OvenWerksArdour 5.1 may hit debian real soon01:52
=== sakrecoer_ is now known as sakrecoer
sakrecoeri am having huge issues with i386 iso...09:54
sakrecoerit install ok... but keyboard is in wrong layout..09:54
sakrecoernetwork manager refuses to start, so impossible to send bug repport..09:54
sakrecoeris there a way to send the output of ubuntu-bug to an usb key?09:55
sakrecoerto be fair, it could be due to my live-usb, although i have tested 2...09:55
sakrecoerwhen i dd the i386 to a usb, the usb become unmountable... but it works fine in live-session and well, installation completed sucessfully09:56
sakrecoergparted tells me the usb is corrupt, if i erase the partition, then it mounts ok, and displays the content of a live-usb, but gparted regards it as empty09:57
sakrecoerhmm.. NM/applet restarted after a long while..10:02
sakrecoerbut "plain" swedish is missing from keyboard layouts...10:02
sakrecoeri have dvorak, macintosh, and something that would translate into "with muted keys removed"...10:03
sakrecoersvdorak and yeah.. lots of things i don\t have10:03
sakrecoeroh... ubuntu/bug xfce4-keyboard-settings gives me "cannot be repported, problem bleongs to a package that is not installed"10:07
sakrecoeralthough i did spell it correctly in the terminal >p10:07
sakrecoerand it starts ok, if i start it from terminal...10:07
zequencesakrecoer: dd does something weird. Next time, try setting bs= to something, like bs=51210:25
zequenceBut, that stuff is not related to running the OS.10:25
zequenceHas anyone checked changes in Xubuntu lately, and if it would be wise for us to sync some of that?10:26
zequenceDE stuff is not our field, but if we leaver our DE unmaintined, bad things can happen10:26
zequenceI'm not going to do that, since I'm trying to uninvolve myself from development. I'm merely here to prevent disasters and help with technical problems until I'm not needed anymore10:29
zequencesakrecoer: I would get Xubuntu's seeds and check changes in the past 1/2 year10:30
sakrecoerthank zequence. of course i understand... i think we were good with the xubuntu sync...10:50
sakrecoeri'll try that dd thing10:51
sakrecoeri'd have to double check the xubuntu sync though obvisouly..10:51
sakrecoeranother interesting bug, is that calibre crashes if one starts hydrogen10:51
sakrecoerthe repport generated must be mb big beacuse it takes for ever to upload.10:52
sakrecoeri know krytarik checked it, but that was a few weeks ago10:53
sakrecoersorry context... he checked the xubuntu sync10:54
zequenceOnce or twice I tried to develop a sort of schedule for the development work https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/DevelopmentCycle10:55
sakrecoerintersting, the calibre bug gets marked as private..10:55
zequenceOne could go further with that and add specifik tasks to be done during specific periods.10:56
sakrecoernice zequence !10:56
sakrecoeri have seen that page before, but recently i was looking for and couldn't find it10:56
zequenceCurrently, since we are copying Xubuntu, we should check changes just before FF, and before each Beta and before the RC10:57
zequenceThe link is under "Planning Documentation" on the sidebar, and the link "Development Cycle"10:57
sakrecoerwasn't there a scheduleing for contribution calls?10:58
sakrecoerthank you! :) 10:58
zequenceWhat are contribution calls?10:58
sakrecoercall for contribution..? :P10:59
sakrecoeri mean, like "hey everyone in user, want to be a dev? we need you to be dev!"10:59
zequenceAlways good to do that in the beginning of a new cycle.11:00
zequenceBut, you can also do one when testing begins after Beta111:00
zequenceThe beginning is more for those who want to be in for a half year, and learn the whole thing11:00
zequenceTesting is a good and simple way to get involved, and get to know people11:00
zequenceI tried doing that now and then, but would have liked someone else to be responsible for the whole PR part of things11:01
zequenceRoss is the only one with a clear area of responsibility right now11:03
zequenceOr, sort of clear. Perhaps it could be made even more clear.11:03
zequenceMaybe he would prefer that as well.11:03
zequenceOne thing I never tried was calling for specific contributors. Like - we need a PR person11:04
