patdk-lapand most of it is, how to make a mailserver, not how to make it work well, keep out spam, and have all the goodness one normally wants00:58
patdk-lapbut then all that stuff is mostly subject to ones needs and desires, and time00:59
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alnrhi all. anyone on xenial have applied latest openssl version against oracle padding issue? I have applied latest and still get an F rating at ssllabs.com.04:17
sarnoldalnr: to be clear, did you just apt-get install the openssl package specifically? or an apt-get upgrade to get all the packages?04:18
sarnoldalnr: have you restarted the process in question to make sure it gets the new library?04:18
alnri did apt install openssl after doing apt update. and did restart nginx after that04:19
sarnolddid it include the libssl1.0.0 package in the process?04:20
alnri didnt notice. but i also did an --update-only for libssl1.0.0 as well04:21
sarnoldalnr: what does this get you? dpkg -l '*ssl*' | awk '/ii/ {print $2 "\t" $3}'04:25
sarnoldalnr: what does this get you? dpkg -l '*ssl*' | awk '/ii/ {print $2 "\t" $3}'04:25
alnrlibssl1.0.0:amd64 1.0.2g-1ubuntu2 and openssl 1.0.2g-1ubuntu4.104:30
alnri noticed that /usr/share/doc/libssl1.0.0/changelog.Debian.gz is not mentioning the patch at all04:33
sarnoldalnr: aha; apt-get install libssl1.0.0 and restart your webserver04:34
alnrthanks sarnold . i am upgraded to a "B", much better04:39
sarnoldalnr: yay :)04:40
alnri am checking but i think the ubuntu advisory only instructs to apt install openssl, as opposed to libssl1.0.004:40
sarnoldalnr: the updates are tested with apt-get update && apt-get upgrade --- that's the recommended way to install updates04:41
woodragI have installed a 16.04.1 Ubuntu Server on an openstack platform with Apache2 and i am trying to run roundcube which is a PHP webapplication. When visiting the main page of roundcube on this new server, i see PHP code instead of the roundcube application. Somehow the PHP is not executed but printed. What am i doing wrong??06:55
exploreHi, I’d love to use Ubuntu Server for a WordPress + WooCommerce site. Should I stick with something like a droplet from Digital Ocean or perhaps I should try my luck with running my own server and following a decent hardening how-to guide?07:02
exploreWhat would you suggest? Thanks ahead of time for any advice.07:02
sarnoldwoodrag: did you go for an fpm or a mod_php install?07:03
sarnoldexplore: I suspect DO has far more bandwidth than you do, no?07:04
sarnoldthat runs php in a stand-alone daemon rather than in the web browser process07:05
exploreI guess what I am asking is that is a droplet from Digital Ocean a pre-hardened virtual host? Do they do all the kernel updates?07:11
exploreOr is it entirely my responsibility?07:11
sarnoldentirely your responsibility07:12
exploresarnold: ah07:12
sarnoldthe unattended-upgrades package may help in that case07:14
sarnoldit won't restart services07:14
sarnoldor reboot with new kernels07:14
sarnoldbut it may help07:14
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exploresarnold: thank you07:17
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woodragsarnold: i am trying tu setuo mod_php 7 into apache2 on ubuntu server 16.04.1 but somehow i keep seeing code instead of he results of the executed code....;-(07:21
sarnoldwoodrag: I think that usually means mime-types are incorrect or something -- justto be sure, are you perhaps following a guide for a 12.04 or 14.04 ubuntu instead of a 16.04?07:22
woodragsarnold: shouldn't php7 be running on this new distri out of the box???07:23
sarnoldwoodrag: if it's installed, yes07:23
woodragi installed int using apitude07:24
woodragwhich i use for all installs....07:24
woodragbut i never install php.... i use perl ;-)07:24
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woodragi have installed php-7 on ubuntu 16.04.01 but i see the php-code instead of the results of the executeion of the code..... ;-(07:48
sarnoldwoodrag: still? bummer. okay, check the apache logs?07:49
woodragsarnold: no special messages in the logs07:50
woodragsarnold: just a 200 ok in the acces.log and not errors in error.log07:51
woodragsarnold: any hints??08:03
woodragThis shouldn't be hard right??08:04
sarnoldwoodrag: indeed I'd expect it to be straightforward but I've never used php08:04
woodragme needer.... this is why ;-(08:05
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FManTropyxmy /usr/games directory is empty09:27
bekksSo install games.09:28
FManTropyxcan I install backgammon?09:32
RoyKon a server?09:33
FManTropyxI loved playing backgammon on OpenBSD :)09:34
sarnoldFManTropyx: the bsdgames package claims to have backgammon09:39
