KrillBatI'm using bitwig and am trying to access all of the plugins that come with ubuntu studio01:32
KrillBatBut I cannot figure out which folder I'm supposed to tell bitwig to look in for them01:33
KrillBatAny suggestions?01:33
OvenWerksKrillBat: What kind of plugins are they?02:20
OvenWerksKrillBat: I found /usr/lib/lv2/ , /usr/lib/ladspa/ , /usr/local/lib/vst02:24
OvenWerksKrillBat: I would guess that the lxvst are in /usr/local/lib/ because I build them rather than installing a package.02:25
OvenWerksKrillBat: LV2s are the best plugins to use if the host supports them.02:25
OvenWerksI do not know what bitwig supports.02:26
OvenWerksI tried it when I had Studio 14.04, but I have not tried it since I installed 16.04 so I don't have it to try.02:27
KrillBatHey OvenWerks02:27
* OvenWerks helps develop Ardour so he is somewhat biased :)02:28
KrillBatAh I see lol02:28
KrillBatWhen I had 14.04 it actually happened automatically02:28
KrillBatI opened bitwig after I installed it and they were just there02:28
KrillBatBut this time that wasn't the case02:28
KrillBatI guess it should be VST02:29
OvenWerksThe settings/preferences should tell you where they are looking02:29
KrillBator lxvst02:29
OvenWerksvst are the worst because there is no standard place to put them.02:29
OvenWerksI thought they used some lapspa as well.02:30
KrillBatIt says 'indexing /usr/lib/02:35
KrillBatThat seems promising02:35
KrillBatoh nvm02:36
OvenWerksKrillBat: do you know the name of any of the plugins? you might try using catfish to search on that name from the /usr folder02:42
OvenWerksThat was how I found the vst folder...02:43
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stochastixIm installing ubuntustudio right now to help guide a friend who is new to Linux, but I was wondering, what is the most current version of Blender that I can instal, even if i have to enable another repo?15:54
sakrecoerstochastix: you don't need to add a repo, but you could of course... i personaly use the one dsitributed on http://blender.org15:57
sakrecoerchose the 32 or 64 bit accroding to the machine, un pack the folder in your home, and then double click the "blender" executable in there15:58
sakrecoerif you are installing 16.04, i believe the version bundled is 2.76b15:59
sakrecoerthe current version is 2.77a if i'm not mistaken15:59
sakrecoer2.77a runs fine on 16.0415:59
sakrecoerif you want to set 2.77a as default when opening a file from the filemanager, right click on a -blend file, and chose "Open with another application"16:01
stochastixhmm, Ill have to call him up, he said something like version 2.6 something, maybe he meant 2.7.616:01
sakrecoerthe unflod "Use a custom command" brose to the blender exectuable and select it, then check the box "Use as default for this kindof file"16:02
sakrecoerwell.. if he is using 14.04 it might be 2.6 something...16:02
stochastixHe didnt like the idea of it just being in a download folder, and wanted it to be "installed" sort of :)16:02
sakrecoerthen it will require a ppa...16:02
sakrecoeri don't know which one to recomend...16:02
sakrecoerhowever, you don't need to run it from your download folder..16:03
sakrecoeri run it from my ~/16:03
stochastixI know, he could put it anywhere.16:03
sakrecoeryes :)16:03
stochastixI noticed blender comes with the libraries it needs in the tar file16:03
stochastixdoes the binary need to stay in the directory above the libraries?16:04
sakrecoerthe only con i have noticed of using the blender.org bundle, is that you have to manualy tell your system to open -blend file with it...16:04
sakrecoeryou don't want to touch what is inside the bledner folder... the blender folder can be anywhere...16:05
stochastixsakrecoer: you probably could change the settings for filetypes and point it to your binary right?16:05
sakrecoerstochastix: although, i'm not sure i understand your question16:05
stochastixsakrecoer: Im just saying, you want to leave the blender binary in the folder with the rest of the stuff.16:05
stochastixYou wouldnt want to just throw it in /usr/bin :)16:05
sakrecoeryes, other wise it breaks16:05
sakrecoeranother con would be that... to redner something in background with cli, you need to invoke blender from its folder.16:06
sakrecoerunless you do some changes, that i don't know how to do lol16:07
sakrecoer(i'm sure there is an easy way)16:07
sakrecoerbut if you are never render from the terminal, its not a problem (minor problem if you do render from terminal anyway)16:08
sakrecoerstochastix: i have to run... best of luck! :) come back anytime if you need more help, or stick arround maybe someone else with better skills will reach out :)16:08
sakrecoer(better skill than me that is)16:09
stochastixsakrecoer: Thanks, appreciate it. I have it installed now so ill poke around at it.16:14
sirriffsalotzequence, z, what's up!18:07
zequencesirriffsalot: Hi. So, you are in Sweden? Where? I live in Gothenburg.18:33
sirriffsalotzequence, Awesome :) Not too far away, in a place called Biskops Arnö, do you know it?18:34
zequencesirriffsalot: Yes, I know it. I know someone who studied there. What is it that you are studying there?18:37
sirriffsalotzequence, songwriting-course kinda. It's a year-long folkehøgskole, I'm guessing you know what that is in swedish :P18:38
zequenceIf you ever come by Gothenburg, let me know.18:38
sirriffsalotzequence, hell yeah I will! Also if you're ever near uppsala or stockholm, swing by here and visit :D This place is pretty neat18:38
