al ~/.local/share/Trash/" list that file?13:48
k1lif its not there you can look at "ls -al ~/.local/share/Trash/files"13:49
acresearchk1l: no13:50
acresearchk1l: it is not there either13:50
acresearchk1l: is there a limit to how many files the trash can store?13:51
logicalhi ppl, is it possible to install calendar from gnome 3 (like fedora) on ubuntu-mate?13:54
Mitchell92Hello. I have a notebook I bought for class. I have TLP installed to hopefully maximize battery life. Is this widely recommended or is there another software package available that will help me get even more out of the battery?13:54
acresearchk1l: any ideas?13:54
k1lacresearch: so you moved/deleted that file manually differently?13:54
acresearchi selected all and pressed fn backspace to move to trash13:55
zetherooI can do 'sudo nano /home/user/file.txt' with no issue, but if I try with 'sudo cat << EOF > /home/user/test.txt' I get a 'Permission Denied' reply13:56
k1lzetheroo: the sudo doesnt work with pipes13:56
acresearchk1l: i selected all and pressed fn backspace to move to trash13:57
akikzetheroo: use "sudo tee /home/user/test.txt" to create the file13:57
zetherook1l: ah ok13:57
k1lzetheroo: and sudo should not be used at all in users home13:57
zetherooakik: ok, will give that a shot13:57
acresearchk1l: any ideas?14:00
acresearchk1l: please help?14:04
vigh_guys, a noob question, I've installed pip, then installed a package using it (called udemy-dl), and whenever I try to run udemy-dl, I get command not found, how can I fix that?14:04
k1lacresearch: well. logically that file should be either in that trash folders or still on the desktop14:04
akikzetheroo: use "sudo -u username" if you need the file's ownership defined14:06
vicatcuHi I'm running a distribution upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 and I foolishly / accidentally launched chrome part way through installing14:06
acresearchk1l: but it is neither, this happened to me before but in an illerevant file, this time it is a really impirtant file14:06
acresearchk1l: isn;t there a way to try and recover it if somehow it got deleted14:07
zetherooakik: well I need to be able to inject text into the file as well14:07
vicatcuI have a black screen with done text now and no hard disk activity14:07
k1lacresearch: is there a .Trash-0 folder in that users home?14:08
vicatcuIs it safe to restart the computer, or what should I do?14:08
acresearchk1l: no14:09
logicalhi ppl, is it possible to install calendar from gnome 3 (like fedora) on ubuntu-mate?14:10
k1lacresearch: i dont know then what you did there. what desktop is it?14:10
ruindEvery time I login I have to run 'ifup eth1'  is there a better way of making sure the interface is up upon login besides a custom script in /etc/init.d? http://pastebin.com/LKjfXN9Q14:10
vicatcuI'm using IRC from my phone... Any help appreciated14:10
k1lacresearch: is there any .Trash* folder in that users home?14:12
k1lacresearch: or is it at /home/.Trash*14:13
acresearchk1l: no, no trash folder in the home direcotry14:14
zetheroois there any way to insert text into a file with sudo?14:14
christian95Hello how do you fix screen tearing in xubuntu? when I enter  cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep Tear it says there that tear free is Disabled14:15
acresearchk1l: is it hidden?14:15
vicatcuSystem I'd running in low graphics mode dialogue pops up and I can't get to the desktop, crap14:15
geniizetheroo: If you just want to append the file with new text: echo "whatever it is" | sudo tee -a /filepath/filename14:15
k1lacrocity: yes. folder and files with . starting are hidden.14:16
vicatcuPlease can side kind soul help me get back to a desktop14:16
acresearchk1l: no i meant, is it supposed to be a hidden folder? i do not find it under normal nor hidden folders14:17
zetheroogenii: will that work with inserting multiple lines of text?14:17
fr4nckyhi everybody i have a bug with nautilus. the name of my files havn't numbers14:18
k1lacresearch: i dont know then. last chance will be extundelete14:19
geniizetheroo: Sure, one line at a time...  But if you want to actually edit the file, do something like: sudo nano /filepath/filename  instead, add to it, then save and close14:19
vicatcuHow do I get to a command line if unity won't start?14:21
zetheroogenii: ah cool - thanks!14:21
abu_shawaribif that don't work use ctrl+alt+f114:22
ctjctjHello.  I'm looking for documentation on how to mount an encrypted filesystem on boot.  Situation: User set up a full disk encrypted ubuntu.  But the drive was slow.  He installed an SSD and we installed 16.04.01 on that SSD.  Now we want to mount the HDD else where and set up some loop back mounts to that HDD.  To mount the HDD we are currently logging in, running cryptsetup luksOpen(???) parmams.  vgchange -yaa; mount14:23
ctjctj/dev/ubuntu-vg/root /local;14:23
ctjctjI would like to automate all of that on boot.14:23
acresearchk1l: how can i use extundelete?14:25
acresearchk1l: in my situation?14:25
k1lextundelete is the really last chance. it tries to find the pieces that are not overwritten already on the filesystem14:26
k1lbut i really suggest you try to search your system for that file14:26
vicatcuRunning sudo dpkg --configure -a in an attempt to recover from interrupted distribution upgrade14:27
ctjctjacresearch have you tried "locate"14:27
acresearchk1l: i don't know hwere else to search14:27
acresearchctjctj: how can i use locate?14:27
k1lacresearch: did you use the search?14:27
ctjctjacresearch, locate partial_file_name14:27
acresearchctjctj: what if it is a directory?14:28
ctjctjIt will tell you14:28
ctjctjI use it all the time so I don't remember if it is installed by default.  Worse case you'll need to do an "update-db" command.14:28
vicatcuStuff is happening at least...14:28
ctjctjcorrection: updatedb14:29
acresearchctjctj: i have locate14:29
vicatcuAssuming I come through this intact, how do I know distribution upgrade succeeded?14:30
acresearchctjctj: there is some development...!!! i might have located one of the files in the directory14:30
acresearchctjctj: k1l let me explain to you what i have found, i found a text file, which is the most important file for me, it is located in /home/acresearch/ownCloud/Analysis (but this directory does not have this file because it is a cloud storage directory and i removed this file from there earlier today and the server was updated).14:33
ctjctjacresearch, go to the web interface for your ownCloud server.  Go to the "undelete" option.14:34
ctjctjOwncloud keeps backups of deleted files until it needs to purge for disk space reasons.  So there is a likely hood that your file is still there.14:35
vicatcuRebooting again after running dpkg -configure -a ...14:35
vicatcuI have unity again!14:36
ctjctjvicatcu, my condolences.14:36
acresearchctjctj: YOU ARE A FREAKING GENIUS !!!! I GOT IT BACK !!!!!!!!!14:36
vicatcuHow do I know if my distribution update is done?14:36
vicatcuctjctj har har14:37
abu_shawaribhehe congrats14:37
christian95Hi intel tear free is disabled.. How to enable it? Im using xubuntu 16.04 64bit. my gpu is Intel integrated gpu14:37
christian95anyine help please?14:38
abu_shawaribchristian95: use compositor: http://askubuntu.com/questions/568113/tearing-in-xubuntu-14-0414:39
ctjctjvicatcu, when unity first came out I hated it.  Now I just dislike it.14:40
xoxoxohi! anyone can help me make bootable usb flash drive with ubuntu 16.04 from command line? i currently use debian 8 jessie14:40
ctjctjacrocity, you are welcome14:40
christian95abu_shawarib_: greetings my friend.. how do you those commands?14:41
jonahHi can anyone help as I can't open Inkscape on ubuntu 16.04 and I get this error: inkscape: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgiomm-2.4.so.1: undefined symbol: _ZN4Glib11VariantTypeD1Ev14:41
abu_shawaribchristian95: what commands? I think Window Manager Settings is somewhere in the settings. I haven't ever used xubuntu so I'm guessing.14:42
liava_Need help14:43
xoxoxoabu_shawarib, can you help me?14:43
_adbxoxoxo: you can use dd: something like sudo dd if=/path/to/downloaded/ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdX, where X is the letter that thekernel has assigned your drive14:43
liava_I cAnt log on to my Ubuntu . It goes to black screen then login over and ive F14:43
liava_And over14:43
christian95abu_shawarib_:how do you add the lines in the config file in the link you sent me?14:43
xoxoxo/dev/sdb1 is usb of=/dev/sdb or /dev/sdb114:43
xoxoxoi r14:44
xoxoxopresume is of=/dev/sdb14:44
_adbxoxoxo: verify your drive letter by plugging it in and checking the output of dmesg. you should see something that indicates which drive letter is in use. of should be /dev/sdb, without the partition number14:44
christian95abu_shawarib_: I dont want to use compton... I just want to enable tear free14:45
_adbxoxoxo: warning: this WILL destroy any existing data on that usb disk. VERIFY that it is the correct disk and any data on it is backed up before running the command14:45
adasdhi guys14:46
adasdhelp to configuring my computer... I have SSHD 8GB SSD and 500GB HD how install ubuntu?14:47
abu_shawaribchristian95: sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf14:48
adasdcause only 8GB to / ?14:48
Guest145598GB is plenty14:48
Guest14559for /14:48
christian95abu_shawarib_: Il try my friend14:49
abu_shawaribchristian95: put this in the file and logout - login :http://paste.ubuntu.com/23089198/14:50
adasdGuest14559: humm14:50
vicatcuso now I'm in Ubuntu 16.0414:51
vicatcuI don't get the open in new tab option when I right click in a terminal?14:51
adasd8GB ind SSD, /home 496GB and swap 4GB in the HDD? right?14:51
Guest14559for instance for ubuntu server 1GB disk space is recommended14:51
adasd  /  8GB ind SSD, /home 496GB and swap 4GB in the HDD? right?14:52
adasdGuest14559: ubuntu desktop amd64 only 8gb?14:52
christian95abu_shawarib_: /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf does not exist... and when I copy/paste the text you sent it says no such file or directory14:52
Guest14559for ubuntu desktop 5GB is recommended14:53
Guest145598GB should be more than enough14:53
adasdGuest14559:  /var/cache?14:53
Guest14559var should go to another partition14:53
Guest14559not the same as /14:54
Guest14559due big log files and stuff14:54
xoxoxo_adb, thats all?14:54
xoxoxosudo dd if=/home/xoxoxo/Downloads/ubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb14:55
xoxoxoreboot ?14:55
HebejebeesHas anyone here used ZNC Bouncer with Ubuntu?14:55
abu_shawaribchristian95: it's just a config file it doesn't need to exist. create it and paste the the text into it14:55
christian95abu_shawarib_: how?14:56
_adbxoxoxo: yeah, that's it. if you want to be *absolutely* sure about the drive letter, you can omit the "grep" and just run dmesg. the output for a drive that's registered as sdb2 will look something like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23089214/ you can see pretty clearly: "a usb drive was plugged in, and now i have it as sdb"14:56
abu_shawaribchristian95: do sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf and then write inside it and save it.14:57
adasdGuest14559: so... / 8GB SSD and  /var 40gb /home 456gb swap 4gb in HDD?14:57
poseidonAny suggestions for a good laptop that isn't bulky with old peripherals?14:58
Guest14559is alright14:58
poseidonI see some laptops I like but they alwasy have things like CD drives, AVI ports, etc.14:58
murphyis there a way to install wifi drivers from source with apt?14:59
poseidonAll I need are usb, hdmi, and a headphone jack14:59
christian95abu_shawarib_: Error writing /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf: No such file or directory14:59
abu_shawaribchristian95: copy the http://paste.ubuntu.com/23089198/ text in that file14:59
_adbposeidon: plenty of netbooks out there, but not really on topic for this channel14:59
adasdGuest14559: thanks a lot bro, i try here! :D15:00
Guest14559no problem brah15:00
Guest14559good luck15:00
poseidon_adb: any suggested channels?15:00
murphyi did it manually but it doesnt show up under the wifi manager, i have to do everything through cli15:01
poseidonalso I don't really want a "netbook."  I want a 15" screen with good specs15:01
beantaxiHola. 14.04 here. Just noticed the supported openssl is 1.0.1f (Jan 14). I believes covers heartbleed, but have other folks upgraded or are you sticking with 1.0.1f?15:01
poseidonhttps://system76.com/laptops have great ubuntu laptops, but they're all so bulky15:01
tdannecyposeidon: Buy a Mac?15:03
Guest1455916.04 uses 1.0.2g15:03
abu_shawaribchristian95: what is the name of the graphical text editor in xubuntu? leafpad? thunar?15:03
poseidontdannecy: I can't run ubuntu on a mac15:04
poseidoncan I?15:04
Guest14559yes you can15:04
adasdposeidon: yes u can15:04
streulmayes you can15:04
Guest14559macs are glorified PCs15:04
adasdmac intel?15:04
streulmaI have installed Ubuntu on an old iMac 2006 :-)15:04
Guest14559they run intel you know15:04
streulmahe runs Ubuntu Mate without nvidia 3d15:05
streulmabecause video card stuck on OSX15:05
poseidonYeah, I'm not sure if I want to play the premium for a mac.  I just want all the bloatware I don't need15:05
streulmathe person says, my Mac is stuck, can't use :(15:06
streulmaI say, I can fix :-)15:06
_adbposeidon: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&IsNodeId=1&N=100006740%20600004343%20600004344 lots of choices. figuring out what specs are good, what hardware is extraneous, and which prices are reasonable is up to you. again, however, this isn't really on topic...15:07
xoxoxo_adb, here is output of dmesg http://paste.ubuntu.com/23089248/ ( after i did if dd ) and this is what dd command did http://paste.ubuntu.com/23089250/15:08