zequenceor, we need people who would like to do documentation - both video and writing11:04
zequenceChances to find even one are always small, but if you don't try, chances are even smaller11:05
sakrecoeryeah.. everyone is doing a bit of everything right now, that is an issue indeed...11:06
sakrecoerbut being such a small team sort of makes it so..11:06
sakrecoerzequence: bs=512 fixed dd's bad behaviour11:24
zequencesakrecoer: Yes. Not sure what dd does otherwise. But there seems to be some confusion around sector sizes, or something like that, if you do not use that option11:26
zequenceBut, again, it will have no effect on running the OS. Will just make it easier using disk managers11:27
sakrecoerzequence: the odd thing is that i've used dd like that since i first installed a daily in october last year, never noticed this rpoblem before.. but, yeah that is exactly what gparted complained about: the particition apears to be 2048 but linux says 512...11:44
sakrecoerhaha.. particition... i am the particitian from mars11:44
zequenceCould be the ISOs are done differently recently. When you dd, you copy a whole filesystem onto something, and everything that goes with it11:46
zequenceOn that note, I'm preparing a LFS system on a less than 16GB partition, which I will be storing as an image file with dd11:47
zequenceNo package management. Everything built from source. Going to update it now and then. Going to try to make it studio friendly, as a hobby project11:48
zequenceEasily shared by just sharing the image file11:49
zequenceActually, one could make that a rolling release, if /home and let's say /opt and /usr/local are on one or more separate partitions11:51
zequenceAnd /snap, of course11:51
zequenceA bit OT, but it will have systemd and gnome311:56
sakrecoeramd64 failed again on hardware for me...12:37
sakrecoerhaven't been sucessfull with that one since 2016080512:37
sakrecoerbug #161690112:40
ubottubug 1616901 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Installation of Ubuntu Studio 16.10 beta1 failed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161690112:40
zequencesakrecoer: Are other flavors having similar problems? Did you check the error files?12:42
sakrecoerubuntu mate on powerpc... otherwise non seem to have the same problem12:43
zequenceCheck the error logs that are added with the bug report12:44
sakrecoererror files or attached in the bugg repport...12:44
sakrecoer14:11:06 hostname /plugininstall.py[14274]: apt_pkg.Error: E:Write error - write (32: Broken pipe)12:44
zequenceWhich file is that?12:45
zequenceCould be a problem with our ubiquity plugin. Just guessing12:46
zequenceWonder why that would only happen on AMD64 though12:47
sakrecoeryeah... 12:47
sakrecoerhow do i escalate it?...12:47
zequenceNo, I don't think our plugin is the cause, but who knows12:48
sakrecoeri don't know either... i'll try without encrypting the home folder one time... thats all i can think i do differently since i installed the daily succesfully last time12:49
zequencesakrecoer: That is actually a common bug recently12:50
zequencesakrecoer: So, yes, do not use that12:50
sakrecoerzequence: no difference...13:11
sakrecoeranyone else in here who could do a hardware install test for our amd64?13:29
sakrecoerwe can't exclude my hardware is dead...13:29
sakrecoerand it appears to eb working with a VM, ross marked it as passed on VM..13:30
sakrecoerthe beta1 amd64  release candidate that is13:30
zequenceI'm unable to a full install. I say pass it, but try to figure out why your AMD64 is not installing13:36
zequenceI mean, your test didn't pass13:37
zequenceWell, perhaps Ross should be asked too about the whole thing. When to mark the ISOs ready, that is13:37
sakrecoerkyline be like http://bomarpestcontrol.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/houston-pest-control-01-1024x1024.png13:53
sakrecoerzequence: do you know where the files for the first menu that appears when booting a live session are located? 14:12
sakrecoerthey should be here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntustudio-look14:12
sakrecoerbut it doesn't really look like they are..14:12
sakrecoerin that menu, where the "try ubuntustudio without installing" is located, it looks like "progress_box.png" is used, but it isn't.. it would also be nice to translate the first entry, since the QA test includes a step to specificaly verify all entries get translated according to language selection14:15