explore FManTropyx there’s a really good tank game09:55
exploreBZtank or something09:55
exploresomething like that yes09:56
explorecan Ubuntu Server run X?09:56
sarnoldsure, apt-get install whatever you want09:56
sarnoldthe "server" systems just come pre-configured with package selections more aligned to the usual roles -- it's all the same sofware as the desktop, though, so you can still do whatever you want with the things09:57
sarnoldso e.g. networkmanager doesn't get in the way, or X chew up a few hundred megabytes of RAM you'd rather use for something else :)09:58
explorevery nice09:59
FManTropyxsarnold: awesome, thank you! :D (Last updated on Friday, October 10, 1997.)10:04
FManTropyxthat's the good old backgammon game ;)10:05
* sarnold . . o o O O ("oh hey, 1997, it's even pretty new")10:05
sarnoldyes kids, 1997 feels like it's just three years ago...10:06
explorewow 19 year old code10:08
exploreit’s like fermented tofu10:08
RoyKexplore: make that Kæstur hákarl ;)10:16
sarnoldnope nope nope nope NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE10:17
exploreRoyK: fermented tofu is not that pungent10:17
exploreRoyK: you know what though, in my neck of the woods they managed to figure out how to eat shark meat in a pretty normal way10:17
explorethey render the shark meat to paste and make fish balls10:17
exploretaste okay10:17
exploreshould be available from Hong Kong, China to Japan10:18
exploremost fisherpeople would throw shark back in the water10:18
RoyKhákarl isn't so bad, really, if you just starve for a week or three first and have some good brennivín with it ;)10:19
exploreRoyK: i would be so happy if i have the good fortune to visit Northern Europe10:21
exploreand try all these delightful and crazy food10:21
RoyKexplore: you won't find hákarl outside of Iceland, beleive me :)10:21
exploreRoyK: so is it just tradition or do people get addicted to these food?10:22
RoyKbut you can find surströmming in Sweden, as a good alternative10:22
explorelike, really addicted, can’t live without it sort10:22
RoyKjust tradition10:22
rangergordI don't know how on-topic this is, hope it's OK. I have a VM with Ubuntu Server 16.04.1, and a VM with Ubuntu MATE 16.04.1. I assumed they'd be identical except for default packages installed, but apparently not. On both machines, I apt installed postgresql, and I got a systemd service, which is currently running according to "systemctl list-units". However, on server, systemd-cgtop10:38
rangergordshows resource usage for the postgres service/cgroup, but on desktop/mate, there's nothing. In fact, the desktop's systemd-cgtop only has init.scope, user.slice, and system.slice.10:38
rangergordI guess I'm trying to understand why server has that additional info10:39
rangergordif I want a setup identical to server, but with a GUI, should I just install server and apt-get a desktop environment?10:39
RoyKbut then - why a gui?10:42
RoyKapt-get install ubuntu-desktop should work (if you really need that)10:43
rangergordRoyK: I'm writing a webapp that would run a server, and I figured it would be simpler if my dev machine was identical.10:47
rangergord*run on server10:47
rangergordI would've liked to know why that difference was there, though10:48
RoyKrangergord: I'd recommend a VM similar to the server and keep the desktop/X things on the desktop10:50
rangergordso, what I have now? But there are annoying differences like missing info from systemd-cgtop10:51
RoyKrangergord: is the production machine a physical one?10:52
GLaDERI'm considering moving from FreeNAS to Ubuntu-Server. Anyone with a similar experienc?10:55
rangergordRoyK: yeah, I'm just playing around with Virtualbox cause I'm on a laptop10:55
bekksGLaDER: And whats your specific question?10:55
rangergordGLaDER: not the same thing at all. If it's for a NAS, stay with FreeNAS10:55
RoyKGLaDER: iirc freenas uses zfs, so you should be able to import the zpool with zfsonlinux10:55
RoyKrangergord: depends what you want - freenas is rather hard to use to anything but NAS/SAN things - perhaps (s)he wants to put a web server or some VMs on the box...10:57
GLaDERI do use it as a NAS, but I am having repetetive issues with FreeNAS' inability to handle its plugins well. Considering moving my pool (RoyK, doesn't Ubuntu-Server support ZFS out of the gate?) to get away from that.10:59
GLaDERbekks: My specific question would be "Can I move my ZFS Pool to ubuntu-server from FreeNAS w/o issues?"11:03
RoyKGLaDER: ah - I forgot which channel I was in - yes - ZFS is supported in 16.0411:03
bekksGLaDER: I'd not bet on that, most important thing are the zpool versions supported.11:04
GLaDERbekks: Okay, is there an easy way to check that?11:04