adasdposeidon: macbook model?15:08
_adbxoxoxo: that's some normal looking output for dmesg, but some very strange output for your second paste15:10
=== Poof|| is now known as NoobsFlyVFR
xoxoxoso? what is the idea?15:11
xoxoxowhat should i do?15:11
_adbxoxoxo: i'm not sure. how'd you get that? that's output from an ls, not dd.15:11
xoxoxoyes ls15:12
xoxoxols inside external hdd15:12
ph88_can someone help setup an ssh tunnel ?15:14
xoxoxowhat do i do? something went wrong15:15
tdannecyxoxoxo: From your second pastebin, I think you have a mismatched text encoding setting somewhere along the line.15:15
xoxoxoare same names15:15
xoxoxoin dolphin15:16
OerHeksso you DD a partition, looks like a swap partition :-D15:16
ph88_i have a server to connect to and a destination tunnel address   what do i do with those ?15:19
OerHeksph88_, ssh *is* the tunnel, no?15:19
ph88_don't know15:19
Netekhmm, can somebody tell me about locale on Ubuntu.  Whenever I attempt to upgrade or do any other form of apt work it complains of locale: Cannot set LC_ALL to default locale: No such file or directory15:20
NetekI have just followed about 5 guides online on solving this and I cannot seem to get this issue to go15:20
Netekoutput of locale gives me the following: http://pastebin.com/ANVTRsia15:21
joelioNetek: do a sudo  dpkg-reconfigure locales15:21
Netekjoelio I did15:21
NetekI also did locale-gen15:21
NetekI tried many different things and I dont know why I cannot get rid of this15:21
joelioLC_ALL should be set to c or something15:23
OerHekssudo locale-gen en_GB en_GB.UTF-8 && sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales15:23
joelioNetek: or potentially just unset, the env var is listed but no value set15:23
logicalhi ppl, is it possible to install calendar from gnome 3 (like fedora) on ubuntu-mate?15:23
Netekjoelio the only thing I didnt try was adding LC_ALL="mt_MT.UTF8"  into /etc/environment and then rebooting15:24
joeliohang on, mine's not15:25
=== Nach0z_ is now known as Nach0z
=== pathhfinder is now known as raju
joeliotry what OerHeks said..15:25
Netekthat is the wrong locale though, it needs to be mt, I try it but change en_GB to mt_MT15:25
joeliooh, sure15:25
joelioI'm not familiar with that locale, just check for it's charset (UTF-8 perhaps?)15:26
=== raju is now known as aak12
Netekyes it is utf-815:26
joeliodoing the reconfigure asks you thoough, which is strange15:26
Netekhrrmm ok, I did the command that OerHeks said, I no longer get the cannot set LC_ALL but running locale still shows LANGUAGE=  and LC_ALL=  they are both blank15:29
Netekis this something I should worry about?15:29
mcphailNetek: no15:29
OerHeksNetek, did you run updates ? maybe you get some packages you need15:29
Netekok, OerHeks yes I just did another apt update and apt upgrade15:30
Netekno errors15:30
OerHekswhen i change locales in the gui it asks for updates15:30
=== unixninjax_ is now known as unixninjax
Netekthis is on a remote server15:30
MacroManHow can I configure init.d to specify certain arguments when starting a daemon?15:31
MacroManSpecifically, exim4 starts with -bd by default, which I'd like to remove.15:31
MacroManCan I literally just edit the exim file under init.d or will that be overwritten?15:32
mcphailNetek: $LANGUAGE is for a list of your primary and secondary preference languages. If you want to use one language for most things and don't worry what language will be used if it is not available, keep it blank. $LC_ALL is used to override the other LC_ variables temporarily15:34
addonis1990anyone is using pidgin here, the chat app? I managed to build it on ubuntu but sounds are not working15:34
Netekmcphail ok, thanks for the explanation.15:34
Piciaddonis1990: why build it yourself? its in the package repositories.15:35
Pici!info pidgin15:36
ubottupidgin (source: pidgin): graphical multi-protocol instant messaging client for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.10.12-0ubuntu5.1 (xenial), package size 516 kB, installed size 1909 kB15:36
addonis1990Pici, that's what's mentioned on their website15:37
christian95abu_shawaraib_: my friend you still there? I restarted my system... still having screen tearing15:38
Piciaddonis1990: their website says "We do not provide pre-built packages for Linux and Unix distributions. We recommend installing Pidgin using your operating system's standard package management tool."15:39
stochastixIs ubuntu-studio an offshoot of ubuntu just like kubuntu?15:39
stochastixAs in, I can talk about it in here?15:40
addonis1990Pici, you are right ! Should I remove it and reinstall it again to get sounds to work ?15:40
daxstochastix: yes15:40
Piciaddonis1990: I'd give that a shot.15:40
stochastixdax: cool, thanks. Are there repos i can enable to get a newer version of blender?15:41
stochastixLike v 2.7 something15:41
OerHeks!info blender15:42
ubottublender (source: blender): Very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.76.b+dfsg0-3build1 (xenial), package size 21043 kB, installed size 70491 kB15:42
christian95hi people how to enable tear free? Im using intel integrated gpu in xubuntu 16.04.. I hate screen tearing15:42
OerHeksuniverse, so it is the latest i guess15:42
abu_shawaribchristian95: what is the name of the graphical text editor in xubuntu? leafpad? thunar? sublime?15:42
christian95abu_shawarib_: mousepad15:43
mcphailstochastix: blender is fairly self-contained and doesn't really need "installed". If you want the latest version, just download it and run it from the unpacked tarball. But my recollection is the current Ubuntu version is fairly up to date15:43
stochastixmcphail: Does ubuntu-studio use the same repos as ubuntu?15:44
stochastixIt is basically the same thing with some preinstalled packages right?15:44
liava_Reaver channels only go up to 14?15:44
mcphailstochastix: I think it does, IIRC. Been a while since I used -studio15:44
stochastixim downloadinf it right now. Im asking for a freind who just started using linux.15:44
abu_shawaribchristian95: try: sudo mousepad /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf. or just sudo mousepad15:45
mcphailstochastix: I'm sure there's a page on the u-studio website explaining the (minor) differences. As I recall, there's a tweak or 2 to enable low-latency audio15:45
stochastixmcphail: he said the version in there is 2.6.8 or something, I bet he just needs to do an upgrade after installing ubuntu-studio15:45
christian95abu_shawarib_: still cannot save my friend.. maybe the config file should be created first15:46
stochastixmcphail: yea, realtime kernel is probably one differnce15:46
abu_shawariboh crap15:46
abu_shawaribchristian95: i forgot that the folder don't exist15:46
mcphailstochastix: no - there hasn't been a realtime kernel patch for ages15:47
mcphailstochastix: lowlatency, yes. Realtime - not for a long time15:47
christian95abu_shawarib_: how to create the folder?15:47
Meliocan someone clarify versions for me, I notice 14.04 LTS has multiple versions - Trusty, Xenial, Wily, vivid, Utopic - I know Trust/Xenial are the only supported till 2019 versions - which Trusty is 3.13 kernel, and Xenial is 4.4 kernel - what should i do here. one or the other. newer kernel or older.15:47
OerHeksMelio, both got security patches, 3.x is a LTS kernel15:48
naccMelio: 14.04 LTS is Trusty15:48
abu_shawaribchristian95: see if this folder exsist: sudo mousepad /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf15:48
naccMelio: did you mean the kernel (hwe) stacks?15:48
Melioyes, which kernel, newer or older version15:48
mcphailMelio: use the newer kernel unless it gives you problems15:49
stochastixmcphail: I see now there is a ubuntustudio room too, oops,   :) search didnt show that a min ago.15:49
Meliomcphail, would xenial be the same base as 16.04?15:49
naccMelio: iirc, 14.04 only supports 14.04.5 now15:49
Melionacc, i had a problem with an epson driver in 16.04 using xenial 4.4 kernel15:49
Melioso i wanna roll back to 14.04.x to recover my printer capability15:50
mcphailMelio: you might have the same problem, then15:50
Meliothen stick with trusty?15:50
naccMelio: then you might want the stock 14.04 level15:50
naccMelio: no HWE stack15:50
christian95abu_shawarib_: my friend15:50
Melionacc, is there a network installer for it? is it LTS?15:50
Melioi ran it 14.04.x with updates until it started flipping out on grub and java got jacked up15:50
abu_shawaribchristian95: ?15:51
naccMelio: is there a network installer for what? 14.04.1 would be what you want, iirc15:51
Melionacc, mcphail  based on this bug : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lsb/+bug/153635315:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1536353 in lsb "[Regression] Epson's printer driver packages cannot be installed as lsb package is not available anymore" [Undecided,New]15:51
Meliowhich version would you use?15:51
Melioor would regression effect 14.04 too15:51
naccMelio: it says the bug is fixed in 16.04 already?15:52
OerHeksMelio, in that bugreport is your solution too, we told you a few hours ago ..15:52
Melioit's not15:52
Melioit's hacked to work15:52
OerHekssudo apt-get install printer-driver-escpr seems to be your solution15:52
MelioOerHeks, it's not a solution! i had to wipe it out15:52
christian95abu_shawarib_: I restarted my system, still having screen tearing15:52
MelioOerHeks, doesnt printer-driver-escpr stll depend on i386 arch stuff?15:52
Melioif i try it, I'm going to have another 3 hours of diagnosing it and filing bugs on this15:53
MelioI guess anything worth doing is worth taking time to experiment15:53
OerHeks!info printer-driver-escpr15:53
ubottuprinter-driver-escpr (source: epson-inkjet-printer-escpr): printer driver for Epson Inkjet that use ESC/P-R. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.3-2 (xenial), package size 250 kB, installed size 448 kB15:53
Melioi think it's fine. i'll try it15:54
Meliobut i dono if i'll have scanning. thats the next thing15:54
mcphailMelio: from a quick scan of that bug report, i can't see that has anything to do with the kernel15:54
christian95abu_shawarib_: Hey my friend Im back just restarted my system.. so sorry15:54
Meliomcphail, it's about it being regression it was installed on my old os and worked fine15:56
Meliodeprecated or regression not sure the differnce in those two terms. i'm not a opensource coder15:56
mcphailMelio: yes - it is a regression but not from the kernel15:56
naccMelio: mcphail's point is it has nothing to with the kernel level as you mentioned earlier15:57
bumblefuzzhi, I'm trying to install ubuntu without swap space15:57
bumblefuzzI'm currently booted into the USB drive15:57
bumblefuzzand I have the installer open but I'm not sure how to partition the drive15:57
abu_shawaribchristian95: can you do: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep Tear15:58
bumblefuzzcan someone help me partition it without a swap partition?15:58
Melioprinting a test page15:58
akikbumblefuzz: just create the root partition / then(?)15:58
bumblefuzzI've been reading up on it but have found some fairly complex stuff about ReadonlyRoot15:58
* Melio has to learn to read bug report comments 15:59
bumblefuzza normal install has a lot of partitions15:59
bumblefuzzand I want to use LVM15:59
bumblefuzzso, just a single root partition?16:00
akikbumblefuzz: it's enough16:00
MelioOerHeks, thank you sir. you are a time saver16:01
Melioi would buy you lunch but all i can do is pay respect forward16:01
OerHeksMelio, have fun!16:02
Melioscanner and printer work perfectly (at least so far)16:02
christian95abu_shawarib_: hey my friend16:03
Melioi expect it will be fine. but it's actually printing and scanning better then the proprietary solution16:03
Melioscanner program stock w/ the distribution finds that printer instantly and scans16:03
christian95hello how to make the configuration file in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf16:05
christian95xubuntu is tearing like hell how to enable tear free in intel gpu please ?16:07
alkisgchristian95: try asking in #xubuntu, they know which window manager they use etc16:08
ActionParsnipchristian95: what is the output of:   lsb_release -c16:08
christian95alksig_: it takes forever for them to reply so I went here16:08
christian95ActionParsnip_: Codename:xenial16:09
ActionParsnipchristian95: and when do you see the tearing ?16:09
christian95ActionParsnip_: When playing videos in vlc and that youtube video ccalled screen teearing test I want to eliminate screen tearing my friend.. I dont want to use compton...16:10
alkisgchristian95: for example, in ubuntu mate, I have tearing with the default marco, but I don't have tearing when I run mate-tweak and enable marco --no-composite. But I've no idea which window manager xubuntu uses, that's why I suggested to ask there...16:11
ActionParsnipchristian95: if you run:   sudo lshw -C display    do you see an Nvidia GPU and an Intel GPU, or just a GPU?16:11
christian95alksig_: xfwm416:11
ActionParsnipchristian95: * just an Intel GPU16:11
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christian95ActionParsnip_: Im using Intel16:11
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ActionParsnipchristian95: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23089591/16:13
alkisgchristian95: yup, I've no idea about that window manager, if it's compositing or not, if it has issues like marco/metacity do, how to disable compositing there etc...16:14
christian95ActionParsnip_: my text editor is mousepad sir\16:14
alkisgNote that if you're trying to edit a file in xorg.conf.d, you'd need to create the dir first16:14
christian95alksig_: how??16:14
alkisgchristian95: in my experience, tearfree didn't help16:15
ActionParsnipchristian95: thats fine too. You may want to make a cheeky symlink to make your life easier16:15
