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Guest20904how do I fix this: E:Malformed line 56 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (dist parse) /help08:18
Guest20904Can't load package list08:18
knomeGuest20904, what is that line then?08:47
Guest20904knome, I don't know bec I don't know where to find it. pasted command to install skype when it happened08:50
Guest20904knome, Telle me where to seek and I'll look it up08:51
knomeGuest20904, open the file /etc/apt/sources.list and see what's on line 5608:51
Guest20904knome, Ok08:52
Guest20904knome, "deb http://archive.canonical.com/precise partner"08:56
knomeokay... which xubuntu version are you running?08:57
Guest20904knome, 12.0408:57
knomexubuntu 12.04 is end-of-life08:57
Unit193Also: deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu precise partner08:57
Guest20904knome, In here it looks like a broken adress??08:58
Guest20904knome, so is my laptop :). don't know if It can swallow a newer version08:59
Unit193What is it?08:59
Guest20904knome, read that there was a "backup list" to replace with when this happened. Not sure of the op though09:01
knomeGuest20904, Unit193 gave you good advice already09:01
Guest20904unit193 knome, Ahh! Adress me makes com easier ;). Now I saw it. I'll test and come back!09:03
Guest20904knome unit193 You have to be patient with me :) Now the prob to save the file. I edited in leafpad & can't save it from there09:10
wolfmoonDoes Xubuntu have merch similar to Ubuntu?09:25
Rarrikinswolfmoon: There's some linked from the website at https://xubuntu.org/products/09:30
Afdlawhich part of xubuntu is responsible for configuring the monitors when docking/undocking laptop?10:54
jarnos_Why bluetooth device does not work? Phones are visible in pavucontrol, but I can not switch it to make actual sound.12:01
olleharsilly bug: when the screensaver activates, one screen turns off12:27
olleharI have to go in settings and activate it again (the screen)12:27
christian_Hello how do you fix screen tearing in xubuntu? when I enter  cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep Tear it says there that tear free is Disabled14:11
Thinkpadurhello :)18:30
Thinkpadurxubu 16.04.1 after screenlock lost wifi and mouspointer.18:31
Thinkpadurgnome-software does not start at all. :)18:34
Thinkpadura new version with new out of new problems.18:34
Thinkpadurwhy things that worked fine in 14.04 are not working now?18:35
Thinkpaduror this is part of "some nerd philosophy"?18:35
hellohello, i have a problem with wifi18:36
hellocan anybody help me?18:36
Thinkpadurafter restart?18:38
hellowhen i put the password ask me again for the password , and again, and again18:38
helloand i haven't any conexion18:38
helloby wifi18:38
hellois a common problem?18:39
hellois it*18:39
helloi should see the sys.log?18:40
Thinkpaduris your router ok?18:41
helloworks in my others computers18:42
hellohttp://i.imgur.com/J0W5q7F.png this is the only i get18:46
helloi put sudo lshw -C network in terminal but i don't see CLAIMED, UNCLAIMED, ENABLED or DISABLED18:59
Thinkpadurand the other computers are with the same xubuntu?18:59
Thinkpadurthey are with netbsd?19:00
helloi don't know19:00
hellothey are with windows and elementary os19:01
Thinkpadurhello: look at http://askubuntu.com/questions/263529/wifi-keeps-prompting-for-password19:01
POwerlesshow do i fix my icons colors? its all bugged. there is a shady behind the leters19:03
hellothanks i try to do19:03
ThinkpadurPOwerless: was it the same in 14.04?19:04
POwerlessThinkpadur, look http://imgur.com/a/4pTym19:05
POwerlessThinkpadur, i have just installed it so i have no idea19:05
POwerlessdoes anyone know how to fix these buggy icons?  http://imgur.com/a/4pTym19:21
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