LocutusOfBorgapw, can I bother you about having the virtualbox kernel modules from 5.1.4 syncd in ubuntu kernel? 07:36
LocutusOfBorgI'm still waiting some days to sync virtualbox 5.1.4 into Ubuntu archive07:36
LocutusOfBorgif nobody complains in Debian I'll sync it07:36
apwLocutusOfBorg, we can cirtainly do that once it arrives yes, poke me when it lands and i can get that done07:52
LocutusOfBorgok so I'll sync it now :)07:52
LocutusOfBorgI hoped you were able to use the debian one or my ppa one07:52
LocutusOfBorgI would like to wait it to migrate from Debian before, are 10 days an unacceptable delay?07:52
apwoh i can probabally use a PPA one if needed, hmmm, i guess i need to figure out where it needs syncing to, i guess that'll be the 4.6 kernel07:53
LocutusOfBorgthe fixes are for kernels up to 4.807:55
LocutusOfBorgBTW aren't the merges in kernel propagated automagically to newer kernels?07:55
LocutusOfBorgI would like to have it in yakkety, whatever kernel will have07:55
LocutusOfBorg(if possible, of course)07:56
apwLocutusOfBorg, they are until the tree diverges, which it now how, anyhow thats my problem08:01
LocutusOfBorgif I can make it smoother, please let me know08:04
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bjfcyphermox, i've created lp: #1617345 for that grub update on ppc64el that i was chatting with you about the other day14:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 1617345 in grub (Ubuntu) "package upgrade broken for multipath system, specifically ppc64el" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161734514:16
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