alkisgYou can try it with sudo mousepad /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/90-tearfree.conf16:15
christian95alksig_: no I ean how do you create the dir? I have tried sudo mkdir... gives me errors16:16
alkisgThe /usr dir I mentioned already exists16:16
christian95alksig tried that too16:16
ActionParsnipchristian95: sudo mkdir /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d; sudo mousepad /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/90-tearfree.conf        ect etc16:16
alkisgchristian95, ActionParsnip, the directory /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d is surely there, it exists16:17
alkisgMany preinstalled packages provide it16:17
alkisg$ dpkg -S /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/16:17
alkisgxserver-xorg-video-amdgpu, xserver-xorg-input-wacom, xserver-xorg-input-vmmouse, xserver-xorg-input-synaptics, xserver-xorg-input-evdev, xserver-xorg-core: /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d16:17
alkisgchristian95: sudo mousepad /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/90-tearfree.conf16:17
alkisgBut as I said, it didn't help with metacity and marco. And, compiz on the other hand, doesn't have that issue.16:18
christian95thanks to ActionParsnip and alksig for your support... I will now reboot the computer and see if their help works.. I jhope it does thanks you people in this irc channel16:18
ActionParsnipalkisg: doesnt hurt to try and add it, you'll just get a warning16:19
alkisgSure, just to make sure he wasn't doing other things like "I have tried sudo mkdir... gives me errors"16:19
ActionParsnipalkisg: oh, absolutely :)16:19
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abu_shawaribthis chat does't make any sound when someone mention me16:22
partylinehi there i have problem with my audio16:22
partylinejust stop working16:22
alkisgabu_shawarib: which irc client are you using?16:23
Melioi'm trying to access an external usb harddrive. and it's not showing up here's my paste of dmesg and tail, and lsusb http://pastebin.com/Du8RiSqG16:24
abu_shawaribhmm i think it doesn't work when my name have _ in the last16:24
=== avail is now known as avail_
abu_shawaribi'm just using web16:24
=== kosta is now known as Kosta7
alkisgMelio: one possibility is that the port doesn't have enough power for the harddrive, do you happen to have an externally powered usb hub, so that you try connecting it via that instead?16:25
ActionParsnippartyline: try:  killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.config/pulse* ~/.pulse*     wait 10 seconds then reboot16:26
stochastixWhat is xenial?  Is that the name of 16.04  ?16:26
naccstochastix: yes, the codename16:27
stochastixok thanks16:27
stochastixSo if i enable, proposed repos, that is about as new as i can get on any packages right?16:27
ubottuUbuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://www.ubuntu.com/download - Read the release notes at http://ubottu.com/y/xenial16:27
naccActionParsnip: fyi, `pulseaudio -k` is preferred over `killall pulseaudio` iirc (more graceful, possibly)16:27
partylinerm: cannot remove '/home/partyline/.pulse*': No such file or directory16:27
ActionParsnipnacc: will use that in future. Thanks16:28
stochastixI wondering what the newest version of Blender is that i can possibly get as a package through the repos16:28
naccActionParsnip: although in both cases, i wonder if it will just restart right away (i'd need to check)16:28
ActionParsnippartyline: thats fine, you'll have one or the other. The command covers both16:28
naccstochastix: in 16.04?16:28
Meliowtf file system is "Microsoft storage spaces"16:28
alkisgstochastix: http://packages.ubuntu.com/blender ==> sorted by ubuntu version16:28
genii!info blender16:28
ActionParsnipnacc: it does but in the small amount of times its dead, the files are free16:28
ubottublender (source: blender): Very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.76.b+dfsg0-3build1 (xenial), package size 21043 kB, installed size 70491 kB16:28
stochastixalkisg: ohh, nice, thanks16:28
naccActionParsnip: ah sure :)16:28
xoxoxothank you _adb16:28
geniistochastix: Bot indicates current version included is 2.7616:29
MelioI dont think linux can access this drive, cause it's not compatible with linux's ability to read it16:29
ActionParsnippartyline: give the system a kick, see if its ok then16:29
Melioi guess that's better than mounting it and showing me a drive i can't access16:29
Meliohmm. i guess that's a choice i would like to make16:29
partylineActionParsnip, thanks dude audio start work16:30
partylinewith aut reboot16:30
stochastixgenii: looks like yakkety has 2.7716:30
stochastixgenii: is yakkety a newer release, or is that in testing?16:30
geniistochastix: Yakkety is the development version of the next Ubuntu16:30
naccstochastix: yakkety = 16.1016:31
stochastixgenii: ok, so development yakkety is even more testing than xenial-proposed i take it.16:31
naccstochastix: two totally different things16:31
naccstochastix: yakkety is a different distribution/release16:31
stochastixok, im used to rolling releases, I have to asjust my brain16:31
naccstochastix: xenial-proposed is pending updates (typically for testing purposes for bugs, etc.) for xenial16:31
stochastixnacc: I see16:32
geniistochastix: For a later Blender, I use this PPA, which is well-maintained: https://launchpad.net/~thomas-schiex/+archive/ubuntu/blender16:32
damolimasmbclient works, but nautilus doesn't show any devices in "Windows networks". How can I fix this?16:32
stochastixnacc: going to yakkety would not be advised for someone who is new to Linux, like my frind right?  :)16:32
ActionParsnippartyline: if its working ten no need16:32
naccstochastix: no, it would not be.16:32
naccstochastix: it's not yet released16:32
abu_shawaribGuys can you see if this affect you? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/154273316:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1542733 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "Connect to Hidden Wi-Fi Network, "Connect" grayed out" [High,Confirmed]16:33
ActionParsnippartyline: you just reset the settings for pulse to defaults. Its a good place to start if sound suddenly stops working16:33
stochastixgenii: ahh, thanks for that. A third party repo will fit the bill.16:33
MonkeyDustActionParsnip  long time no see16:33
stochastixwhat does PPA stand for?16:34
abu_shawaribpersonal package archive16:34
stochastixah, ok nice/16:34
ActionParsnipMonkeyDust: yeah man, been busy16:34
stochastixI know that is"risky" but i am guessing there is a list of trusted people with PPAs?16:34
abu_shawaribThere isn't16:35
mcphailstochastix: there is no need for a PPA for blender at all. Just download and run from the site. Why mess up your package management?16:35
stochastixoh ok, I just thought maybe there was a good way to find popular PPAs16:36
stochastixmcphail: you are probably right, or just stick with 2.76 really.16:36
ActionParsnipstochastix: I use duckduckgo   they have a !ppa bang :)16:36
mcphailstochastix: the blender creators work hard to keep it self-contained. Bless them for that16:37
ActionParsnipstochastix: all PPAs are equally risky as they are outside of the official repositories16:37
stochastixmcphail: though the installed versions are more integrated with ubuntu, the GPU and packages like ffmpeg and stuff16:37
* alkisg would argue that the ones maintained by the debian/ubuntu maintainers for the same packages, are a bit more safe than others... :)16:37
mcphailstochastix: I have half a dozen version of blender on my hard drive. The Ubuntu native package does not offer anything the downloads don't16:38
stochastixmcphail: ok, thanks for that info.16:38
mcphailstochastix: getting GPU rendering is hairy whether your on native or not16:38
abu_shawaribanyone checked that bug?16:41
nrml1anyone seen this before? W: Invalid 'Date' entry in Release file /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/pkg.duosecurity.com_Ubuntu_dists_trusty_Release16:43
nrml116.04.1 when running apt-get update16:43
cortexmani'm having trouble using apt-get - it keeps hanging on ubuntu and other repos https://gist.github.com/brianmingus/5958a7341a4a8b7d08752478fd3be58016:43
ActionParsnipnrml1: try:   wget https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8850924/fixpackage; chmod +x ./fixpackage; sudo ./fixpackage16:45
naccnrml1: fwiw, it seems like the repository you are using is for trusty, not for xenial (based upon the release file name)16:46
blackflowso many kittens die whenever someone (wget or curl) | sudo16:47
ActionParsnipblackflow: the link is clickable and can be checked before running16:47
nrml1yeah I realize that, it was after I did a release upgrade16:47
blackflowand that methodology and approach should be advised instead.16:47
h3llhello everyone16:47
* h3ll how are you mates?16:48
nrml1yeah if you just copy paste from an irc channel without checking the code then you kind of deserve whatever happens16:48
blackflowpeople get kickbanned here if they suggest rm -rf (root)  (even if doesn't do anything nowadays), this is not much different.16:48
ActionParsnipblackflow: its just the commands from here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PackageManagerTroubleshootingProcedure   in a script for ease of use16:48
ActionParsnipblackflow: If you check, I'm also an Ubuntu member so adds a little credibility16:49
blackflowI know, I'm just saying we should teach people to always check first.16:49
ActionParsnipoh absolutely16:49
nrml1a disclaimer heh16:49
nrml1although I stand by what I said16:50
avail_does reaver only check 14 channels then repeat?16:51
HidemeMigrated to 16.04, upon login, the desktop doesn't load while using a 4.x kernel. If I switch to a 3.x kernel everything works. Any idea how to fix this?17:00
Netekam I right in understanding that if I want to have a desktop connected to a printer and network running ubuntu to act as the printer server (all other computers on the network to print through the desktop) I need to use cups?17:01
=== SamuraiAlba is now known as L3gacy
xubuntu-fayirhello world17:04
ActionParsnipNetek: you can use cups or samba if you like17:04
=== para is now known as Guest91713
NetekActionParsnip ok, I need something that is rather easy to setup.  I will look at them both and see, thanks17:05
ActionParsnipNetek: lots of guides on YouTube17:06
=== timyp_ is now known as timyp
_0xbadc0desudo apt-get install sublime17:22
_0xbadc0dekinda didn't work17:22
nacc!info sublime xenial17:22
ubottuPackage sublime does not exist in xenial17:22
nacc_0xbadc0de: --^17:22
ActionParsnip!find sublime17:23
ubottuFound: libsublime-dev, libsublime817:23
_0xbadc0dewhat text editor would you advise to read code in this junk of OS17:23
ActionParsnip_0xbadc0de: what is the output of:   lsb_release -c17:23
ActionParsnip_0xbadc0de:  use less....17:23
nacc_0xbadc0de: vim, emacs, less...17:23
nacc_0xbadc0de: there's no 'advice' there, it's personal preference17:24
_0xbadc0deone that can do php code highlighting and that can change background colors and stuff17:24
_0xbadc0dehave styles essentially17:24
ActionParsnip_0xbadc0de: what is the output of:   lsb_release -c    please17:24
_0xbadc0deI am pretty gay when it turns out to read code17:24
_0xbadc0decodename: trusty17:25
ActionParsnip_0xbadc0de: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/sublime-text-2; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install sublime-text17:25
Neteksublime 2?17:26
Netekit should be sublime 3 and download it from their website, they have the Ubuntu installer...17:26
ActionParsnip_0xbadc0de: or for beta builds:   sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/sublime-text-3; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install sublime-text-installer17:26
ActionParsnipNetek: why should it be?17:26
ActionParsnipNetek: the PPA says version 3 is beta. Aka unstable17:27
NetekActionParsnip why it should be 3?  I thought for improvements, updates and so on.17:27
Netekthe PPA maybe but sublime 3 is on their website as the full version I think17:27
Neteklet me double check -_-17:27
Netekok my bad :o  It is BETA17:27
ActionParsnipNetek: depends if you want stability or not. Newer and Alpha isn't always better17:27
Netek<--- ignore this fool17:27
idzireityesterday I upgraded from ubuntu 14.04 to 16 andn ow I can not get the android sdk to show up17:29
avail_anyone help me with a reaver question? pm17:29
jwitk0Hey All,  If I have a server with two SSDs (and no other disks) is it at all possible to get these disks into a software RAID0 configuration?  Standard methods of course complain that my /dev/sda is in use17:30
ActionParsnipjwitk0: you'll need to do anything like that in LiveCD / USB desktop. Be sure your backups are up to date before you start playing17:31
jwitk0Thanks ActionParsnip17:31
idzireitam I in the right channel for asking how to fix my android sdk17:33
ActionParsnipidzireit: if its under Ubuntu, then yes17:33
idzireitupgraded from 14 to 16 andn ow ubuntu can not find it17:34
idzireittried to redownload it and reinstall but says I already have17:34
MonkeyDustidzireit  is that a ppa?17:34
idzireitno directly from android sdk website monkey17:35
refjAfter a recent upgrade to 14.04.5 arptables stopped working. When running "arptables -Ln" the following message is returned: "arptables: Table does not exist (do you need to insmod?)". lsmod reveals that arptables_filter is loaded.17:35
refjGoogle searches are fruitless.17:35
seednodeTrees past the age of bearing seeds are fruitless17:35
seednodeSorry, this isn't an OT channel, misclicked17:36
logicalHi, is it possible to play youtube in rhythmbox only sound?17:36
idzireitrefj was that statement directed towards me ?17:37
