pavlushkaMorning every ONe :)02:16
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pavlushkawelcome Rezwan tetsssss !04:05
* ahoneybun knocks out05:27
* pavlushka spilling some water on ahoneybun's face05:38
pavlushka(or sprinkling)05:39
* pavlushka now sprinkling some coffee on ahoneybun's face05:40
pavlushkao/ Kilos 08:36
Kiloso/ pavlushka 09:35
pavlushkawelcome AudaciousTUX :)10:04
* pavlushka on a break10:04
akash_xenial xerus is quite buggy. specially i have spent a huge for downloading tor browser from ubuntu software center. but in vain :p14:57
Kiloshi zaki pavlushka 16:42
zakihello everyone16:43
zakihi pavlushka16:43
Kiloswe missed akash16:43
pavlushkaHello Kilos  zaki :)16:43
zakiKilos: when?16:44
pavlushkaBut I know him, he is a mozillian, zaki might know him :)16:44
Kilos[16:57] <akash_> xenial xerus is quite buggy. specially i have spent a huge for downloading tor browser from ubuntu software center. but in vain 16:44
zakimay be he should use terminal <316:45
pavlushkazaki: around 5 O'clock local time16:45
Kilos18 minutes ago16:46
pavlushkaok, it was Kilos local time :)16:46
Kilosyes my time16:46
Kilossorry head to sore to work that out16:46
zakihello Nahiyan16:47
Nahiyan hello16:47
Kilosohi Nahiyan 16:47
NahiyanI put the channel on autojoin16:49
zakiwow. :P16:49
Kiloswell done16:53
Kilosill disconnect some next week, not being in so many channels when on holiday16:54
pavlushkaHello Nahiyan 16:54
pavlushkaNahiyan: taking note of something?17:00
pavlushkaNahiyan: from #math #physics ?17:04
zakiahh.. 17:17
Nahiyanjust picking up info where I can17:18
pavlushkaNahiyan: I used to read from wikipedia for my study :)17:25
pavlushkaand sometimes it was not available in wikipedia what i was searching for, then wikipedia says, create a page on this topic, man if i did know about that then why i would search in 1st place :p17:28
zakihe he17:28
pavlushka*search it17:28
zakisetting up steam again17:32
pavlushkazaki: why?17:33
zakiwill play games17:33
pavlushkazaki: why again?17:33
zakilast time i played games when i'm in unity17:36
zakiafter installing  kubuntu 16.4.1, didn't set up steam. 17:37
pavlushkazaki: you can help others in other ubuntu channels if you wish.17:37
pavlushkazaki: can be active in forums too :)17:38
Kilosthe world is yours17:38
pavlushkayes as Kilos says :)17:38
Kilosmake friends all over17:38
zaki50 nick in #ubuntu-pk17:39
pavlushkazaki: but your here most of the time and me myself and we are glad for that :)17:39
pavlushka*your/ you are17:39
Kilosyes never neglect your home channel17:39
zakihe he17:40
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Kiloshi Guest38876 17:41
=== Guest38876 is now known as shishir
shishirhi Kilos17:43
Kilosall good there shishir 17:43
KilosQA coffee on17:44
* QA flips the salt-timer17:44
shishirQA: coffee please17:44
QAshishir: Okay17:44
KilosQA coffee for all17:44
QARock up with your mugs with sugar added already all you geeks17:44
zakiKilos: how are you feeling? exited? :D 17:47
Kiloslol yes very, but also bit stressed17:47
Kilosgoing to strange airport for 2 hours to switch planes17:48
QACoffee's ready for Kilos and shishir!17:48
Kilosnext three days are going to drag and so much to do still17:48
KilosQA thanks17:48
QAsure thing, Kilos17:48
Kilosnight guys. sleep tight18:28
pavlushkaHello dipraw :)18:55
diprawwhat's up???18:56
pavlushkadipraw: everything :p, How is your niece?18:57
diprawshe is doin great pavlushka 18:57
pavlushkadipraw: how great? and her mother?18:58
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: hellu18:59
diprawboth of them are doing great! and the kido is a tough one to handle! coz she never stops when she starts crying\18:59
diprawpavlushka, 18:59
AudaciousTUXholla ahoneybun 19:00
AudaciousTUXsorry wrong pin.... 19:00
AudaciousTUX@pavlushka: 19:00
AudaciousTUXping*.... eto typo ken :319:00
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: lol its not Telegram :p19:00
AudaciousTUXyah :'(19:00
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: commented on bla bla post, check please19:15
AudaciousTUXoh paichi19:17
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: nice comment na?19:20
AudaciousTUXcoffee coffee coffee :D19:20
AudaciousTUXdisqus use korum vabtechi.... 19:21
pavlushkaনিজেকে গরিলা গরিলা মনে হচ্ছে লুল19:21
pavlushkadipraw: how is your machine functioning ?19:21
AudaciousTUX:p 19:22
diprawdont ask! keeps lagging!19:22
AudaciousTUXdisqus e 2 ta problem.... multilingual korte parumna.... english rakha lagbe... ar comment shonge shonge sync hoyna..19:35
AudaciousTUX@pavlushka: 19:35
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: disqus? I know it to be a forum!!19:37
AudaciousTUXcheck comment19:38
AudaciousTUXdiscourse is forum cms19:38
AudaciousTUXdisqus alada19:38
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: I see disqus as an api and this too https://disqus.com/19:44
AudaciousTUXumm.... not like api... 19:45
pavlushkahmm an wp plugin19:46
AudaciousTUXnot only wp plugin19:47

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