sakrecoer"progress_box.png" being the old ubuntu studio woodmark14:15
zequencesakrecoer: I've never checked that, actually.14:16
sakrecoeri've been looking all over the place for a long time, but i can't find it..14:17
zequenceMy guess it is with whatever package that is responsible for that menu.14:17
zequenceIt is the same menu we had before going with live images14:18
sakrecoeryeah.. my guess is ubiquity, but i can't find the ubuntustudio specific one..14:18
sakrecoerho Rosco2 !14:18
sakrecoerhi even14:18
zequenceNo, it's not ubiquity14:18
zequenceubiquity is a GUI application that you can install14:19
zequenceubiquity does not handle boot14:19
zequenceIt's something much older than that14:19
Rosco2Hi there. Was just checking the status and reading Set's installation failure.14:23
Rosco2I asked for more information on the bug. Srry if that was already provided here :-)14:23
OvenWerksnor grub for the iso. 14:23
sakrecoerRoss, i don't have much more info.. but let me look at what you wrote..14:24
sakrecoerRosco2: ^14:24
zequencePerhaps debian-installer14:25
Rosco2Have there been other ubiuity bugs on the other flavours?14:25
sakrecoernot that i've seen...14:26
sakrecoeri answered on the bug,..14:26
sakrecoerRosco2: "I get to do all the steps; it fails after copying the files, during installation/unpacking process."14:27
sakrecoeri don't really know what else i can say...14:27
sakrecoeri coudln't find drumgizmo by the way... only dgedit..14:32
zequencesakrecoer: dpkg -s drumgizmo14:33
zequenceDoesn't seem to have a desktop file14:35
Rosco2Mate had one (ubiquity bug) related to internationalisation14:36
sakrecoerIt looks like we need to work on the desktop files anyways.14:36
zequenceDon't think it includes one14:36
Rosco2Googled the error message in the log attached to your bug14:36
Rosco2Found another bug with the same error14:37
Rosco2Bug 161101014:37
ubottubug 1611010 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "yakkety desktop - non-english installation crashes with /plugininstall.py: ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161101014:37
sakrecoerRosco2: we've had an internationalisation bug for very long now. bug #155018614:37
ubottubug 1550186 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "First entry of boot-menu "Try UbuntuStudio without installing" do not get translated into the chosen language" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155018614:37
Rosco2A fix was released for that (apt) 5 hours ago14:37
sakrecoeroh, that looks like a more real one..14:37
sakrecoerit is defenitly related to pluginstall.py, what i ahve...14:38
zequencedrumgimo is lv2, but the standalone seems gui-less14:38
sakrecoerwell... i don't knwo for sure... but the log message speaks about it a lot14:38
Rosco2Sorry - copy & paste error14:38
Rosco2Bug 161101014:38
ubottubug 1611010 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "yakkety desktop - non-english installation crashes with /plugininstall.py: ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161101014:38
sakrecoerRosco2: no, i pasted the other bug :)14:39
sakrecoerthe one you pasted seem more serious and likely to be what i have14:40
Rosco2OK - have to go pick up my son14:40
sakrecoeralright! :)14:40
Rosco2Anyone else in the middle of testing?14:40
zequenceNot me14:40
sakrecoernot that i know, maybe OvenWerks ?14:40
Rosco2OK. As it is probably fixed and confined to non-english installs we can probably mark it as ready14:43
Rosco2I will update the release notes when I get back14:43
sakrecoerwell... my install was in english... only desktop layout is in swedish14:43
sakrecoerbut... sure...14:43
Rosco2Yes - that sees to be the problem14:43
Rosco2Tell it you live in New York :-)14:43
sakrecoeri will try that!14:44
Rosco2Thats what one of the comments was to the other bug14:44
OvenWerkssakrecoer: I am in the middle of printing to a USB stick. But I need to get ready to go out.14:44
sakrecoeroh damn it... my grub is screwed..14:45
sakrecoerOvenWerks: ok :) do as you can :)14:45
sakrecoeri started ont this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YakketyYak/Beta1/UbuntuStudio15:00