refjidzireit: No, sorry. Actually I just found out that -Ln is the reason it doesn't work. Silly me.17:38
refjHave a nice evening.17:38
elisa87http://serverfault.com/questions/799126/no-space-left-on-device-home-ubuntu-aws do you know how to fix this issue?17:45
zodiac19Probably a redundant question. but is there a way to boost the speed of ubuntu on lower end computers like a lenovo thinkpad t500 or a t510?17:47
seednodezodiac19, does the machine have an SSD right now? Or 2-4GB of RAM? If not, add SSD, or add RAM17:47
seednodeIf you meant software-wise17:47
baizonzodiac19: use a lightweight DE17:47
seednodeThere are various tweaks that can help, but most of them come with various drawbacks17:47
seednodei.e. lighter-weight programs might have fewer features or less eyecandy17:47
zodiac19Okay, still rather new to linux, whats a DE?17:48
baizonzodiac19: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desktop_environment17:48
seednodeA desktop environment; it's the collection of applications that comes with most distros, including the window manager, default programs, etc17:48
zodiac19I have room to improve the ram, so that is a step forward. researching DE17:49
jda2000After installing Ubuntu 16.04 the system does not respond to 'avahi-browse -rat' from other machines.  How do I get 16.04 to respond like 14.04 did?17:50
MoppyHello. Is there some way of scheduling tasks randomly with cron? I'm using a dirty hack of making the task sleep for a random time on launch but that sort of sucks.17:51
logicalHi, I just wanted to install atraci and i added the ppa for it and updated and now i run the apt install atraci now the download stopped at 66% and I tried to use ctrl+c to stop the installation but the terminal wont respond, should i force quit the terminal?17:52
logicalI am new to linox17:52
naccMoppy: that seems like the opposite of what cron is for17:53
zodiac19My first choice at the moment is to increase the Ram. I would hate to have to try and re-learn a new interface on my computers. Though I do have a computer already running lubuntu so I can experiment with that a bit17:53
Moppylogical: it will eventually time out, but you should be able to stop it safely so long as it is just donwloading17:53
logicalMoppy I closed the terminal to Kill the process now i cant install anything it says that dpkg is used17:54
Moppylogical: I think the file you need to remove is /var/lib/dpkg/lock17:55
squintyjda2000,  fwiw, on 16.04 avahi-browse -h doesn't display the "t" argument.  use avahi-browse -ra instead17:56
logicalI found solution on internet, thx stil :)17:56
paranoidabhi I hear a burst of disturbance while play/pause in vlc. When kde completing loading at startup. Any ideas? I am using kubuntu 16.04 with kde 5.6 plasma17:56
paranoidabhi*vlc. "and" when17:56
BellatorHey folks, I keep having an "internal error" every time I boot up my 14.0417:57
Moppynacc: If I have a lot of tasks and dont them to all run at once, it's easier to add a slightly random modifier to teh start time, than make a billion diffrent cron entries on each machine17:57
naccMoppy: write a simple wrapper script that takes the task to run as input?18:01
Moppynacc: Yea that's kind of what I'm doing. The script sleeps for a random time on startup. I was just looking for a more elegant way.18:02
naccMoppy: i don't think there is any such way in cron itself, as the point of cron is to accurately schedule tasks18:02
zodiac19thinkpad x200 tablet running lubuntu. is there anything reccomended for development use on that specific computer?18:10
=== avail is now known as avail_
zodiac19also prbably a stupd question, what is gnome exactly?18:17
MetamorphosisA Desktop Environment. I personally prefer KDE. Ubuntu's default is Unity.18:18
zodiac19okay... that helps a little.18:19
Moppyzodiac19: Your Lubuntu uses the LXDE desktop envronment.18:22
wskyso after i've installed mate, mate-screensaver service gets launched in my unity session18:22
wskyi'd rather like it not but there is no entry for it in unity startup programs18:23
wskyit seems to be launched along gnome software service18:23
wskyis the gnome software service important to unity?18:23
wskyor can i switch it off18:23
zodiac19Well that will make sense to me after I do more research :b Any software recomendations for development in assuming it hasbetween 1-2 gb of ram?18:24
zodiac19Graphic and programing development that is18:25
Moppyzodiac19: Are you asking which programming language you should learn?18:26
zodiac19no, I am asking what tools on lubuntu I can run with 1-2gb of ram safely18:26
zodiac19for writing programs and making art18:26
Moppyzodiac19: For art, gimp and inkscape with both work.18:27
Moppyzodiac19: Lubuntu uses like less than 512MB of ram normally18:27
zodiac19okay, thank you18:28
MetamorphosisYes in theory it runs just on 512mb but beware of the type and number of apps you work with at the same time.18:29
Moppyzodiac19: Oh, you meant "writing programs" as in word processors, and not programming! I see. Libreoffice works and is inlcuded with Lubuntu.18:31
zodiac19Okay, any code editors I should be aware of in that manor?18:31
Metamorphosisif all you need is a word processor i recommand abyword which is much lighter and better with low memory18:32
=== lethu_ is now known as lethu
Moppyzodiac19: The usual suspects all work. Atom, Sublime  etc.I've not tried a full IDE on Lubuntu in 2GB so I can't comment on that.18:33
zodiac19Well I'm looking to develop video games: 2D RPGs; so the recomendations are much appreciated18:33
rfdeltaI want to upgrade the firmware of my SSD which is a corsair force LE 240GB. How can I do it in ubuntu?18:34
MoppyPersonally I would install windows and use RPGMaker but ...18:34
baizonrfdelta: well its windows only18:36
rfdeltabaizon: So I cant do it in ubuntu?18:37
zodiac19I have RPG maker on my ubuntu computer already >.>18:37
baizonrfdelta: take a pc with windows, or install a trial of windows and upgrade then. Shutout to corsair for windows software only18:37
baizonrfdelta: wow, 5 years old corsair thread and no linux support. Thats bad18:38
rfdeltabaizon: how do I install windows? I only have this one laptop with ubuntu on it.18:38
baizonrfdelta: take the ssd out and put it into a pc with windows? you got that option?18:39
rfdeltabaizon: nope that's the problem. i just have this one laptop18:39
Narwhaalis it possible to install apt on another distribution ?18:40
Narwhaalor will it break ?18:40
baizonNarwhaal: depends on the distribution18:40
baizonrfdelta: ask on the corsair support forum/page then18:40
Narwhaalbaizon: rolling18:40
bekksNarwhaal: "rolling" is not a distribution.18:40
baizonNarwhaal: depends on the distribution18:40
rfdeltabaizon: how can I install windows if I have the windows iso on ubuntu?18:40
Narwhaalbaizon: a distro like gentoo18:41
Narwhaalor arch18:41
rfdeltabaako: can I create a live windows usb in ubuntu?18:41
baizonNarwhaal: thats a very bad idea18:41
zodiac19I'm learning to use ubuntu for everything at the moment. The tablet computer I have uses lubuntu. but from my knowledge you can run almost any windows application with wine and winetricks18:41
bekksNarwhaal: they will break, and they have their own package management systems.18:41
Narwhaalbekks: I mean if I remove their own18:41
bekksrfdelta: There are no Windows live whatever. :)18:41
bekksNarwhaal: Then you will break it.18:41
baizonrfdelta: its possible to create a live windows usb, but i dont know how18:41
CodFectionwhen will I get 4.6 kernel on ubuntu18:42
naccNarwhaal: why would you ever do that? distributions have their own package management systems, use what is there for each distribution18:42
CodFectionor 4.7 kernel?18:42
MoppyYou can make a windows live CD on ubuntu. I've done it but don;t remember how. Google knows.18:42
rfdeltadoes anyone know how I can create a live windows usb from within ubuntu? I dont have access to a windows computer...18:42
baizonCodFection: with 16.04.218:42
EriC^^!winusb | rfdelta18:42
ubotturfdelta: WinUSB is a tool for preparing bootable Windows Instalation USBs. Please see http://en.congelli.eu/prog_info_winusb.html for instructions on installation and use. #ubuntu does *not* provide support for this tool, so please do not ask for help here if it doesn't work for you.18:42
Narwhaalnacc: cuz apt is nice, and ubuntu doesn't work for me18:42
CodFectionbaizon, when it will release?18:42
bekksCodFection: with the LTS release shipping with 4.6 or 4.7 as default kernel.18:42
baizonCodFection: july 201718:42
bekksNarwhaal: Why doesnt it work for you?18:42
Narwhaalbekks: it's not rolling18:43
naccthat's not a "not working" reason, that's a "I don't like it" reason.18:43
bekksNarwhaal: Which is not a valid reason for "does not work". It is just not what you want, which is a big difference.18:43
baizonCodFection: well you can always use the mainline kernel18:43
Narwhaal"for me" means "in my opinion"18:43
bekksCodFection: The mainline kernels dont get official support, you are pretty much on your own with them.18:44
naccCodFection: why?18:44
CodFectionarch has 4.7 kernel18:44
CodFectionubuntu will have after 1 year18:44
bekksCodFection: And?18:44
naccCodFection: so?18:44
bekksCodFection: Why not?18:44
bekksCodFection: Arch is not Ubuntu.18:44
CodFectionlatest features?18:44
bekksCodFection: Name one.18:44
naccCodFection: name one feature in 4.7 you know you need.18:44
xubuntu-fayirHEIL LINUX18:45
bekks!ops | xubuntu-fayir18:45
ubottuxubuntu-fayir: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu18:45
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
CodFectioncan I name from 4.6?18:45
bekksCodFection: NAme one feature you actually need.18:45
daxxubuntu-fayir: no.18:45
bekksCodFection: Not just one you know the name of :)18:45
Narwhaalbut yea, no way ? not even from a more stable distribution ?18:45
MoppyBTW, it's offtopic but windows DOES have a live function; it can run from a bootable USB. For sure 8+ does but I don't know about 7 and earlier.18:45
bekksNarwhaal: No.18:45
bekksMoppy: 7 and earlier cant.18:46
CodFectionI mean as a programmer, aren't we supposed to have latest? I mean not the unstable latest.. just the stable latest18:46
naccNarwhaal: sorry, you are in a support channel and said "doesn't work". I misinterpreted.18:46
Narwhaalnacc: no problem18:46
naccCodFection: you don't need the latest kernel to write programs.18:46
bekksCodFection: No. When being paranoid, you need the latest and greatest. When you are a programmer, you want a stable system.18:46
baizonCodFection: well then get 16.10 in a month, it will have the latest kernel. LTS sticks with "stable"18:46
bekksbaizon: 16.10 will not have the "latest", too.18:47
Narwhaalok then18:47
CodFectionactually many linux are using 4.6 / 4.7 kernels and they are quite stable.. baizon bekks nacc. dont get me wrong, I prefer ubuntu very much just doubtful about the updates18:47
naccit's supposed to be 4.8 based, (iirc) -- i wonder if that means 16.04.2 will be too, actually18:47
Narwhaaltime to start getting apt working on archlinux then18:47
bekksCodFection: And none of them is Ubuntu.18:47
bekksNarwhaal: Proceed to #archlinux and ask them.18:48
Narwhaalbekks: no need, I'll just do it18:48
Narwhaali'm inquisitive so18:48
CodFectionubuntu is very easy to install for me.. which is why I like it but then I realize I am not gonna be having latest kernel or packages. (stable ones..)18:48
bekksNarwhaal: YMMD, ROFL, good luck. :D18:48
Narwhaalymmd ?18:48
bekksCodFection: And whats the exact problem you are having using 16.04 which is supported until 2021?18:49
bekksNarwhaal: "you made my day"18:49
baizonNarwhaal: well if you want bleeding edge packages i recommend a RR distribution18:49
bekksNarwhaal: It's the expression for just having heard the most funny joke this day :)18:50
baizonups wrong guy, sorry18:50
alkisgCodFection: mainline kernels are supported by upstream kernel developers, while ubuntu patched kernels by ubuntu developers. You can select which one you want to support you.18:50
Narwhaalbaizon: I'm using arch, gentoo and I'm working on a new distrib18:50
baizonCodFection: well if you want bleeding edge packages i recommend a RR distribution18:50
joaquin69hello guys somebody know why when i put a static IP, after a while... the ip changed?18:50
CodFectionbekks, like I said. no problems but I might miss features of latest softwares. thats the only thing I am worried about18:50
MoppyI asked earlier but the channel was quiet. How do you schedule a task for a random start time? I am using cron but having the tasks sleep on startup and it's just a bad hack ;-(18:50
bekksjoaquin69: your ip isnt static then.18:50
bekksCodFection: NAme ONE feature you need you are missing.18:50
joaquin69i put on static :'c18:50
baizonMoppy: http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/randomvar.html18:50
CodFectionbekks, like gcc has many features18:51
CodFectionin newer version18:51
paranoidabhiTired of this http://askubuntu.com/questions/816848/burst-of-sound-whenever-audio-starts :/18:51
joaquin69bekks: can i show you my interface ?18:51
bekksCodFection: Which does not have ANYTHING to do with a specific kernel version.18:51
Moppybaizon: In a crontab file?18:51
bekksCodFection: So in fact you dont need a newer kernel and can just stick with LTS.18:51
CodFectionok but what about packages? they need to be updated isnt it?18:51
baizonMoppy: no, im just showing you the direction18:51
paranoidabhiany ideas?18:52
baizonCodFection: and they get updated, just not with features18:52
bekksCodFection: They are supported and updated until 2021 - so whats your exact issue at that point?18:52
Moppybaizon: I see, so you're cron doesn't do it out of the box. I understand now.18:53
