tsimonq2...is the top bar on Ubuntu Yakkety (just installed from the daily in a VM) supposed to be transparent?04:26
tsimonq2if so, it doesn't match visually04:26
tsimonq2then, when I change the resolution, this happens: http://storage7.static.itmages.com/i/16/0827/h_1472272225_4525008_8c78f1e201.png04:30
tsimonq2this is default Ubuntu so I'm not that sure where I should file a bug04:30
tsimonq2this happens when I minimize: http://storage4.static.itmages.com/i/16/0827/h_1472272341_7572558_8b21efa329.png04:31
tsimonq2yes, I hovered over Trash accidentally04:32
tsimonq2but it's not going away...04:32
tsimonq2heh that's find of funny: http://storage6.static.itmages.com/i/16/0827/h_1472272414_5765719_885b000896.png04:33
tsimonq2that's when going over the menus in the top right04:33
tsimonq2little buttons :P04:33
tsimonq2but in all seriousness, something is VERY wrong04:33
sarnoldI can't make heads or tails of any of that :)04:36
sarnoldit's insanely confusing to figure out what bits look intentional and which bits look broken04:36
tsimonq2sarnold: maybe confirm the bug and look for yourself? ;)04:40
tsimonq2I mean, if it's bad enough, why not confirm? :P04:41
sarnoldtsimonq2: which bug? I missed it04:41
tsimonq2sarnold: I'm trying to file a bug but I reported the issues I'm having above04:42
tsimonq2sarnold: you said04:42
tsimonq2"I can't make heads or tails of any of that"04:42
sarnoldI can't figure out what's menu bar or title bar or anything04:43
tsimonq2sarnold: again, all you have to do is grab a daily image, install the thing, then reboot and log in. It should show what I just described. :)04:44
tsimonq2(sorry if the way I put words into a sentence seem insulting, I'd like to file a bug, but have no idea what to file it against)04:46
tsimonq2s/into a sentence/into a sentence at this time of day/04:46
tsimonq2see! :P04:46
sarnoldtsimonq2: unity7 is probably a good enough start, unless you're trying unity8 :)04:47
tsimonq2sarnold: I was in the process of installing Unity 8 (which was TERRIBLY slow in my VM btw, even with 8 gigs of RAM and 4 processor cores)04:48
tsimonq2but that happened even before I start the terminal04:48
sarnoldtsimonq2: I suspect it's nearly unusable without accelerated video04:48
tsimonq2("that" being the issues I stated above)04:48
tsimonq2so I installed Ubuntu on another partition, then Unity 8 alongside Unity 706:14
tsimonq2useless, the Ubuntu Store (or whatever it's called) won't install anything06:14
tsimonq2I click the button. does nothing06:15
tsimonq2and for some odd reason, the Android Studio is installed by default but when trying to launch displays an error06:16
tsimonq2btw I fixed that theme error by installing the Arc theme06:16
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linuxperiaHi All. I have a huge Problem with Ubuntu Desktop. everytime i try to start google-chrome from the command line with specific options Ubuntu Desktop ignores them which is wrong. However if i edit the local google-chrome.desktop file and add there the options to the exec line and start google chrome again from the command line without any arguments then it works! I need however to be able to...12:25
linuxperia...start google chrome from the command line with options otherwise bash scripts are broken in Ubuntu !!! How can i solve this broken startup of Application in Ubuntu Desktop ?12:25
ogra_by talking to the google-chrome developers perhaps ?12:32
Laneyximion: I just started https://github.com/iainlane/mo15:48
ximionLaney: looking good! maybe I should use that in asgen then too for determining the completeness of .mo files :)15:54
Laneypercentage stuff?15:54
ximionLaney: https://www.freedesktop.org/software/appstream/docs/chap-CollectionData.html#tag-ct-languages15:57
ximionhughsie really really wanted that, and I gave in15:57
ximionbut it's a really big mess to determine this (especially because it's a very inaccurate guess, since we can only show the translation status of the main app, and not the libraries it uses)15:58
Laneyoh right15:58
ximionalso, we'd need to hunt down .mo and Qt translations archive-wide15:58
Laneyhow do you know the right domain?15:58
ximionwhich is the icons-fun all over again15:58
LaneyI guess this is like "open C, count the number of translations, then compare to the others"15:59
ximionLaney: heuristics, or hoping that https://www.freedesktop.org/software/appstream/docs/chap-Metadata.html#tag-translation is set15:59
Laneywell you don't have to count, it's in the header15:59
Laneyoh right16:00
ximionfortunately it's in the header :)16:03
ximionbut of course, no general-purpose library for reading it exists, so I would have reimplemented the reading-code in asgen (which is fairly simple)16:03
Laneybe easy enough to expose that as a property in this library16:08
* Laney goes away16:22
ximionLaney: what compiling asgen with meson instead of dub, we can even make additional libraries optional, depending on compile flags16:28
ximionso depending on more stuff should be easier soon :)16:28
ximion1Laney: asgen uses the latest AppStream now - and the unittests fail for your PR ;-)20:01
ximion1have a nice we! :)20:01

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