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admcleodtrying to deploy to lxc and getting this:11:29
admcleod016-08-27 11:27:30 DEBUG juju.container image.go:89 lxc image for xenial (s390x) is https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/server/releases/xenial/release-20160826/xenial-server-cloudimg-s390x.tar.gz11:29
admcleod^ 40411:29
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junaidaliHi everyone, "juju status <service-name> " stucks although "juju status" is working fine. Has anyone faced this issue or is this a bug?17:11
junaidaliversion of Juju that I'm using is 1.25.617:11
beisnerhi junaidali - i'd recommend comparing the output of `juju status --debug` with `juju status nova-cloud-controller --debug` to see if something sticks out as a red flag.17:36
junaidaliThanks beisner, let me compare the output17:38
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