StrifeGood morning03:33
nadirRajRajRaj: Please stop mass-pinging. It's unpleasant.03:48
RajRajRajtacod: hi03:55
RajRajRajHows it going with your pain in  head03:55
tacodhey RajRajRaj03:56
RajRajRajtacod: how r u03:57
tacodpretty meh03:58
pavlushkaMorning Strife !04:01
* Strife looks at nadir04:03
* pavlushka looks at Strife ^^04:04
RajRajRajStrife: ye ek alag namuna hai04:06
RajRajRajpavlushka: yo04:06
pavlushkaRajRajRaj: yo yo :)04:07
RajRajRajpavlushka: honey singhaaa04:07
* pavlushka rofls04:07
RajRajRajStrife: wo dekh wo hiya india wapis ayaa04:07
tacodapparently using VESA modes while using a pure VESA driver doesn't work well.04:08
* pavlushka knows a hiya from hong kong04:08
RajRajRajpavlushka: haan wahi04:09
RajRajRajAaj kal hong kong ka hai yahi batata sabko04:09
StrifeArre marwane gaya woh hiya saala04:10
pavlushkaRajRajRaj: lol, aap pk aye kya?04:10
RajRajRajpavlushka: ?04:11
RajRajRajStrife: lol04:11
pavlushkaRajRajRaj: nothing, you are talking about yoyo honey sing, right?04:12
StrifeYaar ubuntu me toh kuch tappi hi nai padthi04:13
pavlushkaRajRajRaj: then your hiya is not my hiya, ha ha ha04:13
pavlushkaStrife: pappi do usko04:14
StrifePKBot ko bolo04:14
StrifeUssko pappi de04:14
StrifeYeh hiya ke piche aag lagi hogi issiliye aaya hai udhar, RajRajRaj04:15
RajRajRajStrife: arey uska software center bakwas hai04:16
RajRajRajSala har roz update mangta hai04:16
StrifeTum yaar chorona04:16
StrifeUsse kyu muh lag rahe ho bhai04:16
StrifeJaane dena04:16
StrifeTeil lene gaya04:16
RajRajRajUbuntu ka software center04:17
pavlushkaRajRajRaj: aur aap update dete ho usko?04:17
pavlushkamangta he to04:18
StrifeMene toh Researcher ke recommendation pe ubuntu install kiya04:18
pavlushkaRajRajRaj: keya update dete ho usssko?04:18
RajRajRajYe ubuntu channel hai04:18
Strifepavlushka bhai I'm totally nuts in ubuntu04:18
StrifeNot only ubuntu but this whole linux thing04:18
pavlushkaStrife: what's the deal?04:18
RajRajRajStrife: dekh bhai04:19
StrifeI tried to install irc client on Ubuntu04:19
StrifeIt says you gotta install Wine04:19
StrifeIdk whats that04:19
RajRajRajUbuntu mast os hai bas stability ke mamle me lag jati iski04:19
pavlushkaStrife: what irc client04:19
RajRajRajStrife: bhi jo bhi install karna hai software center se karo04:19
RajRajRajWarna apt-get se04:20
Strifepavlushka Wine04:20
RajRajRajWine ki jarurat nahi04:20
StrifeRajRajRaj are software center toh usska properly kuch dikha tha hi nai hai04:21
RajRajRajWine unke liye hai jo windows app Ubuntu pe chalana chahtey04:21
StrifeIssiliye me sochu04:21
pavlushkaStrife: wine is a windows program emulator, not any irc client.04:21
StrifeWhy would an irc client need so much space04:21
RajRajRajStrife: wahi to bola ki  wo mahabakwas software center hai04:21
RajRajRajPar jo hai usi se kaam chalao04:21
Strifepavlushka I didn't know that04:21
RajRajRajStrife: irccloud use karle yaar04:22
Strifepavlushka but how do we run an application in ubuntu04:22
Strifeirccloud? App hai?04:22
RajRajRajKya tu bhi client ke chakkar me parha hai04:22
RajRajRajStrife: android app and webpage04:22
pavlushkaStrife: for ubuntu, there are hexchat, quassel (kde), konversation (kde), polari, irssi irc clients and others04:22
StrifeRajRajRaj arre koi idea hi nai hai isske baare me04:23
Strifepavlushka but how do we run them?04:23
RajRajRajGoogle kar04:23
StrifeIt creates icon on desktop or is there any particular command for that?04:23
StrifeRajRajRaj o04:23
pavlushkaStrife: I use hexchat and may be RajRajRaj uses irccloud, he he04:24
StrifeI'm asking about how to run them bro04:24
pavlushkaStrife: first run in terminal "sudo apt install hexchat", you will get a haxchat option in application menu after that, then run the app from there04:25
pavlushkaStrife: btw, how you are connected to this channel now?04:27
RajRajRajStrife: ircloud ki site pe ja na04:30
pavlushkaRajRajRaj: you gotta grab his leg for that :p04:31
StrifeInstalled it on vmware04:42
RajRajRajStrife: Kya hua ab04:49
StrifeKuch nai04:50
Strifemene ubuntu vmware me daala hai04:50
StrifeThat's the reason I'm here mera bhai!04:50
RajRajRajStrife: ok05:01
pavlushkaRajRajRaj: press enter less :p05:02
RajRajRajpavlushka: enter is my fav key05:03
RajRajRajI keep hitting it :p05:03
pavlushkaRajRajRaj: ha ha, looks like that :)05:03
pavlushkaRajRajRaj: yep, it shows05:03
pavlushkaStrife: so it worked?05:04
pavlushkaStrife: my guesses, you are using an irc client which is only available for windows, and you were trying to install it on ubuntu, that's why it was asking to install wine to support it.05:17
pavlushkaStrife: but luckily hexchat is available for both :p05:18
Strifepavlushka i thought mirc is also available for linux05:22
StrifeWe need to register for irccloud? RajRajRaj05:57
RajRajRajStrife: yes05:59
StrifeThat sucks06:26
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StrifeHo ho Kilos08:49
Kiloshi Strife and everyone else08:49
Kilosresting today08:49
Kilosin between farm work hehe08:49
StrifeYou have a farm?08:50
Kilosmy sister and her husband08:50
Kilosi stay by them08:50
