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gennadiyhi everybody08:27
gennadiyi have a question: do i need to build juju agent for each platform separately? or i can use the same jujud for ubuntu and centos?08:28
gennadiybecause i have found a set of agents here - https://streams.canonical.com/juju/tools/agent/2.0-beta16/ but haven't found any information about it on the github08:29
mupBug #1617526 opened: cmd/juju: no help available for common flags <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1617526>08:40
admcleodgetting a 404 on lxc container creation for this:11:33
admcleod2016-08-27 11:27:30 DEBUG juju.container image.go:89 lxc image for xenial (s390x) is https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/server/releases/xenial/release-20160826/xenial-server-cloudimg-s390x.tar.gz11:33
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mupBug #1617602 opened: juju status <service-name> stucking  <juju-core:New> <juju-utils:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1617602>17:01

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