GLaDER(If you only have a hard way, that's fine too.)11:04
bekksGLaDER: which zpool version do you have on your freenas?11:05
bekksAnd maybe you want to ask in #zfsonlinux, too11:05
RoyKbekks: freenas is based on openzfs, so it should be the same thing11:05
bekksRoyK: thats what could be confirmed by ryao in #zfsonlinux, e.g.11:06
RoyKGLaDER: pastebin "zpool upgrade -v"11:07
GLaDERWill look into it.11:08
GLaDERRoyK: ^11:09
RoyKGLaDER: seems my debian install with zfs supports more than that (with zfs from http://zfsonlinux.org/)11:18
GLaDERRoyK: is that an issue?11:18
RoyKnot at all11:18
GLaDERI.e. moving to something "better" shouldn't cause issues - aight?11:18
RoyKthe other way would be an issue11:18
GLaDERIs it as simple as pulling out the drives and then import them in ubuntu?11:19
RoyKso if you import the pool on something newer, you may choose to upgrade the pool and add feature flags, but then, you can't go back11:19
RoyKpreferably export the pool first - it's the preferred way11:20
exploreRoy you are in iceland?11:21
exploreI am asking because you said something about a shark dish.11:21
exploreYou said it’s not available in Europe, but something similar is in Europe.11:22
exploreNevermind I am not probing where you are from, don’t worry.11:22
exploreWe can talk shark in #cooking lol.11:22
exploreOr is that ##cooking?11:23
RoyKexplore: no, but I've studied the language a bit and I've been there four or five times11:31
exploreRoyK: oh wow, that’s really fantastic :-)11:32
RoyKexplore: Icelanders have this other dish, Kæst skata (lit. rotten stingray) which is about the same (in .is and .fo), but unlikehákarl, whiich is eaten cold, skata is cooked, usually outside at christmas time, with portable gas things, to avoid the stink sticking to the walls. I'm not kidding ;)11:32
RoyKs/unlikehákarl/unlike hákarl/11:32
exploreIceland must lack in things like sugar, salt, vinegar, everything.11:33
exploreMaybe that’s why they treasure those naturally pungent dishes?11:33
RoyKnot in modern food11:33
RoyKin 'traditional' food like þorramatur (as above) it's rather salty and dried or fermented fish and meat11:34
exploreOh okay at least they have salty to go on.11:34
RoyKexplore: where're you from?11:34
exploreI am Taiwanese.11:34
exploreFrom the island.11:34
RoyKexplore: perhaps we could continue this in #ubuntu-offtopic - it's not really ubuntu talk ;)11:35
exploreThe closest we have, in asia, to Iceland is probably Hokkaido.11:36
exploreRoyK: yeah this is logged and stuff.11:36
exploreAnd off topic.11:36
exploreIf not Hokkaido then Sakhalin.11:38
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somethingdopeHow do I tell If I had an intruder in my server change something?20:20
somethingdopeshould I just wipe everything to be safe?20:20
bekkssomethingdope: By commparing the compromised system with your last known not-compromised backup.20:20
bekks*comparing even20:21
somethingdopebekks, Yeah, I don't have any of those20:21
somethingdopebekks, I set it up yesterday20:21
bekksThen your data isnt valuable enough to be kept. Reinstall that server.20:21
somethingdopebekks, k, Its an Open media vault server, I set the main box up and gave it access to wifi20:22
somethingdopebekks, then I let it alone for a few hours and then tried to log in to the web gui and the default credentials that worked initially no longer worked20:22
somethingdopebekks, I dunno if I'm dumb or paranoid20:23
bekksHow is openmediavault related to Ubuntu?20:23
somethingdopebekks, Its built on debian and this is the most alive server related irc I know20:24
bekksSo it is totally unrelated to Ubuntu.20:24
bekksPlease proceed to the openmediavault community then. :)20:24
somethingdopebekks, dead irc, plus 90% of the cli side of server admin should be the same I imagine20:25
bekksStill doesnt make it ontopic in here.20:25
somethingdopeits not like I'm interrupting a bustling conversation20:26
lunaphytethat's not how irc works.  please be courteous.  anyone here who is interested in discussing open media vault will laos be in the open media vault channel, if there is one.20:26
bekksAnd your issue was already answered: 0827 222133 < bekks> Then your data isnt valuable enough to be kept. Reinstall that server.20:26
somethingdopebekks, yeah I got the information I needed, which is that I need to make backups of my backup server somewhere and compare it intermitently,20:28
bekkssomethingdope: The basic information given was: "Reinstall that server."20:29
somethingdopeI was mostly looking for a command to check the last time a user accessed the system20:29
somethingdopebekks, which I do plan to do, I'm concerned about the future of this system20:29