naccthe notion you always want the latest version of everything feels like miseducation to me; if you want it purely to say you are on the 'latest', that's fine -- just admit that and go to a different distribution :)18:53
alkisgThe latest version of everything usually means "spending a couple of hours per day reporting bugs"18:53
MoppyWell, ubuntu had an old version of gthumb for ages because of some gnome compatbility. It's nice to have new apps sometimes.18:53
CodFectionif it was perfect, people wouldn't need other distros bekks18:53
joaquin69http://pastebin.com/ddE0aXDj this is my interface config18:54
CodFectionnacc, I am not.. I am deciding which one to install..18:54
Moppyi used to have to build gthumb from source, but then it stopped working when somethng changed int he depedancies18:54
paranoidabhiI have been stuck at it for 3 months. Not found any solutions.18:54
bekksCodFection: So you came here just for getting some reasons for "needing" the latest and greatest, then?18:54
MetamorphosisI'm still on Kubuntu 10.04 and it feels wonderful . you dont need new software. the old is better.18:54
joaquin69and after while, the ip is changed18:54
CodFectionthe only reason thats keeping me from ubuntu is packages updates nacc18:54
bekksCodFection: Then use another distribution. Whats the problem?18:54
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.18:54
paranoidabhiMetamorphosis, is it stable?18:55
Amm0napt + rolling release -> debian testing18:55
naccCodFection: you're in the wrong channel then -- this is the support channel18:55
zodiac19okay new question, and forgive me if its a bit of an ignorant question. does a docking station make a computer run better or just allow th computer to handle more inputs and outputs?18:55
naccMoppy: right, that's what distributions do for you -- they ensure compatibility18:55
Metamorphosisyeah its great. i use libreoffice on it everyday. i also use Windows xp and thats stable too. but ubuntu 10.04 is better and more polished18:55
alkisgparanoidabhi: does it work fine with e.g. an ubuntu live cd? I.e. is it a problem with the kde stack (phonon etc) specifically?18:56
nacczodiac19: typically it just adds hardware/ports18:56
bekksMetamorphosis: Ubuntu 10.04 isnt supported anymore.18:56
paranoidabhiPlease have a look http://askubuntu.com/questions/816848/burst-of-sound-whenever-audio-starts :/18:56
MetamorphosisI dont need support. the software just works.18:56
CodFectionubottu, thank you very much for clarifying. I hope those 3 could also explain it like this rather than pushing me away from ubuntu. thanks18:56
ubottuCodFection: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:56
Moppyzodiac19: It's a device for a laptop to add extra ports. Some docks might have like a larger external hard drive so i suppose they *might* improve performance if you're low in disk space :)18:56
zodiac19okay, that helps a lot thank you!18:56
paranoidabhialkisg, not sure. I haven't tried.18:56
bekksCodFection: Actually, I dont care wether you are using Ubuntu or not - it is not my decision, but yours.18:57
paranoidabhiMetamorphosis, which kde you have?18:57
alkisgparanoidabhi: if it's just a problem with kde, you should direct the question there. You can also check if it's kubuntu-specific or kde-specific, and report the issue accordingly.18:57
paranoidabhialkisg, I think it is driver issue. Why do you think it is a kde problem?18:57
Metamorphosisparanoidabhi at first it was KDE 4 but i managed to find a way and installed KDE 3.x packages on it.18:57
alkisgparanoidabhi: well, you can test with a live cd and see for yourself in a few minutes. KDE does have its own additions to the sound system.18:58
paranoidabhiMetamorphosis, why?  i am using kde 5.6 and am waiting for fixes in kde 5.7. I suspect older kdes must very unstable.18:58
nrml1any of you use puppet?18:59
CodFectionbekks, linux irc supports never actually help beginners18:59
CodFectionso its useless to ask here. bye18:59
bekksCodFection: Pointless discussions are not in the scope of this channel. This is a support channel, only.18:59
Metamorphosisparanoidabhi no i believe KDE 3 was better and its also better with low end systems. KDE 4 is heavy. i did not tried KDE 5 yet. i'm downloadind Kubuntu 16.04.1 at the moment18:59
paranoidabhiMetamorphosis, kde 5 is "so" much better. You are missing a lot of good stuff.19:00
tgm4883CodFection: if you wish to discuss it, #ubuntu-discuss would be a better channel19:00
pureshorshello i search a french canal19:05
=== viking_ is now known as Guest81209
daxpureshors: try #ubuntu-fr :)19:06
dax/join #ubuntu-fr19:06
pureshorsthank you dax19:06
paranoidabhisick of bursting sound.19:11
paranoidabhihttp://askubuntu.com/questions/816848/burst-of-sound-whenever-audio-starts :/19:11
POwerlessdoes anyone know how to fix those buggy icons? http://imgur.com/a/4pTym19:12
HidemeMigrated to 16.04, upon login, the desktop doesn't load while using a 4.x kernel. If I switch to a 3.x kernel everything works. Any idea how to fix this?19:13
=== avail is now known as liava_
SeveasHideme: first guess would be 3rd party graphics drivers that need to be reinstalled. Are you using non-default video drivers?19:14
ioriaHideme, amd video card ?19:15
HidemeSeveas, oddly enough, the guest login works fine.  It is a VM.19:15
rattlebattle79Hideme: Maybe your permissions of your home folder is gone bad? sudo chown username:username /home/username -R19:17
bekksHideme: Check the permissions before blindly firing up commands.19:17
Hidemerattlebattle79, reverting to a 3.x kenerl works tho without the change in persmission.19:17
OerHeksi would try: Sudo dpkg --configure -a ### run apt install -f, all should be fine now19:18
mixxitwhats the deal for installing software manually19:19
mixxitshould i make a folder in usr or opt19:19
alkisgHideme: anything significant in the last lines of .xsession-errors?19:21
AciD`if I can ssh to other boxes, and receive ssh connection for my user on this computer, shouldn't I have a ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub file in my home?19:21
Hidemerattlebattle79, confirmed and issue remains with 4.x kernel19:21
alkisgAciD`: afaik you create that only if you want key-based authentication, instead of password-based19:23
Hidemealkisg, openConnection: connect: no such file or dir.   cnnot connect to brltty at :019:23
AciD`alkisg -> oh ok, I though I remember seeing those files b19:24
alkisgHideme: anything else? e.g. check if xorg crashes, for example because you're using different settings than the default user19:24
alkisgresolution, compositing, stuff like that19:24
Hidemealkisg, maybe I should jsut rm the xorg.conf?19:25
ioriaHideme, at the login screen , can you open a console and login  ?19:26
alkisgHideme: If the system works with a new user but not with the old user, I don't think xorg.conf matters19:26
Hidemeioria, yes.19:26
Hidemealkisg, yes, very oddy how Gust account works and my user doesn't.19:26
ioriaHideme, try to create a new user19:26
Hidemeioria, okay19:27
mustmodifyfrustrating. When I ssh into my dev machine, and then ssh into a client's machine, if I step away, I come back and it's frozen and I can't disconnect.19:27
mustmodifyIs that an issue with the ssh config on my dev machine? or the client machine? or both?19:28
mustmodifyboth are ubuntu19:28
Hidemeioria, New user works.19:30
ioriaHideme, so personal setting issue, i guess19:31
alkisgHideme: one big test is to rename the two major settings folders so that new ones are created: (1) logout and go to e.g. vt1 to login as old-user, so that gsettings aren't used. (2) mv .local .local.old; mv .config .config.old (3) login normally as old-user. If at that point you can login, then you have confirmed that a user setting is to blame. But note that if you didn't understand the "mv" commands, and you don't know how to put those folders back, 19:31
ioriaHideme, yes, usually the problem is ~/.config and ~/.compiz19:31
HidemeTHank you.   I'll recreate users.19:32
ioriaHideme, remember to add user to sudo19:32
h4k1mhi everyone19:34
h4k1mI have only windows on my laptop, and I want to install ubuntu on my ssd hard-drive19:35
h4k1mHas anyone done something similar?19:36
Bashing-om!dualboot | h4k1m19:36
ubottuh4k1m: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot19:36
h4k1mI used to have a dual boot on my laptop's hard-drive19:36
mixxitbut its really hard if its a modern laptop19:37
mixxitall the guides are a bit out of date19:37
mixxitbattery management is not great in linux and it doesnt do well with switchable graphics19:37
h4k1mwhat I want to do now is (if possible), to keep Windows on my hard-driev19:37
minimech4k1m: Do you have two harddrives available? Is it an external SSD?19:37
h4k1mminimec: yes an external ssd19:37
mixxityeah thats fine but you should shrink the drive down a bit19:37
h4k1mmixxit: the internal one you mean?19:38
h4k1mminimec: btw where will grub be installed in this case?19:38
mixxitfirst do 'Try Ubuntu' from a boot usb and see if it all works properly19:38
mixxitgrab rufus and the iso from the site19:38
Bashing-omh4k1m: Best to show the channel what we are working with . Can you boot up a liveDVD of 'buntu ?19:38
ioriah4k1m, on your externaal19:39
h4k1mBashing-om: yes of course (as I said I used to have a dual-boot with Windows)19:39
h4k1mand that I removed ubuntu completely as I don't use it that often (all my softwares are on windows)19:39
minimech4k1m: Ok. So basically you can just boot a live USB stick and use the external SDD as install medium. If you want to be sure, you can even remove the laptop hardrive. So you will not have any problem for the boot master sector. You moght have to disable EFI first in widows, but if you already had a dual boot system, you probably don't need to do that anymore.19:40
h4k1mioria: does it mean that grub will be installed on the external hard-drive?19:40
mustmodifySo the suggested escape sequence for an SSH session, ~. can't be typed (at least by me) because I need a shift for ~ but I need not to shift for .19:40
ioriah4k1m, yes19:40
minimech4k1m: To boot ubuntu, you just set USB to be the first boot medium.19:40
Bashing-omh4k1m: :) .. Great , show us your system partitioning ' sudo parted -l ' in a pastebin site . And we go from there .19:41
h4k1mioria: minimec thanks ^^, the question I still have to ask is whether it won't mess my windows bootloader19:41
h4k1mBashing-om: I didn't try it yet (I wanted just to enquire first before giving it a try)19:41
ioriah4k1m, windows is on the internal drive ?19:41
h4k1mioria: yes19:41
ioriah4k1m, no, it's fine19:42
minimech4k1m: If you choose the SSD as install medium, it will also install grub to the master boot sector of the SSD (default setting). As said.. If you want to be sure, remove the windows harddrive (if that is possible).19:43
h4k1mioria: do you know if it will give good performances (due to the fact that it's installed on an ssd hard-drive)?19:43
=== dominus_ is now known as rikut
h4k1mminimec: yes but to remove windows' hard-drive I'd need to open my laptop...19:44
ioriah4k1m, ssd is good19:44
h4k1mminimec: I think I'll give it a try!19:44
ioriah4k1m,  usb connected ?19:45
minimech4k1m: Performance is depending of the speed of your USB3 port, but generally you should not have a problem. You can speed up perfomance with some tricks after installation. Mount /tmp to RAM for example.19:45
h4k1mioria: probably are there ssd hard-drives out there that plugged elsewhere (I dont have much experience with that)?19:45
minimech4k1m: During installation, wirte down the /dev/sdX device youa re installing Ubuntu on. It will probably be /dev/sdb for the external SSD. Then you install brub on the same /dev/sdX device, and you are good.19:47
ioriah4k1m,  well, in theory sata-usb adapter... but not very practical19:47
h4k1mioria: yes I see19:48
ioriah4k1m,  in the partitioning screen, in the installation process, remember to check (at bottom) the grub location19:49
h4k1mioria: does it mean that grub will "kind-of" supersede windows' bootloader when the ssd disk is plugged (and the bios is set to boot from the usb device)?19:51
ioriah4k1m,  yes19:51
h4k1mioria: Nice19:51
h4k1mioria: minimec Bashing-om Thanks very much guys for the help ^^19:51
ioriah4k1m,  no prob19:51
minimech4k1m: ^^19:52
Bashing-omh4k1m: :) Just try'n to help .19:52
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methit's super slow19:56
bekksDefine "it".19:56
methit's slow as turtles19:56
methfrom boot to login screen > slow | from login screen to unity > slow | running any app > slow19:57
metheven shutdown is slow19:57
SonikkuAmericameth - how much RAM is in your machine.19:58
meththe current one? it's 6GB19:58
bekksThe machine you are running Ubuntu on.19:58
methnot only this machine, every machine i install ubuntu on it gets slow after dist-upgrade19:59
mixxitvirtual machine or dedicated machine19:59
meththe issue isn't related me only, check this one https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=232315619:59
methmixxit, dedicated.19:59
jduckhi. what does "DNE" mean here: https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2016/CVE-2016-5696.html ?20:01
_adbjduck: probably "does not exist"20:02
Picijduck: Does Not Exist20:02
jduckmy understanding is that is incorrect for almost every place it appears in this document.20:02
jduckLinux 3.6 < 4.7 are affected20:03
metheven after installing AMDGPU driver it's slow.20:03
jduckor to put it in mathy terms, Linux [3.6, 4.7)20:03
Picijduck: But those specific source packages do not exist in every release.20:03
jduckPici: you're telling me the linux kernel does not exist in every release?20:04
Picijduck: linux-lts-trusty is only preseent int 12.04, so it DNE for the other Ubuntu releases listed.20:04