zequenceI don't know the education itself, but it seemed like a nice place to focus on something for a year.18:39
sirriffsalotWell, we'll see how they "teach the unteachable", the best a teacher can do in my mind is to reinforce certain fall-back techniques and ideas, but more importantly instill wonder and enthusiasm for whatever they're teaching18:40
Thinkpadurcome on.18:40
sirriffsalotWhat I'm really hoping to get out of this place is some good overall wholesome songwriting skill (as I have none), and perhaps some real good bandmembers18:41
sirriffsalotWorking with swedes is so much fun..  love the language.. and they love norwegian for some odd reason18:41
Thinkpadurbut Norwegians are in love only with the Muslims.18:42
Thinkpadurcoz those are the only ones they accept open minded. :)18:42
sirriffsalotThinkpadur, way to slip into the convo by potentially trodding on a lot of toes, haha18:43
Thinkpadursirriffsalot: some time ago in the Danish universities (and not only) they were est. Hate-Norway-clubs ... for a reason.18:45
sirriffsalotzequence, anyway, this place is rad. Do come by if you're passing through18:52
sirriffsalotTheir studio isn't that impressive though, but it's a start..18:52
zequencesirriffsalot: I'm sure it will be good for you. You have good drive, and that is the most important thing.19:19
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sakrecoersirriffsalot: that school looks idylic! I'm right on the other side of mälaren: södertälje19:58
sakrecoerits even zombie-safe: on an island!?!19:58
sirriffsalotzequence, cheers :D20:03
sirriffsalotsakrecoer, on the other side of whatnow??20:03
sirriffsalotThis is what I'm seeing: mälaren: södertälje20:04
sirriffsalotHalf-island :D it's so rad!20:04
sakrecoersirriffsalot: south of biskops there is a lake, south of that lake, there is this town: http://osm.org/go/0bAtg6?node=3009799620:07
sakrecoerabout the same distance from stockholm, the oposit direction20:10
sirriffsalotsakrecoer, aha, quite a way from here though20:13
sirriffsalotOnly got a bike as transportation so far :P20:14
sakrecoersirriffsalot: tell me something in sweden that isn't far away? :D Probably Malmö is the onl place close to everything :D20:15
sirriffsalotsakrecoer, hehe, I suppose20:16
sirriffsalotI might try biking all the way to Uppsala one day if the weather is nice20:16
sakrecoersirriffsalot: good idea!20:17
sirriffsalotTried my luck as a street musician in norway before coming here, did surprisingly well, so gonna try doing it in the nearest crowded town20:17
sirriffsalotsakrecoer, what do you play incidentally?20:19
sakrecoeri sing, and i play grooveboxes20:19
sakrecoersirriffsalot: got quite a few battery operated boxes actualy... if you ever look for a streetjam partner in stockholm ;)20:21
sakrecoermpc500, tb-303, bolsa-bass and a few other ones...20:21
sirriffsalotI really do want to play in stockholm, shitloads of people no doubt20:21
sakrecoeryeah! i wonder how it would go tbh... probably well, at least if we would bring the waeather with us :P20:22
sirriffsalothttps://www.facebook.com/Astrid.Tramp/videos/10153600318802251/ not sure if you can see it but someone filmed me in Norway right before I left here20:22
sirriffsalotDidn't get to warm up before playing that one :(20:23
sirriffsalotMeh, guess it doesn't work for you, oh well20:25
sakrecoeri... could do the effort to log in, haven't checked up on my 3 friends in a long time :D20:44
sakrecoersirriffsalot: didn't do it... i logged in but it is still too exclusive :'(20:45
sakrecoer\o/ i have 4 friends!20:46
sakrecoerand there is a huge picture of mark zuckerberg on my homepage (o.o)20:47
sakrecoerthe robot thinks i should follow him...20:47
sakrecoeri think it is the other way arround, that guy must be bored as hell20:47
sakrecoerhe is in 400x300 px, the rest of the people there are 64x64 :D20:49
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sakrecoer:'( i can look back in time 3 days... i need to add more friends to see more stories :'(20:52
sakrecoersirriffsalot: do you have an archive.org account?20:54
sirriffsalotsakrecoer, hm20:56
sirriffsalotsakrecoer, lol, suckerberg..20:56
sirriffsalotsakrecoer, I don't have the video anyways, so it's no use :(20:57
sakrecoerand you are not allowed to download it?20:57
sirriffsalotsakrecoer, Not sure how to20:57
sakrecoerok.. anyways i'd happily listen to something :)20:58
sirriffsalotsakrecoer, hang on20:58
sirriffsalotsakrecoer, meh it's a lot of fiddling with stuff, not that good a performance anyway imo lol. Surprised people threw money in for that one :D Unless I could friend you on buttbook, you might be able to see it, add Kåre Ylvisåker20:59
sakrecoersirriffsalot: i hate to turn you down, but facebook can't afford me :D21:00
sirriffsalotsakrecoer, hey, if it weren't for people I didn't have to keep in touch with through no other means, I'd never touch it either..21:00
sakrecoersirriffsalot: yea... o ised to eb quite active there tbh21:01
sirriffsalotsakrecoer, I'll let you know if I'm headed to stockholm one of these days21:01
sakrecoerbetween 2010 and 201221:01
sirriffsalotGonna play some piano in the cafeteria, catch you guys later!21:01
sakrecoerbut i realized all the people that actualy count in my life i reach through other means..21:01
sirriffsalotIndeed :) Peace!21:02
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