pavlushkaahoy ZA!06:12
theblazehen"How's the weather?" "Cloudy with a chance of docker"07:03
chesedomorning all07:24
jeritmy server emailed me this morning because my vesta web hosting control panel failed to connect to localhost. I have no idea what to do with this information09:37
jeritmIRC is breaking my balls again10:42
Kilosafternoon everyone14:45
Kiloslong day to visit boet in jozi in hospital14:45
superflyKilos: how is he doing?14:47
Kilosim sure he will make it superfly , got pipes into lungs to drain blood clots and fluid14:48
Kiloslots of pain but still stubborn14:48
Kiloshas a morphine drip he just needs to push the button for another dose but he says if you kill the pain then you get too active and retard healing14:49
pavlushkais it possible to show only once a repeated line/word from a text file in terminal?15:21
nlsthznsup all15:30
Kiloshi nlsthzn 15:30
nlsthznuncle Kilos , alo15:32
Kilosinflight wifi costs $5 for 30 mins17:58
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:49
paddatrapperpavlushka: pipe it to sort? 18:57
pavlushkapaddatrapper: how?19:02
pavlushkapaddatrapper: I tried pipe grep19:07
pavlushkapaddatrapper: see you tomorrow, night19:11

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