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nIRV_greetings; is there a way to know what configuration flags have been used to compile the Qt5 library in ubuntu's repository?03:21
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existenzehey there09:42
existenzehow do I actually know if the graphics drivers were properly installed? Both nvidia and intel?09:44
existenzeAnd how do I choose which one to use?09:44
existenzeguess it's still sleep time everywhere else10:03
me_Can't find find  'tun.ko.gz'10:11
me_Any idead how to get it?10:11
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BluesKajHiyas all11:44
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momoe**A wild momoe appears!!**13:35
momoeGoood morning all!13:35
momoeSo KDE Connect has FINALLY released the full 1.0 version.13:37
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SmurphyLol. Love kde connect. Love it when my phone rings, the Music is muted :D or the text messages displayed :)15:01
leumasIs the Yakkety Yak Beta out for download?15:34
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existenzehey there18:14
existenzehey... some activity here...18:21
beef_hi togehter19:37
beef_just a little question19:37
beef_im usin kde 5.5 -> how can i change the icon of a link on the desktop?19:38
beef_rightclick -> press icon dont work19:39
lindar_hello, just installed 16.04 LTS and its at the black screen with a white Kubuntu turning blue for ten minutes... whats going on20:11
lindar_i am using 15.04 at the moment and I wanted to upgrade to 16 and this happened20:13
existenzeCan you resize widgets?20:23
lindar_yes, hover over them and usr the drag option20:24
lindar_hello, just installed 16.04 LTS and its at the black screen with a white Kubuntu turning blue for ten minutes... whats going on20:24
arcanjohi lindar.. did you install any video drivers?20:25
existenzenothing shows on mouse over20:25
lindar_whats flavor are you using20:26
lindar_Im just using the basic install20:26
lindar_cant get to a GUI of any kind and the CLi isnt working either20:27
existenzeoh... just figure it... it's a double long click for resize options20:29
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IrcsomeBotTBSDesing was added by: TBSDesing20:35
IrcsomeBot<TBSDesing> heyyyy20:36
IrcsomeBot<TBSDesing> i have a question about a problem that im having with mu kubuntu 16.0420:37
IrcsomeBot<TBSDesing> when I send or download something that the sale of where I want to save the file opens everything is normal when I give to keep the action is reaiza successfully but that window is not closed remains on my desktop is not going and clutters can not close20:39
IrcsomeBot<TBSDesing> stay like these20:40
IrcsomeBot<TBSDesing> (Photo, 1280x719) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/WMx5IuFM/file_211.jpg dont go20:40
IrcsomeBot<TBSDesing> still there20:40
existenzeIf I want to install a plasmoid that gives me the location of "kde:kdeplasma-addons/applets/fileWatcher/", how do I actually install it?20:52
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aleeekhi !23:21

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