bekkssomethingdope: Ask the openmediavault community, we dont know anything about their systems and their commands.20:30
somethingdopebekks, I will, but again, its just debian20:30
bekksAnd again, no on in here supports something else rather than Ubuntu, in here.20:31
bekksIf you feel like you need support for another system, please proceed to the appropriate support community.20:31
bekks*no one20:32
bandittiHello all.  I did do-release-upgrade from 14 to 16.04 and now things don't work.  For example, I can't ssh to the box now.  Thoughts?20:38
bekksCheck wether the ssh server is running.20:39
bandittii uninstalled and reinstalled openssh-server.  seemed to do the trick20:40
bekksStarting it would have been sufficient.20:41
bandittiit said it was.  I restarted it too, no issues20:41
sikunanyone utilizing an HP p410 RAID controller in anything?21:42
bekksI bet people do.21:42
bekksBut whats your specific question?21:42
sikunhow well is it supported21:42
sikunwin 2k12 r2 performance is terrible21:43
sikunESXi 6.0 it is terrible21:43
bekksThen you are doiung things wrong, the P410 works fine with Windows and ESX.21:44
sikunso far... it's taken nearly 30 minutes to install ubuntu server on esxi21:44
sikunnot quite sure what I could be possibly doing wrong21:44
bekksToo less resources for the Ubuntu VM.21:44
bekksWrong ESX configuration.21:44
sikun4GB RAM & 8 vCPUs21:45
sikunconfiguration is fine21:45
bekksAnd how many cores does the host have?21:45
sikun24 logical21:45
bekksAnd how many are in use already by other vms?21:45
sikunfirst VM21:46
bekksAt least one is in use for the hypervisor.21:46
sikunyou asked VMs not overall.21:46
bekksI'd doublecheck the ESX config and the system config before assuming the raid controller isnt running fine.21:47
sikunI had to replace the controller, it was a p410i before but I must not have noticed this was just a 41021:47
sikunthe previous one could easily write at speeds up to 900mb/s21:48
bekksDepending on the raid setup.21:48
sikunraid 521:48
bekksAnd the 410i is just the onboard variant of the 410.21:48
sikunno, the onbard is the b210i21:49
sikunat least on this server21:49
bekksAnd how many disks of which type and speed do you have in your R5?21:49
bekksSo its a blade?21:49
sikun4x 2TB WD Blacks21:49
sikunno it is a 1u21:49
tomreynwhich server model?21:49
bekksfour disks in a raid 5 arent suppossed to be very fast.21:49
tomreyn+ generation21:50
bekksand the 2TB arent fast disks,21:50
sikunmuch faster than what I'm seeing now21:50
sikunthan it used to be I mean21:50
bekksWhich server model and generation is that?21:50
sikun380 g6 I think, I can't recall of the top of my head21:51
bekksOuch. Horrible old crap.21:51
tomreyng6, wow21:51
sikunold still works fine, well did.21:51
sikunyeah, I'm only seeing 10mb/s write speeds21:51
sikunugh.. I'm gonna run back into the data center and see what the hell is going on. Maybe swap the controller back to the old one and put the new ram in it.21:52
bekksOr maybe get a new server :)21:52
tomreyni never worked with g6, but doesn't the ilo hint at the raid's health? if so, check it first.21:52
sikunwe are now just phasing out the Pentium 4 servers21:53
sikunjust now...21:53
bekksI bet support for that thing is more expensive than a new server.21:53
sikunwarranty is long over21:53
sikunhasn't had any hardware problems21:54
sikununtil now221:54
tarpmansikun: check the battery on the raid controller, they do eventually die22:23
sikunI did get a new one of those as well22:24
sikunthe old one was bulging22:24
tarpmanif you just put it in - the initial charge does take 24-48 hours IIRC, and then you may even need a cold boot to get it actually activated - memory is fuzzy on that part22:26
tomreynyou could also just do software raid22:27
sikunI think I'm going to pull the controller out22:28
tomreynthat would allow for raid6 without the need to buy a license22:28
sikunand either use on board which is the b210i22:28
sikunor disable the raid controller alltogether22:28
tomreynand no need to use crappy tools to manage and debug a proprietary raid.22:29
tomreynusing the separate controller can make sense, though, since they often have better specs than the onboard ones, or can support sas while onboard just do sata. i haven't checked this specific models' specifications, though.22:31
sikunonboard can do sas22:32
sikunyeah, vmware doesn't have hardware acceleration support for the 41022:34
jbichacoreycb: python-event 0.19.0-2 (from exp.) looks buildable on yakkety if you want to sync it22:47
geek22$ conjure-up openstack      [warning] Unable to get Juju Version  what  should i do?23:55

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