StrifeI see08:51
Kiloswinter just ending now so greenery still coming08:51
StrifeI assume you are away from the stupid thing known as air pollution08:52
mustuKilos r u on north pole ?09:16
mustuKilos whr do u live?09:16
pavlushkamustu: Kilos lives where the albino polar bear lurks around :p09:23
lubmilhi Strife :)09:29
Kiloshi mustu09:31
mustuHey Kilos09:31
Kilosi am in south africa09:31
Kiloson the highveldt09:32
Kilos1.5 ks above sea level09:32
Kilosnear all the mountains the get smow in winter09:32
Kilosbut summer is coming now so things are improving09:33
mustuthat's a peaceful part to live09:33
Kilosyes just cold in winter09:33
mustuhow long have you been farming?09:33
Kilosabout 20 years09:34
mustuand how long have you been on IRC :p09:34
Kilossince 8.1009:34
Kilosso 9809:34
pavlushkaha ha ha09:35
pavlushkaKilos: that would be -9.809:35
mustuso the obvious question.. how did a farmer get into Ubuntu and IRC09:35
Kilosi died09:36
Kilosgot rebooted09:36
Kiloswas stupid09:36
Kilosso was given an old 486 to play games and get hand eye co-ords and brain working again09:36
Kilospavlushka what almost09:37
pavlushkaKilos: I mean you died almost.09:37
Kilosi died dead09:37
mustuis that around 2008?09:37
Kilosi have the doctors letter still that says DOA at the hospital09:38
Kilosthat was in 9809:38
Kilosdead on arrival09:38
Kilosdied in ambulance from blood loss09:39
mustuI'm sorry can I ask what happened ?09:39
Kiloshead was split open09:39
Kilosa coupling on a shaft broke loose and the spinning shaft bent and hit me three times on the head09:40
Kilossplit from above left eye to behind centre of left ear09:40
Kilosso there was some brain damage, that has taken years to rebuild09:41
Kilosstill memory probs though09:41
Kilosbroken ram09:42
Kilosotherwise im ok09:42
Kilosask pavlushka how often i forget things09:42
Kilosmost of the ubuntu guys know the prob and remind me again09:42
mustudid you tried keeping some kind oglog book?09:43
Kilosnice having friends09:43
mustukind of log book*09:43
Kilosyes i have many books of writing09:43
Kilosbut trying to find stuff in then is a major task09:43
Kilosso now i save important stuff in text files on desktop09:44
mustuyou can use note taking apps n leverage Tags to pull things quickly09:44
Kiloseasier than paging through books09:44
pavlushkaI use gnote09:44
Kilosim doing ok so far, so dont wanna learn new stuff. too much on mind atm09:45
mustuKilos just wondering do you belong to PK somehow ?09:47
Kilosno i came here to help revive the channel09:47
Kilosim trying to revive locos all over09:48
Kilosstarted with africa09:48
mustuso u r native south african09:48
Kiloslike this09:48
Kilosyes i am09:48
mustudo you get engaged in in person activities ?09:50
Kilosin what way?09:50
Kilosin the africa group i attend meetings and chat daily to them on irc09:51
Kilossame as here09:51
Kilosbasically in encourage people09:51
mustuare those meetings frequent?09:51
Kilosin za monthly and in africa quarterly09:52
Kilosand i help newcomers to ubuntu where i can09:53
Kilosyou can see my wiki page for more info09:53
mustuwe should list down guys in here who reside in PK so we can do something on ground10:01
Kilosyes that is the plan, and you guys can arrange get togethers10:02
Kilosand get to know each other10:02
mustuKilos the first thing we should do is form a group of senior and sincere guys and provide them access to the official tools available to any LoCo team by taking it from Fuad Bajwa10:02
Kiloswhen i first came here there were only 2 nicks here and no topic even10:02
Kiloswe should have news on that issue soon10:03
mustuso, we can also promote and invite people to the official channels including mailing list and memberships10:03
mustuWe did forked an un-official community but it has also been stagnant for some time..10:04
Kilosyou and Researcher are the lead guys here10:04
mustuwe need to revive it by making some noise and kickign of some local activities like release party, informational sessions etc10:04
Kilosyou invite whoever you like to join and help10:05
mustuResearcher let's get on a Skype call once you are back from trip10:05
Kilosmustu the channel is in you guys hands, so do whatever is necessary to get things going again10:06
Kilosjust here the channel has grown from 2 to 50 nicks, and many are clever guys, so you should be able to pull all your local pk guys together10:08
Kilosbut it is great to have pk guys from other parts of the world to help out with other things and keep each other informed and help new visitors10:14
xoxoxocan anyone join my channel too?10:46
xoxoxoim alone :]10:46
xoxoxoyou're welcome guys if you woud like10:47
RajRajRajWhich chan11:21
xoxoxoRajRajRaj, #:]11:28
RajRajRajxoxoxo:  :)11:30
Kilosnight pk peeps18:28
Kilossee you tomorrow18:29
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ChanSebaSun, 28 Aug 2016 00:02:25 CEST22:02
lubmil.tr :pl :en i już Niedziela.22:02
ChanSebaand already Sunday.22:02
* lubmil listens to: The Tremeloes - Once On A Sunday Morning22:02

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