jduckPici: thanks for your help, but i'll take it to the guys in the page20:05
apb1963_Aptitude is giving me an abortion when trying to install libsnmp-dev.  Details here: http://pastebin.com/AAaZgFid20:12
rfdeltaShould I install ubuntu with secure boot on or off?20:14
Jordan_Urfdelta: If you have no sepecific reason to turn it off, then keep it on.20:15
rachelrNew ubuntu user here.  Have it installed on a VPS.  Trying to get a MongoDB client on my local Macbook to access the MongoDB on my VPS.  I think it's a firewall issue but I'm not sure...http://stackoverflow.com/questions/39151140/cant-connect-to-ubuntu-mongodb-instance-from-mongochef-client20:15
minimecrfdelta: If you only have ubuntu on that machine, I would go without 'secure boot'. MY opninion... ;)20:15
methwhy the gpu clock set to 33mhz?20:19
Tims_Techso I installed lxde by typing:20:19
Tims_Techsudo apt-get install lxde20:19
Tims_Techbut how to start it?20:20
Tims_TechI read the official wiki20:20
Tims_Techbut both the command does not work :P20:20
tgm4883Tims_Tech: don't use enter as punctuation20:20
tgm4883Tims_Tech: have you tried selecting it from the login screen?20:20
minimecTims_Tech: You might have to disable 'autologin' in >settings >users. Then logout the current session. You can then coose lxde in the login manager.20:21
Tims_TechI don't see an option on the lock screen tgm488320:21
Tims_TechI don't have autologin enabled20:21
tgm4883Tims_Tech: It wouldn't be on the lock screen would be my guess20:21
apb1963_rachelr: I don't know anything about mongo or vps or macbook... but after reading your link, basic troubleshooting technique forces me to ask the question "What is the exact error message?"  Any request for help should always include that information.  If no error message... say that, but also include info as to how you determined "it doesn't work".20:22
Tims_Techtgm4883, so do you have any idea how to start or select it?20:22
tgm4883Tims_Tech: about half way down this page is pictures and a description http://www.howtogeek.com/193129/how-to-install-and-use-another-desktop-environment-on-linux/20:22
galabargThe kubuntu channel is inactive right now, can I ask a question about a plasma problem here? Or would #kde be more appropriate?20:22
=== thomas1 is now known as thomas
tgm4883Tims_Tech: look for "On Ubuntu’s default login screen — known as a display manager — this menu can be accessed by clicking an icon next to your user name. The icon only appears if multiple desktop environments are available. On other display managers, you may need to click a “Session” menu or a similar icon. You’ll find the option somewhere on20:23
tgm4883the screen."20:23
rachelrIt's a timeout error, I will paste it.20:23
fishsceneDoes anyone know if it is possible to set up/configure https for a Snap package that only has http? Specifically for nextcloud20:23
apb1963_rachelr: you should also modify your question on stackoverlow to include it.20:23
Tims_Techthere is no options button20:24
Tims_Techin the lockscreen tgm488320:24
galabargDoes anyone have an answer to the question i just asked?20:24
tgm4883galabarg: don't ask to ask a question20:25
minimecgalabarg: --> #kde. You will not find a lot of Plasma users here, I guess.20:25
apb1963_galabarg: just ask... if someone is offended they'll tell you... though I think I might ask in #kde first20:25
galabargsorry, I'll go ahead and ask then and see if anyone knows: I just started using kubuntu is not remembering any of my shortcuts.20:26
galabarg*and it is20:26
galabargFor example, if I add an alternate shortcut to open the launcher with alt+z, it forgets about it after about 20 minutes.20:27
galabargeven in the same session20:27
minimecTims_Tech: Logout the current session (or reboot). On the login screen you should have an ubuntu logo next to your user name. Click on it and choose the desktop environment... http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-OXA6gg2EBdA/VNK0dlwoz6I/AAAAAAAAEUE/fMzSkKPNeoI/s1600/LightDM_1.jpg20:27
Tims_Techminimec, I don't have that20:28
Tims_TechI just installed ubuntu 10 min ago20:28
apb1963_galabarg: Wild guess... but is sudo involved in any way?  Because 20 minutes is more or less about the time it seems to take for sudo to timeout.20:28
Tims_Techminimec, so any idea?20:29
galabargIt's all done through the gui, and iirc it doesn't even ask for my password (since shortcuts are something that would presumably be specific to a user).20:29
Tims_TechI really don't have that button :P20:29
minimecTims_Tech: ok. Hmmm... The 'lxde' package you installed seems to be the right one (Metapackage for LXDE). MAybe try 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm', to reconfigure the login manager20:30
=== 17SAAZ67A is now known as jtfidje
galabargIf nobody knows then that's understandable; I'll try #kde.20:31
Tims_Techminimec, still same :(20:31
apb1963_galabarg: Like I said... wild guess.  It's the only thing I can think of offhand that has about a 20 minute timeout.  I would investigate along those lines until a better idea (or more knowledgeable person) came along.20:31
rachelrTimed out after 30000 ms while waiting for a server that matches ReadPreferenceServerSelector{readPreference=primary}. Client view of cluster state is {type=UNKNOWN, servers=[{address=, type=UNKNOWN, state=CONNECTING, exception={com.mongodb.MongoSocketReadException: Prematurely reached end of stream}}]20:32
rachelrI'll screen shot and upload to SO.20:32
Tims_Techminimec, it looks like this:(not my screenshot) http://www.tecmint.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Ubuntu-16.04-Login-Screen.png20:33
apb1963_rachelr: Yeah.. that information is HUGE.  Which is good.  Someone should be able to figure that out... I'll study it for a few minutes just in case something pops out.20:33
rachelrAppreciate it!20:33
minimecTims_Tech: ok. Did you reboot that machine (just to be sure)?20:33
Tims_TechI rebooted once, I will reboot again :P20:34
apb1963_rachelr: Actually... I would check to see that your server knows its a primary.20:34
Tims_Techwill be back in a min20:34
apb1963_rachelr: since it's saying "waiting for a server that matches ReadPreferenceServerSelector{readPreference=primary}"20:34
rachelrSorry, a primary?  Not familiar with that lingo20:34
apb1963_rachelr: primary, secondary...20:35
apb1963_rachelr: just English :)20:35
=== Tims_Tech is now known as Guest16282
Tims_Tech_still same mindandsky20:37
rachelrI guess I'm not familiar with how a server identifies as primary20:37
Tims_Tech_still same minimec20:37
adamgdid we rule out firewalling?20:37
apb1963_rachelr: Here's another tidbit I found on SO: You should verify if the http interface is accessible with : localhost:28017 . If you are not able to access then verify if if any other service on that machine is accessible from the remote machine. If not that there is something which is blocking the remote machine from accessing services on your hosted ubuntu.20:37
Tims_Tech_I am on the latest release from ubuntu(16.04) and installed every update :P minimec20:37
adamgsimple test for that would be to try "telnet 27017"20:37
LocusAsafif I want to install a specific version of maven3, I understand i'm suppose to do `apt-get install maven=oldversion` where do I find out what to put for oldversion?20:38
minimecTims_Tech_: Tims_Tech_ I am just looking here ( http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/lxde ) to find a hint...20:38
Tims_Tech_I am installing lsdm20:38
amnixI bought a new SSD today and I have installed ubuntu on it... the problem is it's not booting. What do I do?20:38
naccLocusAsaf: `apt-cache policy maven` will show you the available versions20:39
rachelrI can get to the remote www folder from the local machine. I have apache up and phpmyadmin as well working well20:39
apb1963_rachelr: Please do what adamg suggested and report20:40
Tims_Tech_let me reboot again20:41
apb1963_Aptitude is giving me an abortion when trying to install libsnmp-dev.  Details here: http://pastebin.com/AAaZgFid20:42
minimecTims_Tech_: 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure lxde-common' --> LXDE.desktop in http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/all/lxde-common/filelist20:42
amnixssd not booting. help?20:43
adamgabhinand_: what's your lsb-release?20:43
adamgoh, sorry, apb1963_ ^20:43
rachelrHave to jump off, will try a bit later20:44
apb1963_adamg: http://pastebin.com/VK9QG3kN20:44
adamgapb1963_: i mean what ubuntu rev... cat /etc/lsb-release20:45
apb1963_DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS"adamg:20:46
apb1963_slight backwards but ok20:47
apb1963_adamg: this channel is so quiet these days I don't even know if I'm connected...  you get that?  ^^^^20:49
adamgapb1963_: try just "apt install libsnmp-dev". (maybe with :i386, i don't know anything around what that does or when it's needed). What I hear from debian peoples is that apt is generally better (and yes, it's just apt, not apt-get)20:50
=== No_One is now known as kspencer
apb1963_adamg: yeah, I don't know what the i:386 is all about either... it's trying to determine whether to install x or x:i386,  I have a ton of installs exactly the same.  No clue.20:53
apb1963_adamg: libsnmp-dev is already the newest version.20:54
adamgokay, so proceed as if everything is well and see if anything breaks :P20:54
apb1963_adamg: I guess I could sub apt for aptitude everywhere... but  honestly I don't like modifying other people's scripts that have apparently worked for hundreds of other people.20:57
apb1963_adamg: either sub apt or remove that particular pre-req20:57
adamgworked at some point... the i386 makes me think it may be out of date20:58
_adbdid ubuntu ever have a virtual package for lamp? that doesn't exist anymore does it?20:58
apb1963_adamg: well.. that's the thing.. the script doesn't hard code the i386..20:58
ubottugian86: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:58
apb1963_adamg: give me a minute... i'll paste it20:58
k1l!lamp | _adb20:59
ubottu_adb: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.20:59
k1l_adb: actually that is a tasksel20:59
apb1963_adamg: http://pastebin.com/Jf32kwSb21:00
dfgsswhat's the official linux-mint irc channel ?21:00
k1l!mint | dfgss21:00
ubottudfgss: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org21:00
dfgssanyone know?21:00
adamgapb1963_: i don't even see how :i386 gets in there...21:02
dfgssdo you guys know what is update in inhibit  means21:02
_adbk1l: so what's the deal iwth the caret? haven't seen taht before.. does it carry special meaning? package lamp-server doesn't show up when i search for it21:02
k1ldfgss: ask the mint guys. they handle updates differently21:02
k1l_adb: its a tasksel, not a package21:03
k1l_adb: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tasksel21:03
apb1963_adamg: it comes from the awk statement21:03
_adbk1l: thanks21:03
apb1963_adamg: which merely prints what aptitude is returning.21:03
apb1963_adamg: from a search21:03
apb1963_adamg: definitely not obvious.. had to stare at it for a few minutes21:04
adamgwell, I got nothing.21:04
apb1963_adamg: well... one thing I noticed when I gave you that lsb-release info is that it says amd6421:05
apb1963_so... that kinda blows my mind21:05
rockstar5hello guys I need help with something. I would like to play music from Android device to my PC speakers. the device is connected to a WiFi router on my PC which in turn is connected to an ADSL router which my PC uses for internet. I know how to stream to A2dp with bluetooth dongle but would like to do so somehow with wifi but can't find how since they are21:06
rockstar5not using the same wifi connection21:06
rockstar5is this possible?21:07
minimecrockstar5: I would think of an application like BubbleUPnP, that would share the music in the whole home network. Then use an UPnP player on ubuntu on the desktop...21:11
apb1963_adamg: This is where it comes from: aptitude -F '%c %p' search libsnmp-dev21:12
rockstar5which upnp player for desktop should I use? I tried rygel and minidlna but it doesn't get detected on bubbleupnp, maybe it might be because it's not a direct connection to the same wifi?21:12
apb1963_adamg: awk  matches the p at the beginning of the string, and then prints that line... resulting in libsnmp-dev:i38621:13
_adbi'm trying to grok the distinction between tasksels and virtual packages. who decides what's what and how do they determine this? it isn't necessary to install the tasksel package to use tasksels (however the note "Calling tasks from apt-get is not documented anywhere" doesn't inspire much confidence), but the tasksel package is needed to know which tasksels exist and what they contain? how does apt know?21:13
minimecrockstar5: vlc. Or there is this nifty application called 'djmount'. You could then mount the UPnP share as a folder in the filesystme21:15
minimecrockstar5: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=all&section=all&arch=any&keywords=djmount&searchon=names21:15
rockstar5thanks I will look into it21:16
minimecrockstar5: https://codeyarns.com/2015/01/28/how-to-mount-media-server-using-djmount/21:17
SparkySquirrelI need to install the AAC decoder for videos in Ubuntu 16.10, how would I do that?21:18
SparkySquirrelIt's the LiveUSB lol21:18
=== avail is now known as liava_
minimecSparkySquirrel: That would still be possible if you added some resident space, when creating the LiveUSB stick, as far as I know... 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras'21:24
minimecSparkySquirrel: or... sudo apt-get install gstreamer1.0-libav gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg21:26
Netekwhat was that?  wrongplanet says that with ubuntu you lose??  hah  is this called spam?21:33
daxNetek: somebody being silly, just ignore it21:33