sakrecoerIf the install succeeds with keyboard layoutin english, i will add it to known issues.15:00
sakrecoerit wooooorked!15:10
Rosco2Are you sure it was the keyboard layout?15:14
Rosco2I was able to choose Copenhagen, Danish Keyboard and English language on the laptop15:15
sakrecoerwell... sure is big word...15:16
sakrecoerbut i found this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/161244815:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1612448 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu MATE 'entire disk' installation crashes (16.10, ppc)" [Undecided,New]15:16
sakrecoeralthouhg its ppc...15:16
sakrecoerRosco2: do you reckon there could be a difference between hardware and VM install on that.. ehm.. localization level15:17
OvenWerkssakrecoer: I see the problem with the menu. One of the system files we were using is no longer there. I will create a Studio specific one and put it in. (after I get back later today)15:17
sakrecoerthank you OvenWerks ! :)15:18
sakrecoerOvenWerks: a hole bunch of new tools were pulled in by dispcalgui, perhpas they should go with iamge magic, can setc, but that undercategory be renamed to something in the lines of utilities?15:19
sakrecoerRosco2: do you think we should marka s ready?15:19
sakrecoeri mean, you said so, but... :D didn't change your mind?15:20
sakrecoeri'm sure it can wait until you are back anyway15:20
Rosco2WHoops. I probably should have mentioned that I had already created https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YakketyYak/ReleaseNotes/Beta1/UbuntuStudio15:21
Rosco2It was basically a copy of Xenial Beta (modified to Yakkety) 15:22
Rosco2I will delete it in a bit - incase you want to scan it15:23
Rosco2Marked images ready in the tracker!15:24
sakrecoerok... np :) it takes two person to be off synch :D15:24
sakrecoerthank you for marking ready, will scan your wiki Rosco2 :)15:25
Rosco2My danish install was in a VM - so that could be the difference15:28
Rosco2My hardware install was on the desktop which has an Engilish keyboard15:29
sakrecoerok, i finished the wiki page :)15:48
sakrecoerif anyone fancies a proof read: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YakketyYak/Beta1/UbuntuStudio15:48
Rosco2LGTM - a good compilation :-)16:06
Rosco2Deleted the other one just now16:08
sakrecoerthanks Rosco2 :)16:15
sakrecoeri really want you to feel in charge of release, Rosco2. I hope you understand my sole interest was to relief you from workload, given you said you would be tight on timing this round. Also since i got involved with holding it for the flavours, i just went with the flow.16:18
Rosco2No probs - don't care how - as long as it gets done16:19
sakrecoerhowever, as i see it, in that domain, you have the last word :)16:19
Rosco2Next time I will let you know16:19
Rosco2I knew you might be busy chasing other release notes too this time :-)16:20
sakrecoer:) yeah.. i am also responsible for not communicating that wiki page with you earlier :)16:20
OvenWerkssakrecoer: what about dispcalgui itself? Should it be in graphic utility too?18:54
sakrecoerOvenWerks: yes, or settings manager :)18:55
sakrecoeri mean, its supposed to be fiddeled with once, and then forgotten until next freshinstall...18:56
sakrecoerOvenWerks: which in is it though?18:57
sakrecoerdispcalgyu itself...18:57
sakrecoeroh wow... i plays a tune on start up :O18:58
sakrecoerneed to hustle myself in to a studio where someone has one of those devices...19:00
OvenWerksOk we need someone to upload/release ubuntustudipo-menu - zequence or ???19:57
sakrecoerOvenWerks: probably.. but i think we ahve until UI freeze on the 20th september to arrange that. :)20:00
sakrecoerOvenWerks: ah... sorry... 8th of september..20:01
sakrecoerweek 20 of the cycle :/ i always confuse those numbers20:01
zequenceOvenWerks: I'll have to do it tomorrow. Getting late, and being too sick tonight.20:39
zequencesakrecoer: Might be easier to think backwards. 1 month before release - Beta 2, 2 months before release - Beta 1, etc20:40
OvenWerkszequence: Thank you. It appears there is no rush20:45
sakrecoerThat dispcalgui looks like a really powerfull tool...21:08
sakrecoeri'm eager to be able to test it...21:08
sakrecoerand the doc looks super consistent...21:10

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