daxit's been handled21:33
Netekdax ok.  I been on here for a while now and I never see that happen before21:34
daxNetek: we're a large channel, so people get kicks out of being silly in front of an audience :(21:34
Netekdax so like in real life then :)21:35
RexyI know there's a command to show what happened today in history. I can't remember it for the life of me.21:38
RexyAnyone know it?21:38
minimecNetek: THX to you I know now, that my filter is working... ;)21:39
minimecFor irrsi users.... '/ignore * -regexp -pattern #WRONGPLANET'21:39
Netekthanks to me? heh you are very welcome -_-21:40
minimecNetek: I do not get any of these wrongplanet messages anymore....21:41
minimecNetek: They are simply ignored...21:41
Netekok cool21:41
RexyAm I just losing it, or is there a history command21:42
Netekthey dont really bother me that much so heh21:42
xenialmessI am having trouble downloading any xenial desktop .iso21:43
xenialmessDirect download always fails immediately.  Torrent links fail to load.  None of the mirrors in any country are successful.21:44
Rexyxenialmess: is it a problem with your ISP possibly?21:44
xenialmessAnyone else confirm or potentially an ISP block?21:45
Rexyworks fine for me21:45
xenialmessIt could be.  Currently at my girlfriend's University.21:45
paranoidabhiQuestion: http://askubuntu.com/questions/816848/burst-of-sound-whenever-audio-starts21:45
transhuman_Hi! This is my quandry ubuntu 14.04 does not have ffmpeg in the repository and its a very long process to install. Ubuntu 15.04 is no longer supported so it looks like do-release-upgrade will work. Thirdly my video card will not work (on the chip with 16.04) any suggestions?21:45
keepguessingI am on ubuntu 16.0421:45
paranoidabhiThis is likely a hardware not a kde one. (I asked in kde)21:46
paranoidabhiPlease have a look if possible.21:46
Rexyxenialmess: They probley dont' want people downloading Linux ISOs in thier network /s21:46
keepguessingI cannot see my launcher taskbar and no shortcuts are working.21:46
xenialmess@Rexy typical reasons for this being?21:46
transhuman_sorry do-release-upgrade WONT work21:46
keepguessingAlso I cannot move my windows or do alt-tab.21:46
Rexytranshuman_: Find your video card, and see if you need specific drivers for it?21:47
keepguessingI tried dconf --reset21:47
keepguessingAny suggestions are highly appretiated.21:47
Rexy wouldnt want people torrenting there21:47
Rexyother than that no idea why the mirrors arent working21:47
Rexygo ask IT21:47
xenialmesshb direct download though?  probably large file size restrictions or something? yeah, ill have to ask it.21:48
transhuman_been down that road for 16.04 it aint happening. cant install the nvidia drivers cause of an init level problem where I cant get enough to install from boot and it isnt recognized in the system settings...a whole host of issues with 16.04 would be better to just upgrade to 15.04 but that is not possible correct?21:49
Amm0ntranshuman_, for 14.04 ffmpeg is avconv (which was a fork from ubuntu for some license reasons iirc)21:49
transhuman_right but it has returned in 15.0421:50
transhuman_wait your saying its now called avconv?21:50
Amm0nno it was called avconv in 14.04, you're right that it has returned21:51
transhuman_so there is no way to get 15.04 to install anymore?21:51
Amm0nit sounded like you just need ffmpeg on 14.0421:51
bekks!15.04 | transhuman_21:51
ubottutranshuman_: Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) was the 22nd release of Ubuntu. Support ended on February 4, 2016. See !eol, !eolupgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/vivid21:51
transhuman_its a real real long compile process frought with disaster for sure21:52
bekkstranshuman_: If you are still running 15.04 it is time to update.21:52
Rexyxenialmess: they might even have a mirror at the uni21:52
RexyIf so that'd be baller21:52
zodiac19_Is there an autokey script that can run a specific terminal command?21:53
xenialmessThanks @Rexy.  I'll check that out.21:53
transhuman_ok I will upgrade to 15.10 from 14.0421:53
transhuman_cant do 16.04 because of video card issues21:53
bekkszodiac19_: create a new hotkey, assign your script to be executed.21:53
bekkstranshuman_: then you have to reinstall 14.0421:53
keepguessingCan anyone suggest me a solution please21:54
zodiac19_I mean I need a script that can run a terminal command...21:54
bekkszodiac19_: every script can run a terminal command.21:54
zodiac19_okay then... thanks21:54
transhuman_bekks no I am STILL ON 14.04 backed up my crap and reinstalled 14.04 after a disaster with 16.0421:54
Rexyzodiac19_: You should be able to set hotkeys with whatever DE your using21:55
transhuman_I will do 15.1021:55
bekkstranshuman_: then just use avconv instead of ffmpeg.21:55
RexyI'd search your DE + Hotkeys or something21:55
bekks!15.10 | transhuman_21:55
ubottutranshuman_: Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) was the 23rd release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 28th, 2016. See !eol, !eolupgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/wily21:55
transhuman_bekks I will try that is it actually the full thing or is it a basterdized version without the functionality?21:55
zodiac19_I keep getting the error "the script 'rotate screen' has encountered an error"21:56
bekkstranshuman_: whatever a "basterdized" version might be. There had been a fork from ffmpeg resulting in avconv.21:56
transhuman_ok thanks i will try it21:56
xenialmessstill here21:57
alesanmy apt-get update is *extremely* slow21:57
alesanit's been going on for more than an hour now21:58
alesanand it's not really finished yet...21:58
alesanany advice what I should try???21:58
bekksalesan: interrupt it and change mirrors.21:58
alesanbekks, OK but how can I chenge them? I have ssh access to that machine.21:58
bekksalesan: change them in /etc/apt/sources.list21:59
zodiac19_xrandr --output LVDS1 --rotate right21:59
zodiac19_is there something wrong with this terminal command?21:59
bekkszodiac19_: open a terminal and try.22:00
zodiac19_it works in the terminal22:01
zodiac19_just not in autokey22:01
skinuxAnyone know of a GUI App type of some sort where I can install a web application as it's own software, including an independent web browser (and built-in web server) for it to run within?22:01
bekkszodiac19_: what is this "autokey" thing you are talking about?22:01
skinuxI'm pretty sure Adobe Air was discontinued...22:01
zodiac19_It's a program that maps keyboard and script functions to shortcuts22:01
alesanbekks, should I change them all by hand???22:02
bekks!info autokey22:02
ubottuPackage autokey does not exist in xenial22:02
bekksalesan: sure.22:02
alesanthere's at least 25 lines with "http://it.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/" as host/URL22:02
=== zz_zz_capri is now known as zz_zz_zz_capri
zodiac19_i'm using lubuntu, and everytime I ask the lubuntu channel they tell me to come here22:02
alesanit seems strange there isn't a tool that will change them automatically22:02
zodiac19_should I be using something else to map this shortcut?22:03
alesanand which mirror should I put instead?22:03
bekksalesan: which one are you using currently?22:03
alesan"http://it.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/" as I mentioned above22:03
* chxgo waves hello22:03
lordcirthzodiac19_, you've tested that the command works in a terminal without root?22:04
zodiac19_it works fine if i enter it just like that in the terminal, just not when I try to use it as a script in autokey22:04
lordcirthzodiac19_, try launching autokey from the command line, pressing the button, and see if you get an error on the command line.22:05
bekkszodiac19_: so create a script, containing that command, and use your script in autokey.22:05
minimeczodiac19_: I suggest 'xbindkeys'. https://www.linux.com/news/start-programs-pro-xbindkeys22:05
zodiac19_and I start all over >.<22:07
zodiac19_updating apt entry >.<22:08
bekkszodiac19_: what for?22:08
zodiac19_terminal install, I just use update after I install anything22:09
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
keepguessingI am on ubuntu 16.04 and "suddenly" I see no launcher/taskbar22:11
lordcirthkeepguessing, is it hidden if you mouse over the edge?22:11
k1lkeepguessing: logout and try the guest account. does that work properly?22:12
keepguessingk1l: thanks I will check that22:13
k1lkeepguessing: because if guest accunt doenst work, its a driver issue. if it does work its a user setting from that user.22:13
keepguessingk1l: yes it works22:15
keepguessingk1l: I have not changed anything. Except for the reset.22:16
k1lkeepguessing: what reset?22:16
keepguessingk1l: dconf reset -f /org/compiz/22:16
=== imr is now known as i-
codfectionwifi in ubuntu is slow22:19
codfectionhow to fix?22:19
k1lkeepguessing: login to tty (ctrl+alt+f1) as that user or start a terminal with ctrl+alt+t on the desktop. then run "mv .config .config_backup". after that relogin as the user. that should work then. then you can copy back the stuff inside .config_backup to the .config folder from the programs you want to use the old setups22:19
codfectionwindows has fast wifi.. using same internet22:19
lordcirthcodfection, you'll need to post what wifi adapter you are using and what driver is loaded.  Also what Ubuntu version.22:20
codfectionhow to know wifi adapter22:21
codfectioncant find drivers in driver section22:21
keepguessingk1l: shortcuts are not working.22:21
codfectionk1l, help!22:21
keepguessingk1l: when you say .config do we need ~/.config ?22:22
=== blackened is now known as Guest79095
k1lkeepguessing: yes its that folder. programs and desktop settings are stored there. one of them is an issue. so renaming it to .config_backup will make it create a clean .config on relogin22:23
lordcirthcodfection, lspci should tell you your wifi adapter.22:23
codfectionIntel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 620522:24
lordcirthcodfection, also " lshw -c | grep driver "22:25
tardrardAre we living in the last days22:25
tardrardIs there any way to install fglrx in ubuntu yet22:26
lordcirthtardrard, in 16.04? Not really22:26
lordcirthAnd there won't be22:26
codfectionis it possible to run i3 on ubuntu 16.04?22:26
k1ltardrard: there will not be a fglrx anymore. use the open source radeon and amd_gpu if your card is new enough22:26
tgm4883tardrard: AMDGPU and radeon are the future22:27
codfectionwho uses amd huh22:27
tardrardk1l: hdmi needs scaling on my old tv22:27
codfectiontardrard, go to display setting22:27
tardrardXrandr not good22:27
k1ltardrard: amd doesnt make fglrx anymore. they make amd_gpu now.22:28
keepguessingk1l: I did that and the problem is still the same. I can see a lot of configurations etc is missing.22:28
OerHeksbeta driver™ RX 480 RX 470 R9 Fury/Fury X/Nano22:28
OerHeksR9 M395X 390X M385 380X 360 290x 285 m270x 260x22:28
zodiac19_about to shoot myself, xbindkeys is not performing the command22:28
tardrardcodfection: if it was there was the setting in the monitor I would not care22:28
bekkszodiac19_: create script containing your command, and run your script using xbindkeys.22:29
lordcirth!info i3 | codfection22:29
ubottucodfection: i3 (source: i3-wm): metapackage (i3 window manager, screen locker, menu, statusbar). In component universe, is optional. Version 4.11-1 (xenial), package size 1 kB, installed size 21 kB22:29
tardrardkeepguessing: there are no settings. Just monitor resolution22:29
zodiac19_I tried that already >.<22:30
bekkszodiac19_: can you pastebin your script then?22:30
zodiac19_one sec22:31
keepguessingtardrard: I see. What else can I try now?22:33
bekkstardrard: Stop calling me names in an unasked, unwanted query.22:34
keepguessingtardrard: k1l When I launch the command unity is starts it. but I still cannot move the windows22:34
k1lkeepguessing: and the guest account works properly?22:34
lordcirthbekks, I bet it's the same guy as earlier22:34
keepguessingk1l: yes22:34
xczxcany tool  for checking system file checksum against repo22:35
bekksxczxc: apt/apt-get does that automatically upon installing a package.22:35
keepguessingk1l: I am logging into guest to confirm again.22:36
keepguessingk1l: yes everything works fine in a guest section.22:37
xczxcbekks , what happen if i want to recheck all system files ?22:37
k1lkeepguessing: so you renamed the ".config" folder in that users home?22:37
bekksxczxc: that cant be done that easily, because every single  file doesnt have a checksum in the repos, only the packages containing those files have.22:38
keepguessingk1l: I did mv ~/.config /backup/22:38
corollax_When I select a different hardware device for sound output, I have to close and reopen my browser before it plays on the right location. How can I change this so changing the output device affects running programs?22:39
k1lkeepguessing: did you run with sudo?22:39
=== dax_ is now known as dax
keepguessingk1l: Is there a log file or something I need to do.22:39
k1l.xsession-errors in that users home22:39
k1land xorg.log in /var/log22:39
keepguessingk1l: I checked with an ls -la ~/.config and it said folder does not exist22:39
zodiac19I'll have to get the rotate fixed some other time :/ I followed all the instructions for xbinkeys and it doesnt want to work22:41
keepguessingk1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23090929/22:43
keepguessinghere is the xsession output22:43
k1lkeepguessing: "ls -al" in that users home. what does depend root?22:44
k1l*what is owned by root22:45
zodiac19thanks anyway, I'll have to read up on Xbindkeys a bit more22:45
keepguessingk1l: .dbus .gvfs .viminfo22:47
k1lsudo chown -R username:username .dbus22:48
k1luse your actual username there22:48
keepguessingk1l: thanks doing it.22:49
blackdiaamondanyone here?22:50
blackdiaamondI need help with solus installation :(22:50
bekks!info solus22:50
ubottuPackage solus does not exist in xenial22:50
bekksblackdiaamond: what is "solus"?22:51
lordcirthThe distro Solus?22:51
blackdiaamondI'm trying to install solus to a clean HDD and it always gets stuck on unmounting filesystems22:51
bekksblackdiaamond: So please ask the Solus support community. This is Ubuntu support only.22:52
lordcirthblackdiaamond, this is the Ubuntu support channel.22:52
blackdiaamondokay thx22:52
Compuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel-lts-xenial/+bug/1614676 can someone look into this bug? i'd like to be able to play games on my computer again22:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1614676 in xserver-xorg-video-intel-lts-xenial (Ubuntu) "slow performance after hardware enablement stack update, various graphical glitches" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:52
keepguessingk1l: same issues22:56
keepguessingHowever I see one less error in the xsession-erros file22:56
gb_mksHi, i´m having problems with click-review package22:57
k1lkeepguessing: what ubuntu is that ? 16.04? with unity?22:57
gb_mkssomeone can help? the error is -> ERROR: Could not find vendor 'ubuntu'22:58
keepguessingk1l: I think its unity.22:58
k1lkeepguessing: is libpcre3-dev installed?22:58
keepguessingk1l: I will check.23:00
keepguessingk1l: no. I have installed it now and verifying.23:02
blindmindWhat are you installing?23:03
keepguessingk1l: Installing libpcre3-dev did not work. I ran the command unity and saw the following outpyt on the shell. http://paste.ubuntu.com/23090982/23:06
stan_man_canWhats the best way to get an up to date version of Vagrant on 16.04?23:06
k1lkeepguessing: relogin from lightdm23:07
stan_man_canIt ships with 1.8.1 but I need at least 1.8.423:07
stan_man_canKinda surprised it's not up to date since somewhere between .1 and .4 we're some ubuntu specific fixes23:07
keepguessingk1l: ?23:07
=== frymaster is now known as Fry|i58
k1lkeepguessing: dont try to run unity. just relogin, that will start unity properly (if the issue is fixed)23:09
k1lkeepguessing: "sudo apt install unity-tweak-tool" then run "gksudo unity-tweak-tool --reset-unity"23:10
keepguessingk1l: unrecognized option --reset-unity23:14
k1lthen i dont know.23:16
keepguessingk1l: I ran sudo unity-tweak-tool --reset-unity and it made some changes23:16
keepguessingI can see boundaries for my windows.23:16
keepguessingand can move them now23:16
k1lrelogin then23:16
tariAre u alive?23:22
lordcirthtari, yes, why?23:22
OerHeksstan_man_can, wget https://releases.hashicorp.com/vagrant/1.8.4/vagrant_1.8.4_x86_64.deb23:22
tarii m not feel as alive :)23:22
Computheyre alive for everyone except me :/23:23
llrorCan you sync your android phone with ubuntu?23:23
Compullror: what exactly do u want to sync23:23
llrorbeing able to access the files etc23:23
llroron the phone23:23
llrormusic, etc23:24
Compuah that can be done with es file explorer23:24
k1lllror: yes.23:24
k1lllror: just connect the usb cable?23:24
Compues file explorer lets u run a temporary ftp server to access the files on ur phone and upload/download stuff23:24
SparkySquirreltari: what's wrong?23:25
Compuk1l: not eveyone knows how to get mtp stuff working in ubuntu23:25
k1lCompu: it works ootb with nautilus23:25
llrorOk thanks23:25
lordcirthA lot of things that are supposed to work ootb don't.23:25
Compuk1l: no u have to install a package or u just get "access denied"23:25
k1lah, seems like you need to isntall mtpfs23:26
Compuyeah thats the one23:26
k1lbut that is way better than running a stupid ftp.23:26
Compuand even then it gets picky23:26
keepguessingk1l: does not work. I think your estimation of "check which directories in /home/superman are owned by root" is right23:26
keepguessingI think some files are owned by root. even after reset23:26
Compui've been waiting for weeks here for a response to my problem23:27
tariSo, if we r alive 1866 people in here what is the purpose?23:27
lordcirthtari, this is the Ubuntu support channel23:28
YankDownUnderThe purpose is to just make up numbers. No one is here to do anything constructive. (That is sarcasm, by the way)23:28
Compufor a support channel theres not a lot of support23:29
k1lkeepguessing: well, "sudo chown -R user:user /home/user"23:29
k1lCompu: yeah, especially when users just use this channel for ranting23:29
YankDownUnderCompu: Patience and time. If you're relatively "new" to IRC, sometimes, answers will take days...23:29
keepguessingk1l: yess thats my next step. I think I started facing this after apt-get update.23:29
tariYeah im using ubuntu. im @ ubuntu support channel. any support right?23:30
k1lkeepguessing: apt update just gets a list of packages from the servers. it doesnt change anything23:30
keepguessingk1l: I meant upgrade23:30
SparkySquirreltari: anything! but I gotta go to work or whatever with my mom so chao!23:30
lordcirthtari, we would be happy to attempt to help, if you stated a problem.23:30
taritimezone probably :)23:31
OerHeksCompu, don 't wait weeks to come in here, but your intel problem cannot be fixed i guess, standard intel kernel driver for your 4th generation23:31
CompuYankDownUnder: if by days u mean weeks then i've already been through here23:31
SparkySquirreltimezone is easy tari23:31
CompuOerHeks: so what am i meant to do?23:31
k1lCompu: stop ranting. ask a detailed question and people will help if they can23:31
Compui did23:31
Compulike 3 weeks ago23:32
keepguessingk1l: Is the unity-tweak-tool --reset-unity command supposed to return?23:32
lordcirthThe bug was confirmed 6 days ago, so that's progress, Compu23:32
tarii didnt an attempt. to setup spotify is an hour for me :) im beginner but just found this chat. '' actually chat ''23:32
Compuuh no it really isnt23:32
Compuit was only confirmed because it got a single "me too"23:32
SparkySquirrel_hi tari lol I accidentally closed my IRC23:33
k1lkeepguessing: no. maybe just a new prompt. which means: nothing to worry23:33
=== nameless1 is now known as nameless
SparkySquirrel_so this timezone thing is easy, you just open gnome-terminal by pressing Alt+F2 on your keyboard23:33
SparkySquirrel_then you type: date and press enter23:33
SparkySquirrel_I mean, type this: date23:33
SparkySquirrel_then press enter23:33
lordcirthCompu, have you tried running a 16.04 liveusb to see if the driver works?23:34
SparkySquirrel_you'll see your current timezone as three letters23:34
tariim just looking for a new space.. Ubuntu great for me. No game no more childish things :p i guess i m getting older :=23:34
SparkySquirrel_then you can change it easy23:34
tariAny support :P23:34
k1l!ot | tari23:34
ubottutari: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:34
Compulord4163: it's the same driver23:34
lordcirthCompu, ah ok23:34
Computhats the entire point of the hardware enablement stack23:34
OerHeksCompu install 16.04 cleanly, it contains systemd and better performance.23:34
tarithanks ubottu.23:35
CompuOerHeks: and just wipe everything i have out?23:35
SparkySquirrel_tari: well let's join ##linux-offtopic k?23:35
keepguessingk1l: I do not get a new prompt. It hangs23:35
OerHeksif you don't have a backup, your data is not important.23:35
CompuOerHeks: or we're poor and cant afford anything to back up to?23:35
tariSparkySquirrel_ How?23:35
SparkySquirrel_erm rather #ubuntu-offtopic23:36
SparkySquirrel_type this23:36
OerHeksbut read the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes first, lots of thinks to know23:36
SparkySquirrel_/join #ubuntu-offtopic23:36
SparkySquirrel_then press enter23:36
tariYeah i solved.23:36
CompuOerHeks: upgrades never, ever go well23:37
Compuliterally never23:37
lordcirthCompu, that is probably why he said to clean install.23:37
Compuand i know for a fact that 16.04 breaks banshee media player23:37
i-I have a question to ask about snapcraft - why does it only have 2 packages (from what I see)23:38
lordcirthAlso I've had some 14.04 -> 16.04 upgrades work fine23:38
OerHeks.. that is your opinion, not verifyable as we cannot tell what you have added/tweaked.23:38
Compulordcirth: and i would lose everything23:38
CompuOerHeks: i tried banshee on a brand new 16.04 install on my mom's computer and yes 16.04 definitely breaks banshee23:38
Compuwhenever u try to import music in banshee it freezes, this doesnt happen in 14.0423:39
Compuin fact the same thing happened with rhythmbox23:39
CorruptusAnyone having trouble with 16.04 mate on a Ras Pi 3? Mine keeps crashing during setup23:39
docmurI'm getting this error, on my webserver:  You don't have permission to access / on this server.  Server unable to read htaccess file, denying access to be safe.  I have the entire directory 777, I'm running ubuntu 16.0423:40
Compudocmur: check the permissions on the .htaccess file23:41
docmur-rwxrwxrw-  1 www-data www-data23:42
Compudocmur: what user is the webserver process running under?23:42
lordcirthI wonder if Apache refuses to read an htaccess that is world-writable. I know ssh does a similar thing.23:43
docmurwww-data, but if I have it 777, that should override any user setting23:43
Compuand where is ur .htaccess file located?23:43
Compuit should be in the root of the webserver where ur index.html would be23:44
docmurin the web root23:44
Computry restarting the webserver23:44
docmurI'm starting to think this has nothing to do with Ubuntu, I'm going to switch to 14.04 and try again23:44
lordcirthdocmur, Apache problems are rarely distro-specific in my experience23:45
docmurI've never seen this before with any other project, and the project really doens't support 16.04 yet, so I'm going to try on the mainline for the project23:46
availyou know23:46
availthis ubuntu23:46
availaint too hard23:46
availi think i can learn23:46
availhow to hack23:46
availin a few weeks23:46
availlol. neh23:47
Triptichnow learn how to use . and , instead of enter23:47
marlincI'm not sure what's up but the /etc/mtab symlink to ../proc/self/mounts doesn't work. It says no such file or directory23:49
marlincChanging the symlink to /proc/self/mounts does work however23:49
mijkanyone still using old releases of Ubuntu? like EOL releases23:50
ksft-mobileI can't connect to wifi.23:50
ksft-mobileI'm on 16.04.23:50
ksft-mobile I upgraded recently, but it had worked since I upgraded.23:51
Compuksft-mobile: did u check the additional drivers utility?23:51
=== grubles_ is now known as grubles
ksft-mobileCompu: It says it's using the proprietary driver.23:52
Compuksft-mobile: what does the networking dropdown thing look like?23:52
ksft-mobileIt lists the network's.23:52
Compuwhat happens when u click on one?23:52
ksft-mobilethat was autocorrect23:52
Compuksft-mobile: what happens when u click on one?23:53
ksft-mobileThe signal icon thing flashes, and then it stops and says I'm disconnected23:53
Bashing-ommarlinc: Why the symlink ? " sysop@1404mini:~$ ls -al /etc/mtab >> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 830 Aug 25 13:52 /etc/mtab ' .23:54
marlincThat's new on 16.04 apparently, systemd appears to require it23:54
GEEMacHi folks, It's been almost two weeks since a fresh install of 16.04. A week since I filed a bug report.  I still have to ytpe " xrandr -s 1920x1080  " at every boot up or log in.  I have messed with xorg.conf, Lightdm, and even tried to place the line at startup.  Still not working. Any way of saving my screen resolution?  I did not have this issue in 14.04 LTS with the same computer hardware.23:54
Compuksft-mobile: have u rebooted and then tried connecting?23:55
OerHeksksft-mobile, what is the output of:   lspci -nnk | grep -iA2 net23:55
ksft-mobileI hadn't tried rebooting23:55
ksft-mobiletrying now…23:55
ksft-mobilewell then23:55
Compurebooting is always a good idea23:55
YankDownUnderGEEMac: You can use "arandr" to read the scripts for xrandr and have it in your login scripts...I do this...23:55
ksft-mobileI guess I should have tried that first23:55
ksft-mobileit worked23:56
Compuwell there ya go23:56
Computheres a reason "did u try turning it off and on again?" is a thing23:56
ksftI still wonder what happened23:57
ksftI wasn't even using my computer when it stopped working23:57
wiggmpkI have an issue with resizing a window. I have a lower resolution 1366x768 and need to stretch the window. So I move it off screen and attempt to stretch it. Once I start moving the window size, it snaps back on screen and I dont have the screen space to resize it anymore. How can I disable this 'feature"23:57
Compuksft: could be a number of things ranging from bugs in a driver to a cosmic ray hitting the RAM in ur computer just right23:58
YankDownUnderCompu: Solar flares.23:58
GEEMacYankDownUnder, Hi...  I have no clue about how to do that.  I spet almost a week reading all the old issues which realy didi not aply to 16.04.  Placing anything in startup now is a bust since that is not being read either.  I place three items in startup and not one of them are read.  Not sure if I am going to make a bug report on that yet.23:58
OerHekswiggmpk, ALT + left mouse: drag window ( or hold win key to see all options )23:59
GEEMacAnd I'm on a wireless keyboard please excuse the typos.23:59
YankDownUnderGEEMac: Firstly, install "arandr" => "sudo apt-get install arandr => after that, read the docs on it, you can create a "shell script" that will "reset" your default and then stick it in your autorun's23:59
wiggmpkOerHeks I should have mentioned I'm using gnome-shell (however I didn't get a responce in that room23:59
dancingdemon__what is the best windows version to run on vmplayer on ubuntu1623:59
YankDownUnderGEEMac: Typo's are worth donuts and coffee.23:59
GEEMacYankDownUnder,  So wj23:59

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